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Another Day, Another Conspiracy Theory Enters The Realm

of the real did you think that weather manipulation was some sort of made up thing for the tin hats for the aluminium foil folk well. They’re actually doing it China for sure but maybe more let’s have a look hello there you four and a half million awakening souls thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope the light of the lord is beaming right through you whatever type of lord. It is that you’re into hey if you’re in the Uk between January and May next year You can come see me live I’m in Hammersmith, Aylesbury, Glasgow, Edinburgh. I’m all over the shop link in the description come see me live.

Well Have A Lot Of Fun

together whether permitting the domain of the Lord’s use on a cloud Thunderbolt City has become the realm of man. Now I’ve got mates that talk about weather control all the time and I’m always like. I feel like this is about books and stuff and this is for Nutters Isn’t it weather control it sounds a bit like Ah. I know my creation is ready. It’s all a bit strange love, but let’s have a look at it.

China Has Succeeded In Literally Changing The

weather and new study claims as the South China morning post reports researchers say that during the Chinese Communist Party centennial celebration bit of a mouthful welcome one and off to the free-spirited and fun. Chinese Communist Party centennial celebration sit still over the summer. Weather authorities successfully modified the weather above Beijing to clear the sky. They did so using cloud seeding technology. A long studied but controversial process that involves shooting silver iodide particles into the clouds with the idea of attracting.

Droplets To Modify The Weather.

I don’t like the idea of shooting silver iodide particles into the clouds to modify the weather because it feels like like let me sort of deep down, though that we’ve been taking a piss a bit with nature. Don’t we deep down sort of know that we’re meant to live in harmony with it like you know. For example, emerging science let’s call it that suggests that if you eat food that grows near where you are at the time of the year that it naturally grows. It’s good for you and other research that suggests that if you eat modified food or if you meddle with nature or if you tame or pollute it there are consequences like doesn’t that kind of chime with you on a deep deep level.

Let Alone The Fact That Weather

control sounds like loopy sci-fi stuff now. course our media reports about Chinese authorities doing it? But what do you think like that’s one of the things? You know Donald Trump when he used to go well. You think we’re not doing it like didn’t it. You said we think we don’t have people killed. We got a lot of killers.

Why You Think Our Countrys So

innocent that’s one of the things that people used to think this dude’s operating on a different level. The paper by researchers at China’s, Ching Shua or university comes a year after reports that China was dramatically expanding its weather modification program to a test area of 5. 5 million square miles that seems I can’t even conceive of that 5. 5 million square miles by the year 2025. That’s bigger than the entire country of India Bloody hell and also thanks for the reference so that I don’t have to sit.

For Hours Imagining Miles In My

limited mind, Though this isn’t the first time China has used cloud seeding technology. It’s been dabbling Don’t dabble in weather modification like it’s a hobby, Do you play the guitar I’ll dabble in it Do you speak Fred I dabble in it Do you modify the weather against the observable will of God of nature Yes all right they’ve been doing it since leaning up to the Olympics and the gold medal for manipulating the environment goes to China. This appears to be one of the most successful and also largest scale tests conducted not just by the CcP being in the world, so there’s an acknowledgement that we’re doing it everywhere tell you something’s like the other day. I live near the river Thames I swim in it sometimes every day. Some just casually told me they dump sewage in there and like I was like bloody hell that ain’t right is this the best.

We Can Do Dumping And Manipulating The Weather

Yeah. This is the best we can do as long as we want to preserve these systems which we do want to do so. It was also not publicized and part of the singular researchers paper focused on the evidence they found that cloud seeding had actually taken place, which included eyewitness reports of rockets being launched in the sky from the mountains outside of Beijing before July the first centennial and accounts of rocket debris after the fact, though areas of the United States and other countries have tried to use cloud seeding technology to change the weather. Professional China Warriors have expressed concern that the CcP may use it for nefarious military ends, even though the U. s military has been trying to make it rain since at least 1967.

Yeah I Believe During The Vietnam War,

there was some weather technology used to create flash floods. Although you should probably check that out for yourselves. The successful and large-scale operation in Beijing does however, raise important questions about the potential military usage of the tech. If one country is able to control its own weather, it could in theory do so elsewhere, which is unwelcome news for anyone who isn’t invested in forever wars. Fortunately, the richest people are invested in forever wars, so no need to worry for you guys.

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Moreover, While Cloud Seeding Is Often Touted As

a potential solution for the mega droughts of the not so distant future. The technology hasn’t been successful. long enough to measure how it affects natural weather patterns. I’ll just bring this to your attention with something as apparently innocuous as the assassination of JFK by innocuous. I mean so much time has passed since then it’s been punted another half century into the future presumably because the information in that report would unsettle us.

Even Royal Wills Are Kept From

public eyes because presumably there’s information in there that would in one way or another unsettlers. So do you not think it’s at least possible, but when it comes to things like weather manipulation. We don’t know the whole story now. This is a little piece in forbes that ties your favorite and mine bill gates This story. Some people have already said that this has been subject to fact checks and that it ain’t entirely straightforward, but i’m going to read it out to you anyway.

And You Could Decide Microsofts Billionaire Founder

Bill Gates is financially backing the development of a sun dimming technology like Mr. Burns. It doesn’t say that but that was in the Simpsons since the beginning of time man has yearned to destroy the sun. I will do the next best thing block it out that would potentially reflect sunlight out of the Earth’s atmosphere triggering a global cooling effect. The stratospheric controlled perturbation experiment launched by Harvard University Scientists aims to examine this solution by spraying non–toxic calcium carbonate dust into the atmosphere.

A Sun-Reflecting Aerosol That May Offset

the effects of global warming. Now you you fact check this for yourself as far as we know forbes reported this okay whether it’s the weather manipulation or this particular spraying those carbonated things into the air David, How long do you want to go on without changing course as a culture Oh No disease is warming up fire. These are aerosols in there and that with that part of problem. I remember the 80s and 90s we weren’t meant to do that no more. This will only change if we undergo a radical self–survey as individuals and as a culture and start thinking about what we want and do you know what although there will be sacrifice for ordinary people in order to bring about a new world, all change requires sacrifice.

You Know That Already From Your Own

life, it’s not going to be worse in the long run. I believe that you won’t be able. the world using the systems that are already in place and pursuing the agenda of those already powerful. I believe that different disempowered groups of people all over the world should start looking at forming alliances and getting beyond any perceived differences and the reason for this is because the people in positions of power have a global purview they’re looking at global solutions They’re operating on a global level. Five eyes sharing information across the globe corporations finding ways to sidestep administration and legislation.

So We The People Have To Find

new ways to collaborate and what we have to overcome our own individual personal weaknesses and prejudices. There’s not an expectation that you or I will be perfect. Neither of us are but if we aren’t willing to do things differently how are we gonna get any change whether this is true or not and some people suggest. that it isn’t and we are certainly not in a position to attest in the face of that opposition that it is I would take recourse to the views of the great Vandana Shiva friend of this channel. Frequent guest on under the skin My podcast on Luminary.

She Is No Great Fan Of

Bill Gates. She is not a conspiracy theorist. She is a campaigner for the rights of agricultural workers in India who have suffered as a direct result of Bill Gates meddling in their industry in their lives in their world pattern in seeds and controlling agricultural processes. Fandana Shiva. She ain’t no crazy conspiracy theorist highly educated doctor Brilliant speaker and her opinions on Bill Gates do chime with a lot of this information the particular issue of the Monty Burns style why Don’t we control the sun who’s to say forbes said it was true.

Some People Said Its Not True Whether

manipulation we know that it’s going on we don’t know to what degree I’m not interested in conspiracy theory. I’m interested in conspiracy fact I’ve got no time for crazy stuff that can’t be proven not when there’s so much stuff as Snowden says that’s empirically demonstrably going on in plain sight the stuff that we know is enough for us to collectively demand change widespread research into the efficacy of solar geoengineering has been stalled for years due to controversy. Opponents believe that such science comes with unpredictable risks you might imagine it would including extreme shifts in weather patterns not dissimilar to warming trends. We are already witnessing environmentalists.

Similarly Fear That A Dramatic Shift In Mitigation

strategy will be treated as a green light to continue emitting greenhouse gases with little to no changes in current consumption and production patterns. We continually sold the idea of progress that the solution will lie in the hands of science. If we just progress and push on, but often the problems are caused by that mentality and little guy who I believe dabbled in science called Einstein said you can’t solve problems using the mentality that created those problems. Sometimes what’s needed is a return to old values.

I Dont Mean Some Luddite Retroactive Retrospective Launch

back into the past. I mean a discovery of universal principles and values a sense of purpose, togetherness and oneness meddling with nature. A controlling nature, particularly when it’s in the hands of the very people who continue to profit from the kind of problems.


I don’t like the idea of shooting silver iodide particles into the clouds to modify the weather because it feels like like let me sort of deep down, though that we’ve been taking a piss a bit with nature . I’m all over the shop link in the description come see me live. I’m in Hammersmith, Aylesbury, Glasgow, Edinburgh. I hope the light of the lord is beaming right through you whatever type of lord. It is that you’re into hey if you’re in the . Uk between January and May next year You can come see him live. You can also visit the UK from January to May 2015. I feel like this is about books and stuff and this is for Nutters. Isn’t it weather control it sounds a bit like Ah. I know my creation is ready. It’s all a bit strange love, but let’s have a look at it. We’ll have a lot of fun together. Come see me. I am all over…. Click here to read more and watch the full video