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In 2019, New Zealand Banned Firearms And

in 2020 they banned dating Yes Today we are gonna look at the top five extreme examples of when social distancing laws have gone too far is extreme social distancing and overreaction well. According to the Washington Post and many different state governors and city mayors. It’s not today’s examples are the most extreme ways that we believe the government is overreacting and overreaching in their power to prevent you from leaving your home welcome back to the daily dose. Our daily podcast here on slightly offensive please check that you’re subscribed always by clicking below. Also realize guys it helps us out a lot if you go ahead and you download our audio only version of this podcast on Apple podcast and Spotify and Google podcasts leave us a 5-star rating and if you want to support us even further including our.

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I Might Be Sick.

You might be sick. Everybody might be sick millions are gonna die apparently so we’ve got to take precaution and I’m not here to speak against social distancing. In fact for a lot of you introverts. Social distancing is just your daily lifestyle and we’re all living it we are all living it but the Washington Post and many different articles.

Have Written Things Like This Is Extreme

social distancing an overreaction no unfortunately, and they’ve supported this by saying amazingly calm and reassuring things like We Don’t have enough information to establish exactly how deadly Kovat 19 is and we probably won’t for quite some time, but the experiences of China and Italy have established one thing pretty clearly if you don’t take aggressive containment measures patience will overwhelm your hospitals and then your intensive care units and then your morgues essentially If we don’t go to extreme measures we’re all going to I so governments have responded accordingly and today we are gonna keep them in check by looking at what we believe are the top five ways that these governments have just gone too far. Number one the most far removed from most to least New Zealand enforces a bunk ban partners who don’t live together can’t visit. each other under a strict coronavirus lockdown This is from the Daily Mail I don’t know how to say her name Chick in de Arden, How do you pronounce that is that just totalitarian Yeah I think that’s what we’ll call her. This is the girl who banned firearms in New Zealand by the way Joe Kinder Jacinda are Dern’s government has quietly introduced a bonk ban more than a week into New Zealand’s Clampdown designed to stamp out cove at 19. New Zealand authorities issued new lockdown guidance that separates families and lovers who don’t live together with Kiwis, which is what we call New Zealanders not even halfway through an initial four-week lockdown that may be extended.

It Remains To Be Seen How Long Theyll

spend apart self–isolation principals under the lockdown in New Zealand were previously vague. Before the lockdown Miss Arden asked Cubies to apply common. down their social group that was understood largely mean households but nonspecific language allowed families and partners who don’t live to see each other. However, a Health Act order replaced the unspecific order with explicit language, which leaves no room for misinterpretation. It allows for no Fras turning across households with very frass turn izing Oh I Don’t know what that word is household with very limited exemptions for shared custody of children and when at least one of the partners lives alone.

The End Result Is The Criminalization Of

most relationships between Kiwis who Don’t live together so leave it up to NEw Zealand of course to make it a criminal act to see your partner’s so if you’re dating and you don’t live together you can’t see each other now of course that would violate the liberties in the United States, but when you don’t have the same. Constitution? We have you don’t have the same Liberty, Which is why we need a fight to keep that and then is about as extreme as it can get you’re preventing people who love each other from seeing each other, but what are your thoughts on that I mean to be quite honest. How could that help in a time of isolation. I think depression could end up being more dangerous than this but number two this is where it gets even better leave it up to these great other Western countries to completely destroy the freedoms of Western Civilization number two most extreme law UK police officers are using drones to lock down shame people for walking their dogs in remote areas during the Krona virus outbreak. This is a real story so this comes from Business Insider, so you see here on this picture they literally put on.

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Stories Video Footage Of People Walking

their dogs in remote areas and put them on UK to shame them publicly. It sounds like a dystopian novel but it’s actually real UK Police officers have sparked the public backlash after using drones to lock down shame people for continuing to visit remote areas to exercise and walk their dogs. Despite the National coronavirus Lockdown Derbyshire police on Thursday posted drone footage of Hill Walker’s visiting the Peak District National Park footage of two individuals walking their dogs in the park was labeled as not essential in the clip. Other police office forces in England have also set up roadblocks and left notes on cars at beauty spots asking Walker’s why they are not at home. The Times of London newspaper reported under wide-ranging emergency legislation which came into force on ThursdayNK] Police officers can impose fines of 60 pounds for breaching a lockdown which will be reduced to 30 pounds of paid within two weeks fines for repeat offenses rise to 120 pounds in the first instance, and can go up to a maximum of 1000 pounds.

You Can Get Fined A Thousand

pounds for walking your dog. This is where I’m gonna bring this up if you want social distancing. How is somebody in the Hills walking their dog not social distancing. See this is not about social distancing. It’s about control if it was about social distancing that if you were distant from other people socially, then you would be abiding by the guidelines, but what they want to do is to tell you where you can and cannot go but of course.

We Know That Uk Is Lost We

understand that and for my UK viewers you know how bad it’s gotten over there but thank God for Brexit. I hope things still get better so we see New Zealand’s loss do we see the UK loss but it gets better where else is authoritarian where else is insane and doesn’t follow the UK Constitution or the Bill of Rights Yes California, the great state where we filmed this show and the next-these are-in here come out of the LOs Angeles Times, which is no better than the New York Times and it says Coronavirus Scoff Scoff laws arrested criminally charged as California cracks down as California officials tried desperately to keep people inside to slow the spread of the corona virus authorities are beginning to crack down on Scofflaws. The crackdown is escalated in recent days with. days with non–essential businesses that refuse to shut down as well as people who defy orders to stay out of the water finding themselves in the crosshairs. LOs Angeles prosecutors on Friday filed criminal charges against two smoke shops, a shoe storm and a discount electronics retailer, accusing them of refusing to shut down despite orders and pose to fight the corona virus.

It Marks The First Time The City Has

filed charges for violations of the safer at home order, which requires businesses deemed non–essential to close their doors to slow the spread of the krona virus. So number three they are actually fining. They’re fining small businesses for not shutting down now. This is what’s going crazy you’re telling small businesses they have to shut down but not only this if they operate under social distancing laws, what if they’ve closed down and they’re only doing deliveries or. their shops if they don’t close down you’re not only stopping their business but you’re fining them so you’re putting criminal penalties on law-abiding shop owners simply because they’re trying to make a living you know what’s funny is all of these law enforcement officials and these governors and media who UK penalize these people all have their jobs and as they mock and tell people oh stay home.

Dont Work Shut Your Business Down They Do

that while they’re working. It’s easy to tell someone to shut down when you yourself are working. People are losing their livelihoods Because of this it’s not like they’re just having fun chilling and drinking margaritas at home. They’re not able to pay their rent. They’re not able to pay their bills.

People Are Hungry Do You Understand The

seriousness of this but of course let’s find people which against is again is. I’m sure our forefathers fought for that that’s number three number four comes and it’s like fours together as two of these actually of course they come from the same article because a paddleboarder was arrested Thursday after ignoring lifeguards orders to get out of the ocean near the Malibu pier. Despite beach closures, County lifeguards patrolling the shore by boat tried to get the man to come ashore. Despite repeated orders to exit the water, The man continued paddle boarding for at least 30 minutes. God I love this guy I love him they tell him to get on the water.

Hes Like No Lifeguards Eventually Flag Down

LOs Angeles County sheriff’s deputies who responded by by boat to help you no thank you really helped who are you keeping away from this man. Nemo he already lost his son he could go through coronavirus Okay. According to sheriff’s. Department now it goes down even further. This is even better, so it wasn’t just a paddle boarder but a surfer in Manhattan Beach was fined $1000 last weekend after he was accused of similarly ignoring warnings by police and lifeguards not to go in the water.

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Its Not Clear How Many People

in the region have been arrested for violating the governor’s order so people are surfing in paddle boarding which to me is literally social distancing. There’s nobody more annoying to talk to than somebody’s trying to hit some freshner at UK a. m. it’s like dude go we have your waves, but they’re fining people money for going into the ocean.

This Is Ridiculous You Cant Do That

legally, but they are getting away with it and where are they getting away with it? In California because California doesn’t abide by the laws of the rest of the country. They do whatever the hell they want to, but what it really does throw me off a little bit is this last one number five and this is the fact that planned parenthood is considered an essential service, but religious services are not. I understand that some religious services could be packed it could there could be issues, but what if a church also just wants to.


In 2019, New Zealand banned firearms and in 2020 they banned dating . Today we are gonna look at the top five extreme examples of when social distancing laws have gone too far . The Washington Post and many different state governors and city mayors. have written things like This is extreme social . distancing an overreaction no unfortunately, and they’ve supported this by saying amazingly calm and reassuring things like We Don’t have enough information to establish exactly how deadly Kovat 19 is and we probably won’t for quit . Sign up today at Blaze Tv.&com slash slightly offensive using the code Alijah to get our best deal ever it’s like Christmas came early for $69. You get all of our content extended content. For that great price of $69 at Blaze slash .com slash Slightly offensive. Use the . code Al Elijah to get the code alijah to Get our best discount ever for that great value of $73.50. The Daily podcast here on…. Click here to read more and watch the full video