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you may have seen my analyzed reviews in the past for films like Enemy Prometheus or only God forgives. While planning this discussion, I decided that style was perfect for this video, so please sit back relax and enjoy the problem with horror movies today. I was inspired to make this video for a few reasons. I saw an Australian horror film called The Babadook and because of having to sit through 2014 releases like the Quiet ones, Annabelle and most recently Luigi. It’s also due to reading opinions of this year’s psychological thriller Oculus, but mostly what I want to discuss is audience expectation how that can ruin a good horror film and more importantly have audiences forgotten what real horror is in my opinion.

The Horror Genre Is The Most Widely Varied

in film. There’s countless subgenres, monsters, slashers, zombies. ghosts, nature, aliens, torture comedy and my personal favorite psychological. This is perhaps why I’ve always gravitated to scary and suspenseful films as a genre. The use of imagination is almost unlimited, but lately imagination is a word that Studios horror filmmakers and as a result, the audience has completely forgotten about here’s a comment I recently came across on UK Okay.

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This Is Meant To Be A

horror right you wait all through film to see this thing just to be let down yes. The atmosphere is creepy but the end ruined it imagination is for kids I want to see the monster at the end big letdown. This comment was in reference to the Babadook which I recently had the pleasure of seeing if you haven’t seen it yet don’t worry I won’t spoil anything for you. It’s a dark soulful film about a mother and son dealing. with grief and a monster that lurks in the dark This this commenter seems to be upset that he didn’t receive much of a look at said monster.

He Also Seems To Have Completely Missed

the point of the film. The Babadook is the best horror film I’ve seen in 2014. It deeply unsettled me and not just because of its effective atmosphere and cinematography. The true terror of the film is its implications the hidden meaning of the monster and it’s excellent exploration of grief and depression. All of this was beautifully realized in an oscar-worthy performance by the luminous Se Davis who perfectly displayed the looming insanity that consumed her character.

The Film Currently Stands At 96% On

Rotten Tomatoes and 90 on Metacritic. Mature and discerning horror fans have shown major appreciation for the film’s lack of cheap jump scares and the tasteless scare tactics of many. horror films and yet that’s also the problem for many audience members today. The term scary has a completely different definition for some. It seems a film scare level is measured by how many times a loud noise or sound effect made them jump in their seat.

This Is The Curse Of The

jump scare. It is the single easiest scare to accomplish there’s no real effort put into it and the exact same technique is used every time. All sound suddenly drains from the movie No one speaks there’s no music and then suddenly an ear piercing jolt rings through the theater and everyone jumps because a really loud noise just happened. Often it’s revealed to be one of the main characters friends or some other type of false scare please observe this scene from the original and highly effective horror film Halloween. This is how a false scare.

Should Be Portrayed Look At It

this way and this may be a little vulgar, but it’s true horror movies should be like sex you don’t want the audience to blow their load too early now bear with me on this one. If your audience begins to associate everything frightening in the film with loud noises and sound effects, then your film will build to nothing. The climax of the movie won’t be effective in the least because the audience has already had all the tension released too early by countless jump scares, making what’s actually supposed to be frightening. Near the end tiresome let’s examine that scene again, but how it would be portrayed in 2014 with this absurd noise. All tension has deflated from the film and the music has now told us that the sheriff is the one-fear not Michael Myers, The jump-scare is the.

Cheapest Tactic Used In Horror Films

today and the most frightening thing is its rampant use has caused many audience members to forget what true horror is. Another deciding factor is marketing and audience expectation. A primary example, I often reference is the Village, a film by frequently maligned director M Night. Shyamalan. Many view this as the film where Shyamalan began to lose his talent, but did he or did our expectations for the film we wanted to see let us down the problem was the marketing something Shyamalan has since regretted approving the trailers made the movie out to be a creature feature when in reality it was a period piece romance.

I Remember Being Vastly Disappointed With

the twist ending because my friends and I had spent months excitedly trying to figure out what the creatures would look like only to discover the film was actually a. Love story in hiding years later. The film has since become more respected, especially for Roger Deakins gorgeous cinematography. Unfortunately, since most horror directors have zero clout in the industry. They rarely have a say in what goes into their trailers.

So Most Good Horror Films Are Miss

marketed to try and appeal to a mass audience mentality For that reason. The trailer for the Babadook is marketed as a creature feature. The trailer has over 1 million views on UK that’s over 1 million people expecting a monster movie who will leave the theater disappointed that they just watched a challenging and mature psychological thriller because all they wanted to see was a monster let’s talk about Oculus, which is currently my second favorite horror film of the year behind the Babadook I’ve seen it twice now and upon the second viewing was even more impressed with the seamless. Nonlinear storytelling that I was the first time. It’s a film about an evil mirror and its reign of terror on a helpless family told across many years.

Ill Never Forget My Experience At The Screening

When the credits ended I was literally the only person praising it. Everyone was saying the exact same thing to me really Chris you liked it why it wasn’t even scary. I fear this is because of something I’ll reiterate audiences have forgotten what real horror is did I jump in my seat when I watched Oculus No not that I recall isn’t that great the writer director Mike Flanagan cleverly uses the story of two children witnessing their parents slowly go insane their father, chaining their mother to a wall as she rips out her own teeth. The eventual repressed memories of adulthood and the looming terror of mental illness. These things are.

Scary In Fact Theyre Terrifying And Yet Movies

like Annabelle, A shameless cash-grab to leech off one of the better horror films in recent memory and Ouija, a movie about a blumin board game continued to top the box office let’s talk about James Wan, the director of Insidious the conjuring clearly the man understands the genre but you might be thinking Chris you’re being hypocritical. Both of those films were littered with a loud sound effects and jump scares yes they were but they weren’t false all of the terror generated by those films or from things you’re actually supposed to be scared of one understands what modern audiences find frightening while also respecting his more mature audience members by avoiding false scares and yet Studios don’t care about anything I just said all they care about is the numbers it’s been made painfully obvious since 1978. Halloween that horror films can be made for cheap and Rake in absurd profits, The Blair, Witch Project and the seemingly endless Paranormal Activity series has spawned new sub-genre in horror called found-footage. According to box office Mojo the budget for Blair, which was $60,000 and it raked in 248 million. Paranormal Activity was made for a mere $15,000 and grossed an astonishing 193 million dollars worldwide.

Remember The Universally Hated Chernobyl Diaries Yeah

It grows 37 times. Its budget wasn’t Apollo 18 such a gigantic misfire not really even though it only grows 25 million dollars worldwide. It still made five times its budget wasn’t the devil inside terrible guess what that thing grossed 101 times what it cost to make nearly everyone. I’ve talked to agrees that Annabelle was an awful movie as of right now That film has a worldwide gross of 231 million dollars on a budget of just 6.

5 Million Or How About We G.

Currently. This film has just had its second weekend at the box office and has already grossed 42 million dollars worldwide on a budget of just 5 million in its first weekend. More people went to see this board game movie than the excellent action thriller John Wick and in its second weekend.

The Film Basically Tied With Nightcrawler One Of

the best films of the year for first place. I’m disgusted by this I’ve talked to not one single person that liked Ouija knocked one I’ve been told by. Some people that I pay attention to the box office too much and that I shouldn’t let it bother me. Unfortunately, it bothers me because I know this is what the studios are looking at they don’t care if anyone actually liked Annabelle or Ouija or any of those found-footage movies I just mentioned they will make sequels and prequels until they stop making money.

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Ive Made This Video To Implore

people to reevaluate what good horror is I’m concerned by the rising trends. I see with today’s moviegoers and if you are too please share this video in the hopes that we can generate awareness for this disturbing pattern that’s infecting the horror genre what are your thoughts on modern-day horror. Let me know you think in the comments section and as always thanks so much for watching everyone and if you like this you can click right here. Stuck Mine eyes!


The Babadook is the best horror film I’ve seen in 2014 . The horror genre is the most widely varied in film . There’s countless subgenres, monsters, slashers, zombies, ghosts, nature, aliens, torture comedy and psychological . The use of imagination is almost unlimited, but lately imagination is a word that Studios horror filmmakers have completely forgotten about here’s a comment I recently came across on UK Okay.& This is meant to be a horror right you wait all through film to see this thing just to be let down yes.& The atmosphere is creepy but the end ruined it imagination is for kids, I want to see the monster at the end big letdown.& It’s a dark soulful film about a mother and son dealing with grief and a monster that lurks in the dark. It deeply unset.& I won’t spoil anything for you. It’s not a movie that doesn’t ruin anything for anyone to see it yet don’t worry…. Click here to read more and watch the full video