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com now that we’re six episodes into the Abomination from Amazon, known as the Rings of Power. I have to ask you all collectively out there what have we learned for me after weeks of watching UK and the rings of power found out my sobriety is strong as far as what we have all learned as a group is concerned well. I think the answer is obvious. Hollywood is filled with talentless woke ideological repurposing hacks who are high on either actual drugs or as high as Hunter S Thompson and William S Burroughs during a weekend in Vegas on their own farts.

Particularly After This Episode.

I think all of us all 550 000 of you and the 43 that hasn’t subscribed yet thank you can come to an agreement on a couple of things first no more prequels for every Better Call Saul we. get a hundred rings of power? I do not need to see how Jaws was conceived and find out later that it was just an Enviro. Your mental Tale on man’s impact on nature How dare you dare you definitely didn’t need an origin of Mithral or Mount Doom and apparently all it takes to start a volcano is add water over on D plus right now We have Andorra a show I’m no longer watching, which is technically a prequel to a prequel that’s a sequel to some prequels I Blame You George Lucas we’re even getting prequels in currently running UK series and currently running cinematic universes like Doctor Who removing William Hartnell as the first doctor and turning him into a little black girl or Captain Marvel naming The Avengers after her test plane and Nip Fury losing his eye to a kitty cat and yes I. know I’m enjoying a prequel right now of sorts House of the Dragon I would gladly give that up for no more prequels but I think we can all agree in this growing Fellowship of men and women who are tired of all this woke ideological nonsense that this might be the most creatively bankrupt repurposed we’ve ever seen it defines the era of corporate garbage and the rings of power is just dumb Oh yeah take that haters Rings The power was number one with 1.

2 Billion Minutes Viewed Oh Well Get To That

but I’m guessing any headlines that praise this are going to age about as well as these headlines from UK Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series is absolutely stunning and puts House of the Dragon to shame from the Guardian the rings of power reviews so astounding it makes House of the Dragon look amateur. With episode 6 I got some good news and I’ve got some bad news We’ll start with the good news, No hard foots, no Doogie, Elrond and Duren the bad news lots and lots of warrior Guy Ladriel, the girl Burying Warrior, the Wasteland scourge of the Orcs. And commander of the Northern Armies and credit where credit is due the showrunners did manage to make the battle scenes cringe and boring. Ultimately I think they did go all Game of Thrones on us as we start out the episode with Adar talking to his children the brothers and the sisters. Yet before this night is through some of us will fall, but his brothers and sisters in their home anybody bring any extra bags No nobody brought an extra bag.

Ill Let Your Imagination Do The Rest.

This question is for all the women out there and by the way today I identify as a biologist Do you feel seen In This Crowd Of Orcs Adarn is very white. Orcs want to make evil great again. I guess that would be Mega and they’re gonna do it by taking the Southlands in a scene that’s totally not supposed to remind us of Helms Deep General Bronwyn and her male assistant Don Lemonless came up with the master plan of loosening every stone in the tower so much so that all it would take is a single wooden beam to knock it down how did they do this In essentially an evening. I don’t know that did admittedly kill some Orcs all to sacrifice their fortified position to go fight in a sparsely populated Village, filled with hovels and homes with wooden and thatched roofs which is but.

Thats The Kind Of Strategy Youre Gonna Get

when you decide to make summer Moonbeam who runs the holistic medicine and UK shop in Sunnyvale your battle commander This is to be our cape I’ll fall back UK to your positions. Remember when we spent two entire episodes with Guy Ladriel trying to convince Sauron Sorry Hal Brand and girl boss Muriel to sail to Middle Earth to fight for the Southlands. Then it took him about 10 minutes to sail there again. This is signature bad reboot disciple storytelling. They have no concept of time and distance just ask any Star Trek fan but a Lindale finally tells us what happened to Asildur’s mother when Guy Ladriel asks his mother what happened to her.

She Drowned And The Sea Is Always Right

that’s some cold listen. I know you only had a billion dollars and admittedly you got a couple of UK scenes right but look at this costuming look at this move armor. Here is a great example of repurposing hackery. We have Don Lemonless here trying to destroy the UK the sword Help, which is a stand-in for the ring, but if Dad isn’t enough for you, they have repurposed dialogue just beyond our skill to destroy the ring cannot be destroyed. Gimli, son of Gloin any craft that we hear possess now during the town meeting we get another girl boss moment and then this genius statement was made a position gives us an advantage.

You Know It Is Like The

actual Don Lemon in some cannabis dispensary owner from Marin came up with the battle plan for this town. Remember. gave up their fortified Watchtower admittedly poorly put together by Elves to hide out in a Tavern with a wooden roof. A Tavern that is for the wounded and the children happens with wounded and children. I can fight I challenge any Tolkien expert or scholar to argue for that line sounding Tolkien do you think something like that would come out of his mind or mouth He would gouge your eyes out with his pipe just for attaching his name to this why do you think women stay behind with children because they’re weaker No someone needs to take care of the children but ladies you have achieved equality Now you’re as disposable as men do you feel seen but that’s the biggest difference between writers today and writers of a now-bygone era.

The The Writers Of Todays Whole Experiences

watching other people,’s films and UK shows and the writers of the bygone era. For example, UK Tolkien fought and survived in a world war managed to raise a family become a professor and write a couple of books by hand, some of the most accessible stories of all time. This battle of Balls Deep is just ridiculous and yes I stole that from as it happens in a magically reconstructed town from two episodes ago, where it was burning again with thatched and wooden roofs and their weapon of choice fire. They trapped the very white Orcs in a very similar scenario to UK, not being able to get around that fence. All this was to set up the big twist that they were actually fighting their own the men and women.

The Very Diverse Men And Women Who

split off from the group because they weren’t inspired by Girl Boss’s speech allegory was a little subtle, so I’ll just explain it to you like they do in the show for everything. The very white Orcs were fighting with men and women who were fighting their own like a civil war. I’m surprised they didn’t say the South will rise again then in a scene that’s totally not supposed to remind us of Aragorn fighting the Urukai at the end of Fellowship of the Ring. We had Don Lemonless versus a big orc big difference here as he’s saved by Bronwyn, but to be honest if Fellowship was made today. Aragorn would have been saved by Arwen.

Thats Now Three Confirmed Orc Kills For

girl boss Bronwyn slay after Don Lemonless, a girl boss Bronwyn realized that they have been fighting their own. They decide to retreat into the Tavern, but it’s too late and Bronwyn gets shot twice by arrows. Then everybody involved in this show must have forgot she got shot by two arrows as we get a prolonged scene of them removing just one. Adar finally breaks into the tavern kills a couple of people and Theo finally gives up the UK and then we get some more repurposed dialogue. I sacrificed their lives for such a little thing a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt so small a thing now I did predict this scene quite some time ago before anybody knew anything about this show, but it was in jest and I didn’t get it completely right.

Warrior Galadriel Leading Numenoreans Not Gonna

be surprised at all to see diverse elves, Inclusive Dwarves representative Hobbits and all-female Legion of Numenorean Warriors led by the warrior Galadriel in full body armor cutting through Orcs and goblins like their butter Yeah I know nerdstradamus Now the next scene we have Adar or Adar and some obvious UK see what I did there hello Drake I have a toss for you. It’s almost like they think the audience has the room temperature UK of I don’t know the rings of power Writer’s room Adar Adar handed methren Dill his package hey now with the sword Hilton. Obviously we’re gonna have to keep this in mind because well more than one person completely forgets to do something really important We get Deus Ex Numenorians led by of course Warrior Guy Ladriel and this battle is just an absolute mess. We have. Saddling Guy lateral not once but twice, but in this first interaction she’s not anywhere near this orc that just explodes when she swings her sword five feet away from him.

Of Course, The Move Armor Is

on display and what the hell is going on with Ellen Deal’s helmet and compare this to the Elendio from The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring that came out 20 years ago. Then Guy Landriel, the Girl Burying and Sauron Sorry Hal Brand pursue Adar and his package and quite quite frankly. This fits in with Amazon. They would know a lot about stolen and lost packages. Sarah I’m Sorry Hal Brand trips Adar’s horse and hey at least the director was nice enough to show that the horsey was okay.

I Mean Never Mind All The

people getting gutted and decapitated, then we get some more cringe dialogue. Now earlier in the episode Guy Ladriel lectured assildor on humility despise not the labor which humbles the heart humility has saved entire kingdoms The proud of all but led to ruin Ed like she would know a thing about that and then we get this nugget of tolkenian dialogue one cannot satisfy this by drinking sea water. She actually semi-lecturing Sauron Sorry Halbrand about revenge the same woman who admitted last episode she’s on a Revenge Quest. This leads to the interrogation scene between Guy Ladriel who’s going all Charlie Bronson on Adar and you will notice that Adar is almost as tall as Guy Ladriel sitting down and this entire scene is an absolute desecration of Tolkien. They use the word Morian door, which is made up for the show.

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Adar Is Made Up For The Show And

they extrapolate on the possible origins of the ORcs. It’s. that Morgoth Twisted men and Elves into a mockery of life that would be the Orc something purely evil and that’s exactly what Tolkien intended it didn’t need any extrapolation from hacks. We also don’t need Guy Ladriel threatening to torture the ORcs to get information out of him. This is followed by something even worse the Guy Ladriel Sauron, Sorry Cal brand shipping scene in fighting your side.

I Felt If I Could Just

hold on to that feeling if they weren’t interrupted. I’m pretty sure they were gonna make out Guy Ladriel and Sauron and I’m not sorry that’s Sauron and right on cue. There is a hashtag Halbrandriel it should be Sarondrel. This show was written by a marketing department full of people who skated through high school made it to University and they got multiple degrees in insert here studies you know morons speaking of morons. The Southerners just accept Sauron Sorry Hal brand as their King I guess the southern vetting process isn’t as thorough as say Gondor’s was.

We Know That Aragorn Has A

known lineage and was raised in Rivendell and and Sauron Sorry Halbrand just ran across Guy Ladriel in the middle of the ocean. Now remember Guy Ladriel pursued Edar to get a package which she did get but she never bothered to open. Then she passed it off to Don Lemonless, who didn’t bother to open it. Then then he passes it for some reason to Theo, who admits he misses it the same way that Bilbo was gonna miss the ring, and of course they repurposed the dialogue, but it was in my hands. Felt powerful then rid yourself of it trust me as you once did It Go considering this is dark magic.

I Have No Idea Why.

Don Lemonless gave it back to Theo, But I also have no idea why nobody bothered to check the package. Hey now turns out it was just an ax and Methren Deer went back to the town. While everybody was digging around. He decided to put the sword help key into the lock, but before we get to that and if I miss anything feel free to put it in the comment section below let’s go to Adar’s Big plan first dig big trenches dig small tunnels not get noticed by the Ken-eyed Elves King of the eyes of the Elves.

A Big Ass Trench Count On High

regional manager Gilgalad to cancel war and call all the elves back from that Watchtower then capture those elves hope they escape so you can kill most of them except for one so you can send him back with all his. weapons to send a message all while Adar and his very white Orcs look for a sword Hilt, How do they know about the sword Hilt I don’t know then ultimately get defeated by the Southerners and the Deus Ex Numenoreans led by Warrior Galadriel and then count on Guy Ladriel and Don Lemonless to not open that package that you obviously switched into the last possible moment for dramatic effect. So methren Deer can turn the lock which opens up a Spillway from a dam that just so happens to fill up all of the trenches and holes that you dug to start a volcano. Also you can block out the Sun for your five Orcs that are left and that Ladies and Gentlemen is your very dumb origin of Mount Duma No that amount of water couldn’t have started the volcano because the chamber wasn’t pressurized. Still the volcano explodes Adar escapes by the way he knows how brand is Sauron too and the town and guy Ladriel get hit by a pyroclastic flow that no Elf or human would survive they’re not Superman and this is the episode that UK called 10 out of 10 a masterpiece.

This Episode Was Beyond Dumb.

It was a travesty. It was a crime against imagination the desolation of Tolkien, who’s spitting like a turbine in his grave right now but Rings The Power was number one in the Nielsen’s in a totally beat House of the Dragon except it didn’t okay let’s look at a chart. Top 10 streaming programs the Rings of Power with two episodes 1. 2 billion minutes viewed know they do not measure by viewers that will come up later and House of the Dragon is number five with three episodes technically two with 781 million minutes, finishing just behind Game of Thrones.

Strange That A Number Five Show Would

cause an older show to reach number three something to think about on the second chart here. For streaming Originals you’ll see Rings of Power is number one again and Stranger things is number three. We’ll get back to that that was from variety and they neglected to mention what The Hollywood Reporter mentions here and it’s the real story about these ratings. Nielsen reach figures. A measure of people who watched at least six minutes of a given program for House of the Dragon and the Rings of Power are somewhat similar.

The Rings Of Power Holds An Edge Among

streaming viewers only with 12.6 million people in the United States of America checking out the series over its first four days, compared to 10. 6 million for the House of the Dragon, adding in viewing of the latter onNK] main cable channel. However, brings the total for House of the Dragon to 14.

5 Million On-Demand Viewers And Those Who

watch on UK Multiplex channels aren’t counted in other words. This is all by the way any of these streaming services could come out with the real numbers here on UK which houses more content than any of those streaming services combined we as individuals can look at analytics for our own video and we can practically tell you what you are eating while you are watching our videos and to be fair UK just got busted fudging their numbers and I. got news for you Every streaming service is fudging their numbers. Maybe it has something to do with this high anxiety in Hollywood.

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Everyone Is Totally Drained And Burnt Out That

tends to happen after you alienate half of your customers and this is right in line with what Amazon did with the rings of power Just trust your eyes and your ears does this feel like a success does it feel like a hit with all those massive ratios. The low Metacritic score the low Rotten. Tomatoes scores the very suspect UK score the removal of reviews on Prime video of course not in closing I was told by somebody who may or may not work with Amazon that this couldn’t be just a mild hit. It had to be a massive hit as big a hit as stranger things so we’ll see if the rings of power is.

On Any Of These Charts In A Few

months, I’ll just go out in a limb right now and say it won’t be and I’ll make another prediction metaphorically Heads Are Gonna Roll and you are winning if you like what you heard please like share and subscribe if you didn’t like what you heard I thank you for listening this long. I’ll see you in the next video third erotic. com thank you Into the Fire destroy it.


The Ring of Power is a prequel to a series from . It defines the era of corporate garbage and the rings of power is just dumb. Hollywood is filled with talentless woke ideological repurposing hacks who are high on either actual drugs or as high as Hunter S Thompson and William S Burroughs during a weekend in Vegas on their own farts. I do not need to see how Jaws was conceived and find out later that it was just an Enviro. How dare you dare. I definitely didn’t need an origin of Mithral or Mount Doom and apparently all it takes to start a volcano is add water over on D plus right now. We have Andorra a show I’m no longer watching, which is technically a show . I would gladly give that up for no more prequels. House of the Dragon I’m enjoying a presequel to a show that is technically A prequel. I think we can all agree in this growing…. Click here to read more and watch the full video