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Tonights Season Finale Of For The Record Focuses

on the attack on April 2011 by an Afghani colonel named Ahmed Gull. It killed eight members of theNK] Air Force and one American contractor for the record in case you don’t know is I believe one of the best investigative reporting shows on television today. They continually break story after story after story only to have the rest of the press catch up usually about a year later. Tonight. We go four years after the attack that left loved ones dead and family members still searching for answers on this attack watch.

Despite The Uncertainty Surrounding The Event, None Of

the 14 Afghans were detained for questioning and were allowed to resume their activities at the base the next day. Additionally, two of the firearms from the deceased Airmen were never recovered. NK] Air Force investigators weren’t permitted to access. to access the crime scene until four days later. By that time the Afghan Ministry of Defence had already scrubbed bloodstains and halted the collection of evidence.

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This Is Absolutely I Believe This.

This will you will want to pull every soldier back home forensic accountant. Thomas Creole joins me now Tom as I watched this episode of for the record the other day I was I was horrified about what is called Green-on-blue Can you just explain quickly what Green-on-blue is basically Glenn it’s insider attacks there are paid Afghans and they are set out to do a an attack. Ok on our soldiers so we know now you’re a forensic accountant to explain a little bit what that means we traced the money I always like to flavor eyes it a little bit and say we do an autopsy of the financial statement okay so you know now. the the shooter if you will was paid for this Liz hit correct yes, how do we know that it what we did over there the task force that I was with we our mission was to stand up and get visibility on the flow of the money.

All The Illicit Funds Whatever Dime

went backwards frontwards so after being there for a year we knew what was going on there was a criminal network and they were funding suicide missions insider attacks UK it it was prominent throughout that country. They said our investigators say. This was just an argument between Gull and and some of our soldiers and the our side won’t admit that goal was paid. I don’t know if our side won’t admit that I don’t think the they’ve gone through the type of investigation to lay the proof on the table and truly prove that the money came through used car dealership in a rot came into the the Warlord‘s and was paid to the family of Colonel goal. So I don’t think they’re ready to admit that because they haven’t done the right type of investigator Doesn’t that strike you Tom as completely irresponsible.

If We Were Running Were Running

a war and we’re supposed to be protecting our soldiers that they haven’t for years later. They haven’t done this investigation Yeah and here’s the part that really rubs me the wrong way it’s it’s not letting I know that I know there’s talk about getting closure for the family and bringing the finance ears to justice that’s good and that should be. done but more important Glenn is the preventative measures that you can take by understanding how the flow of money. Just last week there’s an insider attack of an inside Afghan soldier turned a machine gun and killed one UK soldier wounded four others that’s last week. This is the start of the fighting season.

We Can Prevent This If You Understand The

flow of the money and how these guys are paid you can then look into the future. You can predict certain things. You say that the type of investigation that should be done you said something that I have not heard from anybody else before that. There are millions and and millions of dollars missing or I guess hidden in the bank of Kabul that is funding a lot of this stuff. You say you pretty much know who it is.

You Know Who Has Access But Were

not doing anything about it. Do I have that right well. I don’t know if we’re not doing anything. We’re not doing enough okay but and it’s not just the Kabul bank either it’s the hill Wallace When I was there. We made a huge effort to understand the flow of the money with the Hawala Dars and out of the six major provinces.

We Got Visibility On Five Of

them as far as the money flows, so I don’t think we’ve we’ve done. it a lot? There’s a lot more to do and if we do it right you can actually use the money to flow of the money to predict some of these attacks how large deposits into bank accounts large deposits into a hawala account and if that account is a family member of an Afghan soldier, an Afghan policemen. You then have very abnormal activity. You should pull that guy aside that he may be a future suicide attacker something may be going on so that’s you set them aside until you find out what should the americas how much what should the American people be doing at this point I mean how do we how do we help people sit at home they hear this they feel I mean you’ll watch for the record and I’m telling you you’ll be you’ll be outraged by what’s happening what do we? do with that well? I am outraged and I did see preview in that and that episode tonight it leaves you breathless.

It Does Truly It Its Shocking And I

was there. I was there when it happened and it brought back all those terrible memories and it gets you more motivated obviously to put these reventon tools in place but the American people set them aside. President Ghani came here to three weeks ago and he he stood at the Pentagon and thanked our country for our service and our blood. And then he went to the White House and he asked that the drawdown be extended or delayed and our president agreed to it fair enough.

President Ghani Should Do Everything Under The

Sun to protect our UK troops and the UK troops over there so two weeks to use the money as a predictive tool he should. Do it thank you very much time I appreciate it. Don’t miss the season finale of for the record only on the Blaze Tonight and share it with a friend.


Eight members of theNK] Air Force and one American contractor were killed in an insider attack in April 2011 . Investigators weren’t permitted to access the crime scene until four days later . The Afghan Ministry of Defence had already scrubbed bloodstains and halted the collection of evidence . Two of the firearms from the deceased Airmen were never recovered . Thomas Creole joins Tom on for the record to explain what Green-on-blue is basically insider attacks there are paid Afghans and they are set out to do a an attack . Tom Costello: “This will you will want to pull every soldier back home forensic accountant.& This is absolutely I believe this. This will you would want to pulled every soldier out of Afghanistan.& The truth is that this will you want to know now. It will you know now,” Costello says. For the record is that it is that we need to know what we know now, how do we know that it what we did over there the task force…. Click here to read more and watch the full video