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Americas Babies Cant Get No Baby Food So Whose

fault is it Putin’s migrant babies stealing our baby food or is it big farmer who’s got the most power Hello There you 5.6 million Awakening wonders what a wonderful Voyage we’re on together navigating the pitfalls of a corrupt media globalism State and corporate Partnerships that prevent Democratic processes and now we can add to that how Babies is a hungry because the formula ain’t a flowing. This is happening all over the world, but in particular in the United States of America. If you’re not a subscriber to our Channel yet please subscribe now give this video a little thumbs up sign up to my mailing list. I’ll tell you how to do that at the end and also remember I have a side Channel Awakening with Russell Brand, where I talk about spirituality and spiritual techniques go over.

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into this story about baby formula shortages and who’s causing it Now you know that Joe Biden all the time is saying it’s Putin’s price hikes it’s Putin is hiking these prices is he though or are those prices being hiked because of centralized Financial power and monopolizing forces that have been ramping up for many a long year now and are reaching some kind of Apex Point Currently there’s a look the baby formula maker. Abba has reached an agreement withNK] health Regulators to restart production at its largest domestic Factory amid a nationwide formula shortage that has left shelves bare and parents scrambling. Monday’s agreement with the Food and Drug Administration amounts to a legally binding agreement between regulators and the company on steps needed to reopen the plan in Sturgis Michigan which have been under investigation for safety. safety concerns you don’t need to be worried about safety when you’re trying to make baby formula. You just want to get on there and make that formula I’m trying to make baby formula I can’t Have you nitpickers saying it’s their rat poisoning.

Theyre All Bits Of Glass Or

stuff or gubbins or spit or snot and once again. You can see that there’s a relationship between the Food and Drug Administration and the companies that they’re regulating they’re funded by them to the tune of 45 at least and they collaborate cooperate communicate in ways that Don’t seem like the kind of relationship that should exist between a regulator and the thing that they’re regulating. NK] is one of just four companies that that produce roughly 90 percent of UK formula and its brand account for nearly half that market now of course the myth that we have. have sold about free market capitalism is through variety of choice. Any Plucky little upstart can make their own little baby formula and if your baby formula is good enough and don’t have bits and Bobs in it.

Then The Babies Will Come Back For

more honey well that’s not true is it because what tends to happen is centralized power is able to organize itself efficiently and monopolize indefinitely. Once a market is cornered or controlled, it can be manipulated and prices can be increased and managed and that’s sort of how the game works the monopolization of baby formula is mirrored by Trends elsewhere. This is Nick dearden from Global Justice. Now companies like Pfizer, Pfizer Pfizer, but if more like hedge funds buying up and controlling other firms and intellectual property rather than traditional medical research companies, we’ve talked about that a lot of course with relation. to the vaccines that much of the technology technology that ultimately became the coronavirus vaccines was purchased at various points in its development.

Youll Notice That A Lot Of Reporting

is focusing on migrant children receiving baby formula as if that is the root of the problem. My particular perspective has always been that when looking at how systems are corrupted controlled and how ordinary lives are affected. It’s usually important to look at where power is centralized and how power operates migrant children are not a powerful demographic Oh no it’s some migrant children they’re going to collapse The economy. Migrant children are very low on the rungs of how power operates big Pharma companies have considerable power and influence and by provoking feelings of sort of tribal territorial fear and resentment. Why are you giving this baby formula to them while American babies are starving it distracts you.

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From Hold On Why Is This

happening? Really are migrant babies lobbying Congo address Are migrant babies manipulating the stock market Are migrant babies funding the UK to the tune of 45. Of course they’re not migrant babies have no power I’m not suggesting that if you have two apples and you give one apple to a migrant baby that means you know you could have had two now You’ve Ain’t got one but start looking at who owns the Orchard and how the flow of apples is being manipulated. Abbott’s plant came under scrutiny earlier this year after the UK began investigating four bacterial infections among infants who consumed powdered formula from the plant. Two of the babies died in February. The company halted production and recalled several brands of powdered formula squeezing supplies that already been tightened by supply chain disruptions and stockpiling.

During Covid-19.

The shortage has. retailers such asNK] and Walgreens to limit how many containers customers can buy in each visit. After a six-week inspection. NK] investigators published a list of problems at the Abbott Factory in March, including lack safety and sanitary standards and a history of bacterial contamination in several parts of the plant.

But According To Bloomberg, Federal Inspectors Spotted

the potential for baby formula Maida and Abbott Laboratories plant to become contaminated months before the recall a government document shows here is our first opportunity to look at culprits other than migrant children the UK months before the withdrawal knew about this problem What could be the reason for the delay and do you imagine that it’s in any way connected to the 45 of their funding that they receive from the companies that they regulate in terms of around reading things like that I can’t fully recognize the reality. reality of some grieving parents and family members and you’ll notice that news does this to us we kind of get extracted from the reality because we can’t deal with that they have the parents of those children came in and went well. This is what happened and then we had to rush to the hospital. We noticed they weren’t breathing. I mean you know I mean I know there’ll be people watching this that are grieving their own loss.

You Know Lost Children Of Your Own

and there’s something this sort of impossible to conceive of, but it I suppose in a story like this. It offers us an opportunity to reflect on the kind of reality. We’re constructing the economic realities that we’re constructing what is the vision of our Society Endless growth endless monopolizing people are distracting us from in my opinion spiritual and ideological disasters humanitarian. disasters that are taking place in our lives this baby formula story I could say that is almost sin by an ulterior Force to help us recognize how Primal primary immediate and obvious over the problem is becoming Babies. The most vulnerable.

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The Most Important Thing In Any

culture in any of your lives. Those of you that have been in a house with a newborn baby will recognize that sense of the Sacred that accompanies them. This is just is there for you somehow well. We’re at a point now where abstract Concepts around economics are superseding actual reality in a manner that ends human life even as its beginning. The UK report obtained by Bloomberg News for a freedom of information request shows that during a routine visit to Abbott Sturgis Michigan manufacturing facility in September inspectors determined that employees may have transferred contaminants including deadly Chronobacter from.

Surfaces To Baby Formula One Thing Ill

point out is do you notice how often in our stories there has to be a freedom of of information request like that. The assumption is that the information remains clandestine and inaccessible unless you ask. But unless you ask for the information it will not be revealed to you for me that’s a sort of an indication of kind of bureaucratic game playing lack of transparency that oh well you didn’t ask to know that there’s been a contamination and bacterial infections and lacks safety standards. So he didn’t tell you in a sane and awake and connected civilization society that would be utmost in your concerns. Because the function is we’re making baby formula what’s the point of making baby formula to safely and healthfully feed babies No what’s the point of making baby formula to make money you hold our.

Society Has This Pinnacle Ideology That Magnetizes All

reality like iron filings around it and it’s so omnipresent that we don’t think about it We’ve grown up with it. It’s gay getting worse and worse and worse and worse till the consequences now are becoming dead children. In the detailed report on their September visit two UK inspectors said they observed an Abbot processing operator touching non–food contact surfaces. Abba had listed poor manufacturing practices as a probable cause of that contamination event, including a work attaching a hoist and then opening something without sanitized gloved hands specifics of what the worker opened are redacted. In the report, the inspectors said they discussed with Factory management how this may present a contamination or cross-contact Hazard because of the sensitivity of this case and the legal complexity.

Were Unable To Say For Certain That Uk

are responsible for the deaths of. It seems that the UK could have acted sooner and whenever I see that there have been redactions and requests for information that wasn’t freely provided. I personally. I don’t know about you let me know in the comments start to feel suspicious. Let’s have a look about how Abbott have behaved historically to see if we might get a flavor for them as an organization.

In 2012 In What Was The Second

largest settlement of its kind pharmaceutical giant Abbott Laboratories agreed to pay more than 1.5 billion dollars to sell civil and criminal charges related to unlawful marketing of the drug Depakote. The case began with four whistleblower actions under the federal Force claims act. This information only ever gets out by mistake or because of some fretful nervous employee Abbott’s egregious Behavior targeted elderly dementia patients what goes on at Abbott we need to find new markets. I would suggest babies they’re famously stupid and people with dementia.

They Dont Think Straight Targeted Elderly Dementia Patients

in a coldly calculated scheme. How did you come up with this scheme? We calculated it will you hunted the collar no we was cold coldly calculated scheme to exploit their vulnerability for financial gain. Depakote has UK approval for only three purposes epileptic seizures, bipolar, Mania and migraine headaches. Despite clinical evidence that Depakote caused sleepwalking, dehydration and anorexia. In elderly study patients.

Abba Aggressively Marketed The Drug For Controlling Agitation

and aggression in elderly patients who suffer from dementia that would have been I reckon because they would have coldly calculated that it would be really difficult in a dementia patient to work out the the drug was the cause of the problem wasn’t it that’s what this seems like aggressively as well aggressively marking fired air sweeper, but I’ve got dementia I know and the dimension is going to be a lot worse if you don’t buy this goddamn product From 2001 through 2006. Abba also encouraged unlawful off-label use of Depakote to treat schizophrenia. The company sponsored two studies to test the drug for this purpose.


America’s Babies can’t get no baby food so whose fault is it Putin’s migrant babies stealing our baby food or is it big farmer who’s got the most power . Abba has reached an agreement with health Regulators to restart production at its largest domestic Factory amid a nationwide formula shortage that has left shelves bare and parents scrambling . If you’re not a subscriber to our Channel yet please subscribe now give this video a little thumbs up sign up to my mailing list.& I’ll tell you how to do that at the end and also remember I have a side Channel Awakening with Russell Brand, where I talk about spirituality and spiritual techniques go over also also subscribe to that now also also on the side of the show . Back to Mail Online home to see the rest of the day’s Daily Discussion:…. Click here to read more and watch the full video