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All Right, Oh, Yeah Baby Eat Those Sweet Snacks

you whale. I can hear your fat rolls screaming for mercy and it’s making me hard as a rock yeah, Oh Don’t waste it Oh look you gotta get every last drop you little pig hey would you change your look up for something no man I could swear. I could swear that’s like a new Christmas sweater are you sure you didn’t shut up and keep eating so I can feast on your cellulite okay hello everybody and welcome back to a brand new gluttony induced myocardial infarction. My name is Leon Lush and I am filled with glee that you would be so kind to spend a few minutes here with me today anyways I’ll cut right to the chase today’s video is just a 10-minute mukbang that is the good bleep kind of content right here just. sit and watch me eat for another 15 minutes one and a half million views.

Love Youtube Makes A Lot Of

sense doesn’t it no I’m only teasing mukbangs are unequivocally the worst content on Youtube. I couldn’t possibly put you through that I care about you too much just not so much that I wouldn’t put you through this. I think watching a woman eat is erotic Phillips turned on by feeding me because when I eat I gain weight and he loves new curves cellulite a bigger body. Now I have to imagine you’re saying out loud to yourself damn it Leon. It’s only a few seconds into this video and already my loins are moister than a slice of white bread in a swimming pool well May I suggest grabbing a towel because it’s only gonna get better from here on out and you imagine where the fat’s gonna go where the curves are gonna go.

He Likes Me To Gain.

I like to gain so it’s perfect match. I gotta tell you Phillip and I cut from the same cloth. I I mean is there anything sexier than watching somebody binge eating and just imagining where that fat’s gonna go where the fat’s gonna turn into rolls and get all sloppy with the skin tags. I mean sometimes I like to just post up in a fast food restaurant just watch people eat and just imagine.

How That Fats Gonna Start Forming

on the lower back side of their body and just give myself a you know I find our feeder feeding relationship to be erotic, extremely sexy perfect match. I mean talk about concrete proof that there is someone out there for everyone are you worried that you’re never going to find a partner because your only goal in life is eating yourself to death well fear not because there is a man out there right now somewhere in the world that gets off to the idea of helping you eat yourself to death. I mean it is just a match made in heaven and you know what else is a match made in heaven you me in today’s video sponsor Vikings war of clans if you’re like me. You’ve probably at some point fantasized about becoming a Norse God or Goddess while I’m here. to tell you that that Fantasy just became a reality Vikings War of Clans is an in-depth strategy RPG inspired by games that I spent hundreds of hours on as a kid like age of empires and command and conquer.

You Can Command Armies Upgrade Your Heroes Gather

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Really A Win-Win So You Can Help

support my channel by downloading Vi King’s War of Clans for free using my link in the description box down below you’ll get a special welcome bonus of 200 gold coins and a protective shield and you’ll also be helping support this channel by playing a fun game now. Finally Don’t forget to look me up and join my Vikings clan under the nickname Tomato Mafia. I’ll see you there use the link below now we’re no stranger to looking at weird fetishes on this channel right like the girl that likes to role play as a dog or the adults dressing up and acting like babies. No and this video kind of falls under the fetishistic category as well feederism deriving sexual pleasure from encouraging another to eat being served large quantities of food and or gaining weight. I weigh somewhere over.

Pounds Thats It I Call Myself An

encourager more than a true feeder. The feeder would be the person who is admiring of an obese large person. Part of their attraction to them is the desire to want to feed them. Now let me be clear we’re not fat shaming here okay. I say let love love right if you’re into the Bbws or the bbms you like a little extra taffy to twist around while you’re performing coitus on one another hell Yeah get after those rolls baby.

Im All About It, But It

gets a little strange for me when the attraction is wrapped up in the desire to just keep feeding someone in feeding someone until they become so large that they either die or just can’t get out of bed actually you know what now that I said it out loud that that is kind of. hot Oh, Oh! I saw her very impressive kind of took me by surprise very impressive. Indeed, I was leaning over a bed and my belly was just hanging down and he’s went nuts. She’s a big girl. I like big girls okay a little tasteful censoring was necessary.

There Remember This Is A Christian

channel After all. There are very few people who meet and fall in love with a person that is also the embodiment of their fetishes Don’t. I know it Philip Don’t. I know it. I wanted to become a web model so I can show my body and men can have their perfect woman to view you know.

I Mean Its Not Fair That I Take

a thing of beauty and hide it away or not show it off. The world is not fair that we know but Donna is doing everything in her power. to tip the scales in the other direction she could just hide such a beautiful gift but that wouldn’t be fair at all so she shares it with the world. I mean she is as selfless as she is hungry. I happen to be her photographer Of course, I have to bring to the forefront.

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Donnas Beauty, Donnas Sexiness, Donnas Fatness, Donnas

fat yeah we’ve had some very interesting sets that we’ve done. I mean there was one where she was handcuffed to the refrigerator. You handcuffed her to a fridge Phillip. I can’t even I can’t even add anything to that that’s already a good enough joke. I love her fat mess how her fat moves under her.

Im His Clothes Im Perfect To Him.

Donna’s body is a fat lover. ‘s playground. Donna is a fat lover’s playground sounds fun dibs on the back fat see-saw okay smile relax. Yeah, there’s just more to work with between the cellulite.

The Stretch Marks The Fat To Push

up and down on can we just talk about how he calls it cellulite between the cellulite have I been have I’ve been saying it wrong my whole life. I mean Philip is a man who knows his cellulite right he knows his fat. No he’s. I mean he he spends his days on a fat lover’s playground this man if he’s pronouncing cellulite wrong, then my whole world is flipped upside down if have I been saying is cellulite the wrong way to say it is it cellulite or cellulite. Some Philip loves my belly, so he needs to have my belly as the center of attention during sex, Phillip has a sort of refined palette.

I Think When It Comes To His

erotic endeavors just a simple thing like lifting her. Belly that’s very erotic I’m just picturing Phil like in the bedroom like really getting under it and getting low and then digging his shoulder into it pressing it up. Oh that’s hot doing reps with it getting that belly on the shoulder. Oh two. Oh my God, I’m gonna not Oh I’m gonna not die.

I Dont Think Its A Big Power Trip

deal for me, but I certainly do enjoy taking care of her ah. I’m not sure if that’s what I’d call it. Philip there’s a shower involved every morning yes there is yes there is I get to handle all this fat. This this bounty of flesh that I love I get to care for it. I get to wash it okay that may go down as my favorite sentence of all time.

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Just Look At This Bounty Of

flesh I get to handle it and. Wash it and care for it when Philip goes off to work each day. Donna stays home working on her own life goal. You see this is good. At least Donna has some goal set and she’s working towards something.

Maybe She Wants To Go On A Vacation

or she’s saving up some money through you know the lewd picture she sells online to start a little college fund for a future child. I don’t know when it comes to dreaming about my weight really there’s no limits. I want to be a thousand pounds. I support Donna in her goal of reaching a thousand pounds to us. Her gain is a source of enormous sexual pleasure okay um reaching a thousand pounds.

Wasnt Exactly What I Had In Mind, But

you but you can’t say that Donna doesn’t have lofty aspirations and that is commendable something to work for. And I say Bravo Donna people who want to maintain a large size they could be putting themselves on some serious health risks hold on health risk come on come on. Doc let’s not jump to conclusions here, but what’s interesting is why do they still continue to do it is the attraction or the compulsion so powerful that they lose judgment. Yes is the answer you’re looking for they’re thought clearly they’ve lost sight of any form of rational or logical thinking.

I Dont Believe That Ive Taken It To

a zone that’s unhealthy my blood pressure is fine I stay away from salt. I try to you know modify and try to have some sense about this. What okay listen. Donna I was on your side up until this point.

I Was Really I Was Rooting For

you to reach your goal of a thousand pounds, but the second you try to start shoving is I haven’t reached the point of it being unhealthy down my throat that you’re still doing something reasonable and you’ve modified your diet so that it’s not really out of control bleep you Donna by the way as a video editor. Myself that appreciates subtleties just a masterful job of whoever edited this piece by including this subtle dig right here stay away from me. My blood pressure is fine and I stay away from salt and boom cuts right to a skillet filled with five pounds of greasy sizzling salty.


Leon Lush is a 10-minute mukbang that is the good bleep kind of content right here just sit and watch me eat for another 15 minutes one and a half million views . Lush says watching a woman eat is erotic Phillips turned on by feeding me because when I eat I gain weight and he loves new curves cellulite a bigger body. Lush likes me to gain.& I like to gain so it’s perfect match. I’m only teasing mukbangs are unequivocally the worst content on Youtube. I couldn’t possibly put you through that I care about you too much just not so much that I wouldn’t put you Through this. Love Youtube makes a lot of sense doesn’t it no I’m just teasing mikbangs. I mean sometimes I . like to just post up in a fast food restaurant just watch people eat and just watch them eat and . just watch people eating and just eat and get all sloppy with the skin tags….. Click here to read more and watch the full video