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Whether You Like Covet Passports Or Not

at least people Aren’t putting microchips under your skin and recording your they’re putting microchips under people’s skin in Sweden. This is one version of Under the skin. I cannot approve of Hello There there’s 4. 67 million of us now awakening together in the face of insufferable unendurable crazy odds but we are infrangible, strong powerful I’ve been reading David Foster Wallace Let’s have a little look at this crazy story out of Sweden. I don’t want to generate hysteria that’s the opposite side of the argument.

Im On I Want Us Coming Together To

create new solutions but you know when you hear like stories like um hey one advantage of this current pandemic and the vaccine mandates is it does create opportunities for regulation and legislation that you wouldn’t even have countenanced just five years ago, but at least we’re not. In Philip k dick Dystopia crazy territory of people becoming sort of half robots well not yet, but let me tell you plans are a foot. Let’s have a reasonable rational look at microchips being inserted into your human skin. A Swedish startup has created a microchip that can be implanted into the skin. Displaying details of one’s covered vaccine passport when scanned.

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I Remember Like Watching Content From People

that are just not even allowed on the internet anymore. They say stuff like what they’ll do first of all is. They’ll introduce some sort of paper passports and then eventually they’ll say well we could just put it under your skin. I mean it would stop you losing it down the side of the sofa wouldn’t it if we could just insert it there next to that vein and like man that stuff’s actually happening now is there something. Inherently bad about putting a microchip under the skin Yes? I have a chip implant in my arm and I’ve programmed the chip so that I have my covered passport on the chip and the reason is that I always want to have it accessible, says Hans Soblad managing director of disruptive subdermals.

So Bladd Demonstrated How Its Possible To

scan the chip with his phone to bring up a pdf that showed all the details of his Eu digital Covid certificate a pass somewhat similar to the U.s vaccine card. This means it’s always accessible for me or anyone else Oh good good old anyone else. The government big farmer the CiA good old anyone else. Those people that have never caused us any problems ever who wants to read me.

For Example, If I Go To The Movies

or go to a shopping center, then people will be. able to check my status even if I don’t have my phone says slobad Have you watched any of them documentaries about the direction the Big tech is heading in and the problems it’s causing socially when you watch them Do you think this is a good thing. We need to go further that way quickly Schlobad told the afp that these implants are not tracking devices and only respond to being scanned yeah for now mate If you understand how these implants work they don’t have a battery they cannot transmit a signal by themselves. Oh yeah I don’t know what’s made me so cynical and skeptical about your under the skin microchip implant in this climate of increased regulation. It’s not like surveillance is an issue it’s not like you can’t turn your head without being on a camera.

Its Not Like Your Watch Your

phone your laptop. Is all trying to sell you stuff that you don’t want it’s not like there’s data being downloaded and spread around the world and used against you every second of your waking life when did you become so cynical. In 2018, the Npr reported that thousands of people were getting the rice grain sized chips inserted above their thumbs possibly the fact is is that it’s moot you know because I carry my phone everywhere. I’ve got a credit card I’m registered and recorded everywhere anyway. Perhaps this is merely a symbol but it’s a symbol of something quite profound that our freedom is deteriorating before our very eyes.

Under The Auspices Of Granting Us Convenience.

When Elias Broadberger goes to work, he doesn’t need id oh that inconvenience of a lanyard or the chaffing on the back of the neck the banging as you walk up that all this. Solar plexus for God’s Sake insert a microchip under his skin and he doesn’t need money why does he go to work? Then you don’t need money. He doesn’t need money it’s just his money. ‘s been inserted as a little metal tumor on his thumb.

In Fact, Much Of What He

needs to get through the day is hidden right there. He’s using it to flirt with that news woman hey look at that under my thumb and have a look. I got some more microchips down here baby just below the surface in his hand touch it yeah you want to touch it no thank you certainly not those other microchips. Oh weird yeah it’s like a grain of bread yeah green or rice embedded in his hand, is a microchip that serves as his keys his id and his wallet and his death certificate Yeah it’s all on. ship, So I just would like to get around the building.

What I Like Is He Sort Of

swagger to get around the building. I can do basically what I want Babe, oh, what’s this exterminating buy snacks yeah exactly let’s buy some snacks, so I can’t open it. No it’s impressing someone by opening a fridge, so what I need to do is I need to first flip my chip and it will log me in and from there I get access to the fridge. Also another good thing is more low-paid jobs will disappear off thanks to load rice grain beef you’re unemployed now Babe rioting in the street. Hey you get right in the street where’s your thumb grain.

We Have Created A New Implant,

which is not a chip. It’s a full device where you can add different lights different vibration. Don’t want like a Christmas. In the end, when you’re selling something on the basis that you’re going to have a light light up under your skin so it’s being concealed. There’s no real advantage.

Oh Look At My Skin Light Youre

an idiot. This event is an implant party simply where ordinary people can show up and get a microchip embedded under their skin. This is a informal execution party where dissidents of the government can simply line up and be shot in the head for expressing a view. Contrary to mainstream popular opinion. People are gathering for miles around oh Yeah can you shoot me in the head.

Ive Killed All Night To Be Shot In

the head. I think it’s really cool you don’t have to carry any keys or anything you don’t have to carry keep. I mean no one likes the old jingle jingle into the pocket today I’m not. willing to give up my precious freedom. I’ve given up my keys, which led me into my house and all I had to give up was my personal autonomy.

Its Just Your Body.

In maybe 10 years everything would be in your house, we’re being primed we’re being prepped aren’t we it starts off as a sort of a little sort of Hahahaha little novel story from Sweden, but did you think that things were going to go the way they’ve gone over the last 24 months in Sweden more than anywhere else the future is already here. It couldn’t be any more humiliating if they inserted in the tip of your penis and you had to sort of wonder Can I come in the lift can I come in the fridge you better not come anywhere Son the national train Company Se has around 2 600 people signed up. to use microchips instead of train tickets instead of a train ticket a train ticket. Oh no the problem is with a train ticket.

If You Put It Next To Your Phone.

It might not work in the machine so conveniently. I’ve just had it embedded here in my forehead like a cyclops, All I have to do is smash my skull down tickets please student Hannah Hirving is also freshly chipped and now just needs to program it to open doors. Although importantly for a future career, it does already connect to her linkedin. Oh my God it’s actually happening it’s actually happening all of the sort of pieces you can see them coming together.

Cant You Just Form This Great Monolith

of technological hell. It’s all coming together that’s some dreadful vision. We have to I mean I’m not like a luddite person I’m not going to take. this laptop and fling it out there into the old beloved wood pile, But I do feel we need to check ourselves a little bit. Some people say I’m mad that um I don’t know if it’s safe and all that but people have been putting these chips into animals for 20 years.

Oh Yeah Our Friends, The Animals Who Weve

famously treated beautifully. We also chop them up and eat them and exploit them and take away their dignity. So I’m not worried about that the long-term goal is for the new chips to help provide medical care in remote communities. Yeah that’s the old long-term goal always when these things happen. I mean how are you going to help us next can you help me a bit harder what help are you going to offer well we’re going to help you by locking you in the cell for.

And Your Energy Can Be Used

like a battery like in the matrix Did you like the matrix well the first one why your battery now they’re already getting under the skin of the Swedes and may soon become just another normal part of modern life and of the human body tears of Jesus Christ weeping in the heavens as human beings blindly and dumbly march into their own terrible armageddon at this tech fair a chipping event for those on the cutting edge Oh you’re on the cutting edge turn me into a sheep. I wonder what these various camps are going to become unless we can achieve some kind of global awakening where people like the young folk. In this video that are gleefully granting access to interests that have proven to be somewhat unreliable. I’m talking about the state and big tech to actually inside their bodies.

Before Long Its Its Consciousness Itself Isnt

it like. We can insert this chip into your mind and it will prevent you from thinking certain thoughts. I mean that kind of that level of control is already being granted through propagandist means through sensorial means about around communication anyway merging their hands with this new technology. I thought it would be fun right no it’s not fun to have a chip instead of a skit, How is that fun, How could that could I mean like the best it’s going to be is neutral uncanny and on some deep level of your being a betrayal of your sacred freedom.

Its Gonna Be Fun.

The process is simple and swift. A pinch of the skin and in a matter of seconds. The chip is inserted.

The Transformation Is Complete And With

that the evil agenda of Davos is complete a pinch. of the skin insertion of a little grain of rice chip a slap around the face, you dumb stupid idiot now out on your way through life as for the pain. I barely felt it well good because you’re never going to feel anything again now.


A Swedish startup has created a microchip that can be implanted into the skin . Displaying details of one’s covered vaccine passport when scanned . I have a chip implant in my arm and I’ve programmed the chip so that I have my covered passport on the chip, says Hans Soblad managing director o . I cannot approve of Hello There there’s 4.67 million of us now awakening together in the face of insufferable unendurable crazy odds but we are infrangible, strong powerful I’ve been reading David Foster Wallace Let’s have a little look at this crazy story out of Sweden. Whether you like Covet passports or not at least people Aren’t putting microchips under your skin and recording your they’re putting microchip under people’s skin in Sweden, says Soblad . I don’t want to generate hysteria that’s the opposite side of the argument. I’m on I want us coming together to create new solutions but at least we’re not, says Bob Greene ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video