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When I Was Fighting The Ufc I Would Never

let the doctor ever use any painkiller anytime He had to stitch me closed because I wanted to feel that pain because I made a mistake in there in the Octagon and I didn’t want to dull the pain because there should be a consequence for that pain and I wanted to remember that pain in the future Tim Kennedy America you’re bleep here. I made it mine right do your thing I’m here I did make it. I’m pumped thank you what’s happening just busy bee as ever um getting ready for this book and expanding freedom preserving protecting human life man just like the purpose of man. I guess I knew that you’d done a lot and then reading the book it feels like you’ve lived maybe between four and five lifetimes to fit everything in yeah my mom. Is absolutely positive that um if like reincarnation is a real thing, I’m a cat and that I have died nine times already and that I’ve broken the cat nine life rule because clearly I should have been dead more than nine times already and I’ve lived at least nine lives.

Yes Talk To Me About Whats Driven You

through childhood to get to where you are now the sort of person that’s in front of me. Yeah the I’m dumb that’s a big contributing. A big contributing factor is I’m dumb. I’m really stubborn and I can’t stop and when you put those things together you um you have this kind of relentless pursuit of. In my case it was a purpose and an idea and like it didn’t matter as a young man without a fully developed frontal lobe.

You Know Like Making Lots Of Bad Decisions.

I. Still kept moving right even almost drowning when I was I don’t know trying to kill myself or not, but swimming out in the Pacific Ocean. A couple of miles just try to like get another chance at life. I just kept swimming You know getting blown up in Afghanistan just kept moving um you know like pissing off my teammates in Iraq being a young ignorant Narcissist.

I Just Kept Moving So Yeah

just kind of this adventure that is life that’s full of failure and lots of struggles in my life. I just kept moving do you know where that comes from is that something that’s just in you is that do you feel like that’s heritage. I think a little nature and a little nurture. You know my family. I’m surrounded by greatness you know my grandpa came from the greatest generation you know world war.

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Ii Hero, You Know Literally Dropped Bombs

on Nazis type guy and um survive the great depression. You know the patriarch of our family and setting everything up and then my dad, a heroic but undercover narcotics officer my big brother, All my uncles Vietnam War like I’m surrounded by strong genetics. Yeah, just like some strong stuff and then in the environment that I grew up in ordinary was just not accepted like playing average was just not ever an allowed state of being. You know it was high achievers and every everywhere I looked and um doing anything else besides the best that you could do was just not enough, did you always know that you wanted to be in the army. Yes Yeah! Yeah! I was at North County Christian School the same school that this jerk made fun of Laura Lakerie because she had a new haircut that looked kind of boyish and shame on her mom for putting that bowl on her head and then cutting her hair, but that’s what happened and um and he made fun of her and I followed him up onto the playscape and I punched him in his mouth and I pushed him off which broke his arm and I got paddled in the Ld.

I Was Four Yeah And Um But In

the same time period we journaled like and I still have this journal today it’s like this little tiny you know like has wallpaper glued on the outside of it. I’m not sure if all kindergarteners or kindergarten made their kindergartners do this but inside of it it’s like. What do you want to be when you grow up and like Who is your family? What does your house look like? And you draw all these things and what do I want to be when I grow up Is a picture of a camouflaged guy jumping out of an airplane and a dude wearing a martial art ghee doing karate You’re kidding me. I’m dead serious so there’s a couple of things that are happening here one. I very very early on knew right and wrong and that I was going to stand up to bullies and two I kind of knew what I wanted to become and the journey to become that was long arduous meandering yeah.

I Got Distracted Lots Of Living Yeah Before

I finally but man I got penalized every time. I went astray. You know like so like thinking. I had aids that’s that’s. a good example of it knocking up a bunch of women.

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Another Great Example Of It That Was Prior

to the swim out to the ocean right that’s right that’s right you know wrecking my motorcycle. I’m not saying that my my grandpa died of emphysema by my choices, But it felt like it you know like every time that I wasn’t doing what I was put on this planet to do. I was the the consequences of those bad decisions like had serious repercussions. I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently so radical responsibility you know Jocko’s put this forward taking complete responsibility for the things that you do. I do sometimes wonder if there’s such a thing as too much responsibility where you take responsibility for things that you don’t have responsibility for and it sounds like maybe that creeps in yeah, there might be a little.

Creep But You Absolutely The Extreme

ownership jocko approach to this if you look at all of the things that were going wrong in my life. Almost all of them were my doing like. There were my choices and the repercussions from those you know like. I go to an orgy with a bunch of girls after a fight and one of the girls has hiv and she walks into the gym He’s like hey I have hiv. I was like cool.

This Is On Me Theres No

other blame there right yes wasn’t somebody else’s pain No 100 percent my penis um you know like putting babies and a few different women at the same time like there’s nobody else no nobody else’s penis in there like that’s mine and you know like failure at work like indecisiveness in school like all of those things were those. Are my decisions and then compounded by you know as we deal with stress external stressors. You have coping mechanisms and and those things are the how you deal with all of these different struggles well the really important ones to me. At the time one of them, My grandpa was dying in front of me. You know every breath was just slightly less than the prior breath.

So You Know My Motorcycle.

I think that was my it was me that crashed that you know like I’m going down 90 miles an hour on Highway 46. like that’s a that’s a me choice when that meth sure that meth had pulled out. You know like had I been going 55. I could have been able to stop um instead.

I You Know Did Not So I

I definitely hear you but um I’m gonna go ahead and accept ownership. For the vast majority of the problems in that specific time period okay so then when you do decide to get into the armed forces, you do decide to join special forces is that the beginning of a path where you begin to take a little bit more responsibility. I love how you’re like putting in a lot of um the adjectives and pronouns in there Because I I was not yet like beginning to absolutely I was beginning. I was starting this was like definitely not a turn that in the hero movie. This is not like that moment where there’s like hero music not the call to adventure yet Yeah he’s like oh.

I Mean Hes Gonna Do The Right

thing now that’s not happening no he’s gonna continue to bleep up for ages ages. Episode five Yeah Like Season 10 He might start to get things a little bit a little bit Yeah that’s how this that’s how that journey was so lots of really shameful regretful moments with lots of humbling experiences okay so I’ve heard you talk about this a good bit. I’ve heard you talk about the fact that sort of shame and reflecting on um deficiencies situations where you didn’t know enough do enough have the capacity that that’s one of the driving forces for you Yeah, but for a lot of people when they have that shame it it causes inertia right it doesn’t cause movement Yeah that’s dumb but you understand why that might happen talk to me about that so if I like step on a grill and the grill is I don’t know let’s just say, how is the temperature of a grill 400 degrees 500. degrees too hot, Okay it’s hot right and I’m standing on that grill and I’m burning Why would I stay there like there’s a beautiful purpose to pain and a pain is a thing that moves us emotional pain like you get cheated on by your girlfriend and you’re like Ow that really really hurt.

Im Gonna Go Ahead And Break

up with this relationship and I’m gonna look for different characteristics in the next partner Cool got it I’m going to um pick up this paper the wrong way and it gave me a paper cut. Oh that really hurt right like I’m going to pick up paper differently to know that not to get a paper cut the next time. I’m not going to slide my finger on the long edge of the paper like so pain has this really really important purpose and I don’t know why. people dull it people like intentionally avoid it people deny that it ever happened.

They Ignore These Mistakes And They

ignore these failures. They ignore these struggles and they dis and then like 30 years later, they’re paying a few hundred thousand dollars to talk to a counselor to like work through these experiences or or just hear me out. Acknowledge that they’re real and that everybody has them and move and things get better. You don’t burn alive on that grill you don’t cut your hand on paper you don’t get cheated on in the next relationship and you slowly start having this improved life over just acknowledging that pain serves a purpose and instead of doling it with whatever pills you’re popping or whatever you’re drinking or whatever yoga class you’re doing and they’re all all different ways to dull it just be real and be present and.

Its Its A Shame In 2022

where we curate and editorialize everything about our lives and we hide our failures and we use a new filter to to disguise our blemishes on our face or the scars and and and lines around my eyes. You know like there’s a lot of living here. I want to know it when I was fighting the UFC and in strike force I would.


Tim Kennedy says he has lived between four and five lifetimes to fit everything in his new book . The UFC fighter says his mom is positive that reincarnation is a real thing, and that he has died nine times already and that I’ve broken the cat nine life rule because clearly I should have been dead more than nine times and I’ve lived at least nine lives . Tim Kennedy: “I made it mine right do your thing I’m here I did make it. I’m pumped thank you what’s happening just busy bee as ever. I just kept moving so yeah just kind of this adventure that is life” He says he wants to expand freedom preserving freedom preserving protecting human life man just like the purpose of man . He also says he is ‘dumb’ and ‘a big contributing factor is I’m really stubborn and I can’t stop. He says that he is not afraid to fight for the sake of his life. He wants to be a fighter who wants to make the world…. Click here to read more and watch the full video