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Arrghh Erotic Calm If Youve Watched My Previous Live

streams of the mandalorian. You know how I feel about this show and this episode was a vast improvement on the previous two, but it hasn’t changed my overall opinion. It’s a pretty decent live-action cartoon not as sophisticated as I expected, but it still remains entertaining and if you want to watch some good. Disney Star wars this is it and I believe this is the best it will ever get and I also firmly believe now that we are six episodes in and we don’t have identity politics. This is Disney Star Wars turning the page and hoping you will forget the fall of Skywalker the month after it comes out and you watch it a couple times and give them a few bucks before I get started.

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Now On To A Vast Improvement

over the last couple of episodes and if you’ve watched my previous Mandalorian live streams. You might have noticed that I’m not live. I’m recording a video but I will premiere it. So I will be with you in the chat. We will return live on the season finale.

I Had To Actually Stop And Pause To

remember last episode because I had completely forgotten it but. But it was the one where they went after MEi from agents of Shield and a reminder for this in all future videos. I spoil television because I review it and I recap it. It’s something I’ve done here since I started the channel and it will continue until I in the channel or UK ends the channel you have been warned here. We go after dusting the wannabe bounty Hunter Han Solo, the Mandalorian parks, the Razor crust in a garage where he meets the Kyber Crystal Meth dealer named ran UK no it’s within the spirit of the Western and in this show for the Mandalorian to keep going to people He shouldn’t trust, but it just gets a little inexplicable at this point, why he goes to Kyber Crystal dealer ran but he does and the reason ran lets him on because he knows about the guild.

Is Because Of The Razer Crest He Just

needed a ride. One of his associates was caught by the new Republic, and they need to spring him and he’s putting together a crew. I was expecting the Mandalorian to be the Ragtag group of Outlaws in a spaceship jumping around the galaxy and getting into adventures. But I wasn’t expecting a different crew every episode, but this is what we get and quite frankly we get the best crew of the season. Starting with Bill Burr as Mayfield.

Now Bill Burr Is A National

treasure and hero for being brave enough to break the political correct narrative that is going on in Hollywood right now and while he does play Bill Burr as Mayfield. I have absolutely no problem with that and he is now my favorite character. He was a former Imperial sharpshooter and as he says when Mandalorian. wasn’t very impressed with that I wasn’t a stormtrooper Wiseass. Each episode we get a little smidge of the Mandalorians mysterious background and we find out that he used to run with Kyber Crystal Dealer Meth ran in the past Disney Star Wars has a little self–awareness in this episode and this comes right off the heels of Jar Jar Abrams, Daisy Ridley and Jonathan Boy Yaga throwing a little shade at the last JEdi in the last 48 hours, causing it to trend on Twitter.

So Bill Burrs Character Describes The Razr

Crest as a piece of junk and it looks like a can toe bite slot machine. So we meet the rest of the crew, starting with the great Clancy Brown as Berg and of course you recognize him as one of the aliens from the Cantina. We also Have Natalie Tena from Game of Thrones and of course she was taunted Harry Potter and then we have Richard Iota, who was playing the Droid Zero who I believe would make a great next Doctor. If Doctor Who decided to turn around and become a real show again. The Mandalorian is filled with tropes and cliches and honestly I don’t have a problem with this Disney Star Wars does need to go back to the basics and keep things simple.

I Just Didnt Think There Would Be

this simple so the crew boards the razor Crest. We have zero piloting the ship because his reflexes are better and they have to pull some sort of strange maneuver to keep from being tracked by the New Republic prisoner transport that is supposed to be unmanned. So we then Have the getting-to-know-you scene, which is one of my favorite from the series and quite frankly. I wish this was the crew we had going on but I know we won’t get that from Disney Star Wars because again Bill bird just makes this show better they want to know what’s under the helmet with the mandalorian of Bill Burr. His character Mayfield actually wonders if he’s a Gungan and actually does a Jar Jar Binks impression she and then insinuates she knows what’s under the helmet, which sounds bad when you say it out loud.

Then Mayfield Nods To Berg To Remove

the helmet and as they do that the Mandalorian and Berg get in a little scuffle and it opens the door to cute. They dobby be Yoda. Now that the guild has activated all of the transponders. You would think that every underworld element within this galaxy. Baby Yoda then may feel brings up something that’s even creepy for Disney Star Wars you get lonely up here.

Buddy Mayfield Then Turns Around And

asked if the Mandalorian and XI’an made baby Yoda and then he brings up it might be a pet and this is where we have a decent tense moment where Mayfield starts insinuating that he might want to take Baby Yoda as a pet. He pretends to drop it. The Mandalorian does nothing. But then they are saved by dropping out of hyperspace and remember a droid is piloting the ship and they have to pull some crazy maneuver to board the New Republic prisoner transport. So he pulls his maneuver and throws everyone around the ship.


If Star Wars obeyed the laws of physics say like the expanse does everybody including Baby Yoda would be gelatinous Goo so they board the ship. open the door and once again. The Mandalorian is the worst father figure in the galaxy by leaving little baby Yoda behind on the ship as they try to break out a prisoner. Now The one thing that hasn’t been explained is why the Mandalorian bothered going on this job anyway did his ship need to be repaired did he need some more money I’m guessing so but they Don’t really say that out loud zero hacks the security system remember this prisoner transport is supposed to be unmanned.

Theres Only Droid Security Officers, But There Are

different alien prisoners and we get to see them as they do a lot of sneaking around in the hallways. As with all the Mandalorian episodes, there are member Berries and we get the little droid that was on the Death Star approaching bird, but then he shoots it and it brings on. The Cylons We get some hot Mandalorian action and he takes out the Cylons by himself and this was a great scene, and he got to again use all of his weapons and it was done beautifully well. It turns out there was a human being on this ship piloting it named Davon and there’s a good little standoff between the Mandalorian and the rest of the crew over whether we should keep this guy alive or not the Mandalorian mentioned that there was only supposed to be droids on this ship. Then Davin pulls a transponder which makes the situation even worse.

The Mandalorian Offers To Let The

guy live. Mayfield says are you crazy and as they’re arguing Shion kills Davin, which activates the beacon and I’m guessing Some X-wing fighters are on the way and it looks like they have about 20 minutes to release their prisoner. They release a prisoner named Quinn, who states that the man who left me behind is now my savior. Then they double-cross the Mandalorian kick him in the prison cell take off with Quinn and leave and in the meantime zero while poking around on the Mandalorian ship discovers a guild transmission. You think the Mandalorian would have put a layer of security on his ship.

Once He Found Out He Wasnt Going To

be the pilot, but maybe zero found his way around it. It doesn’t take long for the Mandalorian to get out of that cell. Though he captures one of the Cylons breaks off his arm and uses it to escape. Now our ragtag group of outlaws as being hunted by the Mandalorian, who has made his way to the control room and starts shutting down doors and separating the crew so we have Berg with Sheehan. Quinn with Mayfield Quinn, who is the brother of Sheehan, wants to leave her behind he doesn’t really care and offers may feel triple share if he takes out the mandalorian.

Then We Get Various Scenes Of

the Mandalorian hunting down Shion Berg and Mayfield and in the meantime we have zero going after baby Yoda, who of course got out and zero has figured out that that quarry that Krieg was talking about and his transmission was our little tyke. Now there are some pretty decent individual fights between the Mandalorian and Berg. The Mandalorian and Shion and a very good one between the Mandalorian and may feel it wasn’t much as a fight as it was very good, directing very cool, but these were all felt kind of short. The Mandalorian catches up with Quinn, who thinks about shooting him for a moment then wisely gives up because. He thinks the Mandalorian has killed the rest of the crew.

Then He Reminds Him That If

he dies, he won’t be able to collect any of the money, then we cut away to Zero, who was caught up to Baby Yoda Is he going to kill Baby Oda. He raises his gun. Baby Yoda is gonna start using the Force. Then of course, the Mandalorian comes in and shoots zero in the head. Now Baby Yoda thought it was him at first and he looks at his hand and that was kind of funny.

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I Think Baby Yoda Could Take Out

a droid when it took out that giant beast, but apparently the force only works when it needs to for the plot. The Mandalorian returns Quinn to Ran, who asks where the rest of the crew is. The Mandalorian mentions no questions and says he did the job. Then he gets paid there’s a bunch of weird looks exchanged the Mandalorian leaves and as soon as he does Rand says kill him now. The Mandalorian ship leaves very slowly, so it allows enough time for a gunship to come up from the bottom of the deck of the Kyber Crystal Meth lab that’s when Quinn notices the transponder beacon that the Mandalorian had snuck into his belt.

They Wonder What It Is, And

then Ren says that bastard. And then we see Dave Filoni Deborah Chau and I think one of the pilots from Return of the Jedi I could be wrong on this one and then they ruthlessly kill everybody in the Kyber Crystal Meth Lab as the Mandalorian leaves and he says something very odd to Yoda. He says I told you this was a bad idea and just like last week when they took away. One of the better scenes when the Mandalorian kills May from agents of Shield I’m Sorry I can’t remember her name. They go and cut away to the prisoner transport where we see she on Berg and Mayfield in a prison cell and that’s where the episode ends If I haven’t made myself clear in the thirty some-odd Star Wars videos I’ve done out of my nine hundred and fifty plus videos not a fan of Disney Star Wars.

Star Wars Doesnt Exist For Me

anymore. If they had started with this show then that would have been a good thing, so I can objectively say as an X Star Wars fan that this was entertaining and this was the best episode of the Mandalorian because of Clancy Brown, Bill Burr and Natalie Tana, who did slightly overact a bit but that’s kind of her game and of course Richard. Do’ee or a Doya I don’t know how to pronounce his last name and again he would make a great doctor. I’ve heard that suggested a lot in my live streams that I completely agree. I would prefer to have this crew from the beginning and watch their evolution and turn into nicer people, possibly or better people and having an ex Imperial sharpshooter in that would have made it that much more interesting, but I guess that’s not what we’re gonna get hopefully.

Season 2 Is Entirely With This Crew.

Then I will be very happy. I’m not entirely sure why they went on this mission. It seemed like just an excuse to get this crew together and that’s fine but they do have to for me anyway pick up the storytelling. I’m gonna need a little more in season-I’m gonna need hour-long episodes and I’m gonna.

Need To Feel Some Stakes Because

there wasn’t a moment at all where I felt any tension that I thought they would kill Baby Yoda or the the Mandalorian was in any danger. I didn’t even think that they would separate Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian, which is the very least you can do to keep this from feeling like a sidequest in a videogame or like I’ve said a million times before a live-action cartoon. We need some stakes and we’re gonna need that in season two you’re gonna get past the point where Baby Yoda is just cute you can’t do that forever you need to do something with both characters and I think the Mandalorian as cool as it is needs a crew around him, especially when you can’t see his face and I think they found the perfect crew if they can get them to sign. For an entire season, I hope that’s the case I still like the episode, but I watched the expanse last night and when you compare the two as far as storytelling is concerned it is laughable and one more thing, Hail The Phantom Menace. There was no identity politics in this episode what so ever and I don’t think we’re gonna get any for the rest of the series.

While We Didnt Win The War.

We didn’t put the soy milk back in the boobie. This was a victory. This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the Phantom Menace If we would have sat on our hands and not said anything we would still be getting identity politics Disney Star Wars well done everybody take your victory lap toast each other oh and solo lost money.

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This is Disney Star Wars turning the page and hoping you will forget the fall of Skywalker the month after it comes out and you watch it a couple times and give them a few bucks before I get started . The episode was a vast improvement on the previous two, but it hasn’t changed my overall opinion of the show . I spoil television because I review it and I recap it. It’s something I’ve done here since I started the channel and it will continue until I in the channel or UK ends the channel you have been warned here . We go after dusting the wannabe bounty Hunter Han Solo, the Han Solo . We will return live on the season finale. I had to actually stop and pause to . remember last episode because I had completely forgotten it . But it was the one where they went after MEi from agents of . Shield and a reminder for this in all future videos.& But it’s going to get much much much worse in 2020. I’m not live…. Click here to read more and watch the full video