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Talk To Us About That Everest Photo All Right

paul This you know I it was used in the wrong reason it was used misutilized by the media people and some of them didn’t even give the credit and I’m super upset. I will tell you the the exact thing because I have been there. This is this is my world. You know every year 20 000 people climb one block is the highest mountain in Europe. More than twenty thousand people and then if you try to capture the few people of like twenty thousand people.

How How Much Q Youre Gonna

see on mont blanc well. Unlike mount Everest Mon blanc has got so many different opportunities. It has got different weather conditions and there are so many like you know. I would say um opportunities of getting to the summit at different time interval and it’s not. A thousand meters it’s only you know like five thousand, but everest only like 1200 per minute where you sit and that number is relatively low.

It Wasnt Any Bigger Than 2014 2013 11

or anything else and a lot of people were commenting about this without knowing about Everest you know they were like Oh It’s a tourist and all it’s like no it’s not you know you got to go into the mountain. You go to accommodate for almost two months. You got to come through this kumbu icefall that can kill you at any time. Then forget the lotze wall it’s like 1. 6 miles.

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You Know And Its About 55 Degrees.

You got to climb that then into the south coal then you got to climb the everest have you done that if you haven’t then please Don’t comment now coming into that picture. A lot of this kind of people were over there and that season because of the whole weather condition there was only one good day towards the end of the season and of course if you have put your time effort money, some people have sold their house. You want to go for that you want to take that opportunity so everybody took that opportunity it’s a it’s a human thing and don’t say that oh it’s a tourist no man. You know if you haven’t been there and if you haven’t done that you know yeah and that’s what it offset me because you know people use it for the wrong reason.

You Know If You Have Crime

everest in in whatever way, then you can talk but then again be true to yourself you know and then a lot of people ask me. Oh Everest is a lot easier and it’s like no really man because I spoke with Reinhold Messner who climbed all this in a thousands without oxygen. If you remove all the support manpower the the the therapist and everybody else Everest is still the hardest mountain to climb you cannot even go through the Kumbaya so forget you know lots of wall. So if you don’t know enough knowledge don’t talk about it guys that’s all I want to say it was interesting that that’s. Your viewpoint on it and that’s the reason? I mean, why did you take the photo for that reason just because it was interesting and impressive No no no no.

I Took The Reason Because I Was Trying

to climb Everest and let’s say in just six hours. My previous record was 10 hours 15 minutes which I had broken accidentally. I didn’t even knew that I was just like going in my normal place, so when I said I was going to broke my world record by like you know let’s say almost half because at this point I’m conscious so but then I got stuck in the traffic and all that I was just like somebody Yes. I’m a man of my word and if somebody questioned me like okay. You said that but you didn’t do it.

People Are Always Like That Man

you will find people. like this and I would say okay it’s good you say me that but then this is the reason I it was just for my evidence. I understand you made this like negative haters shot their mouth, but then it was used in other purpose brother, but hey man that’s so interesting that in your opinion is someone who’s more qualified than pretty much everybody on the planet to talk about going up and down mountains quickly you’re still saying everest’s the hardest mountain to climb on the planet if it’s unsupported it’s still even supported incredibly difficult. The reason that the mountain on that day was so heavily populated is because of the um backlog of people. You get when they do a push to base camp.

One Base Camp Two And Then They Finally

go up and down in a day. You only had a short window of. weather and then Yeah Yeah! It gets flipped because the message that came across to me as a normal member of the public was look at these rich lazy adventure wannabes who are paying probably cheap local sherpas to carry all of their stuff up. You know what it reminded me of this is what I thought when I first saw all of the news stories have you seen those images of people who’ve shot lions in um parks in Africa and stuff like that and there’s always it’s always a rich American businessman. He’s a bit fat he’s sweating and yeah you’ve got this this kind of fat picture of modern day excess human next to a really proud gracious animal that someone else is tracked and he’s killed and it gave me the same sensation as that it made me think have we commodified have we made so.

Commercialized The Tallest Supposedly Most Difficult

mountain on the planet and what you’re saying is that it’s quite the opposite. It’s still incredibly hard to do and for anyone that actually understands the way that you do a push up the mountain. This queue of people was inevitable because they’d done the hard work and this was their one opportunity to get to the there was one opportunity and then who wouldn’t take that you know so if you don’t if you haven’t done that and if you haven’t been there and you could have done you know yeah Some people even commented it because they climb in in different era at different times. It’s still the same if at that point when these people had climbed and there were there were other climbers up to this enormous size because of the of the education because of the knowledge that. People knew that then you would still be in that same position.

Its Just The Time You Know Its Changing

because now people know what it is and people know what it takes just because you have been there for the first time. Doesn’t mean like it was so like hard still you got to climb that mountain either somebody run to like full marathon in two hours or whatever it is. You still have to run that marathon still you have to do it. You cannot just say oh one person did full marathon and he’s the first man to do it or negative brother if people are still doing full marathon now still you got to claim that achievement because you run that same distance be broad about the thinking people and let’s stop being so like I don’t know you know people just always pointing this one. And like judgmental negative energy, Yeah, you know we have come into this world where this is a time to adjust.

This Is The Time Where I Feel Like

it’s not about the race. It’s not about you know which national you are from it’s not about now this thing’s gonna change. It’s about the human risk and now coming into this my topic. This is gonna happen because with the climate change with the global warming if we all as a human being don’t work together we’re not gonna extinct we just we’re just gonna disappear so this is where you know the things are happening naturally brother you know like where you know it’s not about you know before it was if you see the world again back and then people were like about the rest. People were from that is changing now slowly and then now we.

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Are Changing For A Reason We Are

changing for for our survival as well, so in every areas that we need to be broader thinking in a human. I guess was there not a story associated with your photo to do with people leaving rubbish on the mountain. No it wasn’t thank God okay, but do you know do you know what I’m talking about I’ve just made this yeah no no so I think you know there are a lot of you know rubbish and stuff on on the big mountains and all and you know sometimes you know people are so tired and they don’t do it. But then I think now you know or also some people probably didn’t knew the extremity of of that that that incident and that probably didn’t know how much it’s gonna affect the world by leaving a trust there but now. Everybody is getting educated.

You Know People Probably You Know

used to leave the electricity on in the house, even though if they are not there but now people are getting educated. So if they turn the electricity off, they don’t do food waste. You know at least some people are trying and then it’s exactly same. I think that the education has the awareness has gone a bit wider now and of course, all these people love that love the mountains and and as we progress towards this. In the next generation everybody will start cleaning this up and I think nobody is there as a bad human.

I Would Say And Its Just About The

the perspective. We all want to do the good in life. I don’t think anybody in the world want to be known for like super bad in a man. I don’t know if there is this maybe point whatever percent, but everybody wants to be happy.

Everybody Wants To Be Good Person.

So I think we are a good person so I think we will start cleaning all that up in the in the future. All my expedition that we run we’re gonna. If there is there’s a capacity with with our guides and all we’ll bring it down and and it’s not like the effort of one person we all have to do together and as long as everybody put everything what they do as as a core messes are you like we have to look after our earth in whatever way we do.

Then Then Its Fair And Then And I

think the whole thing with um I just recently was you know Sir David Attenborough. You know you know? You know the witness is in a statement and it’s very simple you know we don’t have to be super like you know like you know wrong or super like you know like I don’t know extreme about this but as long as it’s practical and as long as we whatever decision we make we put you know our home as an earth as a core into that decision making that we are making will make the whole difference and and that could be small from like people like us to the politicians to the billionaires everybody if everybody plays their part we’re smiling so what what did you see into in terms of climate change? What effects can you see on the mountain so from my own eyes. I was.


Paul says it was used in the wrong reason and misutilized by the media people . He says Everest is the highest mountain in Europe and has so many different opportunities to climb it’s not a tourist . Paul has been there for almost two months and says he is ‘super upset’ about the photo . Paul says the Everest photo was misused by some of the media and some of them didn’t even give the credit and he’s super upset at the use of it . Paul: “It’s a human thing and don’t say that oh it’s a tourist no man. It’s not. A thousand meters it’s only you know like five thousand, but everest only like 1200 per minute where you sit and that number is relatively low. It wasn’t any bigger than 2014 2013 11 or anything else,” he says . The Everest photo will be released on Friday at the end of the month. We will be happy to hear from the rest of the world. We are happy to see it…. Click here to read more and watch the full video