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Well Guys Hopefully Youve Had A Chance To See

Thor The Dark world are ready because this review is gonna be spoiler filled. I got a lot of requests to do a spoiler filled review of Thor The Dark World I try to do it with all the big comic book films generally my fiance Sam joins me for these spoiler reviews, but she was not able to make it for this video so let’s get started on the spoiler review of Thor. The Dark world never talked about. This movie opens with a narration that explains everything and I always kind of thought that was a weak way to tell a story. It’s Kind of like this cop-out where you’re like we don’t really know how to tell this incredibly complicated story so we’ll do it through narration because that’s the best we can do and that’s.

One Of The Hardest Things About The Thor

comics is that they’re so out there and there’s so much information and so much backstory and so much Lore it’s really hard to be able to fit it into these more grounded Marvel films that they’re also making at the same time, but they do a really good job with it. I over all really enjoyed the Thor the dark world. I had a lot of fun with the movie as I said in my original review. It was actually a film that I enjoyed a little bit more than the first one, which is what I essentially wanted. We see Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings and.

Observing Things Again And Theyre Looking

for things and she misses Thor and Kat things as annoying as hell, but she’s there and what did he do there’s also an intern there now that also not the whole human element of the Thor movies. I thought was always the weakest, but we immediately get to go off and see Thor in battle with UK and it’s awesome his first appearance in this movie is awesome. He just zaps into frame. He takes his hammer. He slams it on the ground whole bunch of people go down and stiff is like.

I Had This Under Control And

Thor’s like then Why is everything on fire and then all these guys just slam into him basically tackle him it was a great shot. I thought it was exactly what I wanted out of Thor. It showed this great essence of fun where Thor loves being in battle that’s just what he adores doing and I kind of thought. That element of fun was missing from the first Thor because they showed him in battle in the beginning and he was having a lot of fun in the first movie, but then they said he was too prideful and too haughty, and he needed to learn humility and so when he finally did get to fight it was so serious like I’m four and now I know my destiny that essence of fun was sort of missing from it in my opinion the same time going on in the background is this dark Elf Malekith planning to harness. This ether the that he can use to control the universe and bring darkness upon everything is a really weak villain in my opinion felt like a.

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Star Trek Episode From The Old Series,

and there were certain elements of that whole villainy thing that I just felt was not anywhere near as good as Loki, who is in this movie and is awesome there’s not enough of him though because he’s just freaking awesome and yes I understand you can’t have too much of a good thing. But I wanted more of Loki and later on the movie. There was this really great scene that I really liked worth or approaches Loki’s chamber and he has this illusion of himself looking all proper after Thor’s mother is killed and thoughts like enough of these games. Loki and Loki reveals himself for what he really is. His room is trashed her stuff all over the walls.

Hes Sitting In The Corner All Tatter

he’s not wearing his shoes. He doesn’t care anymore his mom’s dead he’s so. upset he just wants revenge. It’s all I could think about and I really like that about that scene because one of the coolest things about the Loki character. Despite the fact that he’s a great villain, he’s funny he’s entertaining he has a human side to him as well where you can actually kind of connect to him and that’s.

One Of The Reasons Hes Such A Good

villain Thor and Loki decide to team up because these Dark Elves have taken over Asgard. They killed a whole bunch of people their ships crashed into everything and they killed their mother so they’re gonna steal one of these ships in this humongously epic plan that involves treason and they’re gonna zoom off. In this Star Wars Episode three Revenge of the Sith Space Battle esque thing I enjoyed it. Though I had a good time with it Natalie Portman. Was there as well that’s Padme that’s interesting, but before they escape you get one of the coolest cameos I’ve seen in any Marvel movie and that was Chris Evans as Captain America that was great the theater erupted It was very well timed.

I Thought It Was Hilarious.

It really added something to the movie. It was also really nice to see one of the Avengers in another Marvel movie that happened after the Avengers because that’s one of the things that a lot of people have been like you know okay I get that all this is going on The Avengers already teamed up so why aren’t they helping this situation I get Thor that makes sense because not everyone can just go Zap to Asgard at any time. However, an Iron MAn 3 I was like you know why doesn’t the whole just show up and help. out you know what I mean and so that really felt right to actually have one of the Avengers show up even if it was fake.

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I Know It Wasnt Actually One Of

the Avengers, but it just it just felt right now. My favorite scene in the entire movie came next and that is where Thor and Loki meet with Malekith and curse, and there’s this giant battle that erupts basically Loki stabs Thor you think Oh wow yeah He actually betrayed him. He falls down the mountain and he cuts off. Thor’s hand as Thor is trying to get his hammer and unfortunately, I had heard on the internet from various comic-con leaks and stupid news articles that made this their actual headline. Thor loses his arm in Thor-and I was like well that’s great nice to know that because when that scene happened it didn’t.

Really Surprise Me What Did Surprise

me? Though was when Thor revealed that it was actually just a giant scheme and Loki was in on it the whole time. I was like that’s awesome that is awesome as the coolest scene in this whole movie because it also had a great fight with curse, which is something that I thought was totally missing from the main villain. I didn’t find the main villain threatening Orin in any way mentally or physically that whole scene was great. They zapped that stuff out of Natalie Portman you think she’s gonna die and then the whole Loki death happened. You got to see Chris Hemsworth giving a great performance as a superhero with long hair and a red cape and it worked like it worked.

I Like That About Thor, The Fact

that they were able to take this really out there story. that’s so different and you know very difficult to ground in some form of reality and actually make you care, but I was also thinking that would really suck if Loki was dead right now. I’d be kind of pissed. It’s like killing off the best character and your whole thing. You know it’s it’s Loki and Tom Hiddleston just rocks it and I was like no I can’t that’s not a good idea and they didn’t really hold the whole mystery of him being dead for very long.

They Immediately Showed That Other Soldier Near Like

yeah that’s Loki it didn’t really last that long. I was surprised by that too because it was like okay. They killed Loki if they really killed him that sucks, but they didn’t really leave the suspense for that long it’s perhaps because they knew fans would be really pissed if Loki was. dead so maybe they’re like well we better not hold that suspense for too long There’s the guy that’s Loki you’ll figure that out yourself later so a lot of things happen Stellan SkarsgĂ„rd is running around naked. It’s funny Darcy and the intern are having romances again Okay.

I Guess Theres A Giant Epic End Fight

between Thor and this guy. He’s zapping between galaxies. It’s awesome I just wish the villain was better than he was the intern like picks up a floating car and crushes some elves with it. I was just really dumb to me. I that whole that whole thing could have been gone from this movie totally gone.

We Get That Awesome Fanboy Moment Worth For

and slow-motion is like running with his hammer. It’s his big epic things like I mean that’s basically what Thor is he hits things with his hammer. It’s. All is right in the world again. Thor is approaching his father Odin.

You Saw Anthony Hopkins Early In The

movie have a moment where he sort of leans over and he was like Oh. I Don’t feel good and then he just sort of forgets about it hinting that you know he’s not in the best of health. He has a conversation with Odin that was very Pro Loki and wonder what’s going on there. Thor walks away and it’s revealed that Loki was impersonating his father the entire time. Now I don’t know how many times they’re gonna use the whole Loki is impersonating someone or Loki is not actually there his illusion or what but Thor always seems to fall for it because Loki impersonating Odin means that he finally has the throne to himself and he is going to use that form to rule Now that’s.

Pretty Cool Because That Could Take Thor 3

in a very interesting direction. I mean to have the war figuring out things with his father and as that Loki figuring out where Anthony Hopkins is the deception that Loki could possibly use in that position that is just ripe with great story elements. I don’t think they’ll do that in Avengers 2 that’s way too much heavy stuff to just talk about in Avengers 2. I it might be hinted at but I feel like with these movies and so many characters that it just has to be like as condensed a story as possible. So I feel like that probably will be saved for Thor 3 and we have two end credits scene let’s just talk about the least interesting one first that’s at the very end.

Thor Comes Back To Earth Uk

kisses. Natalie Portman. It’s like a romance movie all of a sudden for some reason and then one of the space creatures is jumping around and that was pretty funny that was entertaining. I enjoyed seeing that because it was sort of like a Breaking Bad finale moment. We were like Hey what happened to Huell he’s just in the safe house still isn’t he well that sucks Cuz the end of the Thor you’re like hey what happened that giant creature I guess he’s just running around on earth.

No I Dont Know If That Means That

Thor is gonna stay on earth or he’s just gonna come back every once in a while for a booty call either way please Don’t stay on Earth. Asgard is much more interesting than Earth thank you, but the one before that is definitely the more interesting one and that is the one that hypes. Guardians of the galaxy Now you got Benicio del Toro in there as the collector and he’s like Oh we do I’ll be honest with you. I was like what that’s kind of weird I have a that Guardians of the galaxy is a type of movie that benefits from being there from scene one so you can kind of get into that oddness. You know not just be like here’s this world.

Its Weird You Know What I Mean

because hopefully from seeing one of Guardians of the galaxy, you can actually be like yes. This is what the movie is gonna be like Who takes this thing from Lady Stiffin Volstagg and you’re wondering what that is it is the Ether. It’s one of the Infinity stones that will eventually assemble to create the Infinity Gauntlet, which is this giant form of power. This guy collects everything and it has something to do with gardens of the Galaxy, which we will find out very soon could lead to big epic things. Every single Marvel ending is always something cool and interesting that everyone is always wanting to see every time.

I Go To A Marvel Movie Im

like why are people getting up. Why are you it’s not over there’s gonna be a thing it’s every time there’s gonna be something oh and I really enjoyed Thor the dark world as you know there were things about that surprised me. There were weak story elements to it as well. The whole human thing I just feel like can be trashed. But I understand.

Thor Has To Be Connected With

earth in some way so that he can have something to do in the Avengers so what do you guys think of the movie. Now that you’ve seen it hopefully you have seen it before you watch this video because I just told you everything it happens unless you don’t give a crap and that’s cool too. I guess guys thanks as always very much for watching and if you like this, you can click right here and get stuck my nest.


The Dark world never talked about.& The Dark World . The movie opens with a narration that explains everything and I always kind of thought that was a weak way to tell a story. I had a lot of fun with the movie as I said in my original review.& It was actually a film that I enjoyed a little bit more than the first one, which is what I essentially wanted.& I over all really enjoyed the Thor the dark world. The movie is awesome. We see Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings and observing things again and they’re looking for things and she misses Thor and Kat things as annoying as hell, but she’s there and what did he do there . There’s also an intern there now that also not the whole human element of the Thor movies. It’s awesome his first appearance in this movie are awesome. He just zaps into frame.& He justZap into frame . The film just zap just zapped into frame and it’s awesome…. Click here to read more and watch the full video