The Hunter Biden Scandal the Media Doesnt Want You To See Stu Does America


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Oh, Theres A Lot Of News On The

Hunter biden front. He’s got a new book out. I’m sure you’ve already picked it up and read through it and it’s very honest and tell all from the source himself Hunter Biden and he’s been doing a little bit of a book tour making the rounds. I still don’t comprehend why he’s doing this. I mean if I’m Hunter biden, I’m never going on camera again.

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Im Just Going To Hide And

hope everyone forgets about me. But Hunter has a different plan. He went on. Jimmy Kimmel and talked about his little rendezvous over there in the Ukraine, I do want to talk about this. You know Ukraine and or Ukraine and um and it became some issue it became something it gave Donald Trump something to grab onto he almost got well.

He Did Get Impeached As A Result.

of it but um you wrote, Did I make a mistake by taking a seat on the board of a Ukrainian gas company. No did I display a lack of judgment. No would I do it again. No yeah and I I meant what I said I meant what I wrote is that you know go to the beginning is that you know I went to Yale law school.

I Served On At Least A Dozen

boards before Burisma. I was a vice-chairman of the board of Amtrak. I was a chairman of the board of the World Food program. U. s largest supporting the largest humanitarian organization in the world.

I Had Expertise In Corporate Governance.

I was asked to serve on the board for corporate governance and I was a lawyer at Boyce, Schiller and Flexner, which was how it was first approached. However, However, what I didn’t take into account was the way in which they would use the perception against my dad and yeah for that I I, I have I, I wouldn’t do it again for that reason, yeah and that I love how he’s like I, I had a lot of personal accomplishments. I was I was on the board of amtrak. You mean the thing your dad talks about all the time that’s your that’s your evidence amazing yes He he basically it’s.

This Is The Thing Where You Kind

of do this thing where you’re like well do I have any regrets over that scandal Yes. I wish I explained myself better that’s kind of what he’s going to hear pretty weak. He also talked about the laptop scandal Now remember This is a big thing right before the election. The media basically did a complete freeze. On this at the time here’s Hunter on his laptop.

Ive Seen You On Ive Seen You On

some interviews and you know talking about the laptop. This became this big thing the laptop and when they asked you if that was your laptop you say you don’t know which is hard to believe unless you read the book and then it’s kind of like I’m surprised you have shoes on yeah. You know you know yeah I made it I made it today. Pants were the problem. Pants were the problem.

Pants Are Always The Problem Really Yeah No

you know look I really don’t know and the fact of the matter is it’s a red herring. It is absolutely red herring, But I am absolutely um. I think within my my rights to question anything that comes from the from the desk of Rudy Giuliani um and so. I don’t know is the answer. I mean frankly that’s a fair point in some ways like yes, he’s a political opponent.

Youd Think Maybe I Think Everybody

thought I don’t know is this real but when he wouldn’t say it wasn’t his laptop. It’s hard to to count it out and then all the details the pictures the texts everything it’s really impossible to imagine that it’s not his laptop at this point and the daily mail seems to have it they seem to have the laptop or a copy of the hard drive. They have a new story out. It’s called exclusive what wasn’t in Hunter Biden’s book How he got unauthorized secret service protection begged Joe to run for the White House to salvage his own reputation and made porn films with prostitutes not exactly the headline you would want. He also says he there you go by the way there’s a dog on the bed as they’re making the porn films that’s always a good maneuver.

So You You See Pictures Like That Theyre

salacious sure it’s kind of understandable and there’s other kind of salacious stuff that’s been making the rounds a lot on social media. For example, real drug problem for Hunter as you may know he seems to have the meth mouth going do we have the picture of him at the dentist now that is just unfortunate. This just does not his teeth do not look do not look good he looks like. He’s got a bunch of dick tacks stuck in his gums that is not a good look um and it was weird because he was really like. There was a a strange dentist thing that went on there’s a lot of text here.

I Cant Give You All Of It

there’s so much in the story honestly go to the daily mail and check it out. I don’t think anyone’s even questioning whether this is real At this point he had a back and forth with with his dad On the topic of the dentist Joe Biden says, do you want me to do anything about Maisie’s dentist Bill that’s his granddaughter I was supposed to be paid yesterday says Hunter but Eric is holding the check and one of my accounts that he has access to is leverage to have me agree to some demand he has also the first I was told about the bill was an hour before she went into surgery of the of the money. I did earn last month 80 went to Kathleen and the rest mainly the girls loving father here Hunter goes on so I’ll pay it when I have money to pay it. But I think you guys are unreasonably scared of Kathleen. She’s done the worst.

She Can Do With No Pushback From Anyone

and despite everyone’s impression, I’m far from incapable of handling this. I’ll pay you back the irs and the girls and the rest of the bills going forward. I was 26 days late on alimony once and only once it won’t happen again if you’ve ever had someone who’s going through real problems whether it’s like mental illness or drug addiction or something like this this looks all too familiar to you. I mean this is like tech rambling texts bizarre stories telling everybody all sorts of stuff who knows what’s true who knows what’s not true and Joe actually comes off in some ways kind of like a a sad but loving dad, He says you need not pay me back, what do you want me to do pay the dentist anything else can you give me an address so I. Can forward your mail? I’m reluctant to open it, but it has life insurance.

I Please Let Me Know I Love You

do you want me to open up your business mail or send it to need an address on and on and on and on this go it goes and you kind of get the sense that really Joe realizes how bad his son is and what kind of position he’s in and Hunter comes off as really a douche Throughout this entire period now look Joe Biden entering into corrupt arrangements to protect his son from his terrible activities is still a you know a crime if he did it and it’s still highly questionable even if it is technically above board, but remember this isn’t really a story as much about Joe Biden and Hunter by right now we need to deep dig a little deeper on. into that of course, but the media would not let the story be told. We now know it’s basically true right we’ve seen the laptop We’ve seen all the pictures of him with the prostitutes. We are there and you look down the road here remember you remember in your rearview mirror a little bit right before the election here’s something drew Holden, of course put together a great threat on this she’s always followed drew because he’s always got the goods. The CBs News director reprimanded a reporter for asking Joe Biden a tough question about it about it.

I Mean Seriously We Go On Msnbc

Drew says I almost appreciate the hustle from MsNbc, who’s continued to go to back back for hunter throughout all of this even if their tone has changed well a touch it used to be hunter Biden’s story, an obvious Russian plot now. It’s we know very little at this point Oh of course now CnN to me This is just classic textbook Russian tradecraft at work now it’s just in President-elect Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden says he’s facing a tax investigation by the Unes U. s Attorney’s office in Delaware, which is a known conservative hot spot that you that the district attorney’s office in Delaware on the Biden family. I mean can you get a more conservative outlet than that Npr was probably the worst on this Npr tweeted this why haven’t you seen any stories from Npr about the New York Post Hunter Biden story read more in this week. ‘s newsletter and the newsletter said we don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories and we don’t want to waste the listeners in reader’s time on stories that are just pure distractions well I mean.

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Thats Wasnt True I Mean There Was

a lot to this story. It was absolutely true if you want to talk about media organizations. Npr probably the most guilty though there was a lot of guilt all over the place Twitter, though set a news standard Twitter actually said this they said our policies are living documents we’re willing to update and adjust them when we encounter new scenarios or receive important feedback from the public. One such example is the recent change to our hacked materials policy and its impact on accounts like the New York post, what was the account what was the impact on that account they banned them.

In The Middle Of An Election,

the oldest news paper in the United States was banned from Twitter for writing the story which we now know was true. They might not have liked the impact, but they actually were set telling people the link was unsafe. Don’t click on this New York post story. It might be unsafe Jack Eventually from Twitter came out and said our communication around our actions on the New York post was not great and we shouldn’t have blocked the Url as to zero context as to why we were blocking it was unacceptable, but you know it was a little too little too late.

This Is The Middle Of The Election And

now they’re going to admit that this story was true when it could have made an impact on a very close election to the point of like now people like Chris Hayes are waking up and saying Oh wait a minute was this true the whole time. He tweets so like did we ever find out the actual deal with. The hunter laptop I mean maybe the wildly improbable story about it was dot dot dot true or maybe it was.


Hunter Biden has a new book out and he’s been doing a little bit of a book tour making the rounds . He went on Jimmy Kimmel and talked about his little rendezvous over there in the Ukraine, I do want to talk about this.& I still don’t comprehend why he’s doing this. I mean if I’m Hunter biden, I’m never going on camera again. I’m just going to hide and hope everyone forgets about me.& But Hunter has a different plan. He said he wouldn’t do it again for that reason, yeah and that I love how he’s like I, I had a lot of personal accomplishments. I was I was on the board of amtrak.& I served on at least a dozen boards before Burisma.& He did get impeached as a result. He did not make a mistake by taking a seat on a Ukrainian gas company. But he said he didn’t take into account that they would use the perception against my dad…. Click here to read more and watch the full video