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When I Was Walking Across Antarctica My Solo

crossing the first day I started crying man. I started crying because I could barely pull my sled. I had a thousand miles to go and I couldn’t even like really cross the first quarter mile and when you crying it’s minus 30 minus 40 degrees outside Antarctica doesn’t take it easy on you just freezes the tears to your face. You feel like a real pathetic loser calling no Brady What came with the show great to be here with You Chris thanks for having me how connected did you feel to the discovery of Shackleton’s ship endurance when they found it a few months ago. Oh man.

It Was That Was Like Its Like

a kid on Christmas waking up to that news. I remember I got the New York Times Alert and then my phone started blowing up because. So many people know how um you know fondly I think of Antarctica, but specifically Shackleton Shackleton has been um a hero among heroes in my mind and Consciousness. I you know the endurance is his story of that survival is one of my all-time favorite books. I’ve read you know like obscure texts of his journals and things like that so I honestly.

I Will Say This Though Im

not generally a huge skeptic, but when they said they were going on this expedition to find that I was like how could they possibly find they’re like how are they gonna find this you know like I’ve. I’ve wrote a book across Drake Passage. I’ve been in these Waters. I’ve been in there and I’m like I’m like no but honestly. I was happy to be proven wrong because it was unbelievable to see those photos and and how preserved the boat was.

I Mean, Oh My Gosh Have

you got any idea how they actually managed to find it because young toxic is pretty big. Presumably the UK coordinates that they had from whatever it was 1914 1915 or something and they departed they wouldn’t have been particularly sophisticated. So have you got any idea how they knew where to look honestly that that is the part that I I should probably look deeper into it Because I’m fascinated to know the answer to that question . I have no idea particularly because the Weddell Sea and in that section over there. I mean they were on sea ice and it melted and it Shunk and you.

I Mean Ive Literally Been In A Rowboat

in these Waters with 40-foot swells and so I’ve been bashed around just in the course of a couple of weeks and you know 100 years. You think it’s going to move around at the bottom of the ocean and I think even they were from the reports. I read pretty surprised to see I mean one thing they found it but how well preserved it was like there it’s just the water is so cold that there’s not as many sort of natural predators and things that you would have in a warmer environment of corals and Barnacles and things that would normally kind of Decay so like. Was like practically like Frozen in time. I mean it’s wild dude it’s so good.

I Given The Fact That Youve

spent so much time in the Antarctic did it give you a different sort of appreciation for what Shackleton and those guys did was there any extra insights you know if you’re reading Alfred Lansing’s book, which is my favorite description of the the Shackleton Crossing. You know you read that and it’s such an intense story learning about how they were first they had to kill the dogs and then they’re having to look for seals and then they leave some of the men behind and they strap all of the ballast that they can to one of the ships but you’ve you’ve got to see this yourself. First hand did that add some richness to the story. I mean completely I will say this I you. Know I I am proud of my solo Crossing of Antarctica and the various Expeditions been in Antarctica four times and several Expeditions down there, but you know walking across Solo Poland.

You Know What I Was Doing Is

I was trying to become the first person history to cross Antarctica. Solo. unsupported which means no resupplies of food or fuel along the way so taking all your gear with you and then man hauling um which is also what shackle Tim and them were doing but no no no kites like no no Motors nothing propelling you just kind of mono imano kind of in the most primitive form, but I will say I you know 54 days alone. I made it across obviously proud of that whatever there was not a day that went by in fact there wasn’t often many hours that went by where. I was laughing I’d be like but man you got UK out here you got UK you’ve got like these boots that are molded to your feet and I would think about Shackleton and those guys and be like just to get to Antarctica.

They Had To Like Take A Year

to sail a boat down there and then they’re like oh it’s winter so we better sit here for six months on the sea ice in the you know in the hull of our ship basically because it’s so cold outside with like oil lamps and then when they’re walking around you know seal skin and pelts and things like that. Almost I was like man like there’s just a different breed of human 100 plus years ago and so like I said mostly what all I have is is. I can’t even put it into words the level. of gratitude respect and just like Badassery that those guys were um having experienced the life and death intense Stakes of Antarctica, but still through a lens of like well. I’ve seen satellite images of where I’m going and I do have a story.

This Is Like A Five-Star Experience Of Antarctica

totally totally totally no it’s it’s incredible and it’s incredible the courage that those guys had to literally go explore things you know we can’t really do this anymore. I suppose space is this next Frontier for that but on our planet it’s pretty hard to just be like Oh I’m taking a boat here. I don’t know I might be back in a few years. Don’t worry about me you know it’s I mean that’s like Adventure at its truest truest purest form given the fact that Shackleton’s one of the heroes of yours and you’ve done. Bunch of high mountain Crossings within short periods of time and stuff like that how much of a freak is Nim’s perjure Yeah Dude Nims is a an impressive guy in a lot of ways.

No Doubt About It Ive Ive

been fortunate to be in the mountains with him on some bigger Expeditions I was on K2 in the winter in 2021 and then also on Everest My second time on Everest. He was guiding over there and our camps were nearby each other and so Yeah we spent a lot of time together not only up on the mountains, but also having some fun in base camp and throwing back some beers Yeah I mean look his record what he did with 14 Peaks in the film is amazing was is really is really special and more and more even more importantly or. Certainly as equally as importantly as the team he surrounded himself with are incredible I mean Nims is an incredible climber but guys like Mingma David Sherpa Mingmin Tenzing. I mean these guys are just also just incredible world world class and I’m so happy you know he’s been his Spotlight is shining so brightly and it’s it’s wonderful particularly for the country of Nepal You know I’ve been been in the Himalayas plenty and the a lot if not all Expeditions and the Himalayas basically quite literally right on the back of the sherpa communities and it’s been far too long that it’s been like that and those communities haven’t gotten their shine and so for him to have the impact that he’s having and be able to uplift those voices and now for these Nepalese guys who in my opinion are are the best. climbers in the world to not be working for other people or Western Climbers or Europeans to be like hey like we’re doing our own Badass records um look at us.

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Its Amazing And So Yeah.

He’s impressive and his whole team and those guys um grateful to know those guys because they’re really special special humans in so many ways dude. He was telling me about how he used to run to school every single night and then he’d run home and train in the gym and he’d sleep for a couple of hours and then get up so all of that stuff like the physical stuff’s pretty impressive. The most impressive thing that I think is his ability to drink like the fact that he did basically a heavy night in between that 3 Peaks within the space of 48 hours or something is he’s a wild man.

Thats For Sure But You Know

it’s like you know you see people high performing in all sorts of different ways. You know I’ve learned this over time and been around lots of world record holders, Olympians, but also billionaires and entrepreneurs and whatever and and you’re like Yeah. The only way you get to the top of that is like yes you’re good at the thing that you’re good at but you’re also usually just a wild human being in a lot of different eccentricities that makes it that way so he certainly has that in Spades do you know the be a mile have you heard of this. The Beer Mile Yes I’m familiar with this Yeah Yeah, so it’s a record.

People Do Four Laps Of A

400-meter track and they have to down a pint of beer at the start of each lap and one of my friends in the UK for a while held the record he held the world record for the UK. Nice and I feel like that’s the next stage for endurance racing that it’s it’s how hard you can go the night before it’s not just about climbing Everest or whatever like that’s been done It’s like the 14 deaths well. I’m curious what was your buddy’s what was his time and it was like four something obviously yeah so I think it was like a 445 maybe um but you’ll see the way that they do it when they come back and they grab the drink. They’re already speed walking along right and then the pace because it’s a you have to do it out of a can too right it’s a can of beer isn’t that right not sure I think the rules are a can of beer which I was always like that just as you know it’s just harder to chug out of the can like.

I Wonder If Youre Allowed To Shotgun

it take it from the top shotgun it and just go that would help that would help that might be classed as a performance enhancer. I’m not sure but so going back to what it is that you’re doing at the moment and this idea of sort of taking hold of life. I think.


When I was walking across Antarctica my solo crossing the first day I started crying man.& When you crying it’s minus 30 minus 40 degrees outside Antarctica doesn’t take it easy on you just freezes the tears to your face.& You feel like a real pathetic loser calling no Brady. I was happy to be proven wrong because it was unbelievable to see those photos and and and how preserved the boat was. I mean, Oh my gosh Have you got any idea how they actually managed to find it because young toxic is pretty big.& Presumably the UK coordinates that they had from whatever it was 1914 1915 or something and they departed they wouldn’t have been particularly sophisticated. I should probably look at how they knew where to look honestly that that that is the part that I should should probably include. I’ve been in these Waters.& I’ve had a book across Drake Passage. I don’t have any idea where they actually manage to find them. It was like I’m like I…. Click here to read more and watch the full video