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Durga Rhotic Calm Here We Are After

the fall of Skywalker and Disney Star Wars is in its spin-cycle and apparently so is Jar Jar Abrams and bad reboot. Now we had some leaks drop on reddit a couple of days ago. Jeremy covered it on geeks of gamers in a pretty damn good live stream. I talked about it with drunk Threepio and a pretty damn good live stream and now I’m ready to make a video about it and I promised my patrons. I really wouldn’t talk about Star Wars unless something big happened and this is pretty big but before I get started.

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here and you enjoy independent content here on UK please consider subscribing to the channel and liking and sharing the videos. This is the only way up-and-coming Youtubers can remain competitive against the giant corporations like Disney. ##NK] thatNK] has decided to prioritize on this platform. I thank you for a great 2019 and I thank you for your continued support Now Let’s get to Jar Jar Abrams and some of those leaks on Reddit and by the way I am UK going to read you. This whole thing.

It Is A Tome But Ill

highlight some stuff just for context because this video is just about my opinion on what is going on right now and really it’s the only thing that I have left to cover. I don’t want to talk about the plot of the fall of Skywalker because it didn’t have one the Disney Star Wars Trilogy didn’t have a plan there’s no story there it went out to sell toys and alls. Alls it did was kill the biggest franchise of all time and we are well into the subset of the culture war. That is the pop culture war and we’re starting to see these giant corporations reaping what they have sown. They have arrived at what we all like to call a reckoning and that is crossing your fandom lying to your fandom.

Now There Are Little White Lies.

You can tell about production which are perfectly fine. But like I said in my last Star Wars video which you can watch right here. The entire Disney Star Wars trilogy was based on a lie the lie that Han Luke and Leia would be together on screen getting into adventures together, but that never happened. Disney Star Wars decided to spread it out as you all know and Jar Jar Abrams was behind that decision the last time I checked.

Jar Jar Abrams Was One Of The

co-writers and directors of The Force Awakens! The film that didn’t have Luke Skywalker saying a single word and not showing up until the last 30 seconds. Also Jar Jar Abrams was the man who didn’t build up any of these characters didn’t provide any context and handed Rianne Johnson a blank canvas and like it or not. Jar Jar Abrams was complicit with Kathleen Kennedy by wanting to put identity politics in our timeless little tale and again my good friend Jeremy from Geeks and Gamers and his crew did a brilliant live stream covering these unverified rumors These reddit leaks are you happy UK police and I will link that in the description and props to them for getting released the UK cut and release The abrams cut trending on Twitter now. I have opinions on that that I will. Get into later in the video, but when these reddit leaks dropped a couple of hours later.

There Was An Indie Wire Article Interviewing

one of the editors of the fall of Skywalker and both the leaks and that UK article served the same purpose covering Jar-jar Abrams ass covering bad reboots ass because they are about to go and screw up UK at Warner Brothers and yes I am 100% convinced rise of Skywalker editor opens up on rush production agrees film is fanservice wrong. It was Jar Jar Abrams and Disney Star wars service It’s a struggle it affected everything Jar Jar Abrams, longtime editor Marion Brandon says of rushing to meet the December 20th release date and Jar Jar Abrams had been mentioning in multiple interviews that he didn’t have as much time as he had with the fall of Skywalker again. He still said yes most. agree that Star Wars the Fall of Skywalker is a disappointing finale to the nine film Skywalker Saga No. It’s an expected ly disappointing finale to the Disney Star Wars trilogy and many have been wondering since the film’s December 20th release whether or not it would have been stronger had the production been given more time to breathe now that’s interesting that they bring this up because that was brought up in the reddit leaked while appearing on the ruffcut podcast via the playlist fall of Skywalker.

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Editor Marion Brandon Admitted That The Films

production was rushed which made for a challenging editing process. Brandon is fall of Skywalker. Director Jar Jar Abrams, longtime editor having worked with him onNK] alias Plus Mission Impossible three Star Trek and Star Wars The Force awakens among other projects and again to all the Star Wars fans out there those of us who have been Star Trek fans for quite some time are very familiar with Jar Jar Abrams work and any company affiliated with Bad Reboot like Secret Hideout and Alex Kurtzman, those of us who have been criticizing Star Trek for a while have been in an information war with UK for quite some time, and I’ll explain that a little bit later in the video we were definitely still trying to figure out a lot of stuff. Brandon said about the sped-up editing process. It’s a struggle.

It Affected Everything About A Third Of The

way through Lucasfilm. President Kathleen Kennedy was like UK has got to. to spend more time in the cutting room and I knew that wasn’t going to happen not with the schedule that we were on not with what he was dealing with On a daily basis. He was just exhausted At the end of the day. I don’t want anybody to get the impression that I am defending Disney Star Wars or Jar Jar Abrams.

They Are Both Equally Responsible For Destroying The

franchise of Star Wars along with Rhian Johnson, but I’ll tell you exactly why Jar Jar Abrams was exhausted. He was also negotiating a half a billion dollar deal with Disney’s competition. He was also trying to get some more. Star Trek stuff into production so he can maintain control of that too. It’s very hard for one person to oversee and destroy that many franchises so I’m sure he was exhausted too the leaks is very successful.

At Bringing Back Franchises Like Mission Impossible,

Star Trek and Star Wars that almost sounds like it was written by the UK department of Bad Reboot for one. He wasn’t responsible in bringing back Mission Impossible. He was a hired gun and every other franchise. He has been a part of. He leaves in complete destruction.

You Know That Scene You See

in every action film with our hero walking in slow motion away from an explosion that is Jar Jar Abrams with every franchise and the same is gonna happen with Warner Brothers and UK. This is Spin UK is struggling with UK and aside from Wonder Woman UK is still seen as a bit of a joke in its current state by the general audience again. This sounds like it was written by bad reboot UK back to Indy Wire. According to Brandon’s estimates the rise of Skywalker. Crew had three months less to work on the latest Star Wars movie then was the case for the force Awakens and Jar Jar Abrams has repeated this in multiple interviews.

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Disney Set A December 20Th 2019 Release Date

for the movie that could not be moved forcing Brandon to edit on set so that the production schedule was maintained. Why did you have to edit on set was it possibly because of multiple reshoots. I suggested I cut on set we had to tented rooms so I was just wherever Jar Jar was usually ten feet away from the camera wherever the camera was. Brandon said and I just Moberly cut and in between takes Jar Jar could sit down with me and we could go over things now back to the leaks because they mentioned something my good friend doom Kok reported on a couple of months ago. In January, Jar Jar suggested that they turn this into two films.

My Source Told Me This Well Before Tario

mentioned it in an interview a couple of days ago when Disney said No Jar Jar was content with making this three hours long that’s what I had heard the movie was gonna be a three-hour long Star Wars movie The Longest Star Wars movie ever over a period of nine months. Jar Jar started realizing that one by one his ideas and whole scenes were being thrown out the window or entirely altered by people who have no business meddling with the creatives well repurpose Errs. I said in my review of the fall of Skywalker that the leaks had more context had more characterization than the actual film, and it seems like the leaks here are providing that context I’m not going to go over it again refer. The live streams linked below I’m just going over the information about Jar Jar because to me this feels like somebody from BAd reboot or associated with bad reboot or a good friend of Jar Jar. Abrams is out there doing a little Cya the leakers for the fall of Skywalker had an agenda and are tied to Disney directly well that’s obvious my source confessed that they have an agenda as well in that they struggle with ignoring what’s been happening to someone who they think doesn’t deserve it.

Jar Jar Always Treated Everyone On And Off

set with respect so my sources agenda is that what Disney has done to Jar Jar and how much they screwed him over should be something people are at least aware of whether you like him as a filmmaker or not. I am definitely in the or not Camp Disney was one. of the studio’s who were in that bad reboot Bidding War last year. Disney never had much interest in Bad Reboot as a company, but they did in Jar Jar because they saw UK who Jar Jar went with in the end as a major threat.

Kevin Feige Of Marvel Feeling Threatened

by Jar Jar. Abrams maybe some time in the past that might have been true, but not now not since a little movie came out this summer which we’re gonna talk about in a second now I’ve already read this bit and it goes on to mention how successful Jar Jar is at bringing franchises back, but it fails to mention what shape they are in after he leaves UK wants Abrams for some UK projects. My source said that this generation Star Wars is the UK and Marvel’s biggest threat is a well operational UK they want. to keep UK in the limbo that they’re in right now Abrams jump-starting that franchise with something like a successful audience pleasing Superman movie makes them nervous.

Their Goal Is To Make Jar

Jar look bad to potential investors slash shareholders, so Disney is sabotaging their own film to make Jar Jar Abrams look bad to their competition. Warner Brothers I find that very hard to believe, but I find that perspective very easy to believe from someone who is affiliated or friendly with bad reboot to be perfectly clear any argument I ever make against Jar Jar. Abrams or UK Abrams is not on a personal.


Durga Rhotic calm here we are after the fall of Skywalker and Disney Star Wars is in its spin-cycle and apparently so is Jar Jar Abrams and bad reboot . We are well into the subset of the culture war and we’re starting to see these giant corporations reaping what they have sown. They have arrived at what we all like to call a reckoning and that is crossing your fandom lying to your fandom. That is the pop culture war. The entire Disney . Star Wars trilogy was ba ba. The Disney Star . Trilogy didn’t have a plan there . There’s no story there it went out to sell toys and alls. Alls it did was kill the biggest franchise of all time and we are . Alls It did was Kill the . biggest franchise . The entire Star Wars . It did not have a plot of the fall . The fall of . Skywalker . It didn’t have a . plan there it didn’t exist to have a story there It went out…. Click here to read more and watch the full video