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##Nk] Uk Is The Glenn Beck Open Hello America

and welcome to the Glenn Beck program and to theblaze. This is the network that you are building and it has been a great week and I appreciate it so much. The phone calls that you have made to your cable providers is making a difference and we ask you if you haven’t to please pick up the phone and ask them to get the blaze. There is so much nonsense coming out of WashingtonNK] I don’t even know where to begin anymore and the people in the media really really amazed me they just don’t get it. Joe.

Biden Offered Some More Gun Tips

remember when he said let’s go out here check on airport just shoot on a couple of rounds, which I believe is illegal Joe but who’s counting laws he’s now advising gun owners to just. Just shoot through the door saying quote my shotgun will do better than your ar-15 Because you want to keep someone away from your house just fire a shotgun through the door. Aion news for you you could have a steel door and my UK will shoot through the steel door good advice Joe and actually somebody’s been following your advice recently. I believe that guy followed your advice vicious intruder he stopped which was her the supermodel girlfriend He now faces murder charges she’s dead thanks Joe Now. We also have the Obama administration acting like they’re in on an episode of The Sopranos Bob Woodward said today senior amid official administration officials, namely Gene Sperling threatened him via email.

He Said Hed Regret Writing A

column that criticized Obama on the sequester Watch said you’re focusing on a few specific trees that gives a very wrong impression of. Forest, but perhaps we will just not see eye to eye here and and then you know does something that I I think is important for people to understand. He says you know I said I think you will regret staking out that claim that’s good that’s not exactly a break the kneecaps threat but that’s not the way the president does it here’s how the president does it I’m sorry the White House. The president surely doesn’t know they make a threat. Then they apologize immediately for the harsh email and the way you understood that that’s not the way we met that at all they look like the nice guy and you begin to look like the crazy guy.

Then They Unleash Their Progressive Dogs,

the Soros Marxist buddies. They start usually at the Center for American, Progress and Media Matters in Slate. This is what I said. This morning and as I was saying it Stu started pulling up on his computer the comments and what a surprise they they were from Center for American Progress and the Marxist sorro’s people It’s the Saul Alinsky tactic and remember the president taught Saul Alinsky what it is is isolate, marginalize and discredit so after the White House apology is issue then what happens then the White House says we are just why is Bob saying these mean things but the floodgates open up Here are the floodgates that open up so far Center for American Progress The president said Bob Woodward certainly changed a lot in five days Okay Media Matters well they decided to go right for his age. Funniest saddest part is poor Bobby Woodward still doesn’t seem to understand what sequester means time to retire.

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See That One Down There Hashtag

time to retire a writer for another liberal blog tweeted who goes birther first Scalia or Woodward then The Daily Beast jumped in saying Woodward so-called thinking sort of explained old senile crazy birther I’ve seen this before because I lived through it and I remember I asked my staff today. I said do you remember when I came into the office in New York and I said they are going to kill us with a thousand paper cuts and everybody in the office said yeah that was the day that you were like really pissed off. I remember that day because I remember seeing what they were saying about me and about our show and to put it into context if you remember right right before I went to Fox. I was the fourth most admired man in the world in between the Pope and Nelson Mandela two years later. I got nothing he’s old I’m crazy he’s gonna be a birther so am I even though I’ve exposed the birther nonsense over and over and over again it doesn’t matter.

This Is The Way They Do It

they’re doing this now to Bob Woodward and you know I said to my daughter who is 21 years old We were in the kitchen last night and I said this Bob Woodward and she’s like I don’t know Bob Woodward, What are it in Bernstein no he is the most revered reporter probably alive. Woodward and Bernstein the guys who came up and took apart Watergate Nixon all the president’s men, which is another movie that my daughter had I felt very old last night, but it’s legendary he’s the Dustin Hoffman. character and or as Redford Redford is the yeah, But even though Dustin Hoffman looks like anyway. It’s very confusing, but the movie is great and this is a true story and now the press is doing the hatchet job for the White House that’s the way they work they mock and call him old and senile and other reports are coming out now from other reporters who are sharing similar experiences with the administration. Lanny Davis think what you want about Lanny Davis, but I know Lanny Davis kind of and I’ve always thought him to be a fair guy.

I Think Hes.

I think it’s wrong, but I’ve always thought he was a fair man. Longtime Clinton adviser, he said he’s gotten similar treatment during the campaign No. He said he got it from an Obama White House official here he is. I have to say that what.

Happened To Bob Woodward With A Threatening Word

like you’re going to regret what you did I don’t feel what the intent was and I’ll assume the people in lighthouse are saying there’s no intent doesn’t matter the words you’re going to reflect are threatening that exact thing happened to me and I haven’t spoken of this before National Journal reporter also said he received several emails and telephone calls from the Obama White house filled with vulgarity, abusive language and virtually the exact same phrase that political characterized as a veiled threat. You will regret staking out that claimed political wrote a four-page spread complaining about limited access and manipulation of the media by this administration G welcome to reality press glad you could stop by finally the press is feeling what we went through when we were at fox if you remember and you watched us on fox. One point we had five boycotts all orchestrated by the White house and their allies. It had never been It never happened before in UK history. We warned at the time you may not like me, but you’re next.

If You Think Youre Gonna Play Ball

with these guys wait until you decide you know what no I don’t really I don’t really agree with him on this one then you get the treatment when it happened to us. The connections weren’t even cleverly disguised because no one was looking. It was one Soros funded group after another Soros funded group. It is no small thing to speak out against this administration. It takes great courage.

That Is One Reason Why A Certain Speech

that happened just recently stood out to me. When I saw it this speech, we spent a lot of money on health care twice as much. per capita as anybody else in the world and yet not very efficient What can we do watch the president’s knife solution when the person is born give them a birth certificate, an electronic medical record and a health savings account to which money can be contributed pre-tax from the time you’re born to the time you die when you die, you can pass it on to your family members. So that when you’re 85 years old and you’ve got six diseases. You’re not trying to spend up everything you happy to pass it on and there’s nobody talking about death panels when talking about death panels that didn’t sit well with the White House and I believe the president I mean the president was he was either it’s one of those things really like Oh please I am falling asleep or he was mocking and isolating by closing his.

Like He Was Bored And Falling

asleep. We now know we found out today that Dr. Carson was asked for a copy of his speech five times by the White House before he gave he refused good thing too because my guess is they wouldn’t have really liked the message. They would have objected to the hard core common-sense talk on the folly of our tax code, but there was much more in that speech that was the antithesis of what our government currently stands for personal responsibility, self-sufficiency diligence hard work. All of those things that the left hopes you no longer are so they can increase their power.

What Is It Like To Speak Truth To

power, especially a belligerent power. I know Bob Woodward knows Dr. Ben Carson knows tonight we talked to him, but before we do I thought it was important to get to know. He’s more than a guy who just gave a speech. His words are even more powerful when you know the life experiences that inspired them and really the role that this book Booker T Washington up from slavery played in his life Watch the Year 1951.

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The Term Rock And Roll Had

just been coined television just made its debut and with all odds against him. The present-day Trailblazer is born in Detroit” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Motor City. His name is Benjamin Carson have a son his mother. Sonja is one of 24 children. She married at the age of 13, hoping to escape life in and out of foster care.

It Taught Her To Fend For Herself

and eventually she’d have to Sonja discovered that her husband was a bigamist. Eventually she left him and took her sons with her fiercely determined to never become a victim. You’re the captain of your ship. agree with the same if you travel downward you have yourself to blame. Those words were a constant reminder to Curtis and Benjamin as difficult of life as she had and she worked two to three jobs at a time as a domestic cleaning.

Other Peoples Houses Because She Didnt Want

to be on welfare. Even though she kept only a third-grade education. She was very observant and she noticed that no one she ever saw going welfare came off of it. Despite her hard work. It was clear to see where her sons were headed.

Benjamin Had A Bad Temper And Bad Grades

surely he would become another statistic bred from the Detroit ghetto and a single-parent home. She prayed she asked God to give her wisdom what could she do to get her young sons that understanding importance of intellectual development and you know what God gave her. At least in her opinion, my brother and I didn’t think it was all that was I mean turning off the UK what kind of wisdom was that you know as far as we were concerned his child abused, but she said we could watch only 2 or 3 UK programs during the week and with all that spare time we had.


There is so much nonsense coming out of Washington that I don’t even know where to begin anymore and the people in the media really really amazed me they just don’t get it . Joe Biden offered some more gun tips remember when he said let’s go out here check on airport just shoot on a couple of rounds, which I believe is illegal Joe but who’s counting laws he’s now advising gun owners to just shoot through the door saying quote my shotgun will do better than your ar-15 . Bob Woodward said today that he’d regret writing a column that criticized Obama on the sequester . Watch the Live on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET for all the latest updates from Glenn Beck’s show on . The Blaze is on CBS News Channel News Network, Sunday at 10 p.n. (Monday at 9 a.m ET) The Blaze, Monday at 9pm ET. ET ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video