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Today, Justice Breyer Confirms He Is In Fact Retiring

Joe Biden confirms he is half dead and truckers in Canada revolt in a world record-breaking convoy against the vaccine mandate We’ve got all that and more and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters. I am Sarah Gonzalez and I just have to say I think there are a lot of you who are going to be pleased with today’s show because there have been a lot of people. I mentioned a trucker trucker’s revolting in Canada well. I think there are people who were about to do the same thing here Because Eric July had not been on a very long time Blaze Tv contributor Eric July. They’re like where the hell is Eric we need him what have you done with him.

I Didnt Do Anything Okay It

turned out that like. think you were sick at the beginning of the year and then a bunch of people were sick here. Yeah and you filled in and then so he’s like I’m not doing a 6-A. m radio show and then staying for 3 p. m Tv.

I Just Cant Do That Because I Need

this thing called sleep or like whatever slacker but for whatever reason he just has not made it on the show. I think all month so Yeah. This is the first show in a month Yeah which is weird but Yeah it feels good just so much happened consecutively and Yeah Yeah Yeah not blacklisted well that sounded racist. He’s not been blacklisted He is still here we still love him. He’s back also joined by Super Gear host of Stu Does America, who is also not blacklisted or whitelisted thank you.

Sarah And Its Nice To Hear.

You say such nice things about Eric in opposition to what you said to him off air earlier all right should be a fun one guys, so let’s get to Justice Breyer. You know we had reported on the show yesterday This was you know it was breaking news yesterday that Justice Breyer was retiring um and then reports started surfacing that he maybe wasn’t too happy with that announcement because he wasn’t ready to make it so you have to wonder how that played out, but I guess he was forced to kind of make the announcement since the news was spread anyway which he did today. This was a joint announcement between him and Joe Biden and they talked about his retirement. Breyer offered a statement about his faith in the American experiment.

Lets Go Ahead And Play And Play

that clip watch and I found some letters. That George Washington wrote where he said the same thing It’s an experiment that experiment existed then because even the liberals in Europe, you know they’re looking over here and they say it’s a great idea in principle, but it’ll never work, but we’ll show them. It does that’s what Washington thought and that’s what Lincoln thought and that’s what people still think today and I say Oh I want you and I’m talking to the students now I say I want you to pick just this up. It’s an experiment that’s still going on and I’ll tell you something you know who will see whether that experiment works it’s you. My friend it’s you Mr.

High School Student Its You Mr.

College student that you Mr. Law school students it’s us but it’s you. It’s that next generation and the one after that my grandchildren and their children they’ll. determine whether the experiment still works and of course, I am an optimist and I’m pretty sure it will you know it’s interesting.

There Was Another Point And I I

don’t think we need to play the clip. But there was another point where he pulled out his pocket constitution, which is just that’s so scotus that’s so Scotus to be like well. Let me pull out the constitution. I have here in my pocket, but he talked about the he that everyone with these different beliefs still agreed to solve their problems under the law. I don’t know I I I thought it was a very heartwarming speech, but I also thought this is a guy who has ruled the wrong way on virtually every Supreme_court” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>supreme court ruling not on the side of the constitution.

Its Just Interesting To Hear Him

talk about the American experiment and. How he’s so optimistic that it will work It just feels very weird. I think he should have taken the constitution out of his pocket when doing like rulings like I think maybe not yeah because you know he seems like a nice guy Yeah. I mean that’s why I’m like yeah seems like a perfectly lovely old man, but like I it just feels weird hearing him say these things yeah. I mean he’s been ruling against our foundational principles consistently for a very long time, so I’m not going to miss him in the supreme court.

Though You Know Who Knows Would

they pick next, It could get much much much worse, and I’m sure we’ll get into that here at some point. But this is a an overt admission from the Democrat party that they know they’re going to lose in 2022. they know at least as. things stand right now. They are in real real trouble and if something happened God forbid to Stephen Breyer when he was still sitting in his his in the Supreme court.

Like With Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

They would be in real trouble and so this is them saying We know we’re we’re toast here we need to do something and they’re going to try to slide this along of course they’ll go against everything that they said just very recently about how you’re not supposed to do this in an election year and honestly it was never made any sense. Then yeah um so I’m not going to freak out too much about that this it’s the right position well. It’d be nice that they held a standard for themselves ever that they hold for us. None of this means anything to any of these people who say it so.

I You Know You Cant Hold Them To

any standards because they don’t care about standards, but this is a big moment. I think for um for the Democrats mainly because they wanted to lock this in before Mitch Mcconnell gets back in control and we look back and you know we. I think we all could list off a myriad of reasons that we do not particularly love Mitch Mcconnell, but more than Donald Trump when it comes to Neil Gorsuch and the Ruth Bader or the the Yeah No. I was thinking of the Gorsuch nomination, with Merrick Garland being blocked yes more than Donald Trump, who did picked I think relatively well with Gorsuch also though that delay and not been holding the line when the Republicans had the Senate and you had a democratic president that’s really the the situation that’s really the thing that that. turned that seat and changed the the composition of the court and they’re terrified of of mitch.

I Mean You Know Sometimes We Complain

about mischief for being too too soft but the left doesn’t like him. You know they don’t like him. He he did hold the line there and held everybody in line and they did not let Merrick Garland even get a vote and that wound up being a really good thing for the the constitution. I I would argue so it it’s not going to change the balance of the court here right um right that’s a wash. It’s a wash as far as that goes um, but it does signal that they know they are in serious trouble.

In A Very Short Period Of Time.

Yeah Eric yeah I was just about to say the same thing it is kind of weird. I believe. You mentioned it as well how way more competent even though he’s like what almost five years older than the president if I’m not mistaken um yeah like and he’s like night and day in terms of you mean he knows where he is yeah like He seems like he’s aware you know he’s alive. Only thing I took exception to in that speech was how we place so much emphasis on like people that are in the education system and how they’re the future scares me if that’s the case, then we’re in a lot of trouble, but like you said like you mentioned it is certainly a wash um even with some of the recent selections with the supreme court.

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It Has I Mean Some Of These

guys have all made questionable even the ones picked by trump made some questionable decisions that Don’t seem to mean that. They align with you so even if he picks a whoever he picks yeah it could get worse it could get better who knows if the recent picks have anything to go by that we really don’t know what the hell their position is going to be and how this kind of balances the court, but to your point about it’s like an admission or rather trying. I’m trying to get ahead of what is to come because it does look. I’m not willing to say quite yet that their toast going into this election cycle. It just doesn’t look very good yeah a lot can change very fast.

Weve Seen That But They At

least see that writing on the wall and this is them saying you know what better safe than sorry. Let’s go ahead and get this out the way you sit down Somewhere we’ll get someone. Else in there, so we don’t have to deal with this potentially with us losing let’s say remotely any sort of power and that getting in the way of our future selection. So they’re trying to get it done right now and I guess that makes sense so okay and I don’t. I agree with both of your assessments, but I do find it interesting that instead of course correcting like okay, why do we need to get it done before the midterms? Why are we? Why do we think we’re about to be shellacked right in the midterms? They don’t have that kind of critical thinking or introspective thinking.

Theyre Just Like No We Need

to get this done but by the way we’re going to go full force into. Also it has to be a black woman because that turned out so well for us when we demanded. that Joe Biden do that with the vice president right and so now and I and I just want to get to. I want to get your thoughts on that but but let me just. Joe Biden.

We Talked About This Yesterday.

He had said it way back when right that he he yes I definitely. I will definitely make sure to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court also have a black woman of color for my vice president, but he also reaffirmed it today, so they are planning on going all in on this it looks like because here is Joe Biden just today choosing someone to sit in the Supreme court. I believe is one of the most serious constitutional responsibility a president has our process is going to be rigorous.

I Will Select The Nominee Worthy Of Justice

Briar’s legacy of excellence and decency while. I’ve been studying candidates, backgrounds and writings. I’ve made no decision except one.


Today, Justice Breyer confirms he is in fact retiring . Truckers in Canada revolt in a world record-breaking convoy against the vaccine mandate . Eric July is back on the show after not being on Blaze for over a month . Stu Does America host Stu does America, who is also not blacklisted or whitelisted thank you Sarah Gonzalez . Joe Biden confirms he’s half dead and truckers revolting in Canada well. We’ve got all that and more and it all starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters. Today’s show airs at 8 p.m. ET on and tonight at 10 a.m ET on Monday at 8pm ET on /Heroes & Share your news with us on Twitter or Facebook/ . Back to the page you came from.back to The Daily Mail Online. Back to The Morning Show’s…. Click here to read more and watch the full video