The Left Race To Paint a Narrative With the Boulder Shooting Here Are the FACTS Stu Does America


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Well Yet Another Terrible Day In Colorado, But Too

many of these man all over the country of course all of them are too many. Just one is too many, but Colorado seems to have had more than their share. Despite having some of the most restrictive gun laws in America. We should point out it doesn’t seem to be all that connected to the gun laws, but that’s of course not what the left is going to tell you for the next few weeks, So we’ll get into that maybe a little bit Tomorrow. I want to start though with just the basics here we didn’t talk that much about it when this thing happened.

You Know On The Radio Program Today

and into this show when we didn’t know anything about it. I feel like there’s this weird thing. People do where they feel like they need to jump to the end of the story and be right before they know anything about it. I’d rather sit back get the information and try to figure it out after that that’s why when we talked about the Asian American shootings the other day. We don’t know the cause behind it.

I Mean Im Not Gonna Just Believe The

murderer right. I’m also not gonna just believe random people on twitter I’m gonna do is sit back and look at the motivation and inspiration as we go all. I can tell you is what’s going on with the stats behind the narrative. Once we get a little further, we can explain a little bit more this one is really flown out of control really quickly almost sitting some sort of record I think has. Been set a record that I don’t know will ever be broken as soon as this went down.

People Instantly Just Blamed Evil White

people because here’s the thing racism which I used to believe and this is my problem. I used to believe it was putting negative stereotypes upon a race of people or color of skin. I used to think that’s what it was now. It’s just you know totally fine to do that except as long as you you just got to do it toward white people If you do it towards white people. People that’s totally fine not racism whatsoever In fact, it’s actually anti-racism, which is even better than racism.

Its Like A New And Improved Version

of a snack cake. It’s better than ever now new and improved with 20 more cream filling inside so let me give you some of the tweets that. out these are just a few Caleb Paul put together a long list of these and they’re just embarrassing let me give you a few of them. D. l Hughley, a comedian, a white armed mass murderer, has a better chance surviving an encounter with the police than a black dude holding a phone hashtag teamdl because that’s is his hashtag that I guess is associated with him because his name is Dl.

Hughley See How Clever That Was At His

point accusing the white race of murder Cool Rosetta Arquette call it what it is white supremacist domestic terrorism well if it was that we should call it that Chris Titus says the suspect is being treated if it’s you know meaning like if the media is saying the suspect is being treated that means it’s a white guy the suspect deceased at the scene, black or brown guy tired. Of this s thank you so much? Chris Titus? I remember that brief moment where that show you did was sort of relevant we’ll say more than we’ve had so far, let’s throw it down there. Julie Decaro Boulder tweets about this says extremely tired of people’s lives depending on whether a white man with an Ar-15 is having a good day or not and you know found this one. This one’s lots of fun. It says let’s see debunking misinformation and fake news.

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You Can See On There On The Screen

the person who’s debunking it maybe providing some fake news of their own. Then you have George Han when a white guy with an Ar-15 shoots and kills a bunch of people. It is is the motive really relevant spoiler alert on the motive he was having feelings anger inadequacy invisibility impotence. I. e not special odd like you.

Throw These Things At White People These Derogatory

terms and just apply them to mass portions of the race and that’s not racist at all. I really am having problems with this whole conversion therapy When it comes to different words, meaning different things. Dylan Park tweets, A white man walked into a grocery store in boulder killed 10 people and was apprehended by the police and walked out of the building completely unharmed right down the road. Police killed Elijah Mcclain while he apologized for not doing anything wrong. Two different americas.

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Well Have To Go Into The Elijah Mclean

thing another time. Although this guy was shot, so i don’t know the i mean his his his right leg looked like it was in a spider-man costume. It was it was just covered in blood. He did not walk out completely unharmed. There’s other problems with this tweet.

Well Camilla Blackett Says It Was So Relaxing

to just be worried about being killed by an invisible virus instead of literally any slightly inconvenienced white man with a gun, Michael Harriet from the root. He writes, pointing out how white suspects get the benefit of the doubt without being stopped first beaten shot or killed is not a call for harsh treatment. It simply means we know cops are capable of treating people humanely just not us. Y’all could use a few more ass whoopings though oh good that’s fun so all this went on. We were told this guy you know it was clear.

I Mean It Was Violence In A Grocery

store had to be a white guy that’s the way these things work. Then they released a picture of the guy and I’ll say you look at the picture you could say Oh maybe that’s a white guy right got a little beer Belly going on got some got some chest hair. He’s in his underwear. His right leg looks like it’s in a super superhero costume because it’s just covered in blood. It’s not a pretty picture and so you know some sit-ups could be an option at some point but I mean look it’s a white guy clearly a white guy we’re not going to show his face because we don’t show the faces of killers.

Im Not Going To Give You His

full name, but I will give you his first name. Just so you can kind of see where this is going His first name is Ahmad. Now lots of white supremacists are named Ahmad obviously huge population of. Kkk named Ahmad It’s really super common the rest of his name also maybe not so common um look the whole thing comes down to this not a white guy. At least I mean unless it could be maybe he’s convert we don’t know we do know that he is a Muslim and a devout Muslim.

He Writes On His Facebook Page.

The Muslims at Christ Church mosque were not the victims of a single shooter. They were the victims of the entire Islamophobia industry that vilified them that’s profound words for a guy who would go shoot a bunch of people at a grocery store. Later on now some of these are not confirmed they’re being tweeted by a bunch of blue checks and journalists and such so I do believe they’re accurate from the facebook page, but just give you that little bit of a disclaimer this. Is what we’re working on right now as you know these things sort of develop.

I I I Its Interesting And That

the media is reporting him so we’re going to go with it. Though again should they be reporting this stuff. I don’t know we’re not going to give you his name just curious what the laws are about phone privacy because I believe my old school was hacking my phone. Then he later writes, if these racist Islamophobic people could stop hacking my phone and leave me a normal knife. I probably could get a get along and have a normal life um.

He Also Tweeted Reportedly About Trump Trump Is

a d word not a nice term for Donald Trump didn’t seem to be a huge fan, though we do have a little room for narrative here just prepare yourself. He says he’s against gay marriage, so if he’s against gay marriage, we now know where this coverage will go which will be. He was a anti–gay homophobic um religious extremist. How can we do that one can we do that one get away with it well. People buy that the bottom line here though is that the narrative that the media and celebrities wanted you so badly to believe was not really the narrative it wasn’t true.

These Things Didnt Occur In This Way And

at some point you wonder is there anybody do you ever have a moment of contrition do you ever think to yourself. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone out and just guessed randomly as to what as to who the person was I mean wouldn’t it be really dumb if we just every time there was a shooting we all kind of just came out. Oh well, we think it was Muslims Now look a lot of terrorist attacks have been related to Muslims. Just like a lot of mass shooters have been white, not all of them not not not some crazy percentage, but still there’s been a bunch there’s a lot of white people Here A lot of white mass shootings have been done by white people. You know do we go out and do we go crazy and just guesstimate as to what race we think it will be why is everyone trying to paint a little narrative for themselves instead of just taking a tragic event and understanding what happened with it and trying to make things better, but instead we kind of use this as this this little excuse to be able to blame the other side to be able to use this in sort of a big collectivist way.

To Be Able To Say You

know what it’s not enough that that one bad person did something We need to blame the whole group of people that is racism. It’s collectivism. It’s racism. It’s both of those things they run hand in hand almost all the time, and this goes all the way to I mean can you imagine if this happened under the trump administration imagine if Eric Trump started tweeting stuff like this or Donald J Trump started tweeting stuff like this that was proven this wrong.

I Think The Media Would Be All Over

it. They’d be talking about it constantly well. Mina Harris, who is the daughter of Kamala Harris, wrote the Atlanta shooting was not even a week ago. Violent white men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country.

This Is A Family Member The Vice

president of the United States and not. Only I mean it would be wrong to assign blame Even if it was like the Atlanta shooting appeared to be a white dude right that does that mean you blame all white people. Does it mean you blame all churchgoers Do you see do you blame all men.


CNN Opinion Radio host John Sutter: “Just one is too many, but Colorado seems to have had more than their share” Sutter says people need to jump to the end of the story and be right before they know anything about it . Colorado has some of the most restrictive gun laws in America, but that’s of course not what the left is going to tell you for the next few weeks, So we’ll get into that maybe a little bit tomorrow. We should point out it doesn’t seem to be all that connected to the gun laws. We don’t know the cause behind it. It’s just you know totally fine to do that except as long as you you just got to do it toward white people If you do it towards white people . Sutter believes the motivation and inspiration as we go all. I’m also not gonna just believe random people on twitter I’m gonna do is sit back and look at the motivation for the inspiration and inspiration of the shooter. It doesn’t…. Click here to read more and watch the full video