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Have You Ever Wondered Why The Poorest

people in any society end up committing crime against one another? Do you think it’s a coincidence or do you think that there’s a deliberate conspiracy to keep people poor and to keep people violent in my conversation with Gary young. He talks about knife violence and gun crime and how there’s a cauldron hotbed culturally that creates these systems of violence and ensures that the victims of the people that can least afford to suffer, but most have suffering inflicted upon them. If you enjoy this conversation you might consider going over to luminary where I do these conversations every single week and get it off. Apple for now have a look at this bit of the conversation tell me what you think what can we learn from the particular distinctions between these two the studies of violence that you’ve undertaken in. the United States and and England What do the differences say about those countries? Do you think well? so I’ve been doing a series this year on knife crime in Britain called beyond the blade looking at tracking all the deaths of kids 19 and under from from stabbings and which kind of mirrors in a way.

What What Was Happening In The

states. I think the broad the broad lesson that you one can learn from both of those things is that is that there are reasons why this happens that I’m not people kind of feel like. This falls out of a blue sky or a dark sky that kind of it’s evil it’s you know bad people it’s and it’s really you know in America if you take segregation poverty, racism kind of under investment in in communities and then you put. On the top of that big pile of tinder, a violent weapon that can kill people really easily. What do you think is going to happen in Britain .

If You Cut Child And Adolescent Mental

health services cut you services slash um you know social services through kind of local councils , then what do you think is gonna happen. Something is gonna give and of course it’s gonna be the poorest people who are gonna suffer so there are and nobody I i the last piece I did for the beyond The blade series was an interview with the mother of a child who had killed someone who’d been sentenced and she had written to her MP saying please save my child she had taken parenting courses. She had told her local social services either my child’s going to be killed or there’s going to be. a body bag, she had asked them to move her because their child was struggling. She had tried all of this stuff and what she said was did my child did the local authority put a knife in my child’s hand no he’s responsible for what he did did I try everything.

I Could Yes And Where We Failed Yes

and it’s possible to keep all of those things in your head At one time. Yeah that everybody has to take responsibility for what they do and that includes us collectively as a society. I understand we’ve been overly biasing towards narratives that are about individualism and the reason I think we’re so susceptible to that idea is because we live in our own heads. We are individuals so that seems when people go you know oh well he did it he shouldn’t have done it. You think oh yeah.

Im Me And I Didnt Do

it There’s immediately a sort of a fertile ground for that to flourish in and they’re almost it requires of us a little more work to see us. The invisible threads between us. The collective connections that a culture is made up of and if that story is not articulated and beautifully told we forget it because it’s almost like I feel like I return like Cecius to the myself as a individually driven on my own those kind of psychological memes like that they’re effective in my own ed so it takes an effort to feel like I’m connected I’m part of this and we are all one it’s a difficult story so it’s in a way we live in a culture that tells us the stories about ourselves that are the worst stories and neglects to tell us the positive stories and. It seems like I mean Gosh Economics is one level of it but I you know sometimes I wonder if there is more than just entropy or you know like inertia at work behind it because it seems like such malice. It seems like it can this be as simple as the attainment of profit behind all of this suffering behind all this pain It’s just people going no no no.

Its Better To Sell Stuff.

If people think they’re individuals and that they’ve got to buy things to feel better and if their lives are bad. It’s their fault yeah is it that gary after real years ago. I feel like it’s um it’s a it’s more about neglect It’s more about these going back to the black lives matter thing. These people don’t matter what happens to these people doesn’t matter um and if we can convince ourselves.

That These People Dont Matter And What Happens

doesn’t matter? Then all sorts of things come into play and so what is what we’ve been trying to do beyond the blade and why I was so keen to interview the the mother of the boy who killed was to make the point that in order to solve these things we have to humanize everybody we actually we have to it’s not a killer it’s a childhood killed. It’s a child who did something monstrous. It’s not a monster that people are more than their crimes that in a world where some of these people anybody in this story isn’t human. All sorts of things are possible to neglect to forget to dismiss and so we have to start from the basis that even the people who are doing things that we hate. Nazis were humans and that actually is the problem were they not human.

We Could Park That Somewhere Else

that that period and all of the other periods that were similar Armenian genocide. It doesn’t matter they were committed by human beings that’s what’s scary about it Once we start pretending that they’re not human beings. Then we found a way to kind of um park This stuff somewhere else so people do people can do very bad things. They can also do brilliant wonderful beautiful things and um either way and and then comes the problem of saying well. Nelson Mandela.

He Was A Saint Or Saying

that people do wonderful things insanely no they’re still they’re people yeah they’re people and that is a very inspiring notion because it means it could be you it could be you doing that yes yes I see the necessity of it. And I see now I understand your commitment to truth because you’re within truth. There is complexity and in the complexity though there is revelation if you sort of finish off. If you allow the thread to finish where the conventional narrative ends. Then you are then you’re denying yourself truth just beyond that is where the explanation is.

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If You Allow The Story Of It Was

this time of night in this community with this within this demographic, then you are not participating in real truth there. I understand I understand the importance and significance of that. I also recognize how important it is to broadca to firstly cr. I don’t know identify different stories eg. I think another relatively recent and interesting example were the was it when was that there were sort of the riots around that police custody murder sort of around North London Yeah Yeah.

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That Odd The Peculiar Way That It Sort

of bloomed like some sort of continuum of consciousness was of regionally awakening what did you? What did you think about that those disturbances well they’re not far from where I live and um you know I, I I thought well yes you know a young person’s been killed and what kind of world would it be where people weren’t angry about that and you can try and manage that anger but the real way to kind of I mean, there are two things that you have to do to actually confront it. The first is tell the truth about how that happened and make sure somebody’s accountable and the second is make sure it never happens again and anything short of that won’t won’t dissipate the anger, but people have a right to be angry not least when people you know. There is this sense where whether it’s grenfell or or something like this of like well that’s no way to kind of you know sort that out you know write a letter to your MP or well When people feel that a system has failed them and that it didn’t just fail them like Oh and now you know it’s going to be another week before you know my my toilet’s fixed it found them in a way that meant that somebody died that it was existential. Somebody died or in the case of grandfather Lots of people died. Then anger is the very least you can expect and um.

There Is Some Sense For Those

people who could never imagine that this could be them that there is some sense of decorum missing some sense of propriety and you know I’m always struck by remembering Michael Hesseltine’s pamphlet I. Know you didn’t see that coming did you? Michael Hesseltine’s report after the 81 riots, which was entitled It took a riot and he’s making the point yeah, I know weird that like what else would you have listened to these people have been saying all sorts of things for all this amount of time and nothing’s happened so what if not this. I don’t think this was entirely his argument, but it took this for you to pay attention and um a society has to ask yourself. When these things blow up and they say well you know we have to kind of um get back to normal. We have to get you know calls for calm There’s always calls for calm and it’s like how calm can you be when people are being shot dead in the street, how calm can you be when people are being murdered.

By The State What Kind Of

peace existed before these riots? I’m sure you felt very peaceful, but I don’t feel peaceful if I think that my child could be one of those and there is coming back to the book. There is this sense from that that letter the woman who kind of wrote in after Samuel Breitman died of this could not be my child yeah this could not be me. I cannot imagine a single way in the world in which this could be me. So this is happening to a different species brilliant. This is like like in James Baldwin’s phrase about or at least analysis of the creation of taxonomies the necessary other that if you can have a demonstrably different and hopefully visually different other.

Then Theres A Sense That Oh,

I’m not culpable, but like it doesn’t require such vivid demonstration like I. know the way that I think of people that are rough sleepers, There’s oh that’s not me like that couldn’t be me, Oh like because once you recognize that these distinctions are merely superficial stories veneers over the truth. Suddenly we are all vulnerable suddenly it’s all of.


Have you ever wondered why the poorest people in any society end up committing crime against one another? Do you think it’s a coincidence or do you think there’s a deliberate conspiracy to keep people poor and keep people violent in my conversation with Gary young.& If you enjoy this conversation you might consider going over to luminary where I do these conversations every single week and get it off.& Apple for now have a look at this bit of the conversation for now, tell me what you think what can we learn from the particular distinctions between these two the studies of violence that you’ve undertaken in.& the United States and and England. What do the differences say about those countries? Do we think well? The U.S. and England. Do you know what do you want to learn from both of those countries. If you like to hear more of this conversation, please email us at or visit….. Click here to read more and watch the full video