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a face for radio and a voice for print Tonight I’m gonna talk about the science of pair-bonding the science behind when a a woman has many partners in her past versus when a guy has many partners in his past. Many times you know Guys are known to be throughout time to be the the ladies man. The guy that can go out and get lots of dates and he’s very popular with the women, but then he settles down. He gets married. He has a family and supposedly all goes well.

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Of Course It Always Doesnt But Supposedly But

when a when a woman does this well, it’s frowned upon and it’s bad bad actions right, but let’s break down the science of this and let’s show why there is a difference between a woman and a man in. Dating past it’s very touchy subject but we have touch on it because this is why so many men have problems when women come forward and say I’ve had X amount of partners and it’s a relatively high number or very high number. This is why guys get uncomfortable and they don’t like it but let’s get into this a little bit now first. I’ll hit the recording here and yes there is a social stigma with this but even if that passes there’s still science here so I came across this post on reddit everything. I’m gonna skim over there’s a lot to go over here but I’m not gonna dive too deep.

Im Gonna Touch On The Important

subjects or the important parts of it. If there’s a lot of choppy editing it’s because I got into something that went too deep. I don’t want to make this. An hour-long video tonight but I’ll leave all the links down below here if you want to if you want to check it out and read a little bit deeper on the subject. So on Reddit I’m ready yeah and this is what got me down this rabbit hole on Reddit a young lady posts and says I have only one partner.

It Is My Current Boyfriend But And Im

happy but later on if I decide to have fun and she’s familiar with the the men’s kind of theory on this stuff and red pill stuff. She says I don’t want to be labeled as a bad person for having a long list of history and she’s only at one but she says I’m trouble with the idea that my past matters to other people, why can’t it just be me doing what I want and so on and. forth, She does have a great line in here, though she says I hate that my intimacy isn’t my own I hate that anything I try now will become part of my quote history something that I’m morally obliged to disclose to any future partners, and then it’s up to them to decide what they think of it. The fact that she went so far to say she is morally obligated to tell them about her past big thumbs up to her. She’s at she’s at one boyfriend, one partner, and so you know she’s thinking about this and that if she does go kind of crazy.

She Says Im Morally Obligated To Tell Them

my future partners. I think that’s great it’s great attitude to have it’s the right attitude to have But now we’re gonna dive into why so many men are uncomfortable in relationships and with the number of partners that some women are having out there and and how you start heading down the slope Now A lot of this guys don’t necessarily know this in their front brain, but I’m gonna explain kind of how we feel about it as we get in on it here. So first thing from psychological science org. A 48-hour intimacy. Afterglow now afterglow is their word it’s not my thing but but they say a 48-hour enemy say Afterglow helps bond partners over time.

It Says Uk Plays A Central

role in reproduction. It can be pleasurable, but scientific findings suggest that it may serve an additional purpose. Bonding partners together A study of newlywed. Couples published in Psychological Science Our Journal of the Association for Psychological Science indicates that partners experience and afterglow that lasts from up lasts for up to two days, and this afterglow is linked with relationship quality over the long-term I’m gonna skip down here because like I said we have a lot to go over it says on average participants reported having intimacy on four of the 14 days of the study. So once about every three days and answered varied answers vary considerably across participants.

Importantly, Intimacy On A Given Day Was

linked to with lingering satisfaction over time having intimacy on a given day was linked with satisfaction that same day, which was also linked with satisfaction the next day and even two days after. In In other words, participants continue to report it continued to report elevated intimacy satisfaction 48 hours after a single act and it says overall participants marital satisfaction declined between the beginning of the study and the follow-up session four to six months later, but participates participants who reportedly had relatively high levels of intimacy. Afterglow seemed to fare better relative to their peers reporting higher initial marital satisfaction and less steep declines in satisfaction across the first four to six months of marriage, so and they go on to end deeper again. I’ll leave this below but basically what they’re saying is if you are close with your partner every two or three days. It keeps the bond tighter.

It Keeps More Satisfaction In The

relationship. However, we often know as guys we know this. It’s not just a joke that’s been around since forever that once you say you. She doesn’t that over time that wanes and that goes away and as that goes away the bond that you to have starts to weaken. This is what they call in now and so in this one what I’m trying to basically get across is that bond does mean importance.

It Means Closeness And It Means A

satisfaction in the relationship so that bond means something but this is to both people both men and women. We’re not at the differences yet it’s still important to both next how the love hormone works it’s magic now. This is where we start separating the guys from the gals on this one says a whiff of oxytocin lit up a reward center in men’s brains when they looked at their partner’s face scientists and women everywhere have long wondered exactly what keeps a man from straying with a stranger from a biological. perspective at least cheating is easy to understand the more partners. A man has the more likely he’ll pass on his genetic material, so why do many men settle down get married and stick around raise their kids.

Researchers Think They May Have Found

a clue in oxytocin, a hormone released during intimacy and other intimate gestures like hugging or holding hands that’s been proven to strengthen social bonds and other mammals. They found that the hormone appears to boost men’s attraction to their mate even when presented with pictures of other women. The findings are published. This week. ‘s issue of Proceedings of the National Academic Academy of Sciences in the study 20 men who were in committed relationships for 28 months on average took whiffs of either oxytocin nasal spray or an inactive placebo spray.

For The First Test Men Looked

at pictures of their partner a woman they’d. never met or a house. The photos of the women were carefully matched, so that one was not more attractive than the other. In the second experiment they looked at pictures of their partners or of women they knew but were not related to perhaps someone they saw at work every day. Then the men rated the attraction they felt to the various faces men consistently rated their partners as being more attractive and arousing than other women, and in most cases a whiff of oxytocin boosted that effect compared to the placebo, but what really fascinated the researchers was what happened inside the men’s brains under the influence of oxytocin two areas of the brain responsible for feelings of reward and pleasure lit up when men saw their partner’s faces, but the sight of other women had the opposite effect suppressing feelings of pleasure Oxytocin triggers the reward system.

And To Activate On The Partners Face The

presence of the partner. Said the study said Dr. Rena Hermann, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Bonn in Germany. The monogamy is actually quite costly for males, so there must be some form of mechanism binding males and females together at least for some time. There must be some benefit and reward is actually the strongest motivation underlying human behavior.

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An Expert Who Is Not Involved In

the study said the results suggest that couples who keep a high level of intimacy in their relationships can maintain stronger bonds when you’re first becoming intimate. You’re releasing lots of dopamine and oxytocin that creates the link between neural systems that are processing your facial cues your voice and the reward system of a partner’s brain said Larry Jung, a professor of psychiatry at Emory University in Atlanta. He studies the role of oxytocin in social bonding, So you can see where we’re going with this right, but specifically men have this oxytocin release Now both partners do but men it bonds them closer to the women and the that in the other studies that I’ve read and they may mention in this one. I don’t recall but the reason being is because men naturally want to hit it and quit it nature tells them hey the more you can procreate the more your your UK gets out there and the more offspring you’ll have that is a male’s imperative by nature by biology, so what keeps them from doing.

This Is Number One Social Norms

and number two. The bonding that occurs when they’re with one single partner. So it’s kind of been designed that a guy will always have the drive to be with multiple but. Once he’s bonded with a woman as they say here the attraction to other women actually decreases so long as his needs are being met by his main partner.

They Continue On As Time Goes

on and couples become less intimate young noted that the linkage can decay, but activities that release oxytocin such as really looking into another person’s eyes holding hands kissing and having intimacy may help restore the connection to me. It suggests there may be a way to help prevent the decay that can occur that leads to couples to separate. I think this is the only reason we do that we do Oh. I think this is the only reason that we do hug and touch each other all the time.

I Think This Is The Mechanism That Keeps

oxytocin levels in high relationships, so why do why do men go astray sometimes because this bonding is breaking down. Why is the bonding breaking down? The intimacy has gone away and so as long as is and I can’t say this in all cases, but again. It seems to show that as long as a man is close to a 1 in whether he’s married to or dating her for a long term, and she is providing the intimacy that keeps that bond strong he finds her more attractive and other women less attractive less attractive.


Joker talks about the science behind when a a woman has many partners in her past versus when a guy has many . partners in his past . Joker came across this post on reddit everything . Joker: “This is why so many men have problems when women come forward and say I’ve had X amount of partners and it’s a relatively high number or very high number.& This is why guys get uncomfortable and they don’t like it but let’s get into this a little bit now first . An hour-long video tonight but I’ll leave all the links down below here if you want to . check it out and read a little . bit deeper on the subject.& I don’t want to make this this video tonight. If there’s a lot of choppy editing it’s because I got into something that went too deep.& If there’s a lot to go over here, it’ll leave all of the links below here to read it out if you . want to…. Click here to read more and watch the full video