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Whats This The Legend Of Zelda Majoras

mask for the 3ds now I was really excited to play this game because I am a humongous legend of Zelda fan. I mean please I just have to show off this shirt look at this. This is a temple of doom legend of Zelda crossover Can you imagine like my face when I saw it it was just ah I need it and since I do get these questions a lot. This was ripped apparel and unfortunately a one day only shirt sorry. Besides the obvious reasons of why I’d be excited to play Majora’s mask on my 3ds.

I Really Did Like The Ocarina Of Time

3d version as well and you know what I’m kind of a humongous fan of the original game for N64. I mean I have the complete inbox version right here with lenticular cover that I. won’t open because it’s precious and needs to be protected Don’t touch it I’ll kill you my point being is I’m a massive Zelda fan. I love the Zelda games I’ve played them since the original Nintendo Nes game back in the day. I’ve been through the highs of link to the past and Ocarina of time and the somewhat lows of skyward sword and I’m so pleased to tell you that this version of Majora’s mask is an absolute high.

I Had The Time Of My

life playing this game. I had so much fun in fact I was playing it too much. It was getting to the point where one of those games were like. I should probably put this down now. But I can’t what’s that dear I have things I have to do today Oh well I have to play Majora’s mask for like seven hours.

Now If You Didnt Play The N64 Original

and Don’t know the basic premise of the game. A guy named Skull Kid has stolen Majora’s mask. It’s a mask that you have to get back. Also an effed up creepy looking moon is about to crash into the ground and you have three days to try to get everything done that you have to get done before that happens now. When you start playing the game you’re like it’s impossible, but as you go along.

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You Do Realize That You Can Use Your

ocarina and other instruments to reverse time so essentially that three day period really doesn’t have anything to do with beating the game in that time. It’s really about how far you can get in that time because when that moon is just about to crash down and you reverse time as long as you saved it. You can keep all the stuff that you did and all the places you discovered you lose certain items though, but you keep the major big ones like say your bow and arrow and the other big thing about the game is the introduction of wearing masks as link you put on those masks and you can actually become different species. Whether you’re a giant goron or a little Deku scrub and by changing into these various things. You can access new areas of the game and have new abilities and it really makes the game an incredibly well–rounded experience because you’re not just playing as one singular character.

Even Though You Technically Are Always Link You

get to do a whole bunch of different things by putting on these various masks that you obtain when it comes to Nintendo 3ds games I tend to turn the 3d off because. It’s good if you tilt the 3ds in just the wrong way. It becomes distorted and so you always have to hold it like exactly in the center, which can get a little tedious. In the middle of an intense battle, but with Majora’s mask. The 3d was so stunning that I actually left it on for quite a bit of the time, so what I usually did with this game was if I was just wandering around in town and doing like some random side quests like finding a stray fairy or something I would turn the 3d on then because I knew I wasn’t going to be in anything amazingly intense, but if I’m in a temple and I’m throwing down with a boss.

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Im Going To Turn The 3D Off, Then

simply because it’s harder to hold the 3ds like you know like you’re getting all into. It and everything at least I play games like that A lot of people tend to complain about the playstation N64 era of games by saying that those games appear dated well yeah They do because they came out in the 90s and graphics have gotten better that’s like saying well. The special effects in that movie from 1982 just wasn’t as good as like the avengers. Of course, they’re not we’ve progressed in technology so certain things appear better and sometimes progressing in technology actually make things worse the attack of the clones compared to Empire strikes back throwing that out there I can’t stand. When game critics say that because it’s like well it’s it’s time period it has some charm to it that being said the graphics for this look amazing the backgrounds have a lot more detail.

The Character Animations Are More Fluid It

all looks. great and it’s just so much fun to play as link as well, even though he’s a hero that we don’t really know anything about because he never talks. I do think he has serious anger management issues though because all he ever says is yeah yeah. I just feel like he’s a very angry person guys. I honestly love this game.

I Had So Much Fun Playing It.

I played it too much actually it was just too much of majora’s mask it reminds me of a time period where games were a little more simple and more innocent, and you could actually feel some maturity in this game too because there were aspects of it that were more dark than Ocarina of time. If you haven’t played a Zelda game. I strongly recommend playing one and this could be a good place to start definitely check this one. Out guys I’m going to give the legend of Zelda Majora’s mask a perfect 10 out of 10.

Also Another Great One Is A

link between worlds. This is actually the sequel to a link to the past the Super Nintendo Zelda game. This one was great as well so guys my question for you is what is your favorite Zelda game now if it is ocarina of time because that tends to be the one that most people gravitate to what’s your second favorite because just between you and me. I might like Majora’s mask a little bit more just a little bit more guys thank you so much as always for watching and if you like this you can click right here and get stuck managed.


The legend of Zelda Majora’s mask for the 3ds now I was really excited to play this game because I am a humongous Legend of Zelda fan . I had the time of my life playing this game. I had so much fun in fact I was playing it too much. I should probably put this down now.& But I can’t what’s that dear I have things I have to do today. Oh well I’m so pleased to tell you that this version of Majora‚Äôs mask is an absolute high. It was getting to the point where one of those games were like. Like this game, I had to play seven hours.& I had a time of fun playing the game. But I was probably putting this down. I was going to have to play it down. It’s like one of the games. I’m probably playing it down now, but I’m going to probably put it down again. I have a time to do it down ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video