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Another Dish, What Is Going On Ive Been Here

the whole time Veronica God two more minutes of this son of a bleep. I see he’s gonna be blown away. Oh the sneaky bastard. I swear Oh my God yep that’s me you’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation Hello everybody my name is Leon lush and welcome back to cardi B’s only fans where I will happily take your money in exchange for a picture of a beaver with more miles on it than my grandfather’s 1978 Ford pinto someone by the name of Elene tweeted me. The other day imploring me to check out what’s called the magic show on Snapchat and so I obliged now when you put snapchat and show in the same sentence.

My Expectations Are Already Immeasurably Low, But

in this case, I got sucked right into this vortex of substanceless. Bleep that transcends snapchat it’s instagram, Facebook, Tick Tock It knows no bounds. This new age magic created with only social media algorithms in mind is doing no justice to actual magicians. Now some of the older episodes aren’t that bad really they’re just doing some of the traditional street style illusion magic catching people off guard. I feel like some of it might be authentic.

Some Of It May Be Scripted Obviously Specifically

the reactions from people, but there was at least a modicum of intrigue with what they were doing. But as time goes on things just seem to spiral out of control and the content becomes less about anything to do with magic and more just about cheap tricks that are made intentionally just to exploit social media algorithms. Red bull makes bananas stretchy all right let’s see the only confirmation I really needed to that point. Is the fact that Rick Lacks is a large part of the content rotation on this show, The green Bananas Don’t spin but ripe Bananas do if you don’t know who Rick lacks is that pretty much sums him up. He’s the King of cheap gimmick algorithm Bait masquerading as a magician and he’s wildly successful online somehow he went viral in like 2017 for some of his original Facebook gimmicks.

You Have To Agree That If I

get it right you’ll share this video with your friends okay you sure I’ll share this video if you can somehow get it right. Consider it how the bleep did he do that drew Gooden” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>gooden actually did a video on him and I recommend checking that out because drew Gooden is very funny now what’s interesting Albeit kind of sad is the success of Rick lacks in content like his has created. This network of magicians online who are probably talented in their own right, but they have completely foregone any attempt at authenticity or impressiveness in order to keep up with whatever algorithmic gods that they serve and trust me. I’m no stranger to being a servant to an algorithm and having to make certain concessions to keep my content viable for monetization, But some of these people have gotten so egregious Now it’s borderline offensive so let’s dig right in hello spot wait what time is it Oh bleep I am pushing it aren’t I yeah man time to run that bleep all right peace so we’re going to jump right in. But first I got green screen Leon on deck to give us a quick word about today’s sponsor expressVPN you see all this here represents your data floating around in cyberspace All Willy-nilly blissfully ignorant until Mr.


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I Dont Know Who This Guy Is.

But this next video is the perfect example of a magician creating this unimpressive three-to four-minute video with no other purpose in mind than to please an algorithm. Oh boy here we go okay get the fire service ready so right out of the gate. It’s fireworks theatrics we’re lighting a tin foil table on fire with a watermelon on it get ready okay hold on ready okay that should be long enough not yet not yet it’s bleep okay that’s still a little more tired yeah cool railing off a little bit okay watch now let’s take the fire extinguisher now. Keep in mind! Facebook videos have to be three minutes in length in order to monetize them, so the setup here is that there’s this watermelon on the table we’re lighting it on fire.

Were Gonna Do Some Crazy Bleep

and there’s gonna be a payoff down the road right like something crazy is gonna happen so you just have to keep our attention for three minutes and then hopefully the payoff is is worth the time of watching the video. We just want to get a little bit of the a little bit make sure to have your girlfriend or wife act as your assistant and have her act totally intrigued and blown away by what’s taking place in front of her as well rubbing fire extinguisher powder into it okay you should probably be wearing gloves for this that’s okay we’re like less than a minute in all. Right so we’re just gonna skip through a little bit now watch this listen hear that wow yeah hear that what is that here let me get this hold on a second is that the sound of a hammer hitting a watermelon No don’t drill. Oh my God, He’s drilling it what the hell look you should be able to see the smoke coming out smoke No there’s actually no smoke. I’ll drill a few more holes.

Maybe The Smoke Will Come Out

what is happening Right so we drilled a few holes, but we still have at least like another minute to a minute and a half before it can be monetized. So what else do you got for us? What could baby regular old baby oil you’re gonna rub it on it you’re rubbing bit yeah now an aloe vera plant we’re cutting an aloe vera plant now. Okay an aloe Vera plant wow and this is stuff you normally put on sunburn. This is crazy what normally puts on sunburst wait Can you squeeze actual Aloe Vera out of an aloe Vera plant well yeah any kind of burn basically just oh you can see it you see that oh my God apparently the cameraman didn’t know that Aloe vera actually came from Aloe Vera plants that’s that’s probably his genuine reaction. Even though he knows the rest of its bleep.

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Were Gonna Cure The Burn Just Like

you would a normal you know just like anything else raising curing Oh I get it. He burnt the watermelon. So now he’s curing it with every all of these substances wow that’s really warm okay um all right you guys ready to see what’s happening inside this thing yeah hell yeah I am I’ve been watching you waste. Two and a half minutes do absolutely nothing at least show me what’s inside the goddamn Watermelon. I’m ready to not watch what’s happened inside this thing.

I Never Knew That This Happens If A

watermelon gets lit on fire. I’m so curious dude me too I’m so we’re on the same page me and his wife okay you ready for this yeah take a look come in close look come on over here up on top on top on top on top right here look what the bleep what wait it looks like a watermelon. What’s in there if you light it on fire just like anything else, what what the bleep a bleep fire truck Holy bleep, Oh Oh, Oh, yeah, oh the reveal was so bleep good. This is the winning formula now for popular internet magicians grab the viewers attention right away with something bizarre like. A watermelon lid on fire or a tease of a big reveal promised a few minutes down the road pray to God.

You Can Keep The Viewer There

for three minutes by doing a bunch of theatrical nonsense bleep that has no effect on the actual outcome and then Bam you hit him with that big reveal or that punch line and you leave the viewer more let down than the girl that took my virginity. For example, I’m gonna turn my favorite Billy club into a functional desktop tripod camera mount with the power of my mind and my large intestine step one get the Billy club all the way up into your large intestine to begin marination next grab some electrical tape and a wine opener and take the electrical tape and wrap it slowly around your pointer finger for 45 seconds used step three use the wine. Opener to scrape off a little bit of plastic from the casing of a camera battery and you put the glue on the sharpie of the seam of the Sharpie cap make sure make sure the Sharpie cap is fully sealed by the glue and for the Sharpie a row yes retrieve retrieve the massage Hey tripod now hand to God. I am this close to just rebranding myself as a magician and just making a video like that every single day and getting 500 million monthly views on Facebook, So as I dove deeper.

I Discovered This Guy Named Jabrizi, Who Was

a reoccurring character on the magic show, But he’s also got a very substantial audience of his own. A lot of the content he kind of reposts across his socials, but he is a self–proclaimed magician into his credit He seems like a pretty talented dude there’s. of older videos of him doing street magic Illusion Stuff He’s done tricks for Steve Harvey on family feud Right now I’m just mad at myself. He got cast on a CW show tell me is that your initials on that coin, but with magic tricks being finite in nature in the pressure to keep up with the relentless algorithm that doesn’t care who feeds it only that it continues to be fed.

Eventually You Devolve Into Making Content Like This

everything all right. I love my keys in the car. Oh you like the keys in the car even what are a classic damsel in distress setup. Let’s see where they take it.

Theres A Thing That Can Open The

car in the back. Yeah, I remember yeah, yeah yeah, where was it at oh it was the gas tank gas can you guys think yeah yeah just okay. Acting is on point the gas tanks.


New age magic created with only social media algorithms in mind is doing no justice to actual magicians . Rick Lacks is the King of cheap gimmick algorithm Bait masquerading as a magician . The green Bananas Don’t spin but ripe Bananas do . Rick lacks is that pretty much sums him up. He’s wildly successful online somehow he went viral i went viral online somehow. Somehow somehow he got viral iGo viral iReporter Leon lush got sucked right into this vortex of substanceless.& My expectations are already immeasurably low, but in this case, I got sucked . Some of the older episodes aren’t that bad really they’re just doing some of the traditional street style illusion magic catching people off guard. But as time goes on things just seem to spiral out of control and the content becomes less about anything to do with magic and more just about cheap tricks that are made intentionally just to exploit social media . The new age magic is going to be more like magic…. Click here to read more and watch the full video