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In The Middle Of The Earth In The

land of the Shire, There’s a brave little hobbit that we all admire and his name is Martin Freeman from Sherlock straight up The Hobbit an unexpected journey for those of you who know me and those of you who don’t. I am an enormous Lord of the Rings fan and The Hobbit. An unexpected journey is part 1 of 3 of the trilogy that takes place before Lord of the Rings. It shows how Bilbo got the ring and his whole adventure with Gandalf and the Dwarves-let’s start revealing this movie. The Hobbit and unexpected journeys directed by Peter Jackson which is great.

Hes The Director Of The Lord Of

the Rings Trilogy So if ever there was a vision for The Hobbit. It’s going to be this one and Bilbo is played by Martin Freeman from Sherlock in. In this movie and so Gandalf comes to him. He’s like hey you want to go on an adventure with me and go with these 13 Dwarfs to get their treasure back from a big dragon and Hobbits. Don’t like that kind of adventure so he’s like no but yeah sure we’re gonna start out with Martin Freeman is Bilbo Martin Freeman owns it is Bilbo you watch this movie you’re like this is the only Bilbo Baggins that I want to know you don’t even think about Ian’s home.

I Mean I Looked In Holland Lord

of the Rings, but all I’m saying is Martin Freeman is completely perfect. He’s likable. He’s fun he’s our underdog in this movie. You know Cuz Thorns like you I have no business with us because I’m a really beefy enormous dwarf who still you know small Cuz I’m a dwarf you’re rooting. For Bilbo and Martin Freeman has great expert delivering his lines and we have Ian UK as Gandalf He’s Gandalf the Grey again.

We Knew Him As Gandalf The

white in the past two movies now we’re going half a century in the past. So now he’s back to being the grey and he completely kills it in this movie also and I love it because you get more screen time with Gandalf in any movie that has more Gandalf screen time is a good movie to me, but that being said the movie does take a little bit to get going it’s slow on the startup. It starts out kind of like that neighbor with the really loud truck that you Hiram’s trying to start at UK a. m. to get to his job and you’re like dude just just get that thing going so you can get to your.

Destination Kind Of What This Is Like

half an hour into the movie I was like We’re still in the Shire and I’m not even going to clown on the fact that all the dwarves come in and they start singing songs that actually impressed me. I liked the fact that they were singing songs because the songs were in the book and I was like wow accurate the lore. I like it. So I get it that was really cool to see but it starts out within home old Bilbo talking about the whole adventure with the Dwarves and their treasure and how it was stolen what the Elves did has a lot of backstory. It’s like the beginning a fellowship of the ring.

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When You Hear Galadriel Doing The Voice-Over

and it’s a war with Sauron like that but you know doors getting your bleep stolen it’s not. The buildup in the very beginning of the movie that takes a while to get going. There were a few scenes and scenarios in the movie where I was like that could have been shortened up a bit. Don’t get me wrong. I know how build-up works.

I Know How Scene Setup Works But Its

kind of like there’s a time for foreplay a time to move on it can get drawn out for a little longer than it should be drawn out but another thing I did love about the movie were the dwarves all right in Fellowship of the Ring. I Don’t mean to compare this movie to the Lord of the Rings, but people are going to anyway kind of a misfortune of this movie is going to be compared to Lord of the Rings Big time, But if I’m comparing characters you’re stuck with for the movies and fellowship with the ring you just look at the crew and you’re like Oh Yeah They’re completely diverse and different. You have humans and dwarves and Elves and hobbits. This one you’re like Oh I have dwarves and one Hobbit and one wizard, but their personalities really shine not all of them shine. I mean there are some that are just kind of in the background.

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I Cant Name Off The Personality Types

of every dwarf in this movie, but there are a few that stand out luckily. Thorin is one of them. Thorin is a complete Badass I wanted to. Like this dude in the movie and I liked him every bit as much as I wanted to he’s like the flagship of the dwarves you got to make that guy Badass. You got to make him and build those relationship to you want to see them work it out and become friends that’s totally one of the centerpieces of this movie and I loved it.

But Then Theres The Flipside Of This

movie has a lot of UK. You can look at Lord of the Rings and you see oh yeah. It has a lot of UK in it. But this one has a lot more UK was it bothersome. It takes away from the grid a little bit so you’re like us not as gritty as Lord of the Rings is but also the Hobbit book isn’t as gritty as the Lord of the Rings books are either.

So The Fact That Its Not

as dark as Lord of the Rings is just accurate as less UK than avatar. I can say that that’s what that’s saying much you know and okay. We got to talk about this Radagast the Brown. Some people will think he’s alright others will hate him others will loathe him and there are some who will call him that Jar Jar Binks of middle-earth. You won’t get an argument from me if I have to pick the weakest link in this movie.

Its Radagast The Brown, Which Is A

bummer because his story arc feeds into something that’s really cool with the Necromancer. So his character is relevant. You Just wish they’d done them differently as all I don’t even know if how they did Radagast the Brown in The Hobbit is actually accurate to the lore Cuz I don’t that much about Radagast the Brown to tell you the truth. I know he’s the lower tier wizard, so he’s not going to have that Gandalf persona or anything like that that being said they need to make him some weird gangly mushroom eating hippie that looks like he’s in this movie to appease kids seriously. He has like bird bleep on his head.

Hes All Walking Around Like Please

make up what are you doing darkness. The Brown Wizard of Middle-earth Ladies and Gentlemen I don’t need all the Wizards to be like Cookie Cutter, confident old dudes, but it would have been cooler than Radagast The Brown in this movie, but for the Radagast haters in the world he’s not in the movie that much so he really doesn’t detract from the entire thing of this–hour and 45 minutes Saga. He’s in the movie like 5 minutes, but you will remember the 5 minutes of screen time in which you got the really old Wizard Meth head of Middle-earth and for people who might say but it was accurate to Lore well. Then apparently I don’t like Radagast in the book either I tried to like him, but in the end you think back you’re like but I don’t however, what completely kicks ass the last two hours of this movie completely kicks ass. Two hours of this movie is everything I wanted the Hobbit to be It was awesome.

It Was Exciting.

Gandalf is more Badass in this movie than he’s ever been Yeah The Dude took on a Balrog of Morgoth. More Badass in this Mel right well. Balrog of Morgoth pretty big deal right so he’s still Badass in the Hobbit and the Riddles in the dark segment that’s a segment with Gollum and Bilbo I could have watched that for three hours and been completely entertained that was a great scene in Gollum looks awesome I mean the tech they used for Gollum is now advanced ten years and he looks picture-perfect like he’s there and when he’s all like I was like he’s a little more than pissed right now and it was great to see just get emotion out of Gollum where you’re like yep that’s that steals. movie so this movie’s exciting it’s really cool it is a welcome return to middle-earth.

If Youre A Lord Of The Rings Fan.

You watch it. However, if you’re not a lord of the Rings fan. If Lord of the Rings didn’t win you over. I don’t know that this is going to be the thing that wins you over it’s a great movie It’s a good time I want to watch it again.

The Soundtrack Is Fantastic.

There are definitely moments in this movie where you’re like this is excellent its greatness. This is everything I love about Lord of the Rings right here in front of me. However, there are other scenes where you’re like that was kind of unnecessary and that felt drawn-out and that felt a bit forced like these scenes could have been cut out and then put on the extended edition. You know which.

Wonder Were These Seems Drawn Out Because

they want to draw out the entire saga to make it a trilogy instead of two movies like it was originally going to be I don’t know I can’t qualify that bleep probably in an objective review. I will say I would buy the hobbit an unexpected journey on blu-ray. The movie did have its flaws, but in the end I had a blast with it. It was a welcome return to Middle-earth and we got to talk about the high frame rate if you didn’t know Peter Jackson filmed The Hobbit movies in 48 frames a second, which is twice the frame rate as the usual 24 frames.

A Second, Which Is What Movies

are filmed in and how does it look strange it’s really crystal clear. You cannot argue that but there are some scenes where you’re like is that in. looks like the movies playing in fast-forward, but it’s not it just has more frames so it freaks your brain out a little bit. It takes about a half an hour to get used to it so keep that in mind.

I Think Its Gonna Break Down Like

this if you work with film or you work with frame rate and you appreciate that kind of stuff You’re gonna find the high frame rate pretty cool is it going to add to the experience. I don’t know is it going to take away possibly you’re gonna find it interesting nonetheless, if you’re the rest of the normal populace of the world, you’re going to be like this is completely contradicting everything I’ve ever known about movies in that I find it kind of strange and I’m not sure I like it so for your first viewing of The Hobbit watch. In the normal 24 frames a second your.


The Hobbit is part 1 of 3 of the trilogy that takes place before Lord of the Rings . Bilbo Baggins is played by Martin Freeman from Sherlock in the movie . The Hobbit and unexpected journeys directed by Peter Jackson which is great. Bilbo is likable. He’s fun he’s our underdog in this movie. Ian UK as Gandalf the Grey again. He completely kills it in this film also and I love it because you get more screen time with Gandalf in any movie that has more Gandalf screen time is a good movie to me, but  but  I’m a dwarf you’re rooting. Cuz Cuz Thorns like you I have no business with us because I’m a really beefy enormous dwarf who still you know small Cuz I’m a dwarf. I have . Cuz Boodles. I don’t think about Ian’s home. He’d like to say ‘I’ve no business…. Click here to read more and watch the full video