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You Know What Actually Guys I Wanted To

watch a classic cut They uploaded a new video. I’ve only seen the title, but I’m very interested guess what my pubes look like Oh, Why do I gotta tell you what I can just show you join. I want to just bring you guys along for this one because I think it will be that’ll be a good time guess what my pubes look like I did use this razor How would you okay we’re four seconds into this video Can we just talk about the cast of characters that cut fines for their Goddamn videos. I mean they go to the depths of Mordor to find the most progressive liberal whatever the and then like on the other side of the spectrum like they just find the deepest cut human beings. You can possibly find it makes for interesting content.

Ill Give It That And Im

not trying to say progressive liberal is like a bad thing like you wouldn’t look at this dude and be like Oh! He’s like a right-wing trump supporter right and that’s just like I’m conditioned by my time on twitter you’ll never find just like a couple of like soccer moms in like a couple of bros and a tech dad. It’s always just like the extremes of certain fringe parts of society, but it makes for good content, so let’s continue how would you use it um let’s see I would go from the bottom Jesus everything and go from the bottom and get in there h we ask people to guess what strangers pubic hair looks like. They They use the same little song for every babyNK] my name’s Craig Holy bleep it’s Craig let’s go yo. If you watch the main channel, we do know why we’re bleep ass stop right now Craig is the boy. This is one of those ones where I’m going against my better judgment.

Im Gonna Say Youre Not A

sex worker. I’m gonna just go. I mean Craig’s like yeah, I mean you check all the boxes. I’m just gonna go against my better judgment and say no for the hell of it. Let’s go Craig show me something good in this video.

I Manage A Bar.

My name is anjali and I am a model. My name is Alyssa. I work in part as an aesthetician. So correct me if I’m wrong but estheticians deal with all things kind of beauty related whether it’s skin care hair removal practitioners.

Practitioners That Do Botox And Other Things

on the face also fall under the umbrella of aesthetics Do you know what you’re guessing today? I have no idea. I have no idea you’re going to guess what people’s pubic hair looks like Oh my God that’s cool can you describe your pubic hair that’s cool yes obviously a landing strip two little hitler-like landing strips right above the fat bleep lips sorry. I took it too far. I get a lot of questions where people are like what are people doing now with their pubic hair. What are people doing now The gens ears.

A Lot Of Them Are Growing.

It out gen xers and some millennials get more hair removed. This is what Tick-tock is doing to the kids. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again Tick-tock is ruining our children it’s making the kids grow the pubic. You kidding me but it’s natural it’s the way God intended we’re not supposed to shave our armpits.

Were Becoming Slaves To The Societal Beauty

standards come on Bro shave your bleep if you don’t want to that’s fine but don’t get mad if someone doesn’t like it the great pubic hair debate is a real thing like everyone’s got their own methods right guys gals obviously it’s it’s a very personal conversation. Typically I go for the thor braid almost always I mean my shit’s braided like mid thigh. I mean I haven’t cut that bleep since I was in grade school may I ask you how old you are. I’m 64. I’m a boomer Alexa what do boomers do with their pubes It could be anything are you currently in a relationship Yes.

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I Have Two Partners Double Duty Yeah

that sounds exhausting and they find some bleep. For this show man like what Olivia 64 galaxy dress slang and two dicks on the regular well. I you know model for drawing painting and sculpture classes like artiste Yes, She’s an artiste let’s go Gloria do you have a triangle on the top and then it gets sort of narrow as it goes well. Let’s keep this consistent with the last cut video let’s collectively guess I think she is completely unkempt full blown bush. I mean we’re talking inner thigh up to the belly button with your livestream.

Im So Wrong Im Going To Go With

your your shave down there right now top to bottom front to back yes yeah, I get brazilian yeah Craig is on fire right out of the gates. We love the boy Craig top to bottom front to back he bleep nailed it somebody was was teaching a workshop on coney. language yeah and she was waxed and she just had nothing but good to say about it and thought H I should give that a try. I mean if you’re teaching a workshop on how to be a cunning linguist. You gotta have that Brazilian come on there’s no two ways about it.

Ill Never Get Tired Of The

word cunnilingus. I mean it is the funniest scientific word to describe anything funnier than fellatio Cunnilingus is top tier content. I’m Connor goner. I’m Craig Craig nice to meet you awkward. I am guessing what’s going on with your pubic situation Are you cool with this I’m very cool with that are you cool with it Yeah.

Im Getting There Um Yeah Okay Its

a little weird do you talk about pubic hair with your guy friends at all absolutely not this is weird as bleep.NK] Craig is basically. Basically, if I was on the show. I feel like we’re we’re basically sold we’re soul mates Craig and I that’s it like. I talk about some weird bleep with my boys you know like but you’re never really talking about how you maintain your pubes like that’s just never a thing that comes up.

It May Be Back In The Day Like

high school locker room vibes back in the football days thing things got a little erotic a little homoerotic back in those days. But now there’s only two options clippers or clippers and then straight edge. I’m not gonna reveal what’s going on my with my own bleep like listen. I’m a bleep. This is a Christian minecraft server.

Ive Said It So Many Times And You

guys are disgusting for even trying to want to know what I do over here We’re watching we’re worried about. We’re worried about these sinners okay so bleep claim it shut up. He has a bush that quick yeah the beard the hair He’s a hairy guy that is very I like stereotyping actually Oh God Oh no you’re kind of stereotyping me. I’m not saying you’re wrong yet but do you ever imagine that he’s like actually bleep pissed off he’s like I can’t believe you’d stereotyping because I have long hair. You think I have a bush I’m bleep out of here This is offensive.

I Hate This.

I am gonna guess that you do some clipper trimming a little bit of manscaping. A lot of landscape that’s a bleep super solid guess. I feel like for most guys clipper trimming with maybe a little straight edge to kind of shape the edges solid guess by the esthetician. She knows what’s up trim that down and then you.

Just Kind Of Let It Regrow Over The

summer and you know build up that winter coat that’s pretty spot on dude like it’s like the landing strip but like not as precise, What do you do with your taint and your butthole is it maintained. If do you are you like a person that’s you’re in the mirror like what position are you getting is it like straight up pretty easy I mean you’re standing lift the leg up a little bit kind of thing. I guess I like the model trick with straight up like she was not shy. She’s like what do you do with like your taint and your bleep just look them right in the eyes and ask them that question she’s a model though so she’s in that they’re constantly talking about everything about how you look. I mean you’re hyper 4k pictures constantly.

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All The Time You Got To Have

your bleep tight do you have any religious beliefs. I’m Christian This girl is as bush as it gets let’s go right out of the gates. If this girl isn’t bleep creeping up into her belly Button bleep my name is Peter and how old are you I’m 20. oh so you’re like you’re a gen z right Oh I suppose what are gen z well the gen zires are often unnatural. I’m going to say that there’s something unique you’ve got a very very artsy style thinking pink starfish.

Im Sorry Craig, What Was That Did You

say pink starfish. I don’t even I’m not even sure what he means. What is that in relation to how you how you keep your what does that mean exactly Craig my guess is going to be Martini Glass oh that would be it yeah. Nice job woman is crushing it dude around the back. I do pretty much like shave everything in the back.

I Saw A Tick Tock Where Someone Was

talking about hello. Of course of course, behind you when you’re having sex, then they can like see all your hair and it kind of made me self-conscious about it so then kind of true you know I’m not trying to be that guy, but like that’s you know back in the day when Leon was earlier on in his life. Bleep looks different from the back that’s all I’m gonna say about that you feel terrible it’s like Oh. I saw a tick tock and it made me feel self–conscious that’s bleep weird, but that’s. I guess how the world works isn’t it so I don’t know what it is.

I Think Its A Lot Of Pressure And

also pressure over. to like look a certain way like that’s a whole other thing of course it is hi hello what’s your sexual orientation. I’m straight are you dealing with anybody at the moment. Yes I do have a boyfriend has your current boyfriend or anyone in the past ever made any requests one time with my ex I We did go swimming and he kind of made a comment saying like you’re supposed to take care of yourself like hair legs arms everything. I wonder why he’s not when you go out.

Im Looking At This Symmetricalness Of Your Eyebrows

and I’m thinking that you like it like the edges. Nice and crisp. You have a triangle a triangle like a triangle well. I actually have a full bush Oh wow okay what informs your decision one more time for the Craig fans oh wow okay wes informs you he’s just. Like Ah, Oh wow full bush, you know Craig’s down to bleep!


They They use the same little song for every babyNK] my name’s Craig Holy bleep it’s Craig.& If you watch the main channel, we do know why we’re bleep ass stop right now Craig is the boy.& This is one of those ones where I’m going against my better judgment.& I’m gonna say you’re not a sex worker.& Let’s go Craig show me something good in this video. I manage a bar.& My name is anjali and I am a model. I am gonna just go. I mean yeah, I mean you check all the boxes. I’m just gonna go against my . better judgment and say no for the . hell of it.& They They used the . same song for each babyNK]. I would go from the bottom Jesus everything and . get in there h we ask people to guess what strangers pubic hair looks like. Let’s see how would you use it um let’s see I would…. Click here to read more and watch the full video