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The Mandalorian Season Two Just Had Its Season

finale on Disney plus I really enjoyed the first season. I thought it was a really great breath of fresh air. It felt like very simple Star Wars kind of back to basic Star Wars, which I liked very much. Not every bit of Star Wars has to be thematically rich and very complex. This show is mostly a western.

It Felt Like A Samurai Epic.

It was really entertaining and so naturally I was looking forward to seeing what else happened with Mando and little baby Yoda. In season two now this review is going to be filled with spoilers, So if you have yet to see any of this season. I’m going to be talking about each episode. So that is your warning and I mean everything so please make sure you’ve seen it having not directed a single episode.

Last Season, John Favreau Made His

first directorial contribution to the Mandalorian with episode 1 which I loved Mando teams up with a marshal played by Timothy Oliphant, who has Boba Fett’s armor. I really like that Boba Fett doesn’t just show up in this show done and complete and ready to go. He doesn’t just swoop in with his armor and he’s just there he is he’s Boba Fett. It’s about finding the armor and getting it to the guy who’s supposed to have it It’s not just that he’s finished and complete and ready to go and they team up with the band of Tuscan Raiders to take down a giant crate dragon that thing that Obi-wan Kenobi made a noise to scare away the Tuscan Raiders, whichever version of Star Wars. You may have watched that noise has changed considerably throughout the years and to sell the gargantuan size of this thing Favra went from the typical Star Wars aspect ratio of 235 all the way to full frame and shot that sequence in imax, which was really effective.

This Was The Longest Episode We

had seen of the Mandalorian up until that point, and I believe it was actually the longest episode of the whole season. It felt like a little mini-movie and I really had a great time with it. The second episode was directed by Peyton Reed from the Ant-man films or bring it on if you’re from that era and I am. This was probably my least favorite episode of the season that feels a little bit inconsequential looking back but I’m okay with filler existing in this show. In fact, I said this in my review of season one.

I Actually Like Filler If Its

entertaining you have to look at this from the perspective of writers and directors. Do you really think every director who comes onto a show to direct one episode just wants to be burdened with the mythology. Of course, not a lot of these creatives want to have fun and I can imagine it’s probably really fun for the directors to just come into an episode and. Their best with this arc and then they’re finished. It allows for the show to have a lot of different visions and not have to just feel confined to one mythology the whole time.

Also This Is A Very Simple Show.

I must reiterate this season is about Mando getting baby Yoda to a Jedi that’s it that’s the entire point of this season and every single episode in some way gets him one step closer to doing that so inevitably at some point a Jedi would show up and we’ll talk about that later a lot of people were very up in arms about the fish eggs thing here’s my take on it. I was not offended by it, but I also didn’t find it funny. It was played for a joke a lot of the times and I never really laughed. I was just kind of like Oh.

Yeah, Hes Eating A Bunch Of The

babies H that doesn’t really make me laugh, but it didn’t make me mad either they’re they’re movie props. I don’t know I did love one thing about this episode though and that’s that it felt scarier. It had some horror elements to it with those Spider creatures. The third episode was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard. She worked a little bit on season one as well and a lot of people were very excited for a few specific reasons, namely the clone Wars characters like Boca time played by Katie Sakhoff making an appearance and establishing themselves.

Within This Show, Katie Sackoff Was

really good. I liked what they did with these characters and it was really exciting. I didn’t really feel that there was much emotional investment in this episode. It was just exciting to see those characters and so it. was a bit fan-service-y but it was fanservice-y in a way that I was okay with We’ll talk about fanservice A little bit later specifically about the final episode.

This Episode Was Very Action-Heavy As

is a lot of this season and the show in general, but it was well filmed Bryce Dallas. Howard did an impressive job with the action sequences and seeing the Frog Lady reunited with her husband and seeing that their family would thrive was um I don’t know it was it was right here guys. It was right. There episode four was directed by Carl Weathers that’s right Dylan himself from Predator and Apollo creed is out here making star wars what world do I live in that is so bleep cool and he did a phenomenal job. This is a really fun action episode.

Its Basically Entirely About A Siege On

an imperial base. Great Chase! This kind of stuff is a bit hollow. I guess from a story perspective, but I really don’t mind it. I’ve said this for years and I mentioned it in my review of Season one. I’ve for a long time imagined a Star Wars show or movie that isn’t really about any of the skywalker saga or any of the episodic films and just takes place on random parts of the universe, with characters doing cool bleep like a heist or a chase like this and this show is giving me that it’s exactly what I’ve wanted out of Star Wars for a long time.

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Star Wars Does Not Always Have

to be filled with emotional depth as long as I care about the characters involved really I’m going to want to go on journeys with them, and this show makes me care about a character that I. Can’t see his face for the majority of the show also baby Yoda with his arms up in that ship was it was just delightful. You know there’s very few times that I will actually use the word delightful anymore and actually mean it. Episode 5 was the first episode this season that wasn’t written by John Favreau. He took on a lot of writing duties.

This Season.

This one was written and directed by Dave Filoni and it’s my favorite episode of the entire season. Ahsoka Tano, played by Rosario Dawson shows up and um look I really enjoyed that okay like look I get it all right. I have read tons of reviews and we’ll talk about that too in a second I get that people are concerned about fan service and that the the show might not have the heart that it needs to have and that. It might rely on other things too much This was incredible.

This Entire Episode Was Directed Extremely Well.

Dave Filoni in my opinion made the worst episode of season one that one episode with Bobby Cannavale’s son in it or whatever that was so bad that was such a terrible episode so to see him completely redeem himself and make something that felt like classic Star Wars that had incredible imagery that forest with the broken trees, Ahsoka and the moon and little grogu as we learned. He’s called really beautiful stuff and I thought Rosario Dawson was really excellent as Ahsoka Tano and that’s a major character that a lot of bleep people like to take that on your shoulders, and she did a very good job and there was a reference to thrawn as well. And after the recent announcements that there’ll be 87 new Star Wars shows. And one of them will be Ahsoka Tano I’m assuming that thrawn will play into that show and they’re basically.

They Took This Episode To Set

up a show shows do that all the time they put the punisher and daredevil Season two and now there’s a punisher show of course, you know Marvel‘s Netflix universe doesn’t exist anymore, but still the idea being that they set up a successful show in a whole season and then said Alright Let’s let’s take season two and have some fun that’s clearly what they did and as long as they are doing it well and as long as again. I care about the characters, then that’s to work for me and can I just say that I absolutely adore grosgu grogu it’s the most it is the cutest bleep thing I have ever seen in my life Grogo They really knew what. They were doing with this season when it comes to Grogu because they put that bleep in every scene if they could that he was just all over this and it didn’t get old. He really he really didn’t. I just want to hug That thing.

Episode 6 Was Directed By Robert

Rodriquez, which I thought was really fun. I love that Favreau and Filoni. They’re kind of like giving people these opportunities to to dip their toe in a universe that they’ve probably always loved again. Carl Weathers made star wars bleep awesome that’s so cool, but Robert Rodriquez made the shortest episode this season to my knowledge and this one really went ahead and introduced Boba fett ripping off Stormtroopers faces smashing their armor. It was extremely badass.

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Mando Found This Sort Of Shrine

or ruins of like a Jedi temple or something and he’s placed Grogu there. And and Grogu is sort of like reaching out to other Jedi and sending sort of like a beacon or something and slave one appears and I was like Oh Bleep because when it comes to characters in the original trilogy that pretty much everybody liked Boba Fett always got bleep. He got to walk around and look cool and talk to Darth Vader for a second then he fell into sarlacc pit he didn’t get to do anything really so I like the idea of seeing a character that everybody likes and feels kind of nostalgic for but never really got to do all that much do some cool Bleep. Episode 7 was directed by Rick Famogiwa, who came back after directing some episodes on season one. This one starred Bill Burr as Mayfield once again and they needed him because he used to be an imperial to break.

Into An Enemy Base Because Again

they’re trying to break into something or you know follow some imperials or siege on a building. It’s a similar arc that many episodes have but what made this one very special for me anyway was not just this epic fight atop these roving trucks that was really really exciting. It was this conversation where Mayfield gets the chance to talk to someone who used to be one of his superiors who he now hates and the slow reveal of why he hates this guy the massacre that took place of all of these troops that this guy doesn’t seem to give a bleep about, but Mayfield.


The Mandalorian season two just had its season finale on Disney plus I really enjoyed the first season . This review is going to be filled with spoilers, so if you have yet to see any of the season two now this review is . I really like that Boba Fett doesn’t just show up in this show done and complete and ready to go. It’s about finding the armor and getting it to the guy who’s supposed to have it . This was the longest episode we had seen of the Mandalorian up until that point, and I believe it was actually the . longest episode of the . whole season.& It felt like a little mini-movie and I really had a great time with the . Mandalorian episode 1 which I loved Mando teams up with the band of Tuscan Raiders to take down a giant crate dragon that Obi-wan Kenobi made a noise to scare away the Tuscan . The episode 1 shot that sequence in imax, which was really effective and shot that…. Click here to read more and watch the full video