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Joe Biden Is The President Of The

United States Have we ever had a more popular president. Do you remember when Donald Trump was president and everyone thought it was the world’s worst thing. Oh Donald Trump he’s so old he’s so inept he’s so crazy we didn’t think it could get any worse did we and in fact on the eve of Biden’s inauguration. We came to the conclusion that a better world was being reached into. In fact I remember listening to one commentator saying that the lights around the Lincoln memorial were like arms reaching out embracing America.

Its Like Almost Extensions Of Joe

Biden’s arms embracing America well. It turns out those arms are doing a lot more than that. Biden is experiencing now a crisis in his popularity and he’s now reaching to wag the dog style desperate measures by wiping out terrorists you can. Almost see the policy once devising this story Oh God, How are we going to make Joe biden more popular. I don’t know could we kill Osama bin Laden well no because we’ve already killed Osama bin Laden could we dig him up and resurrect him.

But Because Osama Bin Laden Isnt Available As

a kill strike. They’ve had to go for their next best thing. They’ve killed Ayman Al–zawari let’s have a look at that news footage. Now this is a CBs news special report. I’m John Dickerson in Washington President.

Biden Is Delivering Remarks On A Successful Drone

strike in Afghanistan that killed Al–qaeda leader Ayman Al–zwahiri as well here. Zwahiri was one of the masterminds behind the September 11th terrorist attacks. They have to make Zwahiri sound important. They have to sort of refer to him as a mastermind. He was a mastermind.

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Hes A Devilish Genius.

ways I love him no you’ve gone too far there Don’t make us well here he see brilliant he’s so great at planning terrorism They have to sort of walk. This line between making him sound important enough that his murder is significant and not glamorize the event itself. He later succeeded Osama bin Laden as the leader of Al Qaeda. He’s the new bin Laden.

So We Havent Killed Bin Laden, But

we’ve killed the next best thing after bin Laden’s death in 2011. do you remember those innocent days when we were killing Asama Bin Laden when he had a different president from the same party, but was better looking and more charismatic try to think of that try to think of that when you’re paying through your ass for gas try to just think of Barack Obama not the bit where he bailed out wall street forget. that bit as well, we need you to focus on some very narrow fact. These are them There’s a new awesome bin Laden and this old bastard just killed him now be grateful and pay whatever you need to pay for your bleep gas and here comes the president speaking on the balcony there he’s still recovering from Kovid, which is why he’s on the balcony and not inside like the news thinks that the thing that we’re really going to be worried about is the location of Joe Biden when he staggers out to blaggers Oh, where’s Joe Biden, Why is he not in his normal environment. I’ve got questions about Joe Biden, but it’s not why is he on a balcony instead of on his normal oval office.

Its Why Do You Keep Electing People That

don’t make a blind bit of difference to the lives of ordinary. people why do you keep inviting us to participate in this meaningless empty spectacle well. We’re not going to be answering any of those questions because they’re a little too complex and actually I’m irritated that you asked them president, but my fellow Americans on Saturday at my direction it was actually my idea people weren’t going to kill him. It’s my direction a lot of people said this is a wahiri guy. He’s a mastermind let’s let him live let’s give him another chance.

Lets Give Him A Job.

Let’s do a deal with him some kind of arms deal, but i directed people to kill him. I directed him. I was even using the remote control of the drone. The United States successfully concluded an airstrike in Kabul Afghanistan that killed the emir of Al-qaeda.

His Facial Expression That He Finds Himself

resting in is not fortunate for. Commander-in-chief because he sort of looks bewildered didn’t he like he’s not like listen you know al-Qaeda sort of I remember I mean I’m much more concerned about Isis now that you create Don’t worry about Isis and al-Qaeda and the complexity of the war in the middle east Just try and think of al-Qaeda. What was then the people that we went after after the war in Iraq when he said there was weapons of mass destruction and there turned out not to be weapons of mass destruction because of that false dossier look just focus on a really narrow set of facts. All I want you to remember is Osama Bin Laden and the new one. It state like it’s becoming so hard for them to manipulate our attention now because there’s been so much revelation of blunder there’s been so much revelation.

Of Deception And Dishonesty That Its

becoming almost impossible to us to invite us to focus on the narrow set of facts that they require us to focus on to remain done you know Zawiri was Bin Laden’s leader He was with him all the whole time when people have got grave doubts about your sanity. Don’t do the weird side head scratch. He was with him all the whole time that’s right. I’m just saluting myself because I’m the president am I am I talking right now is this a dream is that my hand on my head. He was his number two man, his deputy at the time the terrorist attack 911.

I Shot Bin Laden And I

also shot the deputy. He was deeply involved in the planning of 9 11. he came up with it. It’s a mastermind one of the most responsible for the attacks. that murdered 2977 people on American soil.

Things Are So Bad In America

that they have to remind you of how bad 911 was to make you feel better. People are paying over the odds. There’s a mad war in the Ukraine. We’ve just had this ridiculous pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns. Why are you gonna do it cheer us up remember when all them people died bleep is that a best you’ve got reminding us of something even worse yeah it could be worse, what if someone kicked you again and again in the ass well I suppose that would be bad but I don’t want to be leading the country as commander-in-chief.

It Is My Solemn Responsibility To Make America

safe in a dangerous world. Fear now listen a lot of you watching this will be concerned and interested in the broader themes that undergird news narratives I. Significant one is that we are continually invited to be suspended in a state of fear. If you’re terrified enough you’ll pay whatever the bleep you’re told to pay for gas you won’t question what’s been going on in the last couple of years you won’t think Oh God could our country be run in a better fairer more just way Is there a way that ordinary people could come together to reorganize their own lives their own communities have a true spiritual connection develop genuine purpose and meaning listen We live in a dangerous world. Remember 911 it was bad is that a new terrorist I bleep hope so the United States did not seek this war against terror.

It Came To Us Thats Also Quite Complicated.

I think like America does have some interests in the Middle East that might have provoked in some degree not justified not. justified the attack but might contribute to it? We answered with the same principles and resolved that have shaped us for a generation upon generation to protect the innocent defend liberty. This is what we do firstly we protect the innocent got to do that good then we defend liberty yep got to do that what else is there What else is there that we got to do and we keep the light of freedom burning a beacon for the rest of the entire world. And then there’s that thing where we keep a light of freedom beacon burning for the rest of the world.

I Hope That Bleep Freedom Beacon Aint Burning

gas or oil because it seems like you’re having some trouble extracting the stuff. Because this is a great and defining truth about our nation. Our people we do not break we never give in we never. back down if you by now can’t see that you’re being propagandized by that message that what’s happening is America,’s entered into a recession. Even if Joe Biden won’t call it that publicly price hikes are escalating billionaires are getting richer.

The Relationships Between Politicians And The

billionaire big tech class are increasing and then all they can do now is try to trick you into believing that it’s 9 11 again in order to cheer you up that’s the best you’ve got is it now what is the value of Joe Biden’s promise what is This actual story predicated on the idea that they have a degree of expertise. One of the things that they’re banging on about is that it’s a drone strike that killed Al-Zawari Now drone strikes are not as expert as they would have us believe drone strikes are not a consequence consequence-free military. machine not in the way that they would have us believe of course, Foreign wars became unpopular in America after Vietnam and after the Iraq wars because American people and I know there’s a lot of Americans watching right now Don’t want to see their children Fathers, mothers brothers sons daughters coming home in bodybags. There’s a solution to that drones Drones that only kill baddies Drones that turn war into a game that turned war into a sanitized and particularized murdering mission with no negative consequence or downside. We make it clear again tonight that no matter how long it takes no matter where you hide if you are a threat to our people.

The United States Will Find You

and take you out. You can’t act that hard when you’re that old and when you’re that frail looks like when he points that finger it might sort of. like just sort of drop off or turn into ashes on the end of his hand, so that’s the story so far good news everyone we’ve killed a terrorist that we have to explain to you why he’s Important. Meanwhile, the idea that this terrorist was killed by Drones Drone strikes of course as you know because you’re educated people increased under Barack Obama have a side to them that needs to be perhaps explained in more detail before we move on to the complexity of Joe Biden’s relationship with Saudi Arabia.

A Relationship In Pre-Election Pledges He

claimed he would not have any more let me tell you a little bit about Drones though. Between 2010 and 2020, the Bureau of investigative journalism tracked u. s drone strikes. It found 14 040 minimum confirmed strikes, but in actuality 2 200 civilians were killed that’s 13 of those people were civilians.

454 Children Were Killed That Means Of

the 14 000 people that were killed by drone strikes. 13 of them were civilians and 2. 6 of them were children.


Joe Biden is experiencing a crisis in his popularity and he’s now reaching to wag the dog style desperate measures by wiping out terrorists you can . Biden is delivering remarks on a successful drone strike in Afghanistan that killed Al–qaeda leader Ayman Al–zwahiri as well here . Zwahari was one of the masterminds behind the September 11th terrorist attacks . He later succeeded Os. bin Laden in killing him as Osama bin Laden was not available as a kill strike. They’ve had to go for their next best thing. They have to sort of walk. between making him sound important enough that his murder is significant and not glamorize the event itself. Don’t make us well here he see brilliant he’s so great at planning terrorism. He’s a devilish genius. I love him no you’ve gone too far there. Don’t make us good here. I’m John Dickerson in Washington, D.C. President Obama….. Click here to read more and watch the full video