Trump DESTROYS Ilhan Omar as an America Hating Socialist


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So In A Desperate Attempt To Attack Our Movement

Nancy and Chuck two beauties I’ve given control of the Democrat Party entirely over to the radical left including Minnesota’s own representative al Omar, you know I know you people. I know you people I know the people of Minnesota and I want to tell you and I also at the same time. It’s both the question in his statement how the hell did that ever happen How did it happen how did it happen Congresswoman Omar is in America hating socially. She minimized the September 11th attack on our homeland We’re far more than 3,000 people died, saying some people did something big deal. Some people did she pleaded for compassion for Isis recruits right here in Minnesota.

Omar Left That American Speak Of Her Right

there everyone President Trump utterly decision Roy’s. Ilhan Omar is an American hating socialists. Ought to be talking about on today’s video and you know the media doesn’t get it they just don’t I know we shouldn’t be surprised. I know but I want to show you just how far from reality The corporate is globalist. Media really is and all of this greetings everyone.

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any videos on Friday or Saturday. Some of you were kind enough to write to me emailing me saying hey what’s going on thank you for that very kind. No I was away speaking at a classical school conference in the state of Washington, just outside of Seattle. Over the weekend, we had a wonderful time. But I am now back in the office ready to daily celebrate the rise of a new conservative eighth aged with you now.

Were Gonna Take A Look At Trumps Epic

rally in Minnesota and what it. Really means going forward to the 2020 season and we’re gonna see just how out of touch the neo-marxist media really is and why we can expect Trump to continue his unbridled assault on the Democrats, but first I want to give a quick shout out to the sponsors of this video and that’s our good friends at my Patriot” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Patriots apply my Patriot supply food-kits last up to 25 years in storage and include breakfast lunches and dinners and if you act now you say $70 on a two-week emergency food kit when you go to my special web site by clicking on the link below. It’s a limited time offer Don’t wait for an emergency to happen before you respond to one take action by clicking on the link below and say $70 with your 2-week emergency food kit Today all right I can’t even begin to tell you. written about Trump’s rally in Minnesota a couple of days back it’s involved everything from one article which We’ll talk about in the sack that basically said that Minnesota, the Minnesota rally was proof that the Democrats are going to get destroyed in 2020 that’s on one side of the spectrum to kind of in the middle where people are saying Trump unjustly attacked Omar all the way to the other end and this from the Washington Post stunning an ugliness and tone. Trump denounced for attacking Somali refugees in Minnesota, stunning an ugliness and tone now of course.

When I Read That From The Washington

Post I was I thought they were. I immediately thought they were referring to the Congresswoman Rashida to leave and her selling t-shirts with the words Impeach the mother effer at her campaign rallies right that’s certainly stunning and ugly but you see the mainstream media didn’t neo-marxist media they actually celebrated what Talib did UK at look here I’ll read it for you you ready. This is listen To the coverage of our revered Free Press listen to this wonderfully accurate reporting from UK Today here’s their headline. Okay Representative Rasheeda Talib is selling impeach the UK shirts at a campaign fundraiser that’s right that’s the headline that’s the headline representative Rasheeda to leave is selling impeach the UK shirts at a campaign fundraiser. No outrage no virtue signaling no how could a member of Congress be selling t-shirts with such vulgarity no no denunciation of a stunning and ugly tone impeach.

The Uk So Heres Their Coverage Its

very very quick just a paragraph or two Michigan representative Rasheeda Talib is taking calls for president Trump’s impeachment to her own t-shirt line with a familiar message impeach the UK to leaves Thursday. T-shirt launch came hours after the public release of a whistleblower report that said the president quote used the power of his office close quote. from Ukraine and discrediting political rival Joe Biden the slogan on the shirts echoes they spelled echoes wrong the slogan on the shirt echoes to leaves public call for Trump’s impeachment in January, which a national attention for her use of profanity later called two leaps remarks disgraceful in March to leave submitted a resolution asking Congress to investigate where the President had committed any impeachable offenses. The majority of House Democrats, including Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi have come out in support of an impeachment inquiry. I mean what do you say to that I mean that’s it so now let’s listen to the neo-marxist medium Moan and groan over President Trump’s comments the Minnesota rally right here are some excerpts from the from the stunning but stunning an ugliness and tone article for roughly six minutes Thursday night President Trump predictably singled out did you catch that predictably.

Why Are Two Leaves Vulgar T-Shirts

that she sells as a fundraiser? Why aren’t those predictable well I digress President Trump predictably singled out representative Ilhan Omar Minnesota during his campaign rally in her home district in Minneapolis. As photos of Omar wearing a headscarf flashed across jumbo screens at the Target Center in the city. Trump ramped up his broadsides against the freshman lawmaker slamming her as an American hating socialist and a disgrace, but he didn’t stop there. The president soon widened his attack to target Somali refugees in Minnesota. A group that includes Omar.

He Promised Rally Attendees Who Booed Loudly At

the mention of the state. Somali residents that he would quote give local communities a greater say in refugee policy and put in place enhanced vetting and responsible immigration controls Close quote They’re against that right. The Washington Post is against that and this is. Of course, for globalist immigration is a human right right not too long ago the New York Times came out and publicly endorsed a borderless world. So you see you locals you local communities.

You Need You Need To Trust

us global asleep when it comes to the future demographic makeup of your communities, and then she goes on to say that the president appears to have a petite or dislike for Somalia remember Somali Somali is one of the seven nations of the President issued an executive order banning immigration and refugees from which the Supreme Court upheld and so this article sees things like it says things like Trump seems to have a particular dislike for some other isn’t that did you catch that Trump appears to he seems to or my senses is that Trump has this particular to stay right. They don’t know this isn’t reporting. They just they just attempt to malign in impugn and the racist and a bigot look let me give you a far different perspective on what’s actually going on here Okay this is from Liz peak over at Fox News. This is what she writes about the Minnesota rally. I think she’s dead on can former Vice President Joe Biden or Senator Elizabeth Warren actually defeat President Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Democrats Watching Trumps Minneapolis Rally Thursday

night have to wonder President Trump wowed the crowd in blue state Minnesota and what a crowd it was tens of thousands inside the arena, chanting and cheering while hundreds more stood outside hoping to get in the energy in the room was extraordinary, especially considering that the president buoyed by his fans spoke for an exhausting hour and 45 minutes forget the polls forget the partisan impeachment inquiry the enthusiasm. of those Minnesota’s supporters remind us how powerful Trump is on the campaign trail and how lackluster Democratic candidates look in comparison, Kidd Biden get crowds like these or Warren and of course, she goes on to say of course not they can’t even imagine can you imagine by that time even remotely sustained the energy and frenzy of a Trump rally can you imagine that I mean the guy opens his mouth and the first thing you look for is a pillow for heaven’s sakes it’s the most boring ridiculous speaker on the plan. Then Elizabeth Warren does the strange cringe-worthy dance have you seen her up on its I mean if these are your two top tier candidates and more and more people are realizing that they can’t touch Trump even Harry Reid coming out and saying you know Democrats you’re making a big mistake in thinking that hating Trump is a platform for electoral victory here’s what’s really look here’s what’s really going on Okay you don’t have to look any farther than Minnesota itself you see this wasn’t Trump’s first rally in that state for the 2020 election you might remember a few months back. Trump held a rally in Minnesota drew almost I believe at ten thousand people and according to Brad Parse Couch, whose Trump’s campaign manager.

He Went Through The Uk Voter Files

and he found that the crowd was over 60% Democrat and independent 60% Democrat in the Padang if Trump is drawing that kind of support among Democrats and independents in a solidly blue state like Minnesota Gangue 2020 is over 2020 is gonna be an absolute blowout Remember Minnesota has voted for every Democratic candidate since Richard Nixon’s second election right every single Democratic presidential candidate even freaking Walter Mondale could count on Minnesota right Gang Trump lost Minnesota by only forty-four thousand votes No sixteen He lost this most reliable Democratic state by only forty-four thousand votes Remember we love this stop because I think it’s so revealing this political paradigm shift that’s going on here Remember. In the O 16 election, there were over 200 counties that had voted for the president for the Democratic presidential candidate in every election since 1984 by a 20–point margin that suddenly swung and voted for Trump by a comparable 20-point margin. You have to let that hit you I think it’s a major indicator. This massive political tectonic shift that’s going on you had County after County after County in Wisconsin Iowa Michigan Pennsylvania after having voted from Mondale and then for Dukakis and Clinton twice an Al, Gore and Kerry and Obama twice.

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Over 200 Counties That Voted For The

Democrat by a 20–point margin For the last three decades. All of the SUn and all of them too shock of pollsters and pundits alike. All of a sudden turned around and voted for Donald Trump by comparable 20-point margin. These were 40 points wings to the nationalist.

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Lost Minnesota By Only A Few Thousand Votes.

Trump believes he’s going to win Minnesota that is what’s really going on here in the midst of all the virtue signaling and charges of racism and xenophobia and how stupid or ugly Trump’s rhetoric is in the midst of all of this cry baby belly aching snowflake. Trump is poised to flip Minnesota for the first time since 1972 the 2020 election therefore won’t even be close before you go you want to check out my latest video that I posted on the latest elections in Poland Okay the nationalist populist law and justice party combined with other Nationals pockets parties.


I’m so sorry about not posting any videos on Friday or Saturday . I was away speaking at a classical school conference in the state of Washington, just outside of Seattle . But I am now back in the office ready to celebrate the rise of a new conservative eighth aged with you now . We’re gonna take a look at Trump’s epic rally in Minnesota and what it really means going forward to the 2020 season . And we’re gonna see just how out of touch the neo-marxist media really is and why we can expect Trump to continue his unbridled assault on the Democrats, but first I want to give a quick shout out to the sponsors of this video and that’s our good friends at my Patriots apply my Patriot supply fo . The media doesn’t get it they just don’t I know we shouldn’t be surprised. The corporate is globalist.& Media really is.& I know but I want it to show you just how far from reality The corporate are globalist…. Click here to read more and watch the full video