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Todays Story Is Wild And Tragic And Cringe All

simultaneously, but it’s the backstory that led up to the recent viral video controversy that is truly bizarre. There is a common trend on Tick Tock where people do Story Time videos delivered through a text overlay while dancing to a popular song in the background. The last time I even thought about this trend was from a video. I did almost a year ago where this young mom did a cute dance about her infant’s critical health issue and it just felt unnecessary let’s watch it and then and then you tell me you’ll be the judge sending prayers what happened. Lil Lee, who’s taken in her law.

She Said For Us To Be Waiting For

him to breathe better on his phone everything why are we dancing in that circumstance Little Lee is clean to life struggling to breathe. And you’re making a UK dance about it what the blumin is even going on anymore Now. Some people would say that is how kids cope with trauma these days and to that I say blumin that no we’re not normalizing that hell no anyways. There was a similar reaction recently to a woman that goes by the singing Widow on Tick Tock username spoiler alert and she tried her hand at this dancing Story Time video Trend by delivering a story time about her husband getting killed in front of her all while doing a choreographed dance to a cheeky pop song. It went viral was shared to Twitter and got millions of views and a heaping spoonful of criticism across all platforms.

When I First Saw It.

I was also quite critical. I can’t relate to her trauma, but the juxtaposition of her dancing. Her dancing gleefully while story timing about her husband’s death is blumin Hilarious. If I’m being honest but to normal people, it’s unsettling and weird.

My Brain Is Just Ruined For Making

too many UK videos. The original video has since been very hard to find the Tweet was deleted and she since privated her Tick Tock account but here is a scuffed Portuguese re-upload to give you some context her story time reads eight years ago. A man killed and shot my husband I was three days postpartum 11 months later. The man who shot him was convicted of manslaughter on the day of ascending. I gave a speech.

I Told This Killer Our Love

story. I also told him that if he ever started to feel sorry for himself to remember my face. It remains one of the proudest moments in my life, so she’s using. The topic of her husband’s death is context flexing how she told off her husband’s killer at the sentencing and then subtly promoing her Instagram at the end, where you can find the full story Allegedly listen I’m no therapist and I’m not telling someone how they should or should not cope, but if I’m the brother or parent of this deceased husband and I see my former sister or daughter,-in-law posting this online now the reaction she ensuingly received on the internet was probably not what she was hoping my high school sweetheart was killed in a car accident. I can’t see any period of time passing that would make me comfortable making a coordinated dance in my living room.

While Thinking About It What A Blumin

psycho another user says I never understood why people dance while talking about such dark and sensitive topics on Tick. If someone was dancing to the story of my death I would haunt them and finally, the Advent of Tick-tock and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race can’t say that I disagree now. I understand that people UK in different ways, but we got to draw the line somewhere right. I typically was agreeing with most of the critical comments. I was seeing but I wanted to get more context into the back story here.

So I Did Some Digging And Was

able to find an article from 2015 about the circumstances around her husband’s death and this is where it gets even crazier and more tragic apparently. In 2000 114, A 62-year-old meth head named Charles, was sitting in his apartment, probably smoking meth when a gun he had acquired illegally accidentally discharged when he picked it up the bullet traveled through his window. More than 200 feet through a stand of trees and threw a glass door before striking. Jessica’s husband in the back of the head and killing him. Jessica and Justin had just brought their firstborn child home from the hospital that day and family members were gathering for a party.

When The Shooting Occurred.

One of the responding officers was later quoted saying the odds I’d guess are one in Infinity. This was just tragic. Now I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to go through something that traumatic so after reading that my dormant empathy Neuron started to wake up a little bit which doesn’t always happen but suddenly I felt. less judgmental and more willing to understand why someone might post a video like that Grief is a personal Journey not often understood by those looking in from the outside and by posting online.

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Youre Opening Yourself Up To A Lot Of

people on the outside. In fact trauma jumping on social media is yet another new age phenomenon. We likely don’t know the full side effects of, but it’s not that uncommon these days. I don’t think it’s always a negative thing, but in this case sharing her trauma over the backdrop of a cheeky dance is likely what pushed it over the edge and into the negative viral attention. Now as I was browsing through some of her additional Instagram content she seems sweet, but it’s clear that her entire online identity revolves around her journey from being a devastated Widow to someone who has been able to find love again and is married once again with a new daughter, but it’s like every single thing she posts even like new content with her new husband and daughter always has to Circle back around to the drama.

For Instance, You Get The Choice Foreign Its

not anyone’s place including mine to tell people how to grieve, but it does make me think of the social media feedback loop and the way it’s designed to reward particularly emotionally jarring content can really trap people like this in an identity that is completely intertwined with their trauma in a way that makes it impossible to escape or ever leave behind and. move on in the cruel reality of the internet that We’re often reminded of is that while it offers unique ways to connect and find Comfort through community and digital sympathy in this case. By doing so, you’re also exposing yourself to a large percentage of the human race that wakes up every morning just to watch the world burn in those types of individuals are always exceedingly proficient at using keyboards maliciously as she’s probably become keenly aware of this past week now currently her Tick Tock is still privated and there’s been no new UK post since this happened so hopefully. She’s taking some time offline to just spend with her family and tune out the noise and to be clear. I’m wishing them nothing but happiness us and prosperity.

But This Was A Unique Situation

with an insane backstory that I wanted to talk about so I’m. Curious how you guys feel about it if there’s anything to be learned instead if you decide to trauma dump on social media as a way to help cope maybe don’t do it while you’re hitting the gritty to whatever song is viral on Tick Tock that week I appreciate you guys being here. I’ll see you in the next one peace.

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A woman who goes by the singing Widow on Tick Tock delivered a Story Time video about her husband getting killed in front of her all while doing a choreographed dance to a cheeky pop song . The original video has since been very hard to find the Tweet was deleted and she since privated her Tick . account but here is a scuffed Portuguese re-upload to give you some of the original video of her dancing to a song in the background . The video went viral was shared to Twitter and got millions of views and a . heaping spoonful of criticism across all platforms . It has since gone viral and she’s since been removed from Tick . Tock and her account has been taken off her Twitter account and she has been accused of posting a video of the incident . The incident is not believed to have happened in the U.S. because it is not clear what happened to happen again. It is not the first time she has ever been reported to have occurred in the past….. Click here to read more and watch the full video