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And Star Wars The Phantom Menace Has Actually

saved Star Wars from it’s a menace I got it. The Phantom Menace is a real thing. Komm The Phantom Menace was right about a lot of things if you look at the big picture and all the Fall Skywalker did was confirm those beliefs, but it wasn’t what killed Star Wars now it’s not technically dead. Star Wars will go on it will meander on in comic books explaining away the fall of Skywalker for the next decade, and it will have cute widow baby Yoda in the Mandalorian until that grows old and then we’ll get baby Chewbacca and baby Jabba. The Hutt and baby Palpatine maybe we’ll get baby Sheave but I’m actually gonna agree with Scott Mendelsohn for about the first ten words of his headline.

Star Wars May Never Recover From The Damage

done by the fall. of Skywalker well, we need to rework this a little bit. Star Wars will never recover from the damage done by the last Jedi. The mental gymnastics in this article are astounding even for Scotty Mendelsohn, but we need to do a little bit of business. First if you like what I do here and you enjoy independent content.

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and liking and sharing the videos that is the only way it dependent content creators like yours truly can stay competitive against the giant corporations that UK has decided to prioritize on this platform like UK no matter what happens to Star Wars be it on buzzy shows on Disney Plus or the next batch of hopefully well-liked movies. Lucasfilm and Disney will have blown the self–proclaimed ending to the Skywalker Saga and I absolutely agree, but it was blown because of the last Jedi. How many times we need to repeat this to the access media They know the truth, but they refuse to say it because the last Jedi supported their agenda. I mean the damn film was confirmation bias for these people and I’m gonna bring up Danish Schwartz’s tweet one more time we need to bring down Western Canon because it’s patriarchal. The last Jedi is the biggest and best example of this.

They Needlessly Destroyed The Character Of Luke Skywalker

completely deconstructing him for an agenda. They actually left a lot of money on the table by doing this and they knew that but they thought they could burn up some of that goodwill with Star Wars fans did you hear what I just said I think what I’m gonna walk out with a laser sword and face down the whole first quarter and the damn near burned through all. of It Today is the two-month anniversary of the domestic debut of Star Wars, the fall of Skywalker. Star Wars Episode nine debuted on Thursday December 19th amid mixed negative reviews and lower audience polling scores than any previous live-action theatrical Star Wars movie in pure financial terms. It’s a hit.

It Earned 514 Million Domestic From

a 177 million dollar budget Yeah blumin and around 1.06-nine billion worldwide to the extent that it may look disappointing. It’s partially about the many Disney Mega hits, Avengers, endgame Frozen-The Lion King, etc That ended up dwarfing. Star Wars 9s Cubes had it opened in 2020. It may have been the year’s biggest grosser had it opened this year.

It Probably Would Have Been A

better movie instead its final gross puts it on the defensive while the artistic reception imperils the entire franchise in a way. I’m gonna agree with Scotty Mendelsohn and hindsight is twenty-twenty in 2020 See what I did there. 2019 should have been one of the most epic years in film and television. We had the end of the UK, The end of Game of Thrones and the end of the so called Skywalker Saga Two out of the three ended in complete disaster and I think it can be argued if you delayed all three they all would have been better off endgame stuck the landing but barely yet all three suffered from the same problem and only the UK barely avoided it and you may or may not have noticed it. But there was a shift in the foundation of all of those franchises They changed the way they portrayed a lot of the characters.

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Something Felt Off Im Gonna Borrow

something from Mr.. Plunkett and red letter media you. Not have noticed it but your brain did I’ve had my name involved you know fun things that I haven’t involved with the divinity and it’s never good. I mean when it’s.

I Mean When The Its Like The

thing is you try to learn every time and you go Oh blumin. I’ve done that Lucasfilm and Disney will still have to cope with the fact that they botched the end game to the Skywalker Palpatine saga. No matter what comes next No matter how well the next batch of Star Wars movies and Star Wars UK shows are received by the masses. The core Phantom Menace–rise of Skywalker narrative fall of Skywalker Sorry slipped there will be hamstrung by a poorly received finale and why did we get that poorly received finale The access media will never answer this question honestly that’s why they lose. lose clicks every day and this gets us to the motivations of this article.

Of Course, Im Just Speculating Here But

Scotty Mendelsohn didn’t write this for you and I the fan. He wrote this to back up the access media narrative that the Fall Skywalker was fanservice and in the light of Sonic. The Hedgehog one of the biggest victories for fandom in a long long time, along with the Mandalorian in a way. This is a bit of whinging because they are losing influence because the access media quite frankly had too much you hear about fanservice we keep getting access media service. What the hell do you think Harley Quinn is what the hell do you think dark fate was what the hell do.

You Think The Last Jedi Was

what the hell do you think the UK is doing with phase four that’s not fanservice that’s. Access media service, so they get a bunch of free advertising. I’ve done many videos on this and so have other people and good for them by the way. So he starts repeating arguments from the Phantom Menace like he’s invented them himself and if you ask anybody in the access media all the Phantom Menace talked about was dis Tia and phobia and that is just not the case. We mostly ask questions like why are you taking two years between Star Wars movies instead of three why are you deconstructing the main character that everybody would have paid damn good money for to see have one epic battle do something heroic and giving a pep talk talking about Leia.

At The End Of The Fall

of Skywalker and basically being a punk threw out the last Jedi which Scotty Mendelssohn called The Dark Knight of Star Wars no. It was just the dark of Star Wars to state the obvious because I’m here on UK Star Wars is the quintessential hero’s journey that’s its foundation. The last Jedi completely deconstructed that the people who enjoyed that are the kind of people who probably do not like older. Star Wars. It’s actually antithetical to their worldview.

Most Of Them.

Unfortunately work in the toxic access media. The entitled access media who feel entitled to their access because they protected their little postmodern Star Wars film and now they feel betrayed. I predicted this many predicted this and it will continue again. Sonic was a good example of what the access media likes to call fanservice I like to call it good customer service, but they’re gonna go back to the well of the fall of Skywalker, calling it a bad example of fanservice which it isn’t at all if.

It Was It Would Have Brought Luke

back to life and not brought back Emperor Palpatine, but it did so they’re gonna continue with this narrative and he’s going to write multiple paragraphs on why it was the fall of Skywalker that ruined Star Wars and not the last Jedi I think the one thing we can all agree on is Star Wars is ruined would 1.69 billion have looked better as the first or second biggest grossing movie of 2020 instead of the ninth biggest earner of the year behind even Warner Brothers rated-r Joker behind even the rated-r Joker little dig there whatever value there was in making sure that Star Wars 9 was included in Disney‘s 2019 fire sale arguably to get the film’s on to Disney Plus faster and to act as grand finale if Bob Iger actually retired last year came at a rather large. Wars will live beyond the middling reception of Episode nine tempered expectations going forward where nobody is chasing the 2. 06-eight billion gross of the force awakens they make a world of difference. However, the core nine movie arc will now be hampered by a series finale that was about as well liked as the finales of Game of Thrones and How I Met Your Mother, I don’t watch sitcoms but I do know Game of Thrones better than I know Star Wars actually and Game of Thrones would have been better off with multiple seasons and different show runners if they had fired.

Dan And Dave Say After Season

five and brought in somebody who was actually interested and capable and qualified they might have had a different result that one is tragic. I did Chronicle it pretty well here on UK here’s the playlist, but when it comes. To the fall of Skywalker, It doesn’t really matter at this point whether is the last Jedi or the fall of Skywalker. Now I know it was the last Jedi, but these fools can argue it all day long The damage is done. I could care less about Star Wars.

I Could Care Less About The Mandalorian.

It’s not bad. It’s a step in the right direction and if there’s future Star Wars fans out there and I know there’s many of you. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you have fun and I hope Disney treat you with respect. I’ve got no time for this series anymore.

Because It Was About The Original Trilogy And

they made some of the biggest mistakes in cinematic history. It has been very well chronicled here on UK and if anybody takes the time to go back and actually listen to. What many under the hashtag? The Phantom Menace said you might hear some very familiar words here that was the risk with selling the fall of Skywalker not just as the trilogy capper to the first batch of Disney Star Wars movies Oh! He did not just call him Disney Star Wars did he but as the grand finale to the Skywalker solo narrative, which we all know was a grand finale to the Palpatine narrative in a world where a Logan The Dark Knight Rises, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part-2 and even The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 ended their franchise on a financial high note. Selling the fall of Skywalker as the end of all things made 104 percent commercial sense for 104 percent what is he trying to be cute there stop. However, Star Wars 9 thus had to be a a good movie.

It Really Did But It Had A

hard time because the movie preceding it wasn’t good and the moving preceding that one wasn’t good either a satisfying trilogy Capper and see a winning finale to the whole Star Wars Saga. It arguably was none of those things in a way that discolored the entire nine film episodic saga Gee I wonder, who has been saying that since well the force awakens some Jeff at the world-class bullshitters I was saying it in podcasts, but after the last Jedi a lot more started saying it and now the access media is on board as well all for different reasons. This is part of fandom again. It doesn’t matter there’s no do-over Star Wars will survive, but the Skywalker saga may not hold that is where you are wrong. Little Scotty There is a do-over, there will be a do-over it will.

The Original Trilogy Be It A Television Series

or a gender swapped movie series I’m not really sure I’m predicting Lucy Skywalker and Prince Liam gender-neutral Chewbacca Hana Solo and Linda Calrissian mix in Anna Skywalker and you can make Darth Vader female and you’ll have the Ghostbusters 2016 A Star Wars hashtag the Phantom Menace was right started making its rounds on Twitter the night the fall of Skywalker dropped now it might be debatable on certain details of what the Phantom Menace was right about were there multiple reshoots Is there a George Lucas cut Is there a Jar Jar Abrams cut I guess we’ll never really know because according to Screen Rant starwars rise of Skywalker home release is missing deleted scenes and commentary again for those who hate it. I could not respect your opinion more and for those who love it I question your sanity. Some people hated it. Some people loved it. It was just all over the place, but it was a you know to those who didn’t like it.

I Totally Get It Respect It To Those

who loved it. I mean I’m grateful and dubious of your taste. While we won’t get confirmation. If there is a George Lucas cut or any other cuts, we did get confirmation. This is a complete disaster.

Jar Jar Abrams Wants Nothing To Do

with this and they probably don’t want to put in deleted scenes, which there are many because they might be better than what ended up in the film or it might confirm some of those rumors and it’s really not worth the headache. It doesn’t really matter. I’m not buying it. I don’t even care but the Phantom Menace was right about the big picture if you keep on going down. The road of identity politics before story and deconstructing our modern mythology? It will end in disaster and it did the Phantom Menace didn’t sit on their ass and not say anything.

The Phantom Menace Showed The Power

of fandom and they were effective in one area. They got Disney to notice and they might change their ways in the future and just give us stories that respect what’s left of the mythology. Unfortunately for them. I’m not gonna be around to watch it anymore and give them the thousands of dollars I have throughout my many decades of being a Star Wars fan I will spend it elsewhere because I still don’t want to support some of the people who still work there who disrespected the entitled fan, but decided to respect the entitled access media who is now turning on them because they feel butthurt that they supported.

A Bad Movie For Two Years

and they were made to look the fool which they are we as consumers of the product have more value than we have ever had in the history of the creation. Another thing so you’ve democratized the consumer base for things like Star Wars and Star Wars The Phantom Menace has actually saved Star Wars from itself a minute again the Phantom Menace is a real thing and we can the feedback mechanisms are now available. Ike what you heard please like share and subscribe if you didn’t like what you heard I thank you for listening this long I will see you in the next video.


Star Wars The Phantom Menace has actually saved Star Wars from it’s a menace I got it. The Fall Skywalker did was confirm those beliefs, but it wasn’t what killed Star Wars now it’s not technically dead. And Star Wars will go on it will meander on in comic books explaining away the fall of Skywalker for the next decade, and it will have cute widow baby Yoda in the Mandalorian until that grows old and then we’ll get baby Chewbacca and baby Jabba. But I’m actually gonna agree with Scott Mendelsohn for about the first ten words of his headline. Star Wars may never recover from the damage done by the fall. of Skywalker well, we need to rework this a little bit of business, but I’m gonna bring up Danish Schwartz’s tweet one more time. The damn film was confirmation bias for these people. They know the truth, but they refuse to say it because the last Jedi supported their agenda. The Western Canon is patriarchal….. Click here to read more and watch the full video