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Amazon’s Lord of the Rings. The Rings of Power is fast approaching and so the marketing campaign is kicking into high gear Alas that marketing campaign is taking all the wrong lessons from Kathleen Kennedy’s Star Wars there’s more going on in the world of Tolkien, though as there is a new corporate party to contend with namely the Embracer group. How will this change matters going forward. We shall see because in this video we will begin by comparing and contrasting the latest marketing materials for Star Wars andor and the Rings of Power respectively before exploring what is up with the Embracer group and how they might influence things moving forward for Tolkien’s world to set the stage for the Rings of Power Let’s begin by looking into Star Wars andor the prequel series to Star Wars Rogue one. Which will soon be coming to Disney plus quite a few liked Rogue one Despite the production being such a mess that Tony Gilroy had to be brought in for reshoots.

Now Tony Gilroy Is Back For Andor

and Way back in May He bragged to vanity bear the go-to publication for paid for puff pieces centered on modern political undertones that andor would fundamentally change star wars. Gilroy was relatively vague on how he was going to do that. But that was clarified on August 2nd when Empire highlighted the considerable contemporary resonance and quoted actress Fiona Shaw saying, Tony has written a great scurrilous take on the trumpian world conveniently ignoring the fact that this trumpian world began six years ago and ended two years ago. Her scripted and approved statement proceeded to gaslight the audience, saying our world is exploding in different places. Right now people’s rights.

Disappearing And Andor Reflects That In

the show The Empire is taking over and it feels like the same thing is happening in our reality too right now doubling down on this contemporary resonance. On August 18th, Total Film magazine promised the series would also tackle contemporary gender issues so yeah way to promote the franchise where the cornerstone has always been its universal appeal and mythological storytelling right there. I’d imagine that just like Pixar‘s Light Year Star Wars Android won’t sell disney plus subscriptions so much as it will drive more people to the high seas you shouldn’t do that though not only is piracy wrong you would be exposing yourself to endless spyware tracking software and other malware out there on the high seas and that’s on top of all the data that is stolen from you during all of your regular browsing and sold to third. Parties have you noticed all the spam and scam emails you’re getting well. They’re among those third parties that’s how that happens there’s a fix for that though to protect yourself, you need to protect your data and a good way of doing that is through a VPN, such as the one delivered by this channel sponsored Surfshark.

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Of Course, We Know Which Direction They

went current year politics and Hollywood politics at that back in February executive producer and bad robot Alum Lindsay Weber told Vanity Fair that it felt only natural to us that an adaptation of Tolkien’s work would reflect what the world actually looks like by which he meant what Los Angeles looks like. This obviously did not sit well with Tolkien’s sizeable worldwide fan base. So in an August 15th piece in Time magazine Weber and Showrunners, Payne and Mckay also Bad Robot alumni took the opportunity to address the fan base right out of the Star Wars Playbook. Payne did so by dismissing the fans as trolls and he did so by way of Tolkien’s quote on trolls creatures of dull and lumpish nature that had no more language than beasts. While Weber said We’re all up for criticism but we’re not up for while passively dismissing any and all criticism no matter how justified and well articulated as just that since then star morphed Clark also urged critical fans in not so many words to kindly get bent, while the remaining marketing has exclusively focused on the series diversity for better or worse.

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In Other Words, Right Out Of The Star

Wars Playbook, even though that Playbook didn’t really work out so well. for Star Wars in a sense, though Star Wars problems begun when Lucasfilm was acquired by and mismanaged under Disney. The problems for the Tolkien legacy began in earnest when Christopher Tolkien passed and Tom shippy was forcibly retired by Amazon, but now there’s a new owner in Middle Earth. The rights to Tolkien Aren’t exclusively owned by the Tolkien Estate. The estate owns the ultimate rights to all of Tolkien’s original writings, but due to a really bad deal from way back when the Saul’s Sans company owned all of the entertainment rights based on Tolkien’s work meaning if you want to publish some special edition of Tolkien’s books somewhere in the world that has to be licensed from the Tolkien estate, but if you want to make a movie a board game, a video game or a theme park adventure that had to be licensed from the sole.

Sans Company Well Back In February

as we covered at the time the Seoul Sans Company decided it was time to cash in and announced they were looking to sell off their share of the Tolkien rights for an estimated 2 billion dollars. But at the time when they put this price point out there. They were under the mistaken impression that they fully controlled the Tolkien movie rights. They thought so because they don’t know how to read their own contracts, which is a big part of the reason why they’ve been involved in one lawsuit after the other over the years case in point after the Soul Sands Company announced their intention to sell Warner were quick to point out that they still retained the movie license to the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. As next year’s animated War of Verohidum extends those movie rights for the better part of another decade since those movie riots are where the real value is that meant the Seoul Sans company could kiss any hope they had of cashing in two billion dollars could buy.

They Still Wanted To Sell Though

so after six months on the market. On August 18th, the Embracer Group announced that they had acquired middle-earth Enterprises from the Sol Sans company for an undisclosed amount, but we know it’s about a fraction of the 2 billion. They initially wanted that’s why the amount remains undisclosed that aside this means. The Embracer Group now owns all the entertainment rights to all of Tolkien’s, worlds stories and characters Let’s see who the Embracer Group is The Embracer group has a long and very interesting history, but the extreme cliff notes version is that they started out as Nordic games and around 2011 they began acquiring other game developers and their assets, most notably the publisher ThQ. In the aftermath of this Nordic games rebranded themselves as ThQ Nordic several years and many successful acquisitions Later, the patent holding company rebranded itself as the Embracer Group and continued growing by acquiring ever more companies and the so.

Biggest Catch In Their Ever-Expanding Portfolio,

which already includes Tomb Raider Deus Ex and legacy of Kane to name, but a few is now the entertainment rights to Tolkien’s Middle Earth question is now that they have those rights what will they do with them The thing to keep in mind. Here is that the Embracer group merely takes over the rights and obligations that the sole Sans company already had so nothing changes for anything that was already licensed to third parties. Amazon‘s the rings of Power Warner’s animated the War of Verohirum and the mobile games Ea are working on will proceed exactly like before, with the exception that they now have to send their license payment checks to the Embracer group instead of this old Sans company where Embracer can influence things are a new project beyond those and the first place this likely will be. Noticed is in an upswing in video games and possibly board games made by companies under the embracer brella beyond games.

The Press Release Explicitly Stated Other Opportunities Include

exploring additional movies based on iconic characters such as Gandalf, Aragon, Gollum, Galadriel Eowyn and other characters from the literary works of Tolkien and continue to provide new opportunities for fans to explore this fictive world through merchandising and other experiences. However, to which extent they actually have the ability to proceed with This depends entirely on the language and the prior contracts between Warner and the sole Sans company which as you may recall are such that not even the sole Sans company were sure if the rights had even reverted or not chances are these movies can happen but not without warner signing off on actually making them and quite possibly the Tolkien estate have to have a say. In that as well that is the complicating factor here The Tolkien rights are split between the Tolkien estate and now the Embracer group Harper Collins is affected on the publishing side while on the entertainment side of Things Warner and Amazon are both making legally separate competing versions of Lord of the Rings. While ea are doing their thing on the game side.

Wizards Of The Coast Are Screwing Up

in their rent and no one can be offloaded until their contract is up what you have here. Then is an ungodly entangled rights mess of the most nightmarish order, which explains why none of the major studios wanted anything to do with this and why it took six months to sell off rights that under other circumstances would have gone to the highest bidder inside of a week. But this is just the kind of thing we specialize. In

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This video is sponsored by Surfshark, the release of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings . The Rings of Power is fast approaching and so the marketing campaign is kicking into high gear . In this video we will begin by comparing and contrasting the latest marketing materials for Star Wars andor and the Rings of . Power respectively . We will explore what is up with the Embracer group and how they might influence things moving forward for Tolkien’s world to set the stage for the upcoming film . We begin by looking into Star Wars prequel series to Star Wars Rogue one . We also look at what is going on in the world of Tolkien, though as there is a new corporate party to contend with namely the . Embrac group. How will this change matters going forward for the . Rings of. Power will be released in September 2015. We are happy to present our latest edition of this week’s edition of our weekly Newsquiz on Thursday, September 8th at 10 p.m….. Click here to read more and watch the full video