The Rings of Power DOA Criticizing Amazons DISASTER Is a Threat to Our Democracy


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He Was Creating A History A Myth

um a mythology for England. He called it and um that involved not just the story it involved geography, cartography, geology, ethnography. Any other geography you like he had to do it all and he did nerdurotic. com not only are you patently evil. If you criticize the rings of power not only are you fascist adjacent if you criticize the rings of power Now criticizing the rings of power is a threat to our democracy Funny.

This Article Comes From The Conversation Which Is

a Blog by Anna Small, who is professor of English literature at Mount. Saint Vincent University in Nova, Scotia. Canada, the very same country that froze the bank accounts of Canadian trucker protesters you know those vile protesters with the Bouncy Castles. The Rings of power? Every adaptation is a re-interpretation so ignore the haters Mount Saint Vincent is a public university not really sure how it works out there. God I hope the Canadian taxpayer isn’t paying for this.

Amazon Primes Billion Dollar Production Of The Rings

of power. We no longer use the term Lord of the Rings before that because it has nothing to do with it has been targeted with a flood of racist and misogynist abuse online before we even get started fair warning. This article mentions the term far right eight times in what would be an eight-minute read without my commentary. It also talks about misinformation. Amazon disabled disabled the reviews for the shows Don’t you mean show Oh my God how embarrassing is it that a guy who got kicked out of three high schools is correcting a professor of English literature due to a review bombing.

When Online Users Seek To Overwhelm Reviews Based

on political agendas. Oh my God. This is projection and as far as having an agenda with a review. Our agenda has always been very clear respect the lore respect the spirit of Tolkien incidentally that point of view that our reviews are filled with Agenda, One and We’re just simply pointing out theirs comes straight from the top Jennifer Salkey. Yet Amazon has long known that they were in for a rather bumpy series takeoff.

They Saw Tolkien Fans Slamming The

rings of power online before a frame had been released again because this isn’t our first Rodeo please check out. My top 5 murdered franchises video right here you might find some similarities We all saw this coming There were no surprises. Sulky says None for us either having insight into our Global audience. We also have insight into the darker sides of how people can manipulate reviews and have other points of view that we wouldn’t support they wanted to fill Tolkien with intersectionalism and have it reflect the world of Los Angeles today and we didn’t I’m guessing. They also had the global Insight of their show being a giant piece of online.

Commenters Have Both Criticized The Casting

of people of color and how how the story focuses on powerful women talk about misinformation. There are no powerful women in the rings of power. There are no women or men. There are no characters they’re just UK repeating and contradicting themselves. According to Studio head Jennifer Sulky.

By The Way Nice Self-Insert With

Morphod Clark 100 million individual people have viewed the rings of power since it was released. Yet there are only 23 275 reviews at time of recording and if we just go to the latest ones. There is a plethora of one star reviews. Yet 48 percent are five star reviews and what you find very few of are four star, three star and two star probably the more honest reviews sure there is review bombing on both sides isn’t it strange how nobody brings up the positive review bombing. You know from the company that actually has a financial stake in their show being popular and fans Don’t have the power to do things like delete reviews off of UK which has happened a company that just so happens to be owned by Amazon.

Oh Would You Look At That Just Look

at. Oh Boy we’re gonna hear from more Scholars literature scholar Craig Fransen has been researching the culture wars and neo-fascist politics in Tolkien studies I’m sure he’s fun at parties in a podcast. He hosts Oh I’ve gotta Mine this with historian Danny Holtz, an expert in American Conservatism. They discuss how online fascists use mass media to harness Blockbuster culture products as in Far Right backlash to Amazon’s rings of power. So is this expert in conservatism a conservative probably not as a literature scholar who has studied Tolkien’s fiction and scholarly writings.

I Encourage Discussions Of Adaptations To Gain

a better understanding of how they respond to Tolkien’s works as the world we live in today that is academic gobbledygook. You know there is such a thing as enjoying a story for what it is like most people do unlike State paid academics, but far-right commenters have tried. Down any discussion of a new retelling that is not to their liking wait a minute. Don’t seem to find a hyperlink to any proof of any of us trying to shut down anybody liking the show you can like it All you want Oh contraire we’re the ones you’re trying to shut down again. This entire piece of garbage is projection omitting the truth is still a lie being disingenuous with information is still misinformation just playing by your rules.

A Better Understanding Of Tolkiens Work And

the nature of adaptations will combat some of the online disinformation and harassment campaign harassment campaign. Don’t you mean harassment campaigns. You are a English Lit Professor tell you what if you are currently an undergraduate thinking of going or currently going to Mount St Vincent University in Nova, Scotia Canada Why don’t you go to your nearest fireplace or barbecue and set your Canadian pesos on fire. It would be put to better use quote unquote faithful adaptation long before the first episode aired on September 1st. That was moved from September 2nd.

The Anniversary Of Professor Tolkiens Death

here in the states It’s still aired on that anniversary in his home country. Some commenters condemned the show because they assumed it would not be faithful to quote Unquote the lore meaning the text. Tolkien wrote that so-called assumption was a very educated speculation and we ended up being right the only thing we were wrong about was how bad it would be listen do you smell those goal posts. There is no such thing as a faithful adaptation in all details Yeah, no Sherlock no we wanted a faithful adaptation of everything he has written, and it would be a thousand hours long what a as literary scholar Linda Hutchinson has pointed out Are you sure she’s not a literal scholar as in autism every adaptation is a reinterpretation of source material Wow These are Scholars yeah this big brain time. I want you to let that sink in these other people teaching the Youth of Canada.

Far-Right Commenters Use Tolkien As An

image of the world. They want to have a male dominated all-white society and they attack any other interpretations legitimate literary discussion therefore is threatened with being overwhelmed by intimidation and disinformation. Yes I understand this article puts the re-intard, but we have to keep in mind the reason I’m bringing it to you is to. Activists have been circling Tolkien’s work for a very long time and have been waiting for a moment like this in this way they can influence even those fans who are new to Tolkien or ideas about adaption because they think you’re all as dumb as they are. Fortunately, I do not you have a mind of your own decide for yourself.

Lets Take A Look At Some Of The

most popular misconceptions circulating now let’s accuse your quote-unquote enemy of what your doing that’s precisely what this article is again. They try to roll out that you can’t make a literal word for word adaptation of a work, and we know that producing an adaptation in a new medium, such as a UK show requires a different way of telling a story compared to the print version that argument lacks nuance and considering that these are Scholars who obviously. No research they are being disingenuous, which again is essentially a Lie by Omission, Misinformation and the appendices. Tolkien only briefly outlined what happened in Middle Earth before the events chronicled in The Lord of the Rings that’s exactly why Amazon chose that and even when they had an opportunity to adapt the things that happened in the appendices, they chose to ignore it for their own intersectional original characters something you would know if you actually watch the show like we did far right commenters like like to claim they know Tolkien’s mind and that he would disapprove of the Amazon adaptation because it does not represent an all-white cast of male Heroes, but we simply cannot know what Tolkien would have thought of this current adaptation that’s your big own we don’t know what Professor Tolkien would have thought because he’s dead The Devout Catholic, who thoroughly despised. Machine of Industry would have been totally okay with Amazon perverting his characters except he mentioned something about it in a previous attempted adaptation, which probably would have been a lot closer to the rings of power.

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While Discussing The Use Of Lembis In The

script. Tolkien expresses that he would resent perversions of his characters. I do earnestly hope that in the assignment of actual speeches to the characters they will be represented as I have presented them in style and sentiment I should resent perversion of the characters. Another frequent claim is that Tolkien hated all adaptations, but tolkien’s criteria for approval can be summed up in his own words art or cash. In a letter to his son Christopher.

Tolkien Said He And His Publisher Stanley Unwin

had agreed on a policy of approving adaptations if either the author had a veto on objectionable features or if. They were very profitable. The only thing that proves is Tolkien was a capitalist, and he liked a little bit of money which I am not going to begrudge him for it doesn’t mean he was going to like those adaptations and it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t one of the far rights repeated white Supremacist claims is that Tolkien was representing the European Middle Ages and therefore his characters should be white, but the Middle Ages in Europe included people of color. You don’t say as examinations of historical evidence have pointed out and you know what so did Tolkien and that is one of the things that the rings of power completely ignored and you would know that if you actually watch the show like we did if death was the great underlying theme of The Lord of the Rings, what were the sources of Tolkien’s special creativity I always in the writing. Always start the name give me a name and just produce the story not the other way back normally.

I Think A Lot Of His Creativity

came out of a kind of careful brooding about the history of places. The Lord of the Rings in some ways is a work governed by a map and that map is a map of fantasy, but behind the map of fantasy. There is a real map of England Helen Young Who I’m Sure is an unbiased Source, a literature scholar who examines race and whiteness in popular culture explores how popular Western fantasy writers and readers assumed the good characters were white.


Anna Small is a professor of English literature at Mount Saint Vincent University in Nova, Scotia, Canada . She was responding to a review bombing of reviews on for Lord of the Rings . Small says the reviews are filled with Agenda, One and We’re just simply pointing out theirs . The author was kicked out of three high schools by a man who got kicked out . He says the review bombing is projection and as far as having an agenda with a review. Our agenda has always been very clear respect the lore respect the spirit of Tolkien. He was creating a history a myth um a mythology for England. He called it and um that involved not just the story it involved geography, cartography, geology, ethnography. He had to do it all and he did not only are you patently evil. He says. The reviews are full of agendas. They are just simply point out theirs. They’re just pointing out their agendas. We’re not just trying to…. Click here to read more and watch the full video