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American Politicians Making So Much Money From

stocks that they’re five times ahead of even stock market experts. New regulations are being introduced to control that but what will the loophole be that allows them to carry on Hello there you 4. 7 million wonders you Army of awakening souls do not let them bring you down. Let’s have a little look at what the old American Congressional people are up to and how they make a few quid and how like you know like there’s apps now and twitter accounts that tell you how to trade like Nancy Pelosi so you can make the money she’s making because she’s ahead of the game. Maybe I don’t know because of her job regularly in big text.

I Mean Particularly When It Comes To

Big tech stocks and shares she knows what’s going on that twitter account has been shut down how. About we don’t have people in Congress that are doing it to make money Oh no that would never work. They likes to make the old money that’s part of their job. Let’s have a look at this Let’s have a look at Pelosi and the cross party corruption that defines American Congress when it comes to the real business of government making Neo Moolah the most co-sponsored bill to ban stock trading while in office leaves a huge loophole for trading corporate stocks based on non–public information phew thank God. There’s a loophole for a minute.

I Was Thinking That Corruption Might Be

rinsed out of Congress, but it’s okay. There’s a lovely little loophole and by the way if you leave a loophole in sorry there ain’t no point in doing it. Dozens of members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans have signed on to bills that would. Congress from trading stocks something that more than two-thirds of Americans want it’s almost like there’s room for a new political pie, but most of those lawmakers have gone behind a bill that would keep a major loophole while a more stringent bill proposed in the house has struggled to find backers how about this bill it’s more stringent so you absolutely wouldn’t be able to make money. I like that one less a lot less let’s not do that one how about this one where we could pretend to be nice but carry on being bleep that one.

The Leading Bill To Ban Congressional Stock

trades in terms of co–sponsors an important factor in a bill’s likelihood of passing is the ban conflicted Trading Act that bill with 22 house co-sponsors and four Senate co-sponsors would prohibit members of Congress and some congressional employees from trading corporate securities, but it would not prohibit members of Congress spouses from making trades some in spite of shotgun weddings in Congress, you you marry me? Why do you love me no but apple’s gonna go through the roof spouses talk to each other not in our house, and the bill would do nothing to stop the passing of insider. Information from a member of Congress to a husband or wife who could use it to inform purchases themselves insider trading by members of Congress. It is illegal but that law is nearly impossible to enforce what’s The point of a law that’s impossible to enforce no point. 000 corporate securities that house members reported in their 2020 financial disclosures. More than a thousand of them are owned by representatives spouses.

At Least 78 House Members Disclose

that their spouses own corporate securities. What does your husband do well mostly he makes money with stuff. I tell him Oh that’s disgusting neither bill is likely to pass any time Soon. House speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose husband is a frequent trader of corporate stock options. I suppose yeah it does help that Nancy tells me which stuff to invest in yeah.

I Never Really Thought About That

Nancy Pelosi recently said she does not believe members of Congress or their spouses should be prohibited from trading stocks. Oh why is that and I see oh well. Oh God. Let me think about the reasons now what is it let me tap on the old rememberer the old think box. What is it again? It would affect me personally and that’s all that matters to me in spite of all the stuff I say all day on Wednesday House speaker Nancy Pelosi shot down the idea that lawmakers should be banned or limited from trading individual stocks.

Should You Be Able To Trade Yes Nearly

50 lawmakers both Republicans and Democrats and nearly 200 of their staffers have repeatedly violated the stock act. According to business insider Democratic Congresswoman Suzy Lee skipped reporting on 200 trades worth over 3 million bucks Did you do any trades No I I didn’t oh Sorry No I did 200 200 199 and 200 and 200 trades was it worth any money No oh no yeah three million, over three million dollars. Republican Dianna Harshbarger failed to report 700 trades worth over 10 million dollars did you do any trades No I didn’t do. It Oh no sorry I absolutely 600 700 trades was it worth any money No no Oh, yeah, no sorry 11 million dollars and what’s the penalty for failing to report these purchases. It’s as low as 200 right because you have been caught betraying the American people and putting personal profit ahead of your duties.

We Are Gonna Hit You With The

full force of the laws that you made and that is why I’m gonna require urgently with immediate effect Today’s lunch money a mere pittance. No please should members of Congress and their spouses be banned from trading individual stocks while serving the Congress. No I don’t know to the second one. This is a free market in people we have a free market economy. They should be able to participate in that there that’s like sort of saying bleep off UK both the ban conflicted trading.

Act But Not The Trust In Congress

Act have been referred to committees chaired by stock traders and have so far received no action here’s that thing you know what I said about that Twitter thing Twitter has booted at Nancy Tracker, a popular account that documented Pelosi’s stock trades and drew attention to the millions of dollars. She and her husband have generated through trading. That is the problem with politics and media and censorship in general instead of solving the actual problem you solve the problem of people being aware of the problem. Oh no there’s a problem. Nancy Pelosi has access to information that’s making it rich and someone’s reporting it on Twitter so normal people can make money from it.

Jesus Christ Get That Off Of

Twitter is Nancy Pelosi still doing that yeah she’s still doing it, but no normal people can ah the account. had over 200 000 followers when it was banned. Some of his most popular tweets highlighted that Pelosi’s role as government official gives her access to insider information and noted that Pelosi’s returns have significantly outpaced both the market and some of the world’s. Best investors she’s better at it than the world’s best it’s a hobby show main job is being the speaker of the House in October less than two months before the accounts were suspended Nancy Tracker said it had received a cease and desist order from a lawyer representing someone high up in the political office. I wonder who that could have been it wasn’t me it was my spouse actually did you tell me to do it that’s what I always do currently 18 Senators or their households own stock in big tech companies held individually by a spouse in a joint trust or for.

A Dependent Child Ah Dependent Child Old Son

you bet you better give her some sex information. I says I’m gonna make it through the day Ah dependent child You’ll come up with something. A report on congressional trading in 2021 by unusual Wales revealed hundreds of millions of dollars have been exchanged on the stock market by elected officials. In 2021 alone good pretty good year for everyone in just equities. Congress bought and sold nearly 290 million dollars throughout the year.

Good Brilliant Always Encouraging In 2021 Only Three

hedge funds beat the market but in congress 35 politicians did even better good hedge funds solely set up to make money from trading are 10 times less efficient than people whose job is going to be making sure that there’s no corruption and that you live in a fair and just world that’s good that’s good that that’s. Happening big legislative events, such as the infrastructure bill getting passed by the Senate were often preceded by politicians trading in the sectors affected that actually I actually feel somewhere between tears and murderous rage. There were tons of unusual trades where politicians made millions of dollars instead of arguing about things where there clearly are divisions and differences of opinions come together over surely what must discuss all of us that politicians are prioritizing personal profit over their actual elected jobs think every time you see it in people on the Tv every single one of them no matter what party they’re from going you know we’re going to build a better America for you affair. We’re your children. No matter where you’re from or what race you are and what however you identify and what you care about we’re going to build about just think you liar you.

Money-Grabbing Liar Congress Has 45 Days

to disclose trades to the public. Sometimes they are late. Oh, oh I was um me, an old dependent child We’ve been making a couple of trades. Some politicians held securities in the sectors. They vocally expressed support for such as senators holding crypto currencies while drafting crypto regulations.

One Thing We Must Step Down On Is

crypto currencies. They are not right those crypto currencies get some crypto currencies from the independent child the little cryptos need the kryptos, so no more of those stinking Goddamn Cryptocurrency, How are the cryptocurrencies doing well. Don’t you buy none though that’s for me independent child poor little bastard quite clearly quite plainly. A significant number of people in congress put their own financial interests ahead of governing in ways that are obvious and ascertainable discernible that we can all see my general assumption would be. entire system puts people in a position where they are unable to help ordinary people.

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The System Is Not Established To

do that the only way that you will ever experience the kind of freedom which is your birthright is if you radically or the system close. All of these loopholes put different people in there change everything you’re never going to get a meaningfully different world with either the Republican Party or the Democrat Party or this set of laws and principles when they come up with new laws. Those laws are gestures and symbols they’re more interested in changing your perception of reality than reality itself. That’s never going to work, but that’s just what I think what do you think? Let me know in the comments below. Let me know the other kind of things that you’ve seen and noticed tell us other stories.

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and give us ideas on how to cover it your intelligence our intelligence. Our collective intelligence together is more powerful even than this apparently indomitable corruption together. We can change it let me know in the comments give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video this one and if you want to learn to get deeper within yourself so you can cope with the filthy stinking corruption of this world learn how to meditate on my side.


American politicians making so much money from stocks that they’re five times ahead of even stock market experts . New regulations are being introduced to control that but what will the loophole be that allows them to carry on? Neo Moolah the most co-sponsored bill to ban stock trading while in office leaves a huge loophole for trading corporate stocks based on non–public information . Neo-Moolah: ‘There’s a lovely little loophole and by the way if you leave a loophole in sorry there ain’t no point in doing it. I was thinking that corruption might be rinsed out of Congress, but it’s okay. There’s a nice little loophole. There is no way to rinsing out of the old money that’s part of their job. They likes to make the old Money that’s the new money that’s part of the job.’ It’s almost like there’s room for a new political pie,” says Neo-moolah. ‘…. Click here to read more and watch the full video