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So What Is Happening Is This Lucas

film Civil war has now gone really really intense behind the scenes and I know they’re you know all I’m gonna say this There are definitely people that want Miss Kennedy out right and I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean I I would be shocked if that didn’t include Mr. Chap who’s a bean counter right who’s like this isn’t good for our finances Isn’t good for the shareholders. How do you do that politically, especially in the current environment with the you know with people are afraid of the world crowds right they have to find a way to do it. So I think the telltale sign will come if you start getting sort of the rumors spreading like they have been spreading with amber heard you know which is the the leaks being sent out in some way degrading Kathleen Kennedy‘s reputation the moment one of those comes out and you start hearing people saying Nasty stuff about Kathleen.

Kennedy Rumors Thats When The The Kill

move is being prepared and I think that’s coming on March 11th forbes an outlet which is read by Disney’s, shareholders, major investors and all other stakeholders of any note dropped a proverbial nuke on Disney’s senior management an article titled Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical lacking sound management and that’s just the headline. What follows may be one of the single most condemning articles of Disney ever to see print and it comes from a publication that is far. more influential than any of the industry-only traits like Variety or the Hollywood reporter? What is more? This is no random article that came about because the writer had a quota to fill on the contrary. This has all the hallmarks of a commissioned hit piece. The writer even deleted his Twitter, which I think is the equivalent of the Enola gay being instructed to deliver its payload and then run like hell lest they be caught in the blast.

In This Video.

We’ll dig into this article and see if we can’t find out what it may really be about It begins with the author stating I’ve been sitting on this article for a while allowing my opinion to form that’s something that many companies don’t do enough these days instead they often rush to conclusions too fast yielding to the views of a few vocal members of the community rather than allowing time and consideration to inform decisions already there. Forbes is calling disney out for catering to the fire. Gina Karano Twitter mob Karano’s triggering instagram post is then addressed in a diplomatic wording in which emotional reactions are respected, but reality considerations preserved an exaggerated comparison yes but enough to fire her doubtful she’s more guilty of a bad comparison. Gina should have likened today.

S Conservative Cancel Culture To The 1950S Congressional

hearings held to expose entertainment people who were. members or sympathizers of the Communist Party that’s a better competitive ironically when Disney fired Gina for her opinions. It inadvertently proved her point that’s a harsh burn right there Forbes just stated that Gina Carrano was kind of on the money and it continues. We can disagree as to whether Disney was justified or not in fighting Gina, but one thing is clear Disney’s management of its social responsibility persona is woefully flawed to begin the company. ‘s approach is confusing many assert that Pedro Pascal star of the Mandalorian offered similar analogies that Karano did though with a liberal bent when he shared a now deleted instagram post comparing trump voters to you know those nasty people in Germany.

In The 40S Pascal Kept His Job.

Corrano did not Disney‘s inconsistent approach led outsiders to suspect that Disney leans left something that CeO Bob Chapic denied at the recent shareholders meeting by stating I don’t really see Disney as characterizing itself as left-leaning or right-leaning yet instead standing for values values that are universal, but management cannot afford to treat employees differently for similar actions. It makes Jpeg‘s comments appear disingenuous. The company needs a universally consistent approach for its universal values that’s another really harsh burn right there before we move on keep in mind that Bob Jpec was not the one who fired Ginagrano. The Hollywood reporter has already confirmed that decision was made by Lucasfilm and didn’t go any higher than there, but that it was made above John Favreau, which is called for that Kathleen Kennedy did it but neither Kathleen Kennedy nor Lucasfilm are mentioned by as much as a would.

Article Which May Be Strategic Bob Chapic Disney

CeO is the one being put on full blast by Forbes for all of Disney’s stakeholders to see it is the comments he made in the same shareholder meeting, where he also stated how happy he was with Kennedy when asked if he wasn’t going to fire her soon that he is being called out for that this isn’t mentioned might not be a coincidence but Forbes isn’t done yet Disney’s actions also appear hypocritical at the same shareholders meeting. Bob Japek went on to say that Disney believes in values of respect, values of decency, values of integrity and values of inclusion, and we seek to have not only how we operate but the content that we make reflective of the rich diversity of the world that we live in and I think it’s a world that we all should live. In in harmony and peace that’s a noble goal well said but while Disney shapes and declares these aspirations for u. s consumption. It turned a blind eye to China when the company shot Mulan in the same Chinese province where the government forced well basically where they acted like you know those nasty German people of the 40s.

Disney Went On To Thank Several Government

bodies in the film’s credits. This signals that human rights and social responsibility are fine as long as they do not cost Disney any money in important markets. Disney never had an adequate response up until this point. It is fans that have brought up Disney bending over backwards to the Middle Kingdom now Forbes are confronting all of Disney’s stakeholders with it. The article also references a poll conducted by public opinion strategies, which found that 72 percent were of the opinion that Gina.

Carranos Firing Was Unjustified Not Great Numbers

for Disney. There Forbes also had some dire warnings for them as companies cancel people for their opinions. It feeds a dangerous cycle the more they cancel the more. They embolden the mob to target more people and organizations. Then repeat Disney and many other organizations are playing a very dangerous game out of fear partisanship and or misplaced sincerity.

The Beast They Helped To Create And Indulge

may eventually devour them. This is of course something that applies not just to Disney, but even so Disney are the ones in the hot seat and Bob Chapeck is called out by name now granted. He’s called out all the time in Youtube videos and blog posts and stuff like that but that can be ignored. This is Forbes calling Bob Chapic out in a way no other Ceo in Disney history has ever. been called out before this article alone could lead to the end of his reign at Disney unless he acts of course because that is what this article is calling on him to do so, How should he act now that his back suddenly has been pushed against the wall by all accounts.

He Wasnt Even Involved With Firing Gina

Carano in the first place so what should he do. On March 17th writer and producer Kameron Pascha returned to our tri-weekly live show Midnight’s Edge in the morning he had some thoughts on what could really be going on behind this story well first thought is that this is you know it’s interesting the timing of it coming out because the Gina Carano being let go. Drama was about three or four weeks ago right and in in media time in the modern day that’s decades ago, You know the average person isn’t talking about anymore. They were talking about it for about a week afterwards and she was on you know various shows and shapiro etc. Talking about it and then life went on so it’s very interesting about a month later.

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You Know And And A Couple

of weeks after this this investor call suddenly this pops up right and so to me it’s it’s very this isn’t an arbitrary thing. This is very much a planned attack. You know and we can we can discuss and debate where the attack is coming from. But this is very much a planned attack meant to rile up. You know investors against the current situation at Disney and so then the question arises who is planning this.

Attack And What Is Their Agenda People Have

called me a conspiracy theorist? It’s because I’ve worked in the industry long enough to see conspiracies with my own eyes. That’s how things work right that’s how anything works on large amounts of money and and a few people are together. So my instinct is because I believe this is an organized attack. My instinct is that this is a combination of disgruntled people inside of disney and that could be very high up in order to get to forbes you have to be very high up right you can’t just be some random low-level Vp who’s unhappy about the situation. Some pretty powerful people are unhappy about the current situation and they’ve allied in my view with investors who are unhappy with the situation now.

All This Is Being Done Behind The Scenes.

The the investor call from you know. Few days ago was very surprising because you had multiple people raised questions about lucasfilm and mismanagement situation there and that’s generally not done on these kinds of calls and so the fact that that happened means that there is very seething anger within the investor base and we’re not you know Disney doesn’t care about somebody who’s got three shares on e-trade. They care about the hedge fund and other institutional investors who hold you know hundreds of millions of dollars worth of stock in Disney. They’re the ones that actually have influence.

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This Is Coming From A Very High

level. You know when Something’s out the trades that can be organized by any sort of mid–level person within a Hollywood studio right who has the contacts when it’s coming at the level of Forbes and that kind of attack that is someone attempting to shake up Disney and I believe from within allied with people who are losing money based on the way things are happening this. This is something that is causing I’m sure severe consternation inside the board itself at Disney. This is very embarrassing for them and what I believe in my conspiratorial view of this situation. Those inside of Disney that facilitated this article that conspired with it because I believe it I don’t believe this is just some journalist sitting there in the news bureau coming up with this independently.

I Think Theres Other Forms No Someone

got a couple of phone calls from people at Disney and. got so many that it’s like Okay there’s much more to this and you know Cameron like the people where I don’t want you to mention this mention I’m in it keep this you know confidential and he probably got so many. The arthur probably got so many corroborating stories that it’s just like oh like okay look there’s something there’s something to this yeah and that’s exactly how I worked I used to be a journalist myself I’ve dealt with journalists.


An outlet which is read by Disney’s, shareholders, major investors and all other stakeholders of any note dropped a proverbial nuke on Disney’s senior management an article titled Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical lacking sound management . The writer even deleted his Twitter, which I think is the equivalent of the Enola gay being instructed to deliver its payload and then run like hell lest they be caught in the blast . We’ll dig into this article and see if we can’t find out what it may really be a commissioned hit piece. This is no random article that came about because the writer had a quota to fill on the contrary.& This has all the hallmarks of a hit piece, it has all been written by the writer.& The writer deleted his twitter, which is the . equivalent to the . Enola Gay was instructed to delivering its payload. to deliver the . enola gay. The article is the the equivalent to . deliver its . payload and the ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video