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I I Think It By This Stage.

It is clear that there is not an aspect of Western culture that has not been assaulted at such a fundamental and dishonest level. That if you were to continue this game there’s just nothing left nothing hello everyone I’m pleased to be talking today to Mr. Douglas Murray, who is associate editor of The Spectator, and is now based in New York. His latest publication, The Madness of Crowds was a bestseller.

His Last Publication.

The Madness of Krauts was a bestseller and book of the year for the Times and the Sunday Times is the book before that the strange death of Europe Immigration identity. Islam was published by Bloomsbury in May 2017. it spent almost 20 weeks on the Sunday Times bestseller list and was the number one bestseller in non-fiction. Douglas and I have spoken several times before publicly.

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he also moderated a discussion. I had with Sam Harris I’ve just finished his latest book, which is not out yet the war on the West When is it out Douglas. It’s out on the 26th of April. So um hopefully by the time people see this it will be out yeah so um let’s that’s what we’re going to talk about today your new book. I read it yesterday and I thought I might start with something technical in some sense terminological.

It Might Be Regarded As A Pretty Inflammatory

title the war on the West and maybe we’ll start with that what do you mean by war and why use that term um essentially the that’s interesting. I thought you were going to start with with the west, which is well. We’ll do that naughty one next untangle yeah well we’ll do. That next for sure war because what I s what I say in the book is that this is what we’ve been going through We’ve been going through a war on everything to do with the foundations of the west. Everything to do with the results of the Western inheritance and when I say that of course, I mean the war as I do it bit by bit on western history a war on Western peoples a war on Western culture war on western religion and philosophy.

This Position That I Argue That Weve Come

to in the present age where everything is bad if it came from us. Let me say us in the west and everything is good so long as it hasn’t come from us now. I should stress by the way that what I’m describing here is Western anti-westernism. There are plenty of other forms of anti-westernism Russian anti–westernism. There’s Chinese anti–westernism all sorts of other kinds, but the one that I think is most interesting, partly because it’s so pathological is what I’m really writing about here, which is western anti-westernism.

Why We In The West Have Arrived At

this strange place where where we venerate everything so long as it’s not our own we respect things so long as it hasn’t been produced by the society that also produced us and I do think this is a fundamental assault. I think is fundamental assault as I try to demonstrate in the book on all of the foundations the principles the foundational figures the heroes the great stories the great the the great themes of the West even have all come in recent decades. Under this just relentless assault and I try to explain why why I think that’s. phenomenon as you know? I mean it’s been a strain of Western thought arguably for for some centuries if not longer, but that in recent decades it’s picked up a pace and it’s picked up a pace for some very obvious reasons. After the colonial era, it was inevitable that there was going to be an anti-colonial backlash a post-colonial movement, but that’s lingered and turned into something else as of all of the other backlashes that I lay out so I do think it’s.

I Think Its A I Think Its A

it’s a complete and fundamental assault on everything that the West has produced and and I think that’s why it’s deserving of of of the term so to to what end well that’s a very interesting question. Because of course, it’s a different aim for different people. I mean one of the people I write about at. In the book is um? Fanon Franz Fernandez distinguished and highly cited postcolonial author who like Edward Saeed, had a profound influence in the academy. The forward to his last book was written by Satra.

He Was A Very Very Um Impressive In

many ways figure um but his his version of what should happen in the post–colonial era was for instance, i mean basically entirely Marxist and it’s one of the it’s one of the ironies. I try to tease out about this that for instance, if in the post–colonial era, people had argued that societies that have been colonized should be returned to a pre-colonial condition with a return to let’s say more of the native political and other habits then that would have been one thing, but writers like Fanon were not doing that they they they were arguing that the answer to the colonial era was. That that has this tremendous irony doesn’t it, which is that they say well This one form of of westernism Western colonialism must be replaced because it’s Western and what we’ll replace it with is Western Marxism and and so that’s that’s just one of the motivations I think was a very strong motivation. Certainly in the immediate period of the post-colonial era, there are different versions of it now of course there’s the let’s say the social one the one where it’s just rather gauche I mean of course famously. Writers like Orwell pointed this out many decades ago rather gosh to celebrate anything about your own society and indeed regarded as being slightly backward, a sign of a sort of low resolution figure that you would do such a thing.

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Whereas The Veneration Of Other Cultures Was A

was as a with a demonstration of sophistication a sophisticate. Do that? But we do end up in this position today, which is it was much more dangerous than that One of the reasons. I do the assault on Western history and do do it also by individuals. You know the figures it used to be and suddenly in my own lifetime. I’m sure in yours Jordan the some of the absolutely foundational heroes of Western history have come in for specific assault and you could ask yourself well.

Maybe Thats Because Theyre Overdue Some Reckoning And

I think it’s far more than that and I try to show that I try to show. For instance that the interpretation of say Thomas Jefferson or Churchill” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Winston Churchill or Abraham Lincoln has actually become an assault based on the following premise that if we can take down Churchill, we sort of can get to the roots of taking down British patriotism if. We get if we assault Abraham Lincoln, we’ve offend essentially not and done Thomas Jefferson we’ve not just assaulted them. We’ve actually assaulted something that is the absolute root of the American ideal. The the heroic story, the heroic figure and then there’s this further layer of that which is not just with individuals but with whole societies so that for instance, instead of understanding the history of racism as well.

Racism Is A Highly Regrettable And Ugly

human trait, which is consistent across all human societies that we know about and it is a part of Western history. Instead. The whole of Western history is made into a history of racism, in which racism was the guiding force when as I explained the book or any fair estimate would see it as being an element within Western history, but by no means the thing that drove Western history. So. It’s this sort of thing okay, so let’s let’s concentrate on that then in terms of the values that you regard as being under assault in this war? What do you think the canonical values are that are the subject of this intense criticism now and you described Marxism itself, which is also a branch of Western thought interestingly enough as fundamental to this criticism, so what if it isn’t the Marxists basically make the claim that something like the claim that history and human institutions and perhaps individuals as well are to be understood as manifestations of their class identity, so as some form of group identity for for the classical Marxists it was class identity and then history is to be viewed as the battle between an oppressor class and an oppressed class and the oppressor class is motivated by the desire to exploit the the victimized class.

And Thats Base And Then Thats Been

transferred. I would say to some degree in recent years to terminology that replaces economic class with race, but basically makes the same arguments does that seem okay so if so the claim, then is that the central motivation is something like the will to use compulsion in the service of group centered goals. I guess what’s the western counter claimant and why so that’s one question is there a western counter claim and why should we reject that analysis of history given that things do get corrupted by power well. I I quote in the opening and um and later on in the book as you know a phrase of nature which I sort of add to from the genealogy of morals when Nietzsche refers it um in passing, but I think he’s such a remarkable phrase, I wanted to to bring. it out and throw it to the forefront.

He Talks In The Genealogy Of Morals

of of people who talk about justice, but mean revenge Now This seems to me to be an extraordinarily pertinent insight to our era when you when you actually, when you talk about the some of the scholars and writers that I i try to tear into. In this book. They have i’m thinking of figures like ibrahim X Kendi Robin D’angelo um quite a number of others like you could go on listing but these are some of the main ones. They’re simply not interested it’s clear in a sort of fair analysis of the west or its history or its traditions or its claims.

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Theyre Interested In A Form Of Revenge And

and some of them are perfectly open about that I mean. I mean Candy is perfectly open about the fact that. In response to one thing it might be necessary to punish another group. He says it completely completely frankly in in his most famous book How to be ironically titled in inappropriately titled How to be an anti-racist So and it’s extremely clear from the work of other people in this movement people like Hannah Nicole Jones of the 1619 project.

What Youre Really Talking About Youre Certainly Talking

about with the people tearing down the heroes of the west is is people are saying okay you had your go and now we’re going to have ours and we’re going to see how you like it how you like being talked about in extraordinarily racist terms, how you like being lumped in and homogenized as a group, for instance white people or Western people Western traditions and again this isn’t an entirely new thing. I point out again. One of the most prominent postcolonial writers, Edward Syed who every benighted student has had to study and almost any university has come across Orientalism.


Douglas Murray is associate editor of The Spectator, and is now based in New York . His latest publication, The Madness of Crowds was a bestseller . His last publication was a book of the year for the Times and the Sunday Times . He says there is not an aspect of Western culture that has not been assaulted at such a . fundamental and dishonest level. I I think it by this stage.& That if you were to continue this game there’s just nothing left nothing hello everyone I’m pleased to be talking today to Mr. Murray, who is . pleased to talk today . Douglas Murray . Murray’s latest book, The War on the West, is out on the 26th of April. It’s out in the UK on April 26th and it will be out on March 26th . It is out in England and it is available on for £9.99. For more information on the book by clicking here. CLICK HERE for all the latest from the book….. Click here to read more and watch the full video