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Today A New Time Magazine Article Pretty

much says that the Democrats are they’re saying the quiet parts out loud like literally you won’t believe it We will get into it today and a new gun control bill calls for you to be psychologically evaluated if you dare exercise your second amendment right happy Friday buckle up it’s gonna be a bumpy one it starts right now welcome to the news and white matters. I’m Sarah Gonzalez and I’ve basically just given up for the week. I am ready for the weekend in case you couldn’t tell by the way if you like the sweatshirt Chad Prather. This is a chad prather sweatshirt. I’m personally in love with it mostly because it keeps me warm in this freezing cold studio joined by today We’ve got Eric July in the house Blaze Tv contributor thanks for being here and we’ve got.

Rob Eno Blaze Media Critic Robino Thank

you for being here um Eric. I have to say I thought of you in this first story where I teased before you know we. We opened the show that the Democrats are like they are really legitimately saying the quiet parts out loud and I thought of you um because there was this time magazine. I guess it’s an article. I feel like it’s an expose honestly but um it was this it was it’s here’s the title of it.

The Secret History Of The Shadow

campaign that saved the 2020 election and it goes on to describe a loosely organized coalition of operatives who scrambled to shore up America‘s institutions as they came under simultaneous attack from a remorseless pandemic and an autocratically inclined president and then it says their work touched every aspect of the election they got states to. change, voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. They fended off voter suppression lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers and got millions of people to vote by mail. For the first time. They successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line against this information disinformation and used data-driven strategies to fight viral smears.

I Mean This Goes On To Explain

how a bunch of people got together here let me just give you another quote, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream, a well–funded cabal of powerful people ranging across industries and ideologies working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws steer media coverage and control the flow of information. This is a Real like they’ve literally just admitted to all of the things that we accuse them of doing and things by the way that I think probably could get this show banned from Youtube. I mean you’ll get banned if you talk about all of these things. Yet they’re admitting that they did it and they said This is where you come in Eric They were not rigging the election. They were fortifying it and they believe the public needs to understand the system’s fragility in order to ensure that democracy in America endures.

I Think What I Was Just

what I just listened to what I just described as anything but democracy, but I thought of you Eric because I always hear you saying the game is rigged. The game is rigged and I’m like they literally just admitted the game is rigged. They just chose to call it fortifying. Yep um it’s a war on rhetoric. This is what they have mastered.

The Only Thing They Lied About

in that article was that it it sort of had to do with a bunch of different ideologies that’s simply not true. We know it’s just one particular slant that had to do with much of this, but I’m glad. They’re finally admitted because I’m thinking that I can now. I’m allowed to talk about it because I could just reference the time article and I won’t get banned or demonetized to get my strike for spreading misinformation because they just specifically admitted to that so I think everything’s on the table now but seriously guys you know when they talk about stopping the I guess the disinformation. I think to me that’s the biggest one that they admitted to because we had said this and we alluded to and they.

Called Us Conspiracy Theorists When We Would

say they would specifically suppress certain types of folks that were peddling a particular narrative that they didn’t agree with or something like that and they would just claim that it was misinformation for for Christ. We have this whole ordeal going on right now with the fact checkers and the AoC saying that it was mostly false that people said that she was not really in harm’s way because she wasn’t at the that particular part of the capital complex where the insurrectionists were actually at so that’s what we’re dealing with and of course they did ramp it up and we saw that we noticed that you put little disclaimers near everybody’s post that had anything to do with the election and said Oh well. This is being disputed and all sorts of things. So i’m glad that they’re finally admitted. that they got all all the people with the big money spreading across different industries to get everybody involved and it has nothing to do with having these safe and secure elections which those to me are bogus terms or maybe antithetical to one another at this state, but I’m glad they’re finally admitting it because they got the result that they were of course desiring and now everything’s out there because of course nobody’s going to do anything about it well and rob to add to Eric’s point here um and I want to give you the floor it’s like not only are they admitting it they’re actually they’re they’re shouting it right they’re doubling down.

Theyre Proud Of The Work That They Absolutely

that’s why they want you to know right they’re proud of it basically. Glenn has said that there’s a cabal that’s trying to do this. And they admitted it they call him a conspiracy theorist, but they admitted the conspiracy right. I mean it’s it’s absolutely amazing and the thing that gets me is you know Facebook twitter. All these guys are like no no we have like boards and we have independent fact checkers that look at stuff and they’re the ones that you know if it gets a little bit crazy.

Theyre The Ones That Take It

off time. Just admitted that they were working on the orders of this like group of people that was headed by a union president the Afl-cio guy. I mean it’s absolutely insane like you said I love the part where they said well you know they had some conservatives too they had the lincoln project. They didn’t have some conservatives they had like the grooming organization right you know that’s what they had okay I mean. did not have a bunch of conservatives that were working and are afraid of this, but they’re going to continue to do it because they can get away with it because I guarantee you that if I post this on my facebook wall.

All My Liberal Friends From Massachusetts Are Going

to do stuff like well they were just trying to protect the election. There is voter suppression right there is this they changed the rules in the middle of an election. It’s what we said that they did that’s why like Lynn Wood and those people were crazy by saying the voting machines and all that kind of stuff All they had to point to was they changed the rules Yeah in the middle of an election. How do you verify how do you verify that somebody’s actually legal and a citizen and able to vote if they don’t? show up in person with an id. I mean that’s a great point I and not only that let’s go back to just election day right we don’t need all of the early voting.

We Dont Need To Give Them Time

like real absentee issues. I understand, but I think that those are very rare now they’re. I mean the encouragement is let’s just why don’t you just submit your vote by mail and just drop it in the post office box and hope that it gets to where it needs to go. You don’t need to show up on election day and it’s like I thought we were supposed to like try to show up on elections. They didn’t even give you an audit.

I Mean Like For 15 000.

. I forget the number out there in Georgia that they that they supposedly audited but for the most part. They they wouldn’t look over any of this even though this was an entirely new process even when you consider the actual mail in voting, which is the most bizarre part of it and this is what I was saying you know. I’ve obviously said that I believe all these elections are a little quick, but that in particular tells me that they were trying to push for something that was bizarre because they didn’t even bother to say yes.

This Is A Brand New Process

that we’re doing in terms of how we’re handling our national election and we’re not even going to look it over again audit any of these particular votes, and then when it made it to the court systems. They didn’t even bother to look it over they said no there’s nothing there. It was bizarre that this all happened with something that was just. implemented rules that were changed right on the fly and they didn’t even give you that so again you’re playing a rigged game well and rob so let me just add to your point too um not only were they changing the rules when this was happening.

They Also Were Going Out And Giving Interviews.

I recall One man talking about it was going to be. It may look like a red mirage Was the term that he used. This was a democratic You know operative who said it’s going to look like a red mirage whenever the votes start coming in, but Don’t worry just wait once they count the mail in votes, then we will you know basically win the election, so it’s like not only were they changing the rules.

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They Were Telling You What They Wanted

to do to make sure that they could fudge their way to winning and then they did it right so here’s the deal. I I said a bunch of times leading up to the election that you can’t do the stuff that they wanted to do after the election because intent to the voter intent of the voter intent of the voter courts are very very loath to overturn elections on the basis of fraud because. They believe that it it takes away my civil rights having cast a vote, which is why I said the whole time you know you need to be prepared for this. You need to do it ahead of time and that’s what my Liberal friends will say they’ll say well, why didn’t you sue ahead of time to change the laws time.

Just Admitted That There Was A

concerted effort to stop those lawsuits right right right yeah yeah why didn’t you just do this we tried yeah like they’re telling you that we tried right and that yeah it’s it’s Abs. Once a vote is cast, it is very hard to overturn the results of the election. Even if you can demonstrate widespread fraud because you’re you’re taking away the votes of somebody else right that’s kind.


A new gun control bill calls for you to be psychologically evaluated if you dare exercise your second amendment right . A new time magazine article pretty much says that the Democrats are they’re saying the quiet parts out loud like literally you won’t believe it . We will get into it today and a new gun . control bill called for you . to be . psychologically evaluated . We’ve got Eric July in the house Blaze Tv contributor thanks for being here and we’ve got Rob Eno, Blaze Media critic Robino and Chad Prather in the studio to talk about today’s news and white matters . We open the show with an article about the shadow campaign that saved the 2020 election that describes a loosely . organized coalition of operatives who scrambled to shore up America’s institutions as they came under simultaneous attack from a . remorseless pandemic and an autocratically inclined president and an . autocrically inclined president . We’ll talk about how they helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video