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All Right Everyone The Liberals Will Lose

this online culture war that’s what I want to talk about with you On this video what I want to do is I want to analyze the fallout from the big tech collusions to silence Alex Jones and Infowars and show you why I believe the liberal corporate is globalists are destined to lose big time. This online culture war this clash of civilizations on the Internet as it were I’m sure you’re all familiar with the fact that Facebook Apple UK and UK all completely banned Alex Jones and Infowars from their platforms within a matter of 12 hours. Even the date they chose was obviously coordinated. He was 86th on 8 the 6th August sets clearly exemplifying coordinated attack as it were an intentional collusion between these social media platforms to silence Conservative nationalist populist voices not simply because they disagree. with them but because of how effective they have been in winning this culture war That we are in a number of articles have explored the very powerful effective role of alternative media in the success of Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

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These Power Brokers.

These corporate is globalists all the way from UK on up to their parent companies. They do not want that kind of success replicated and so they’ve coordinated a collective banning of one of the central figures in and channels of that success nowNK] which is a freaking email service. Now they’ve joined the fray. They dumped Infowars as a client.

I Believe Uk Is Taking Him Off As

well. I’m sure many of you heard that Tommy Robinson was banned by Instagram of all places his account was deleted again for the most nebulous of purposes. They have since reactivated as account. account after a mass backlash and knowing that they literally had nothing on and so Instagram claimed that the removal was a mistake. It was a mistake just like just like the mistake made by Twitter when it suspended Candace Owens account after she simply retweeted that Lune at the New York times.

Sarah Jong, Whose Twitter Accounts Remains

completely free to spew her cultural Marxist nonsense, which of course makes her perfect for the New York slimes Yeah. It seems that these social media corporatists have had to do a lot of apologizing for mistakenly removing or banning or temporarily suspending account, all of which belonged to conservatives and nationalists and populist, even libertarians again, not because their ideas are considered unfashionable by the secular leftist corporate as globalist. They are but because these ideas are winning and they’re winning everywhere we look and they will continue to do. So now? Liberals are doubling down on this They’re coming out and saying that President Trump’s account should be banned on Twitter. They always go too far right.

You Have A Democratic Senator, Saying

that these sites these channels need to be purged from all social media in order to save our democracy, How do you like that we need to quash democracy in order to save it isn’t that logical well that’s gonna be key to my argument here. This is coming in particular from a leftist senator from Connecticut my home state. Chris Murphy, who said that Infowars is about the tip of the iceberg of hate and lies that must be purged. If we’re going to save our democracy. The survival of our democracy depends on it.

The Survival Of Our Democracy Depends

on silencing opinions, let that hit you you see This is why the liberal. Left cannot win this war a war that they started by the way. This is why the liberal left cannot win this war in order for the liberal left to successfully win this war. They have to deny their own liberalism in order for the liberal left to successfully win this war. They have to deny their own liberalism.

The Liberal Claim Is That Liberalism

is all about giving people the freedom of you know to express themselves as autonomous individuals. It is liberalism that’s and for your right to express yourself. Like the Madonna song says to live your life. The way you choose you’re not under any moral obligations apart from that which you choose for yourself. The technical term for this actually is what scholars call lifestyle values.

Its A Globalist Inspired Notion Of

maximizing an individual’s sovereign choices over his or her own life experiences and the reason why liberalism is the popularity that it does is that it at least appears to harmonize with the notion of lifestyle values that so dominates our modern contemporary society. However, what do you think is going to happen when liberals and lifestyle values move in opposite directions. What do you think happens when liberals begin to appear more and more like moralistic dictators who want to deny people’s choice of their own lifestyle values? What do you think people are going to make of self–professed Liberals intentionally silencing and purging and banning certain programs that my lifestyle enjoys what precisely is liberal about censoring certain ideas and people and personalities from the public square simply because they see the liberal sees them as hateful, misogynist or bigoted you see. them as hateful, but I see them as informative. It’s called freaking democracy right if you don’t like them turn them off the little snowflake turn the channel and that way you can still be liberal.

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You Could Be A Good Idea.

This leftist liberal who may despise what I like but you at least stand up for my right to like it again. It’s called democracy but the moment Liberals attempt to silence and sequester and dictate which ideas are allowed and which are not they are not liberals anymore. Everyone sees they are now tyrants. They are now totalitarians and that is why liberals cannot win this war.

The Only Way Liberals Can Win This

online cultural war is that they stop being liberals, which means, of course that they’ve lost before they’ve even begun. You see with every purge with every Twitter suspension with every cold a ban and censor more and more people realizing that liberals are emphatically not liberal. There’s nothing liberal about them. There’s nothing liberal about censoring and purging and banning. There is a radical contradiction of massive dissonance between the Liberals stated ideology and their demonstrable actions which more and more clash with what we’re calling lifestyle values.

It So Dominates Modern Contemporary Society And Therefore

if there is a choice between one’s lifestyle values, which says that I get to decide for myself. When I’m gonna listen to thank you very much if it’s a choice between liberal or lifestyle values and this totalitarian liberalism. What do you think is gonna win the liberal left is really putting themself in an impossible situation. They actually are pitting themselves willfully and intentionally pitting themselves against free speech they’re actually. openly advocating the silencing of free speech.

They Are Explicitly Defending The Notion

of silencing, ideas and people and platforms and the grounds that most people agree with their definitions of hate and bigotry and it’s not going to work. People are not going to give up their lifestyle jobs their freedom to choose simply because you the liberal don’t like their decisions now here’s where it gets really really interesting if liberals can’t possibly win this war since to do so means that they have to stop being liberals if that’s the case for liberals it is emphatically not the case when it comes to nationalist conservatives. If Nationalist conserves want to turn around and now start banning liberals because of how nutty they’ve become and what a threat they are to our liberties. There’s nothing in currently contradictory within nationalists conservatism for doing so you see in order. To win this war, the liberal has to stop being liberal, but that’s not the case of the Nationalists.

The Nationalists Wins This War Actually By

being nationalists and that’s because nationalism defends and denounces it promotes and it punishes. According to the national interests of a population, it’s perfectly within the logic of nationalism and populism to go ahead and ban people like George Soros or immigrants from designated nations like trumps travel ban because they’re seen as a threat to national security and cultural sovereignty and here’s where this gets very interesting a poll that just came out from IPsa found that a plurality Republicans want Trump to shut down news outlets indiscipline these social media platforms that have engaged in such a grievous anti-conservative behavior. I think the number was some like forty-three percent of Republicans did say yep take them out take out these. institutions likeNK] and the New York slimes and Facebook if they are targeting conservatives and that number is only going to go higher as these liberals continue to dumbed our double-dot do and dumb down too on social media purges on conservative sites. You see this is the other side of the equation for why liberals can’t win.

This Not Only Do They Have

to stop being liberal which means that they lose all credibility in the eyes of the broader public but conservative nationalist can ban liberal sites without such contradiction. There’s nothing within the frames of reference of being a nationals. Conservative that says banning liberal websites is bad they’re being perfectly consistent with their belief system. All you need to do is show that there is a threat to national security and it’s over they’re gone now again. I know some of you might say well.

Wait A Minute Now Thats Not

good either I want the government to stay out of this altogether that’s fine I’m not necessarily arguing that a right-wing nationalist counter-purge a purging of all left-wing sites is a good thing or a bad thing. I’m not arguing that what I’m trying to do is show you here. The logic of what’s going on of why the Liberal cannot win. This ultimately they can only win if they stop being liberal while the Nationals right wins by being perfectly nationalist by being perfectly consistent with their nationalist principles.

Either Way The Liberal Left Is Not Going

to win this and so of course, we’ll be keeping our eyes on how things develop here but make absolutely no mistake. The left has decided to start a war. They cannot finish they’ve placed themselves clearly on the side of censorship on the side. lifestyle values and of dictating what are what are not acceptable decisions and ideas in the public square and in so doing, they are openly contradicting their own professor liberalism.

They Claim To Defend Your Right

to express yourself while at the same time denying you that right and this is only going to discredit them in the eyes of the vast majority of the population. All the while enraging the right which will rise up with its own response that will be thoroughly consistent with right-wing nationalist security principles. Either way the liberal left comes out the clear loser as always please like comment and subscribe click on our patreon link below become a monthly support of this channel and help us to continue to analyze current events and light a conservative trend so that you can personally and professionally flourish God bless.


The Liberals will lose this online culture war that’s what I want to talk about with you on this video . On this video the liberal corporate is globalists are destined to lose big time . Facebook, Apple, Apple and UK all banned Alex Jones and Infowars from their platforms within a matter of 12 hours . Even the date they chose was obviously coordinated.& He was 86th on 8 the 6th August sets clearly exemplifying coordinated attack as it were an intentional collusion between these social media platforms to silence Conservative nationalist populist voices . Tommy Robinson was banned by Instagram of all places his account was deleted again for the most nebulous of purposes. Instagram claimed that the removal was a mistake. Tommy Robinson has since reactivated as account.& account after a mass backlash and so Instagram claimed they literally had nothing on and soInstagram claimed that they . had nothing to do with the removal of his account . Instagram claimed to have been a mistake . Now they’ve joined the fray.& Now they…. Click here to read more and watch the full video