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When I First Heard James Gunn Was

going to be directing the suicide squad. I thought it would probably be a pretty good film and my expectations were not subverted in a sea of Hollywood garbage. It is nice to get a film that is just entertaining and that’s what this is this is the suicide squad review. There will be no spoilers so let’s do this erotic. com the suicide squad is a sequel of sorts to suicide squad.

Although I Think You Have To See

the first movie to at least know what’s going on in the beginning of the second because they rushed through that a bit which I didn’t have a problem with because I knew what was going on not sure how that would play to somebody who hasn’t seen the first film now as far as the first film is concerned it’s not very good. I like the first 15 minutes. I like the trailers. I liked elements of it, but it fell apart in the last I don’t know two-thirds or maybe three quarters of the film and air cut fans I hear you it wasn’t David Ayer‘s fault. I actually think he’s a pretty damn good director hashtag released the air cut that being said Ayers cut did most of the heavy lifting for this film as far as setting up the suicide squad, particularly amanda Waller played perfectly again by viola Davis.

The Gist Of The Film Is Some

super villains get some time off their sentence if they go on a super secret government mission and it looks like James Gunn tried to outdo David Ayer on the DC villain Deep cuts because these were deep including Weasel Rat catcher 2 and that’s a DC thing as well and polka dot. Created by Bill Finger, along with Harlequin Amanda Waller, Rick Flag Captain Boomerang, Peacemaker, King Shark, the thinker Savant Tdk who was armed fall off Boy Black Guard Javelin Mongol and we have cameos from Calendar Man, Double Down and Crazy Quilt and of course Starro, but our main character is Bloodsport on the surface. It might look a bit cheesy that they replaced Will Smith’s deadshot with bloodsport. I mean he has very similar powers and the exact same backstory. He has a daughter that is the motivation for his character, but it ended up working just fine.

Now I Liked Will Smiths Dead

shot in the first one and it would have been great to have him back but Idris Alba did a great job and now my Superman Volume 2 number 4 by John Byrne might be worth money. The suicide squad belongs to three people James. Gunn for again getting heart and soul out of characters you have no business getting heart and soul out of and they previously mentioned Idris Alba as blood sport. I thought his powers and his tech was actually pretty Damn cool and I loved his mask and surprisingly the rat catcher 2 played by Daniela Melicor. Certainly there’s a couple things I have to hold my nose at including the kneeler John Cena you know the one who apologized to China for saying Taiwan is a country by the way Taiwan is a country and of course there’s James Gunn there’s the controversy which we’ll talk about a little bit later and yes he’s an insufferable prick on twitter, but he’s a damn good filmmaker and John Cena did a pretty good job as peacemaker but the standout is sylvester Stallone’s King Shark James Gunn did it again just like.

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He Did With Rocket Raccoon, He Took

a giant flabby shark and made him hilarious and endearing now. Aside from other members of the cast that I’ll talk about later Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flagg was a little bit underused, but he was great again and Margot Robbie was spectacular as Harley Quinn and she wasn’t even the center of the film. She certainly gets her set pieces and action scenes, but again. This film centers around Bloodsport and rat catcher 2. .

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This Is By Far The Best Margot Robbie

Harlequin film. Her costume is at least an homage to the animated series. You are reminded that she is a psychotic villain. I would call it the defining scene for Harley Quinn. It is brutal and brilliant and because James Gunn was showing off.

He Did Birds Of Prey Better Than

birds of prey again. You’ll know it when you see. it now I don’t want to make it sound like Harley Quinn isn’t in the film. She is a lot, but it just doesn’t center around her. She’s just another member of the team and that’s what makes it work and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the great Peter Capaldi as the thinker who has probably the single best line in the film and again you’ll know it when you hear it and there’s Polka dot man played by David Somebody.

Im Sorry I Forgot Your Name Buddy He

did a really good job too. The performances were what carried this film because otherwise there’s not a lot to it and there doesn’t need to be my favorite part about this film is it’s unapologetically a comic book film and not just any comic book film A DC comic book film it made me feel like I. was reading an 80s DC comic which is the sweet spot for me. I mean this has starro in it and it works it’s done perfectly. There’s this little line at the end which I won’t spoil for you, which absolutely makes the character and the best news of all is.

This Film Isnt Woke It Isnt Filled

with identity politics. It isn’t preaching at you at any time and it isn’t filled with intersectional feminism look what happens when you try Hollywood look what happens when you hire a talented director and talented storytellers and this again is my favorite kind of movie one that is character driven we didn’t need any tricks or gimmicks like following a macguffin or an unreliable narrator or subversion of expectations give me a giant super intelligent hive mind zombie making starfish over a beam of light shooting up in the sky any. Day, the film is funny. It has heart yes! It earned its R rating. It is gory as hell and a lot of people die and not that I need brilliant effects and everything Hell.

Im A Doctor Who Fan, But The

effects in this film were impressive now Is this film perfect no the soundtrack for the first film is better in my opinion and that’s a surprise with the James gunn film and the score is it’s adequate it’s nothing I’m gonna remember my biggest criticism with the film is it gets a little slow at times kind of like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. especially in the middle and Yeah for a James gun joint. I was expecting something a little more fast paced now the one thing I found interesting and this is for the Snyder Cup fans was that promo they ran right before. The film started It showed Henry Cavill, Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman prominently felt like a big tease Warner brothers should be kicking Disney’s ass right now as far as comic book films are concerned and it isn’t because it’s one of the dumbest companies in America and unfortunately, we might have seen our last good Dc film there might be one more out there. The Batman could possibly be good.

My Mind Is Open To It, But Im

not sure because of those jar Jar Abrams connections and yes. The destroyer of franchises is on his way to destroy yours right after I saw this film. I went in my garage and dug out my 80s suicide squad run and I can’t wait to rip through those things again, and this is exactly how I’m supposed to feel after watching a comic book film I want to go out. and read suicide squad comic books. I want to go buy the hot toys and I hope there’s a king shark blood sport peacemaker Hell, Amanda Waller Rat catcher 2 Polka Dot Man.

I Would Pay Good Money For

a 1-6-scale Starro and I’m gonna see it again in the theaters with my boys and I’m gonna buy it on 4k that’s what you call enthusiasm because I was entertained and I wasn’t preached at so surprise surprise. I haven’t liked a single marvel thing this year and the two superhero movies I liked belonged to DC and yes. One of them was the snyder cut and the other was the suicide squad when it comes to James gunn No. I don’t like the guy very much. I think his views on cancel culture are and he just so happens to be a talented director and a lot.

Of Talented Directors Are Pricks I Mean Anyone

who can make you feel anything about a Cgi rat or a walking and talking shark guy is unequaled in Hollywood. Unfortunately, he can’t make you feel that same sort of endearment towards James Gunn. Now the suicide squad is not going to do very well in the box office and it’s not going to get anywhere near the numbers of the first film and James Gunn needs to realize that one of the things that factors into that low box office is how the public feels about him and I know this is going to sound like a first world problem but Hbo Max your platform is garbage. You need to work on that and after watching suicide squad. I don’t think there’s any reason why Warner Brothers can’t release the air cut somewhere down the road maybe in a year.

Or So Especially If Its Done I

don’t give scores. I’ll just say it was really good. It’s not the best film ever made. It’s not even the best James Gunn film, but it might be one of the best superhero films this year and again. This is the one advantage Warner brothers has on Disney it can make gory rated R superhero films that are pretty damn fun.

Unfortunately, They Dont Make Them Like This Anymore

so I’m gonna enjoy this one while it lasts if you like what you heard please like share and subscribe if you didn’t like what you heard I thank you for listening this long have a great day. I’ll see you in the next video,. com please subscribe.


The suicide squad is a sequel of sorts to suicide squad . The main character is Bloodsport on the surface . David Ayer’s air cut did most of the heavy lifting for this film as far as setting up the suicide squad, particularly amanda Waller played perfectly again by viola Davis . The first 15 minutes of the film is good, but it fell apart in the last I don’t know two-thirds or maybe three quarters of it, and air cut fans I hear you it wasn’t David Ayers’ fault. The first film is not very good. It might look a bit cheesy that they replaced Will Smith’s deadshot with bloodsport. Will Smith’s deadshot.& I mean he has been replaced by bloodsSport. The film is a movie that has a lot of fun to watch. The movie was released on Blu-Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray in cinemas worldwide. Weasel Rat catcher 2 and that’s a DC thing as…. Click here to read more and watch the full video