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com Amazon is the gift that keeps on giving and for that I am grateful. I’m also grateful for you in the audience thank you for watching we just passed 500 000 subscribers that’s a half a million to you and me and I never thought we would get here but not everybody who watches is a friendly. Apparently amazon is watching too and I guess I have to thank them because they responded directly to not only some of my videos many others and yes the showrunners the creatives. The adult pretenders have gone full lucasfilm oh, but it doesn’t end there.

Lindsay Weber, The Producer Of The Lord Of

the Rings, The Rings of Prime, formerly of Bad Reboot, who said that Lord of the Rings needed to reflect the world that we live in today fired some shots at us in the fandom and I’m here to. Retort to the crooked words bandied about by witless worms. We also got a follow-up to dwarves of color and We’ll get to all of those gifts, but let’s get to the latest a trailer which dropped today incidentally at time of recording on the American Prime Video Youtube page. While it’s number six on trending it’s sitting at 151 000 dislikes to 22 000 likes and currently at time of recording in Professor Tolkien’s home country. The ratio is fifteen thousand dislikes to two and a half thousand likes Guess you can add that to the ratio pile.

My Brother Gave His Life Hunting

the enemy. The trailer opens with a frightened looking man being killed horribly galadriel’s brother, which one not really sure could be Finrod, who was technically killed at the hands of Sauron protecting Baron of Baron and Luthien from a werewolf or it could be. Or Egnor who died during the Dagor Bragalok or the battle of sudden Flame? Technically at the hands of Morgoth, Not Sauron, Neither of them would have much of a body left, especially for Sauron to mark and that is indeed Sauron’s mark the same one we saw in the Csi Galadriel clip Also I might want to mention that even if this series starts on the first day of the second age whichever brother they pick they have all been dead for over 60 years. I guess I should also consider that the showrunners would just make up another brother for Galadriel His task is now mine once again. I will mention Galadriel did not take part in any of the major wars of the first stage or the second, but no it never was her task because this was completely made up never happened in the lore but.

I Need To Remember That We Live In

a modern society and modern intersectional feminism means taking away all things feminine giving any woman a man’s mission and a man’s armor making a woman a dude. Some have theorized that guy Landriel is wearing her brother’s armor and even if they were the same height. There is a difference between the male body and the female body, but that being said this reminds me of something I need you to fix his suit the suit is literal perfection. It will be when it fits a woman what do the kids say these days same energy. This probably explains Sean Gunner, the head of the Tolkien society’s Unironic tweet.

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It Looks Like The Rings Of

power will be an adaptation to definitively pass the Bechtel test. Unfortunately, Sean I completely agree with you. This brings us to the God-awful song They chose to put behind this trailer and I show you not somebody had to point this out in the real Bbc Live stream today. The very first lyrics are speak your truth and here comes guy Landriel The barbarian stand with me Ours was no chance meeting now we don’t see who Galadriel is speaking with here but my best guess is it’s either our Numenorean of color Queen region Muriel, who never really was a queen or it’s Hal brand aka dude where’s my morgoth not fate nor destiny ours was the work of something greater. This could quite possibly be one of the opening scenes of the series where Galadriel gets bullied God.

I Hope We Get A Getting Knocked Down

and standing back up again scene like Captain Marvel Oh looky here we go Chicka, Chicka, Slim lady or feminem. One works now I’ve been told that Feminem Slash Slim Lady is part of an all-female order of Elven Zealots whoever came up with the idea to put this music to something by Tolkien should be fired along with the show runners Lindsay Weber and probably absolutely everyone who worked on this show. Oh look it’s not Gandalf with not a hobbit, but a har-foot female Frodo and some wargs remember wizards remember hobbits remember wargs while two of the three weren’t in the second age and now it’s time for some ambiguously dramatic trailer speak each of us. Everyone must decide who we shall be what does that even mean she sounds like the Kamala Harris of Numenor. Oh look it’s don lemonless and that Fade is looking fresh.

Im Not The Hero You Seek Oh He

most definitely isn’t, but instead of having dude where’s my Morgoth be. Lord of gifts like he is in the lore. They decided to make him look like the male traditional hero Now The showrunners will probably spin it as some kind of 4d chess subversion of expectations, but I’ll say it’s just another trope of intersectional feminism Whatever it was you did be free of it. Oh my God They’re totally going to ship God Adriel and Hal brand hashtag sarandrial one day this will be your kingdom. Oh my God.

Its The First Female Dwarf Ever

in a fantasy oh no it isn’t well technically. It’s just the first female dwarf in an overpriced bloated corporate abomination. Actually it’s not even that never mind once again. That is one of Diese’s very few lines in this show to be fair. She memorized her lines pretty well on the press tournament very poignant line for amazon it’s too bad.

They Feared.

The woke mob and didn’t have enough faith in Tolkien. It boggles the mind that so many of these corporate hacks want to emulate the network that was just sold and we were all told and I didn’t mean that to rhyme that it never turned a profit. The CW and that’s exactly what this is when it fits a woman and now it’s time for more ambiguously Saccharine trailer speak one thing we can do better than any creature in all middle earth. We stay true to each other with our hearts even bigger in our feet and our massive bleep.

We Stay True To Each Other

with our hearts even bigger than our feet. I’m not really sure what the hell Hobo Baggins was saying right there and shout out to the g g chat for coming out with that one it was brilliant, but if that is. Any sign of what kind of dialogue? We’ll be getting regularly in the show and believe me they picked out some of the best. This is going to be much worse than we thought our hearts even bigger enough. I guess we can’t avoid this.

This Is A Better Shot Of

not gandalf and quite frankly. This is a bit awkward. I can survive this you and mine. Oh look it’s our forbidden romance Guess who’s coming to 11z are elf of color and are activists from Harad Oh God. This music makes me want to stick sharp objects in my ears we’re leaving everyone behind he’s like it’d be funny if the guy who fails like I’ve got all the provisions but fine UK I’ve got the crampons for the mountain Oh never mind he just like sets up a tent like my bleep Why do you keep fighting.

There Is A Tempest In Me.

There is a tempest in me what the hell does that even mean Maybe she ate too much lambo spread by the power of white woman. You have fought long enough put up your sword. Gee I wonder what kind of message they’re trying to tell us with this scene It’s too subtle. I can’t quite figure it out message battle of the black water anyone and there’s warrior Guy Ladriel flipping her sword.

Ive Plucked A Few Clips And

put them together to tell you what this trailer is really trying to say my brother gave his life hunting the enemy. His task is now Mine commander wait No we keep moving why do you keep fighting there’s a tempest in me. You have fought long enough Galatria put up your sword without it what might be my God that’s as bad as you have not seen what I’ve seen I have seen my share. You have not seen what I have and what we have here is passing the bechtel test with flying colors Intersectional feminist Tolkien a trailer with a lot of saccharine dialogue and not a peep of it came from a lindeal or a seal door to major characters and of course there’s no sign of Kelleborne or Kierdon. Two other major characters in the second age who won’t even be appearing in season one and possibly not in the show at all to answer the inevitable questions that we will get in the comments section thank you very much what is intersectional feminism? What is intersectional storytelling? I’ll tell you exactly what it is it’s having galadriel.

Walking Around In Mens Armor Without Her Husband

Keleborn, who she is with through most of the second age. You see according to Intersectionalism, a true strong independent female cannot have any agency if she is guided or with a man much less her husband. Another example of the intersectional nature of this Bechdel test passing story is Queen Region Muriel. Out of the 25 rulers of Numenor. Three were female and she wasn’t one of them she was supposed to be, but she wasn’t and they decided to roll with her so she could then later team up with Galadriel to go into battle and slay some orc which she also never did.

It Sounds Insane Because It Is These

are not creative decisions being made. These are decisions based on ideology and identity politics. Intersectionalism quite simply put is a construct created by largely marxist academics to disrupt. Traditionalism, she wants to subvert her tradition down with the patriarchy.

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I Think One Of The Tolkien Societys

papers from 2021 explains Intersectionalism in storytelling. The best from the paper written by Dana Peterson de Pros, something mighty queer destabilizing Cis hittero hetero emotonormativity in the works of Tolkien and it really doesn’t get more Cis hetero or traditional than Tolkien, but enough of that we sit a week away from the premiere of Lord of the rings. The rings of Prime and Amazon knows they have a giant massive unmitigated disaster on their hands. So they took a page from the Lucasfilm playbook and decided to attack the fans a little later than I expected from Morphe Clark, who plays Galadriel on instagram tell me if this one doesn’t sound familiar for the setup anyone sending hate to my black castmates which I don’t recommend anybody do get off.

My Page Get Off The Internet And

shut up Was followed up almost immediately in a time magazine article talking to the showrunners. Then there are the real-life trolls who take issue with the fact that Cordova, a black Puerto Rican man is playing an elf of color. We’ll get to that and that young Galadriel no she’s actually a full-grown.


Producer of the Lord of the Rings, The Rings of Prime, formerly of Bad Reboot, has released a trailer for a new series . The series is a follow-up to dwarves of color and we also got a follow up to dwarf of color . The trailer opens with a frightened looking man being killed horribly galadriel’s brother, which one not really sure could be Finrod, who was technically killed at the hands of Sauron . Or Egnor who died during the Dagor Bragalok or the battle of sudden Flame? The ratio is fifteen thousand dislikes to two and a half thousand likes Guess you can add that to the ratio pile. My brother gave his life hunting the enemy. The trailer is currently at time of recording in Professor Tolkien’s home country. It’s number six on trending it’s sitting at 151 000 dislikes and the ratio is 15 thousand dislike to 22 000 likes and currently at the least likes and it could be a series starts on the…. Click here to read more and watch the full video