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Whoever Is Listening To This You Are More Unique

and valuable than you think you are and everyone is kind of an incredible combination of their genetics and their experience and their perspectives and their beliefs and everyone is unique and everyone has some sort of skill or insight that they can bring to other people. If you can learn it and package it the right way and just see what people respond to that you want to bring to them that’s probably even before the kind of logistical stumbling blocks is just the belief that there’s something there for you to do and for you to add value. Eric welcome to the show thanks for having me. I’ve been excited about this ever since I listened to you and George Mack around on here I was like this is gonna be a good time. I’m gonna like this yeah.

Its Its All A Boys Club

up here and here isn’t it so today is naval fest 2020 welcome to naval fest 2020 This this big dick energy we’re just marinading in it today and we’re gonna see how much we can jerk off over naval over the next 60 minutes a couple hundred pages probably worth um and then and then edited material so we got a lot to go on DVd extras pay-per-view only fans like additional content DVd commentary bonus scenes director’s cut we got it all. I love it so why are you writing a book about naval. Why did you like what makes him worthy of a book who is he i’ve been following Naval for 10 years now. Maybe he was the first person I kind of got introduced to in the valley not personally but when I was you know just wet behind. Kid from Michigan, who had never left Michigan and was like trying to get into the startup world Somebody’s like Go read all Adventure hacks follow Neval do everything.

He Says Him And Paul

Graham were kind of like those are the lighthouses of the Valley like Go listen and follow so that I’ve been kind of following for a long time, and I’ve learned a ton from him and as he’s kind of evolved over the years and started sharing more and more stuff. I’ve learned more and more and I found myself recommending you know his podcast his tweets and for to more and more people for more and more reasons, and I realize kind of how hard it is for people outside of like the Twitter verse and the podcast world to kind of pick up that and run with it and learn from it. But the stuff that he talks about um It can be so life-changing for so many people at many different stages. I think and there’s just so much value there that I really wanted like an easy on-ramp and I wanted a tight package and I’m watching these like value. You know huge pieces of wisdom just kind of slide into the like twitter nothingness and it broke my heart and I’m like.

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I Need To Turn This Into Something

more evergreen something more permanent and you know there’s no better package than a book everybody knows what to do with a book everybody um. You know that’s easy to gift it’s easy to read through um. It’s people know kind of what to do with it and hopefully it’ll live on you know and stay relevant for a really long time what’s unique about naval Naval. I like came to the us as a poor immigrant at nine years old. I think Brooklyn and just kind of had to start from nothing and build his way up .

You Know He Got Into A Good

high school which was which was a huge turning point for him early in his life and he’s undeniably just a brilliant guy so um you know he didn’t scrap it together from nothing you know he’s definitely got some like horsepower we got into this great high school got into Dartmouth started at the bottom in the tech world. You know studied computer science and eventually kind of through a bunch of different missteps and adventures and companies and failures and. lawsuits, and investments kind of found his way into breaking out in the Tech world and starting Angel list and he’s incredibly widely followed kind of in that tech world for what he’s built there and the investments that he’s made in Twitter and Uber and he’s in this kind of interesting chapter of life that you see kind of a lot of people go through where they have achieved all of the successes that they hope to achieve when they were younger and they’re now kind of both giving back those lessons of how they achieved what they did and kind of turning to philosophy and family and legacy and just looking at how they can how they can give back and how they can learn a little bit more about you know life instead of the rat race and so it’s kind of an interesting turning. point where he knows a lot about wealth from his past and you know he continues to work and invest, but he’s learning a lot about happiness um in the very recent present and is practicing it currently and continuing to kind of develop that and share it the particular interesting insight that I have about Naval. The reason.

I Think Im Drawn To Him Is

the fact that his wisdom is so practical there’s part of me Ryan holiday was recently on here Massimo Piglucci’s been on here. We’ve talked a lot about stoicism and it’s like the hot new girl in school for 2020, but there’s part of me when I read it that doesn’t like how abstract it is all right man yeah virtue and integrity and you overcome the obstacle. I’m like okay. I get it but there’s there’s just a part of it that feels. Too like bourgeois and artsy you know like let’s not forget that the vast majority of the stoics came from wealth like There was some.

There Was Some That Was Born As

slaves and ended up in good situations, but oh bad situations, But the vast majority of them came from wealth and I think that even two and a half thousand years later that still kind of reflects and shows on whereas someone whose wisdom has really really been not just designed for practicality, but forged in reality, like naval’s is is something that um attracts me to it particularly and I think as well the vast majority of us are you know like middle class, working class or aspiring underclass and with that in mind. You feel a sense of affinity to someone who’s got that like zero to hero journey you know as opposed to it just. Being someone armchair philosophizing in this like Baroque mansion somewhere that their dad has you know you get me yeah. It is very practical and it is definitely. I find it easier to listen to philosophies from somebody who has passed the tests of reality.

Who Is An Operator Who Has

founded companies who has made investments and stoicism. I totally agree with you like it’s it’s easy to like kind of read it and be like yeah. Sure I agree and then passing the test of reality like there’s a lot of times where it is does is not practical like it is almost incompatible with having like close intimate relationships or friendships and like I really want to hear people talk about like how they act how they react stoically. When like their partner is upset or when their child is upset and things like that that are. It’s not like a guru on a mountain like it’s easy to be stoic and you’re by yourself like under a tree and that’s just not how we live and not.

I Dont.

I think how we want to live. so finding the kind of like where do you put the dial between stoicism as an operating philosophy and maybe a business practice and you know how you act with your family when you need to be empathetic and build deep relationships and do friendships . I think that’s something that’s like really kind of interesting to dig into and a piece of curiosity that I’m left with Even after this book is kind of like where do you where do you go to kind of find that balance between the ideal and the practical. I think that’s a really important point the fact that you can write something.

Which Is 100 Artsy And Sounds Beautiful In

these abstract terms, but there’s a lot of work left to be done by the reader to then deploy that to their own lives and I think that again you know this is just a full-on jerk off around naval. But I think the reason that he has managed to resonate with people saying things that really should be far too high brow for the everyone to listen to is that he’s sacrificed maybe sort of 10 to 20 percent of the artsyness for an additional 80 of practical ability to apply almost immediately you know it reads like it’s somewhere in between stoic maxims and a how to put your life together guide if it was done like by an ikea instruction manual yeah yeah get into the principles precisely so look. The book is split into two parts. And happiness are there any sections that you could have added but you didn’t Oh many yeah . The first manuscript of this the thing was like hundreds more pages and it included you know his thoughts on blockchain and education and the future.

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There Was Kind Of This Whole

futurism section and investing and how to operate startups . I did one section. It was just the story of Angellist. You know how you know the trials that he went through kind of as an early founder led to his views on venture capital, which led to you know venture hacks to blog, which led to Angel list the platform.

Its A Really Really Incredible Story.

all of that is on the website. So it like broke my heart to cut it from the book and I was like d just put on the website. people who want it can after they read the book and go kind of get into that stuff early readers like everybody kind of loved one or two of those sections, but not all of them and I didn’t want to publish like a giant textbook of everything they’ve ever said, Even though it’s interesting to me um so that’s kind of self–serve on the website but the but the main two sections of the book are our wealth and happiness and I really think it’s you know there’s a lot of books out there on wealth and there’s a lot of books out there on happiness and naval is is maybe really interesting in the fact that he sits at the corner of those two and kind of very practically to your point like looks at the trade-offs between the two um something I didn’t know until.

That Buddha Was A Prince.

He was very wealthy and so when he you know he was able to kind of just leave his family and go off in the woods and meditate and study and just kind of learn and become peaceful and practice. This philosophy um and and so naval is very practical about like there’s actually like a lot of ways in which happiness is.


Eric is writing a book about naval . He says he’s been following Naval for 10 years now . Eric says everyone is unique and valuable than you think you are . Eric: “If you can learn it and package it the right way and just see what people respond to that you want to bring to them that’s probably even before the kind of logistical stumbling blocks is just the belief that there’s something there for you to do and to add value. I’ve learned a ton from him and as he’s kind of evolved over the years and started sharing more and more” Eric says, “I’ve been excited about this ever since I listened to you and George Mack around on here I was like this is gonna be a good time. I’m gonna like this yeah. It’s it’s all a boys club up here and here isn’t it” The book is available on iTunes and Read the full ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video