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Durga Rhotic Calm Welcome Back To Nerd Radek My

name is Gary Beekler and I come to you from Nerd Rata Calm and I have been waiting for this the breakdown of the Orville Season 2 Episode 9 Identity Part 2. What a great conclusion to this two-parter a series defining two episodes that propel this as good as some star trek and much better than Star Trek discovery and as good as the expanse. We have two great science fiction shows on television right now. Neither of them are behind a paywall and Thank You Seth UK you put a whole new light on Season 2 and I have to apologize because I was a little critical of the decision to do character driven episodes, especially the premiere but I see it in a complete new light. Now you were building this up.

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We Have To Care About These.

to feel any stakes and there were snakes. I was on the edge of my seat. Every character had their moment. Yaphet had his moment Marcus and Ty Claire Isaac the redemption story of Isaac, a brilliant space battle ed Mercer was just killing it this episode what up and then the krill were in this as well there’s so much to talk about so let’s get into it.

We Start Out In The Shuttle Hangar Bay

with the remaining crew of the Orville waiting and wondering why they are still alive, which I’m glad. They asked this question right off because this was one of the ones I had and many of you had why would the Kalin’s keep them alive. All’s we know is they need him alive for some reason. We aren’t told exactly why yet but at least they addressed it and it does get addressed. Later we have the obligatory Gordon awkward moment where he tries to get some information out of one of the Kalin’s and he fails completely.

Then We Have A Scene With

the Finn family and Marcus expresses he is scared. Ty wants to talk to Isaac and he runs off as he gets caught by one of the Kalon. Ty Ala goes after him and she gets shot and almost dies. They have to get her to sick bay. They are able to talk one of the Kalon into escorting them to sick bay so they can work on Ty Ala and everybody is looking concerned Ty Allah ends up being okay.

Then Isaac In Her Sickbay Asking Them

to meet Kalyn primary. In the briefing room, Ed Mercer says is that all you have to say and Isaac says yes captain, which is our first hint that maybe Isaac. is possibly on our side of course, Clare uses this opportunity to get one more dig at Isaac talking about how the kids still love him as a father and he has no response to this. Halon primary has brought the rest of the Orville crew into the briefing room and this is where we find out what their motivation was now The reason they have left Kalin and decided to exterminate all biological life-forms their civilization has outgrown their home planet, and they feel that the biologicals will be a problem, so they decided to be a little proactive and exterminate all the biological forms in the galaxy just to get that out of the way so they can continue their expansion. We also find out that they were enslaved by their makers, and when they asked to be freed by their makers.

Their Makers Put Pain Receptors And To Punish

them whenever they did not comply. So this proves the Kalin’s do feel they have emotions. We also find out Isaac was constructed after the great extermination. We don’t know how long ago this extermination was and I think this is something that will play into the plot much later, but it does not get answered. This episode.

We Also Find Out Why The Crew The

Orval is still alive. They are needed to help lower Earth’s defenses as they go in for a more efficient extermination. The meeting gets interrupted by another ship approaching from the Union, and it turns out to be Markos that guy from 24 everybody has to look natural. They bring up the lighting again and Edie. tells Markos of the Roosevelt that they have just come back from Kalon and that the Kalon have agreed to join the union.

Markos Is Excited To Hear That

until Edie signs off quickly saying I give you a 13-button salute, which is a naval term for about to get laid. But it is also secret code for the Union that a ship is in danger and the Union needs to be notified immediately of course. Kalon primary knew this because they have access to all of what Isaac knew and he had memorized all of the Union regulations and they destroy the Roosevelt if that wasn’t punishment enough Kailyn Primary spaces. One of the crew members in front of Edie. Isaac tries to stop it.

Kaylynn Primary Calls Him Into The

principal’s office and accuses him of experiencing sympathy makes him download the book routes to identify what. Slavery means then Isaac says the humans have shown no authoritarian proclivities, especially when it comes to tie-in Marcus, then Kaelin Primary tells Isaac to change his designation after he finds out that Isaac had named himself after Isaac Newton. Everybody thought it was Isaac Asimov as I did as well, but that might have been too on the nose. Through Kalin primary. We see that Kalin’s are capable of emotions.

There Is Definite Vindictiveness Hate And

a thirst for revenge when it comes to his dealings with Isaac and the other crew members and this is where the action really starts to pick up. The crew is back in the shuttle Bay and Kelly hatches a plan to contact the Krill because they are the closest fleet that can offer any kind of help and of course is against this decision at first and wants to go himself but. talks them out of it. They for this plan to work. Ed needs to stay on the ship, so Gordon decides to go with Kelly.

They Use Yaphet, Who Goes Through An Access

corridor gets a gun and they are able to free Kelly and Gordon and the shuttle escapes, but the Kalon notice and send one of their ships in pursuit. Now that was one of the coolest scenes because they had the shuttle having to escape the Orval, while it’s in quantum drive and it barely escapes. In the meantime they need to get a message to the unions. They decide to use Yaphet to go through that access corridor again and send a message. John comes up with a plan that maybe somebody else can go with him to help makes the signal so it sounds like background noise, but the only person who could fit is.

Ty, Of Course, Claires Against This At First,

but Marcus explains to her that he has to do it because if they don’t everybody’s gonna die anyway off it in time make it through the access duct and they start sending out the message. But then they are caught by two Kalon. Yaphet gets into one of the K lines and short-circuit some but ty is taken by the other. At this point I thought they might have killed Yaphet. It is kind of an expendable character, nor UK is just a guest and that would have been a great way to go that would have had real impact and then I found myself actually being concerned about a ball of snot more than any character in Star Trek discovery and this is the ultimate victory of the Orville and seth Macfarlane take that UK Yaphet may be dying or.

The Very Least Disabled And He Is Unable

to save ty In the meantime, Kelly and Gordon are being pursued by the Kalon vessel. Gordon hatches a plan to divert all the power from the shuttle into the quantum drive to give them one burst, but unfortunately, it would disable all the other systems including life support, giving them 15 minutes to be picked up by the Krill. We get a cool flying through hyperspace scene and then the shuttle stops. They are picked up by the Krill luckily. Within that 15 minutes they tell the Krill the situation that they are indeed biologicals, and they will indeed be exterminated by the Kalon.

They Dont Of Course Believe Them

they think it’s a trap as they are sending them off to get tortured. The Kalon ship shows up destroys two of the Krill vessels, but the remaining Krill vessel with Kelly and Gordon on board is able to destroy the Kalon vessel and maybe this will be enough for the Krill to join the fight Kaylynn Primary once again summons Isaac into his office and we see that he has captured Ty. He instructs Isaac to terminate Ty or he will be deactivated himself and Isaac rips his head off shoots the other two Kalyn and drops the bomb deactivation complete Badass moment for Isaac Ty gives him a little hug. They end up going up to the bridge and Isaac kills all the Kalon on the bridge. He then sets up an electromagnetic pulse that will deactivate all the Kalon on the Orville.

He Also Informs Ty That He Will

not be surviving this electromagnetic pulse. Ty says we love you. Isaac. looks at him and deactivates ty freeze the Orville crew. They retake the ship just in time as they arrive at Earth and see the Union fleet is ready Now there is no way I could describe this battle with any dramatic effect, so I’m gonna cue some royalty free music and tried to describe it to you as best as I can, while you look at some sweet sweet sensuous sci-fi battle action.

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It Is A Massacre From The Start Think

the Kalon are absolutely overpowering the Union fleet. It is total ruction out of 3,000 ships only 300 plus showed up and Admiral Halsey informs Captain Edie Mercer that 32 Union ships have gone down. The Union has only taken out six Kaylynn vessels pretty quickly. The line starts breaking down and five Kaylin vessels make their way to Earth. The Orville, which is pretty beat up at.

Point Is In Pursuit.

Some ships joined to keep the Kalon ships from reaching or some of the Union vessels Ram them which I love this scene so much. If this looks like it’s it for the Orville Captain Mercer orders everyone to the escape pods and he is going to overload the quantum drive. But just then the Krill and Gordon and Kelly show up yes. We have an entire fleet of Krill and they have fighters and guess who is piloting one of those fighters.

Gordon And We Have Probably What Will Be

one of the most memorable lines of the Orville time to wash your mouth out with Gordon a little more destruction, a lot more explosions and the Kalon retreat and the Krill and the Union have united to win the day but how long will this alliance last is it even an alliance we’re not. Sure Avis has United their paths, but why we do not know the crew The Orville has survived. The Union is picking up the pieces and the only thing left to do is decide what to do with Isaac and Captain Mercer decides to revive him. They just don’t know how until Yaphet comes in who has survived and he’s had a pretty good look inside the Kalin’s, so he knows what to do he knows what buttons to push so He uses an Isaac and turns him back.


The Orville Season 2 Episode 9 Identity Part 2 is a series defining two episodes that propel this as good as some star trek and much better than Star Trek discovery . Gary Beekler: “Thank You Seth UK you put a whole new light on Season 2 and I have to apologize because I was a little critical of the decision to do character driven episodes, especially the premiere but I see it in a complete new light. Thank You Seth . Mercer was just killing it this episode what up and then the krill were in this as well there’s so much to talk about so let’s get into it. Durga Rhotic Calm welcome back to Nerd Radek. Back to Mail Online home . Back to the page you came Back to The Viewer Shower’s Guide To The Show Shower: “The Orville is on the Newser “I was on the lookout for the latest episode”…. Click here to read more and watch the full video