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Yeah You Knew Id Make Some Spoiler Chitchat

video for a Hunger Games Catching Fire It had to happen because there are a lot of things on my mind about the movie. Remember in my review, I told you there are a few parts. What do you think about it you’re like could that work we’re talking about a few of those here that’s a big spoiler warning for those of you out there who have not seen Catching Fire. If you haven’t seen it. You can watch this video but don’t hate me when things are spoiled for you that being said let’s talk about the movie.

What I Really Like.

When the movie started out is you really see the post-traumatic stress disorder that Katniss is going through the first Hunger Games. It It establishes she’s a really good hunter and I myself personally put that under the flag of what that means could kill her Elsa so when she wasn’t just going through and tearing people up. I was like why why the hide-and-seek games in the trees, but it’s almost like Hey Jeremy Douchebag. She’s a human being.

Shes Not A Killer.

She’s killed a few people and now she just sees it all the time. She wakes up in cold sweats and I was like Yeah I Sigourney Weaver from aliens thing going on. I bleep it must have been stressful for it. I really like that it just gives layers to the character.

You Know Its Not Just Cut And Dry,

like boom boo-boom I won I read this bathing riches or at least if not riches middle-class to today’s standards but that’s like living like a king in. In the world of The Hunger Games President Snow’s a douchebag. I’m just telling you right now. He’s This movie illustrates how much of a dick he actually is it’s not like he’s some businessman just like my empire is crumbling she must be dealt with no he’s like I look like Santa and no gifts are coming this year. I’m an bleep my douchebaggery is just it’s without limit.

Sicari Thats What He Has He

has severe dickery. I love the scene when Katniss sits down with Cedric Dickery over here because I like it when the hero sits down with the villain and they talks on a civil talk. But I still like it when they’re face to face we’re like okay no guns right now I feel like shit’s gonna get real soon now. However, I had a few questions about the movie jumping to the end. of the movie, a few people were in on a huge plot, a huge scheme to plant Katniss into The Hunger Games and they were all in on it and a lot of the tributes were also Smarmy was in honor.

He Is Smarmy Thats What His Name

is Smarmy. He’s a real star of the show. Though let’s be honest. It’s not Katniss and the crew it’s Smarmy and his Marmalade so this is act 1 in the plot was Smarmy in the Marmalade, but there are a few things that are unanswered like Hey Mitch had this whole plot with the plot I think revolved around him being outside of the Hunger Games otherwise he couldn’t have gotten the ship and got her out of there so how much was Betta in on it what’s he in on the whole thing was it all part of the plan. for him to volunteer as tribute and Haymitch his plays or is it possible that he wasn’t and that was not part of the plan that was him just being like I I’m gonna do this because I like Hey Mitch in which case what if when Lady Gaga read off Hey Mitch’s name Peeta was just like good luck man the I ain’t saying Bleep I’m not an idiot and Hema should be like bleep I well.

I Guess Im In There Now

we’ll take on the evil empire next year and in the end you find out the game maker Philip Seymour Hoffman is actually a good guy cool what about all those times where Katniss really could have died because of the bleep he threw at her in the game like when he’s like spin the Cornucopia and fling them all off there that seemed pretty dangerous. I think her life was actually in peril. At that point you see her getting flung off into the water and he’s like alright stop it. You think he was like alright stop oh bleep she could she could die. She could be dead yeah that could have killed her.

I Think Smarmy Had It Under

control killing all the dicks that were trying to kill them. Maybe he had to assess alright what’s more dangerous a few bleep on the Cornucopia trying to kill Katniss or spinning it and having her possibly drowned. I picked drown drown her or not drown her make it look like she’s gonna drown, but we’re not gonna drown her. You don’t know that though I do the acid cloud is arguably the most dangerous part of the entire movies. Big acid Cloud is coming after them and you’re like this is gonna gobble.

Them Up And Theyre All Gonna Die Horrible

deaths. You see that they control the acid cloud because it all just up like there’s an invisible wall there and it goes away when it has to you’re like ah luck of the draw not luck though Philip Seymour Hoffman obviously had it under control, but I’m saying what if when it was nipping Katniss’s heals what if she tripped and sprained her ankle and it’s just like Groot dead. Oh there goes to hope for revolution or bleep. Maybe she gets martyred and then there’s a revolution anyway either way they win but there are so many variables. I have to think about what’s the possibility that Katniss could have died in this whole situation.

Your Plan Goes To Bleep To Be Clear.

I’m not bitching about Catching Fire just have a few questions Look at the end of the movie. At the end of the movie, she shoots an arrow up at this little spot in the dome and the lightning hits it and it blows the dome apart, which is very cool. Then the ship comes down catches her and has Haymitch and Phillip Seymour, Hoffman and Smarmy and all is right with the world. But the point is what if she didn’t do that did They all just get in the ship and they float over there and they’re like okay.

Im Really Wrong.

She’s going to shoot her arrow at this thing right when the lightning hits odds are kind of one-in-a-million that she’s going to, but if she does were really gonna make out good on this my question is how did she know to do that in. One really told her to do that that one dude who’s a really good scientist was like Oh Force Fields a glimmer when there’s a weak spot. Nothing’s perfect, so that alludes to the fact that there is a spot but right There was just kind of implication. There is no guarantee to Haymitch and Philip Seymour.

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Hoffman That Shes Going To Shoot The Bow

and arrow right when the Lightning hits and blow the dome apart so what if she didn’t do that would they just be hovering above the dome like all right she didn’t do it or we need to go or else we’re gonna die It didn’t work in the movie they wanted this big shock like Oh. They were in on it like The Crying Game ending or something you had no idea and they hit you in the face. You’re so surprised but because. of that no one could tell her to shoot that spot in the dome and because of that you had to see Philip Seymour Hoffman first hand try to kill Katniss. Although he wasn’t trying to kill Katniss, but really if you look at it.

She Really Could Have Died A

few times, so what if she did Philip Seymour Hoffman to be like I think I’m getting promoted at work Yeah Hamish is gonna hate me though I guess this video for nothing else really does show you that when I have questions about a movie doesn’t really hinder the entire movie. It is a cool movie about revolution and I like that stuff that really gets me so I enjoyed the bleep out of it doesn’t change the fact it does look like. There are a few conveniences in the movie, but smarmy and most of his Marmalades. made it out of there and that’s what matters I do love the fact that there was a big scheming going on it. Everyone was plotted Cuz It’s perfect time to do it too because you got to think at first.

I Was Like Why Did Philip

Seymour Hoffman give President Snow the idea to bring back all the tribute, but when you think about it you see Katniss has post-traumatic stress Haymitch is like there are no winners in The Hunger Games. There are just survivors no one wins and I’m sure a lot of the surviving tributes feel that way so bringing all those people together. These people who’ve experienced firsthand how terrible the games are how bad this evil empire is how much of a dick Santa Ducie actually is so they’re all of like mine, but like you know what yeah let’s work together bring this. Thing down this is bleep Not all of them were in on it only half of them were about half of them were like Yeah Let’s work together here so that made sense why Philip Seymour Hoffman was like let’s bring back all the surviving tributes and it seems like a good idea you’re so screwed President Dick how about the scene where Lenny Kravitz got his ass beat and probably killed Bleep was nuts I really liked that steam because it shows a psychological warfare and I was like Yeah kick his ass right in front of her right. She’s going up to fight the Hunger Games does beg the question why did he stick around? He makes this suit that makes her a Mockingjay pretty much tells President douche h and he sticks around to see her off to the Hunger Games.

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He Had To Have Known Whos.

Gonna get his ass kicked and snuffed in the middle of nowhere he should have been like I had to put a surprise in her suit push this button when you’re ready I’m gonna be somewhere else in the entire world Cuz I just don’t want to die today yeah when you manufacture a Mockingjay suit for the face of hope that exists to tell the president of the evil empire to suck his own dick. You should leave you should get out of Dodge I loved that scene when President Dick is just standing there the lights go out dude. He’s like it’s not possible you see that he feels his mortality right there. He’s like that little girl is bringing my entire world down bleep it let’s just waste her entire town and they do at the end.

Gails Like They Got Peeta And They

destroyed our towns. Like Sato from Karate Kid to made good on his promise. Hello’s the church ever though gone and that’s what happened. Holmes


The Hunger Games Catching Fire is a spoiler warning for those out there who have not seen the movie . The actor says he likes the movie because of the post-traumatic stress disorder that Katniss is going through the first Hunger Games . He says President Snow is a douchebag and he has severe dickery in the world of the Hunger Games President Snow . The movie illustrates how much of a dick he actually is, he says, “It’s not just cut and dry, like boom boo-boom I won I read this bathing riches or at least if not riches middle-class to today’s standards but that’s like living like a king in. The movie shows that it just gives layers to the character.& I really like that it gives layers of the character, and I love the scene when Katnis sits down with Cedric Dickery over here . It’s like I look like Santa and no gifts are coming this year. I’m an bleep my douchebags…. Click here to read more and watch the full video