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Hi Guys Happy To See You I Just Want

to address the elephant in the room right out of the gates cuz. I know you’re gonna comment about it if I don’t so yeah I am wearing an all-over print t-shirt of Nick Crompton’s face okay and yes I do tuck my t-shirts into my shorts and yes this was the outfit I was going to wear to the Met Gala but they didn’t invite me but it doesn’t matter and you’re maybe you know maybe you’re asking yourself Leon why the hell do you have an all of the print t-shirt of Nick Crompton’s face and I would turn that question around on you actually and ask you why don’t you have a t-shirt of Nick Crompton’s face as avid team 10 fans as I hope that we all are on this channel. This is basically a birthright a passage to becoming the next step a fan and as owner and operator of the top five team ten Instagram fan accounts. I see that if you don’t have this t-shirt. You’re not a real fan They talked about ten years ago with you They what in fact I’m quite sure the team ten doesn’t even exist anymore.

Hi Everyone Welcome Back To A Brand

new Honda Prius covered in UK My name is Leon lush thanks for coming so is the video title suggests we’re gonna be looking at the tick tock version of Lele Pons here because well. I got an email from this guy named Nicholas who linked this girl’s page and the subject line of his email was the Lele Pons of Tick tock so really I should probably be giving him royalties at this point, but let’s be honest. This is a Tick tock. And there’s gonna be about 45 copyright claims before I’m even finished recording so this is Katja Gleeson. She has 4.

8 Million Fans On Tik-Tok, Which I Think

is a lot by most standards these days and you know what I’m not even here to criticize. I’ve been doing this too long. I’m just here to I’m just along for the ride. I’m here to enjoy myself to see what’s going on with these young kids You don’t say I’m just an old-ass millennial living in a Jenn’s e-world man I’m sure some of you that watch me like millennial Nice try Leon you’re like the biggest boomer. I know but I will have you know I googled it in the age range for Millennials is 1979 to 1995 which I am right in the middle of so you can suck my fat millennial, a token of other girls cheating.

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See That One More Time Please What Oh

by the way I’ve never made a video about Tick-tock well at least not since back before it was Tick Tock when it was still musically about 100 million years ago, but it seems like not much has changed. It’s basically just filled with minors and child predators that’s why I was diligent and did my research and found out that this girl is 22 years old, so Yahtzee We are in the clear my friends. I love the song do you ever feel like getting copyright claims by all the biggest music publishers in the music game. I won’t make a single dime off for this video. So please blumin my line I make jokes about it but with the state of absolute disarray that UK copyright system is in right now I should probably be a little more.

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below or type join Honey Calm Slash Leone lush into your web browser and start saving immediately. But when Frankie do it can we join you like I’m trying to understand the skit. From conception to execution like were they just sitting around she’s like you know what maybe you know what makes for a good tick-tock Why don’t you know what me and Lisa well just then well We’ll do this we’ll just do this and you guys start getting upset and say hashtag a few times and then ask if you can join and then we’ll play Backstreet Boys Oh my gosh. This was everyone in third grade last year. Let’s play Avocado.

I Miss Those Times Well.

I feel a bit sheepish honestly. I guess I have to read some of these comments It’s a thing. This clapping game is avocado. It’s called there’s some kids in school play it.

I Guess And I Should Have

known better coming into this hello like if it’s not relatable to third graders. It’s not A real tick-tock so shame on me What am I doing here Okay first of all lol she grabbed the wrong bear. I mean glasses Am I right secondly, who is this young brute with the windswept hair and the terribly forced fake laugh. If I must know more what the Frick I can’t click on any of the tags in the caption dude what’s the deal Oh it’s probably because I’m watching tic UK on a web browser. You know you’re Savage when right right so I guess this is Javi Luna also with 4.

2 Million Fans And Look At Those Eyes

golly brother can you share some filter settings well if that is not the cutest blumin I have seen this year UK UK fill-ins you have ten seconds to change you look four three two Oh my God all right so he’s a full-blown e. The only thing that could possibly make me more uncomfortable than that is probably the comments on the video wow you’re embarrassing you know what never mind they’re not as bad as all right that one gets points. I don’t know if it’s Cuz I’m a sucker for the pretty boy swag meme or if it’s because it was mildly self-aware, but it gets points also not for nothing but Halluf is the camera quality so nicer the new UK really that’s spectacular I’m stuck over here where the UK 7 dinosaur there’s no way that this could put out a picture as beautiful as that is it the lighting. I don’t know you know what maybe the Instagram filter might work for me and having missing something funny gamer life is real as blumin oh shut up okay I’m sick and tired of these model like internet. celebrities culturally appropriating gamers okay they didn’t even the decency to put a real game in it They just added sound effects.

This Is 2019 And I Will Not Stand

for this sort of cultural appropriation you’re cancelled young lady, so as far as the parallels between Lele Pons. In this girl I mean they’re both blonde and they both make short form content that makes my brain want to blumin its pants and fall asleep in a broom closet filled with carbon monoxide now pump the brakes okay you sensitive flowers because that wasn’t a suicide joke it’s only enough carbon monoxide to make my brain feel really sick, but my brain will be just fine thank you very much oh that wasn’t that wasn’t nice. I think that was a nice one you know to go out on that was I think it was like a. A probably like a relationship goals mean you know these tick tock errs men are like low-key taken over the world. They’re like what budding Youtubers were in 2008 right.

I Feel Like You Know With All

the distress and anger around UK and what’s happened the past couple years and everyone crying about everything monetization and all this blumin like UK gonna go the way a traditional media in a couple years and it’s gonna be all like just late night television clips and these tick stalkers are gonna run the planet and I’m just gonna be surfing homeless shelters with my wife or my son. Unless I start banging out a tick tock ad a baby let’s go now no I don’t. I’m not I’m not gonna do that not yet at least I don’t know it’s late not until UK gets deleted until then I’ll. Just keep using Lele Pons in my title that try and make a living no It’s that’s not really a joke. I shouldn’t be laughing well unless depressing news.

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channel, you can get all of my merch right now for 20% off. If you use the honey browser extension hooked it up with an exclusive code. You just have to go to the cart like you normally would and it’ll pop up and ask if you want to apply the coupon and you get your 20% but most importantly thank you guys for coming back week after week and supporting the channel by watching and interacting in the comments. I really do appreciate it well.

I Hope You Enjoyed Yourself Guys If

you could just one last favor before you go just take a screenshot if you could of this Nick Crompton all over. T with the eyes burn out of it and then go down to the basement and use that screenshot to help pleasure yourself and when you finish up and the endorphins start to wear off and the shame starts to creep in just have a nice long healthy cry and hip thrusts that blumin like button for me. Oh man that feels so good thank you so much for seeing the next one peace.


Leon lush says he’s wearing an all-over print t-shirt of Nick Crompton’s face . Katja Gleeson has 4.8 million fans on Tik-tok, which I think is a lot by most standards these days and you know what I’m not even here to criticize.& I’ve been doing this too long. I’m just here to enjoy myself to see what’s going on with these young kids You don’t say he’s just an old-ass millennial living in a Jenn’s e-world man I’m sure some of you that are avid team 10 fans are on this channel.& And there’s gonna be about 45 copyright claims before I’m even finished recording so this is a Tick tock.& This is basically a birthright a passage to becoming the next step a fan of the team ten Instagram fan accounts. And I see that if you don’t have this t-shirts.& You’re not a real fan. & I’m here to…. Click here to read more and watch the full video