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Hello America And Welcome To The Glenn

Beck program and to theblaze. This is the network that you are building tonight. We want to look at something a little bit different conspiracy theories that are now making the rounds on the internet about of all things. The Sandy Hook murders videos claiming that the shootings didn’t even happen or were just an elaborate hoax are getting millions of views on UK. This video has now 11 million views and it is growing the other viral videos claimed the shootings did happen, but they were carried out by the United States Government I want to make something very clear our government uses emergencies Never let a good emergency go to waste they don’t blow up Levees.

They Dont Blow Up The World Trade Center.

They they didn’t shoot children now here’s why this is really important to debunk these because I. Don’t think there’s very many people in my audience. I hope there’s nobody I don’t think there’s very many people in my audience. That is a conspiracy theorist that believes that these children were all made up, but it’s important to debunk them for starters because they’re despicable.

I Cant Even Imagine The Wounds And

emotions. These ridiculous sensations are causing to the families. But I also believe that it is important and a duty of all of us as citizens to debunk it because we must know and stand for the truth. These guys will make us doubt absolutely everything and I don’t know about you, but I already doubt enough I have to know what’s true and what isn’t we have detached as a society from the truth. The truth about ourselves the truth about our families, the truth about our country, the truth about our debt personal.

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And National All Of It We

don’t know what’s real anymore. We don’t trust the news departments anymore, we don’t know who to trust we don’t trust anybody and when that happens your nation is over our country. Now believes we have more respect for cockroaches than Congress and every institutional or at all-time lows the institution of the media, the institution of our courts police everything and it all boils down to trust it is a dangerous dangerous road to head down. We have to have something to hold on to something that is real. The blaze was named the Blaze because I believe Fire purifies everything in the Bible God uses fire to purify if you’re trying to purify gold.

You Use Fire The Blaze Of The Truth

and the only thing that’s left standing is the truth, so let’s purify a few things today. We posted a clip of a UK film industry veteran who debunked the moon shot and it kind of came out of the blue for many of our blaze readers and I thought this was really important His name is UK Collins. He’s, a writer and director of post–war media based in Amsterdam. I don’t know this guy’s political views the way he uses language. Makes me think that he maybe is is liberal, but I don’t know I don’t care he’s telling the truth and he uses film terminology and mathematics to show that it would have been impossible not virtually impossible impossible to fake the moon landing.

Now You And I Go Yeah We Went

to the moon and you’re an idiot if you. But this is a growing number of Americans and people on the planet that say we never meant to that went to the moon. I’m not gonna show you the whole video It’s up on a blaze, but here’s what’s important is the very last part of this it’s why we’re doing the show today because it’s not just about the moon but listen to what he says about the moon conspiracy theories. Once you’re forced to hypothesize whole new technologies to keep your conspiracy possible. Then you’ve stepped over into the realm of magic.

It Demands A Deep And Abiding

faith in things. You can never know it’s like you need to cling to your belief system with all your might against the overwhelming evidence of your own rational mind and some people do what’s dangerous about that is that it blinds you to the real conspiracies that authorities. Are perpetrating on you right now as we speak things that are a lot more important than some guys went to the moon. If I I mean I’m not America, but if I were I would much rather have you be questioning Apollo 11 and not questioning the Patriot ACt. The Iraq war the financial industry bailouts and the right to indefinite military detention without charge those things are real those things are real and that’s why these things are so dangerous because we are sitting here and we have people telling you that the government did this that the explanation of Sandy Hook is so logical, but they’re saying no no no it’s not.

We Can Tell You Right Now

that Eric Holder wanted a crisis to take guns away he wanted it he’s taught we have him in speeches. We have him on tape saying these things and. He did run guns to drug dealers just so he could track him and then he could show the crisis Now if you’re in the administration if you’re in the federal government wouldn’t you rather have all of us focus on crazy Sandy Hook shooting theories rather than fast and furious, which is absolutely true and provable or Benghazi, which absolutely is true and proves provable add to this one other thing. Cass Sunstein he’s has written and has executed the orders to have his own people the people in our government infiltrate conspiracy organizations. I can guarantee you that somebody who at least respects.

Cass Sunstein Has Been Snooping Around

the 912 project and the TEa Party as well as Occupy Wall Street and everything else any place where you have some lunatic fringe that they can say wait a minute wait a minute. These outliers over here in this group. I can help them. I can help them. That is a plan to encourage the conspiracy theories to get your eyes off the ball, but also to discredit all of the other people who that person who believes in that conspiracy might be with I don’t like the conspiracy theories because they will come from my group or your group or somebody else’s group or you know the president’s group and they’ll say things like bush blew up the levees okay that discredits you it discredit to everybody you’re standing with it works to the advantage of those in power so you have.

To Pay Attention To What Is Real Tonight

with the help of the blaze and mythbuster site Snopes we debunk Tomorrow night The families that were directly affected by the shootings and these rumors they’ll be in this studio Okay. All of these theories start with several bits and pieces of evidence, and they are seemingly contradictory statements of individuals. Many of these pieces of evidence are true if you look at them just in an isolated incident or a very tightly edited group. I’ll show you some video here in a minute that shows these people actually said this but what’s the full story here. See that’s the key these things are being used in a way that is designed not to prove anything how do you convict somebody of murder you have to be beyond a shadow of a doubt reasonable doubt and that’s all these things are.

Designed To Do To Cause You To Doubt

well. I don’t know they just want you to get on board with a possibility that things people in this conspiracy are everywhere. The video claims that are being made right now. We’ll start with this one that the media has convinced you that there was only one shooter. Even though evidence shows you there were more people involved wow you hear that you’re like really what is it well.

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Let Me Show You Here.

‘s the evidence a man with a gun wearing camouflage pants. He was detained in the nearby woods. He was in the woods with a gun right there by the school what was he doing there. NK] also reported a possible second shooter.

Shooter, Another Man Was Cuffed And Pinned

to the sidewalk near the school and a possible suspect vehicle was driven by another guy and that we know this because that was heard reported on the police radio the Sandy Hook truthers claimed that this guy was drave driving the getaway car for Lanza the shooter Okay that’s a lot of scary evidence H sounds scary I don’t know maybe that is true let’s look into it first of all. It is true that there were people detained. May I ask you were there people detained that weren’t involved in the 9/11 bombings on 9/11 yes yes. A lot of people were detained on 9/11 but only briefly and in this case all of them were released. They were determined to not have been involved yes but were the police in on it here’s the thing in a scene as chaotic.

As This One Authorities Have To

act have to act quickly and in that process, they see anything that doesn’t quite fit you’ll detain that person question them if there’s nothing there you release them that is exactly what you would demand your Police Department to do. On December 27th, the Newtown be reported that the mysterious man spotted in the woods was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, but he was in the woods sounds suspicious right. I mean there was a shooting going on how did this guy get into the woods? Why was he in the woods well because that would be an escape route of somebody and if you look at it Oh it looks like woods are all around this school. It’s the only way you can approach it. When the roads are all blocked off the man cuffed and pinned outside.

School Was A Parent Of A Sandy

Hook student just trying to get to the school to get his child. The suspect vehicle heard on the police radio Haha, How are you Gonna D bump that one it wasn’t the getaway driver not a suspect. The car wasn’t registered-you know-Lanza. It had nothing to do with Lanza. The Guy’s name was heard on the police radio why because he was being over for a traffic violation in another town not anywhere near the vicinity of Sandy Hook.

There Is No Basis No Evidence

that even remotely suggest anyone but Adam Lanza contributed to this crime but that doesn’t stop people from giving you just a little bit of doubt. Next the claim Adam Lanza couldn’t have used an Ar-15 as the primary weapon because the Ar-15 was found in the trunk of his car I heard. This one I had to actually look this one up myself because I’m like wait a minute wait a minute. I heard that I remember that okay here’s the evidence once again. The truth is play on early confusion and something that never happens, especially when there’s confusion something happens fast.

Reporters Always Get It Right So Youre Relying

on confusion and incorrect reports like the reported rifle being found in the trunk of the car. But here is the truth. The debunk a few days after the shooting. It was cleared up by authorities, but they’re in on it. Lanza brought three guns into the building the Ar-15 and two handguns.

He Left A Forge Fourth A Handgun Or

a weapon in the trunk of the car. It was a shotgun not an Ar-15. Therefore, the medical examiner was completely correct and consistent with.


Glenn Beck addresses conspiracy theories that are now making the rounds on the internet about of all things . The Sandy Hook murders videos claiming that the shootings didn’t even happen or were just an elaborate hoax are getting millions of views on . Beck: “These guys will make us doubt absolutely everything and I don’t know about you, but I already doubt enough I have to know what’s true and what isn’t we have detached as a society from the truth. We don’t trust the news departments anymore, we don’t even know who to trust. We have more respect for cockroaches than Congress and every institution,” Beck says . Beck says: “When that happens your nation is over our country. When that happens, when that happens you are over the country. Your nation isOver our country” Beck: ‘When that occurs, your nation’s nation is Over our country’ Beck says. When it comes to this, when it’s time to make something very clear our government uses emergencies…. Click here to read more and watch the full video