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Does The Rehabilitation Of War Criminal George

W Bush show that when it comes to the crunch Liberals have no principles at all Hello There you 5.8 million awakening wonders thank you for joining me on this voyage Towards truth. There is a great light within us as it continues effulgently to unfold we welcome these new kingdoms of connection that we create between us that’s what I do if you ain’t subscribed yet why don’t you subscribe now subscribe right away turn on the notification bell so that you’re informed every time. We make one of these videos. In case the algorithm is our enemy a sort of digital serpent preventing you from becoming awakened Today We want to talk to you about the establishment.

S Tendency To Reintroduce Old Villains As

new heroes whether it’s democrats crossing the floor to shake hands with Dick Cheney who I feel like. profited from the death of children, or George W Bush being presented as some lovely cuddly old uncle now I’ve got no problem with that it’s just I remember at the time the whole Democrat party establishment referred to George W Bush as some sort of cowboy Buckaroo Dimwit half-assed twerp and now it seems like they want to celebrate him it makes me wonder are we just 10 years away from liberals, saying that Donald Trump was good old uncle democracy again. I know loads of you love this party or that party or this team or that team and I think by now you know that I don’t particularly care for any of them. I’m just interested in asking the question is is the establishment so interested in itself preservation that really within its confines. There’s no such thing as an outcast or a villain everyone will be.

Eventually The Reason Were Asking This Question Is

because George W Bush has done a master class on things like how to make tough calls and life lessons. Shall we kill these children there’s money in it. We shall kill these children let’s have a look. The chief executive has got to be bold within reason and during an application like this was unthinkable. They hated him you might not be old enough to remember they hated him Oh George W Bush when they took all the w’s out of the bloody typewriters when they left the White house when the clintons left the White House at the time when it was convenient when it suited them.

This Guy Was Portrayed As A

monster, a villain and even looking back at the things that was said about trump. During his presidency, he’s and foreign character children in cages I think. Those cages were built by Barack Obama like you start to realize that it’s just political rhetoric that these figures are cast as abominable just to create the idea of contrast between two figures who ultimately presidential figures. I mean in this case, who ultimately are in the service of the same system and the way we know this just wait a little while and this guy will be introduced to you as dear old uncle democracy, Oh Donald Trump is ever so bad just wait for 10 years when he’s a bit more doddering and senile the democrats will probably let him run as a potential president. I recognize very few people watching this will become president.

But I Think Youll Find Lessons

in leadership that will apply to your life. Are they really trying to tell you that this is a school for presidents that’s still the sustaining. and enduring myth of America isn’t it anyone literally anyone can become president literally any member of the Clinton family or the Bush family can become president. I don’t learn from these people look at they’re all being lined up now like it’s a movie poster as president. Sometimes I had information that the American people didn’t know Hmm maybe I could make more money if we do kill these Iraqi kids and therefore had to make decisions what was best for the country on knowledge that wasn’t evident.

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Its Difficult To Know That Whether Hes Talking

about highly esoteric concealed information only accessible to top officials or lies like there are no weapons of mass destruction. We’re gonna bomb Iraq anyway that’s just the nature of leadership so long as you’re guided by principle look it’s tying it to the mythic figures of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln as. A person that Don’t know much about American history? I only recently learned that Lincoln was a Republican that the Democrat party with a pro-slavery party I’m just learning all of this stuff now I’m astonished at the way that all the protagonists can all the way that the narratives can order and really that the function of these centralizing systems is the preservation of power, the protection of commercial and financial relationships and the distraction of ordinary people. It’s probably always been a bit like this, but as the power of technology is enhanced and increases the ability to bewilder and distract people increases with it and so long as you’re guided by a cause greater than self-like money. You can endure criticism because it’s gonna come yeah it will come but then it will go again and you’ll get your own Internet series hagiography where you’re presented.

Some Lovely Cuddly Old Uncle.

One of the things I missed after the presidency was this daily learning and thankfully painting came into my life. It’s a learning experience because with every paint stroke that looks like something children do did it. I think I’ve seen my children actually do that right put some paint on that one put some paint on that one happy mother’s day you learned something new all right. I’m gonna do another flower.

Whats Going On Is This Real Is This

really being presented as an education tool for the next generation of leaders. What this shows me is that the fields of entertainment and politics have become so fused because there are no legitimate principles at the core. Ultimately it’s rhetorical. It’s recognized that this is just an exercise in distraction. It has no legitimate meaning.

Im Not Saying That Nothing Happens That

people. Aren’t passing bills and signing legislature and running foundations and doing deals? I recognize all these things are happening. I’m just saying that the principles that are being espoused. The ideas that we’re being sold are not legitimate. It’s important to have a set of priorities that guide you and your team your company.

Your Managers Have Got To Understand Those Priorities

here’s some other information on George W Bush that might help you to assess his presidency and what this tells you about the establishment and the way that these figures are celebrated. Bush and his underlings sold a campaign of outright lies to the public in order to embroil the United States in a totally unnecessary war that killed between 150 000 and a million Iraqis and destabilized an entire region. He instituted a worldwide torture regime that continues to be a stain on the United States global. image and which ensnared numerous innocent people. He instituted a vast secret and illegal surveillance apparatus, most of which survives to this day.

None Of These Things Are Of

course covered in the course as he reclines gently in an armchair. I can tell you how to declare war on an innocent sovereign nation well. This is one of my favorite painters. This is a little Iraqi boy with all his limbs blown off and this here This is a picture of a telephone and on the other hand, there’s a member of the NsA listening in on your call. What George Bush can really teach you is about the true nature of power that he’s part of an aristocracy has been part of a technocracy has been part of establishing spying networks that continue to this day participated in global torture of innocent people and instituted an unnecessary and.

Illegal War Which We Still Suffer As

a result of every time you take off your shoes in an airport think thank you George W Bush, The liberal preoccupation with symbolic gestures and saying the right thing also led them to largely give Barack Obama an eight-year pass for carrying out policies that were as bad as and in some cases worse than Bush’s. If you’re one of those people that still takes conventional bipartisan politics seriously. I. e the Democrats and the Republicans are meaningfully different and your affiliation with one of those parties is going to have some sort of meaningful impact on the outcome of democratic process, or if we really support George Bush if we really support Obama if we really support Clinton or Trump, it’s going to really change the lives of ordinary Americans, then when you see a picture like Bush and Obama palling. up to one another? You think this doesn’t make sense of all these people loathe one another.

I Thought They Were Fierce Opponents, But

actually when you hear about the policies, the continuum of power, the continuity of policy that doesn’t alter meaningfully regardless of the administration. Then suddenly these photos make sense it is one establishment as Chomsky explained lively debate within narrow parameters distracts us from all the things we’re not discussing. None of us are talking about the decentralization of power. None of us are discussing meaningful control over our own communities. The right to live.

However, We Want To The Right

to pursue leisure things that are enshrined in your constitution. If you’re an American and are understood by us from our like Methodist traditions or our magna Carta understanding if we’re British wherever people are in the world we understand that we want to have. A decent relationship with ourselves? A relationship with a high principle relationship with society and family. All these things we intuitively understand somehow we found ourselves utterly kowtowed by systems that see us as units of power units of commerce, commodified and commodifying little entities with no autonomy in our own lives. How does this come about by presenting us with a politics that is sort of a charade, The sort of a facade that presents characters that are vilified or deified during their moment in the sun and then ultimately re-embraced once they’ve played their little part once they’ve left the stage once the show’s over they can all dab each other down with towels and have a little martini together In a sense.

These Systems Require Participants That Can Of Course

sustain and legitimize the systems themselves in Britain. We have a monarchy and the function of the. is for them to appear special enough that we accept having this family that get all of this tax money and are themselves exempted from tax, but they’re normal enough for us to feel connected to them. Look they’re just like us.

Theyre A Family Theyve Got Babies.

There’s a photo of them getting married after a while. Though you start to question the validity of the system that they are totems of if they’re really special, Why do we want a really special family if they’re just like us? Why are we paying for them if George Bush is just a normal old guy that does paintings then how the bleep did he participate in the murder of all these children? Why did he institute a torture regime and if those things are really really bad? Why is he being rehabilitated now and if that you can rehabilitate them? Why is it so vitriolic when they’re in office when they’re in the limelight? The answer to these questions, Don’t make sense because essentially what they do is reveal that the whole thing is a kind of marionette show where the figures that are pushed.

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Does the rehabilitation of war criminal? George W Bush show that when it comes to the crunch Liberals have no principles at all . Does the rehabilitated war criminal show that . when it . comes to . the crunch . Liberals have to be more than just a good old uncle to Donald Trump again . There’s no such thing as an outcast or a villain everyone will be.& There is a great light within us as it continues effulently to unfold we welcome these new kingdoms of connection that we create between us that’s what I do if you ain’t . subscribe now subscribe right away turn on the notification bell so that you’re informed every time.& In case the algorithm is our enemy a sort of digital serpent preventing you from becoming awakened, we want to . become awakened. We shall kill these children let’s have a look. The chief executive has got to be bold within reason and durin a look at the CEO has to be Bold within reason.& The Chief Executive has got…. Click here to read more and watch the full video