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Okay Joining Me Now Is A Guy Who

has faced the worst most extreme form of censorship jail for trying to expose the dangers of his the Islamification of the Uk. Now you can’t find this guy anywhere on social media anymore, try googling him see all the wonderful things the international left and the media has to say about him joining us for the first time. Tommy Robinson thank you so much for joining us thank you it’s good to be seen well. Let’s see let me start with a little bit of sarcasm here with all the people that are trying to claim asylum at our southern border. Why should the United States and President trump offer you asylum genuinely? I started my activism 10 years ago.

I Talk About The Problems And The Dangers

that come from open open border policy. We have imported millions of people. From different cultures, We have a huge problem with Islamic radical jihadis and I speak about it because of that. I felt the F I expected to be targeted by Islamic gangs. But I felt the full weight of the British establishment trying to silence me mainly because the embarrassment that the crimes that are imported into our country.

For Example, The Sexual Exploitation And

the rape of a generation of our daughters at the hands of predominantly Muslim gangs. I speak about these issues that I have faced in in the British government give out Osmond warnings. An Osman warning is an official warning to say that they have intelligence that people are planning to murder you. There are six Muslims in prison in the Uk they were caught with guns bombs swords Ied suicide notes their target they’re on the way to murder me now so I face. I face the real threat My wife has received osmond warnings by our government, saying that there is intelligence there are going to be acid attacks against her face My mother.

My Family.

I’ve been the target of beatings multiple times, but that is not essentially what I I need to run from I’ve had that for years people want to kill me. I now am terrified the British state are about to imprison me tomorrow for the for the if for the conviction of journalism exercising your first amendment right I’m about to be sent to prison. Now I’ve been in prison before I I was I was in prison first last may for reporting on one of these gangs. One of these gangs of 30 Muslim men, Pakistani men and the reality is that our government wish to hide all of these crimes.

Just So You Understand Some.

of the statistics and your viewers do in the Uk convictions for street gang grooming They call it grooming That means the torture, prostitution and rape of young children. 90 of convictions are Muslim men. Muslims only make up five percent of our country. Yet they are responsible for 90 of the convictions now what we currently see these court cases.

This This This Offense And These These

gangs were hidden 10 years ago. I lifted the lid. I come out in the public and we started screaming from the rooftops protect our daughters protect our sisters protect our children and because of that the embarrassment that causes and and only now. After a government report the government done a report in 2012 and in that report it revealed all of these horrors. It revealed that in one small town called Rotherham, there were 1400 child victims in that small.

Town, 20 Of The Muslim Men

are under investigation for this crime. This is the reality and because I speak about this and I bought it to the forefront and they could no longer hide it. You have to understand. There has been a conspiracy of silence by political leaders, police leaders and religious leaders to hide for 20 to 30 years. Tommy Let me here for a second.

Let Me Jump In Have Any Members Of

the political elite or the upper echelon of the police forces had any of their daughters subject to this or is this just the common British citizen. No so in the Uk class system not that all the politicians are from middle class and upper class. The people who are affected by the open door open border policy and the crimes that are welcomed in the people who are affected of us. The poorest people in the Uk, the people from the working-class background and then when our communities are affected When we speak about these cultural problems When we speak about this hostility towards us. This attack on our community.

When We Speak About It They

then use the media globalist attack dogs of of the media to call us racist, far-right extremists and all and it was only when this report come out that all of a sudden the British public i’ve been crying about this literally crying and screaming about it on the streets for over a decade. Then people realized what we’re saying was the truth now the British public are aware now prosecutions are being bought but what the British what? Do now is they put reporting restrictions on any of these cases that involve these Muslim gangs? So there are currently cases going on across the bridge across Britain in courts where no one is allowed to talk about them if you talk about them. This is this is what I’m I’m facing prison for Tomorrow. I’m praising I’m facing prison for journalism. I didn’t actually break their reporting restriction or everything I gave was in the public domain.

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The Information I Literally Just Stood

outside court as these gangs were entering court because they’re all on bail They’ve not been in prison. This specific gang on being imprisoned for was 27 men. Two women all Pakistani Muslims. 30 of them called Mammad. They have prostituted and gang raped young children 16 victim statements from children and they were on bail for two years.

One Of These Men Has Fled The

country he’s now in Pakistan. I stood outside court as the men come towards court. I ask them very politely how are you feeling about your verdict. I was arrested outside the courtroom. I was put before a judge.

I Was Refused Legal Representation.

This has all come out as evidential because I was released from prison. I was not even asked to plead guilty or not guilty. I was not told what I’d done and I was instantly sentenced to 13 months in prison without any fair process without any trial 30 months in prison. Because of that I know your media company and I’m grateful to every single one of you that played a part in highlighting the fact that I’ve been kidnapped off the streets of the Uk and not just kidnapped.

I Was Then Held In Solitary Confinement For.

Nearly three months they moved me from a from a from a the safety of one prison. They moved me to the biggest Muslim population prison in the country. I was then held on solitary confinement. They said for my own safety.

I Lost 40 Pounds In Weight

and then a mass campaign to free. There was a campaign called Free Tommy across the globe um some of your congressmen. The Republican Party played a key part in speaking out for my freedom. I know even Donald Trump, son retweeted and spoke about you. Don’t want this coming to America and trust me what will happen your rights Your freedoms will slowly be chipped away chipped away chipped away and whilst they take your rights and your freedoms.

The Globalist Corpus Media, The Cnns Of This

world will celebrate it? And then you’ll have the the equivalent of the our Labor party, which is your Democrat party will also call for more more infringements of your rights. More taken away of your speech more arresting for thoughts and that’s what we face and tomorrow. I I will be sent to prison for the crime of journalism um and not even on the laws that they’re trying to prosecute me under and this is why I made a direct appeal to to the to the Donald Trump administration to Donald Trump to the American public to all of you to any lawyers out there look at my case. You will see and i guarantee you you will see a complete corruption from the highest level of my land from the highest judges in my land I have not broke. The law? This is the only crime through the back door.

Ive Been Prosecuted By The Attorney General My

government. This is a politically motivated crime and and so so your viewers understand I’ve gone from a working class poor background street movement where I’ve been raising problems and bringing them to the forefront of the British public that the simply the establishment Don’t want anyone to know they have this vision of this utopia multicultural love nest which they’re trying to create and when there’s problems in that multicultural love nest that they’re important they don’t want us to tell people they don’t want the reality of what your open border policy does to the people in our country. The reality of how our daughters are living the fear that we’re living with they don’t want anyone knowing those effects so I went from street protest to them becoming. the most watched journalist in Britain. I had I had 69 million people watch my videos in four weeks.

172 Million People Read My Tweets In Four

weeks. I become and the reason for that being. I was the only journalist telling the truth. Most of our journalists are all part of the fake news media which will slaughter and attack and demonize anyone and drag out anyone who speaks about these issues.

Many Of The Organizations.

I have organizations who are funded specifically have their funding coming from George soros and gentlemen like that in your country specifically funding them to attack destroy my character and because of all of this. I then face I I faced the onslaught of the British government which as I said I was ready for jihadi gangs. I’ve been ready for beatings for Muslim gangs and and terrorists.

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I Wasnt Ready From The Country.

I love to turn and hate me or the people in charge of it and now I genuinely hand on heart. I believe I’ll be killed in this prison sentence.


Tommy Robinson has faced the worst most extreme form of censorship jail for trying to expose the dangers of his the Islamification of the Uk . He has been the target of beatings multiple times, but that is not essentially what I I need to run from I’ve had that for years people want to kill me. My wife has received osmond warnings by the British government, saying that there is intelligence there are going to be acid attacks against her face. My mother. My family. I’ve been beaten multiple times but that’s not the only thing I’ve run from . I’ve faced the full weight of the British establishment trying to silence me mainly because the crimes that are imported into our country. Ied suicide notes their target they’re on the way to murder me now so I face.& I face the real threat. I am not afraid to run. I have been the victim. I want to run away. I’m not afraid of being murdered. It’s good to be seen well….. Click here to read more and watch the full video