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Joe Biden Has A Plan To Get Rid

of all traces of Donald Trump by thoroughly disinfecting the white house before he moves in and Bill Gates says we won’t see things get back to normal until 2022 and then the Cleveland Indians. They’ve decided to drop the team name over concerns that it is racist. We’ve got all that much more coming up and it starts right now welcome to the news and why it matters I’m Hilary Kennedy filling in for Sarah Gonzalez happy Monday you know I was looking around this morning thinking. There are so many things to be thankful for amidst all of the chaos of 2020. One thing I’m thankful for right now I get to be at the table with Mr.

Eric July Host Of For Cannons Sake Thank

you for being back thank you for having me and Rob Eno also one. of my favorites the place Tv media critic all right So there is a lot going on We’ve got some some interesting kind of shocking stories and then some that are really good. So we’re going to start off with Biden reporting that he’s going to remove any trace of team trump in the white house after he’s inaugurated so, according to the Daily mail, the media declared president-elect Joe Biden is insisting that the 55 000 square feet that sit at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue need to be thoroughly disinfected prior to the Biden family moving into the residence. So there’s about a five-hour window between presidents that’s when 95 staff will have to pack up all of the trump possessions and move the bidens in it says they’re going to clean or replace everything. So apparently the incoming president First lady they get to choose their new furniture from.

Warehouse And So Theyre Going To

be replacing especially all the soft materials in the house things like that, But it says that the rigorous cleaning is going to be in part a response to what they consider a haphazard response by President Trump and his staff to the coronavirus. So we’re going to thoroughly clean the office now, What point do you think biden is trying to make by doing this? I I think he’s just trying to say that Donald Trump didn’t care about the coronavirus that you know it’s absolute stupidity. They do this every single time a president gets changed right I mean there’s been I think a e-in history channel documentaries on it that show how they change the white house and what happens in those five hours and they always clean the white house and i’m sure they always disinfect the white house. This is just him trying to come up with something and you know it’ll be interesting will it be him moving in on January 21st so we’ll be Kamala Harris, so will Kamala Harris do the same thing. We’ll see Eric yeah it’s it’s a non–point.

He Knows Is A Non–Point But

certainly from you know he’s a politician. You know this is what he does and he’s going to use it to his advantage to try to make some sort of statement as this is something that he’s doing that’s. You know that’s special rather and he wants to you know. I think it’s I want to see if it’s a double entendre, but it kind of is it’s it’s like Hey we’re getting rid of who they think is the the bad right while also cleaning up this whole um entire deal considering the way that he has handled the coronavirus, but it’s a non–point it wouldn’t have mattered it would have probably been something that was done regardless, but hey. This is Joe biden at his best or his team rather at his best.

Ive Been Doing What Theyve Been Doing For

years and that is just playing playing politics and only the stupid people would say Oh man that guy’s taking it to that guy by doing that right I think you’re exactly right well. President Trump Hasn’t been quite lately either so he claims he is going to declassify everything over Democrat lying in treason. A lot of people are really excited about this because you know President Trump. I have to say he is one of the presidents that has really done almost everything that he said that he was going to do or has at least tried so he claims he tweeted this he claims that he intends to declassify everything because of his own concern over the department of Justice and attorney general William Barr because they withheld information about an ongoing doj investigation into Hunter Biden allegedly so Hunter Biden did acknowledge that he is under investigation over questions regarding his tax returns unreported income from Ukrainian oil and gas firm Barisma. There’s been a lot of questions about his foreign dealings, so he is acknowledging those but apparently the wall street.

Journal Reported That Tensions Really Got High

when Trump found out that attorney General William Barr allegedly knew of the investigation into Hunter Biden‘s business dealings before the election, but didn’t make them public. He felt like that may have cost him the election. So here’s a clip of Trump talking about just that the Hunter biden. This week has confirmed two investigations on him one on Jim Biden you see the word is you’re disappointed that William Barr knew about this in the sword. Everybody is who isn’t disappointed right Joe Biden lied on the debate stage he said there’s nothing happening nothing happening and Bill Barr should have stepped up.

Ill Tell You What Say What You Want

about Robert Mueller When buzzfeed put out a phony article. I think it was buzzfeed but buzzfeed put out a phony article. Bob Mueller stepped out and he said that article was a phony and then there was ultimately proven no collusion no. After two years no collusion but Bob Mueller stood up and he he interjected that this article was false. Bill Barr should have done the same thing all right, So why do you think Eric that that bill Bard did this? I mean I think he has a point in there you know we go into the whole D class of this declassifying everything deal and that the corruption goes higher than what we may think it well.

Not Me Certainly Im Going To Assume

it goes all the way to the top anyway, but that’s more so what this is and yes when you consider when it happened the timing of it and you know we talked about it on the show. I believe even last week about. How you know for it to not even be looked at knowing that it would hurt by they even admitted that that’s that’s a little troublesome, but on a serious note, if Trump really wanted to go out middle fingers. You know he should not only declassify anything there’s people on the list that need that I feel need to be pardoned. We’re talking about Julian um you know assange.

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I Think He Should Go Out Like

with a absolute bang that’s the only that would be such the such Trump thing to do to go out with a bank declassify everything pardon the God, The snowden’s of the world and let’s get on with it. Yeah you think you should go just full scorched earth on that alright what do you think Robert I mean I mean Peter Schweitzer in his book Glenn Beck here at the blaze um. A lot of us have known that the Biden family is corrupt forever When we said it. We were told by the media that we were lying that it was without evidence. When the emails came up from the laptop.

It Was Told That They Were Stolen Or

hacked they weren’t a crack adult hunter. Biden dropped his laptop off and the guy had them and gave him to Giuliani because he’s like like the FBi talked to me and remember he said part of the reporting was the FBi talked to me and there was an active investigation and the media said no this is false, so you’re Darn right that Bill Barr should have said it from what I’ve read from what Glenn has shown and what Peter Schweitzer has shown. Joe Biden sits atop basically a criminal enterprise that Rico was made for that’s what he does. He gets vigs from his kids, We have hunter saying you know I had to give the big man money he has. He has enriched himself off of his quote-unquote public service.

Theres No Such Thing As Public Service,

but he has enriched himself off of it as far as the um the declassification goes I hope it goes beyond this. Remember he Donald Trump said that he would declassify finally the Kennedy assassinations and the CiA and the FBi didn’t want him to why does the CiA and the FBi not want what are we 57 years later, since he was he was killed. Why have we not seen what happened it’s been half a decade there’s nobody you’re protecting unless you’re protecting that it was the CiA or the FBi that had it done. I mean that’s I mean I don’t know if that’s what happened but that’s. You’re predicting the other thing I would really like him to see Is you might remember the NBc News and Jerusalem post story from last week about apparently there’s aliens on Earth and we’ve sent people to secret bases and Mars if that is true I would love him to do it.

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Id Also Love Him To Introduce

Gordon Shumway from Melmac, a graying one as the ambassador from Melmac and basically have it be that Alf wasn’t a sitcom. It was actually a docu comedy this whole entire time. I mean let’s just if we’re going to do it let’s just go forward and do it well. That was kind of my next question like what would you like to see declassified because I I mean I’m a kennedy but no relation, but I would like to know what went on there um I heard glenn talking this morning.

About Some Of The Stuff With Martin Luther

King. I was just about to mention that yeah that would probably be my my number one thing. They’re aside from yeah if there’s aliens which I think they they know um I think they’ve been in contact with they might be actually among us I want to know all of that information but UK most importantly for me on a serious note, I think the the Julian Assange thing is to me that that that pardon. I think is that’s a clear and obvious one to me and I would be very disappointed in it.

If He Did Not Pardon Him Didnt Do

that yeah well. So the White House has also had kind of a tough weekend because they acknowledged yesterday that the Us Department of treasury was hacked by a foreign government. They didn’t offer a whole lot. of details about the cyber attack.

Reuters Said Hackers Backed By A

foreign government have been monitoring internal email traffic at the U.s Treasury department at an agency that decides internet and telecommunications policies for months really they’ve been reading their emails they use microsoft so they just said they can confirm there has been a breach into one of our bureaus. We’ve asked the FBi to investigate and we cannot comment further at this time, but it it sounds like this was incredibly serious and and scary um it sounds like there the signs are pointing to Russia being behind it, but nothing has been confirmed how concerned do you think we should.


Joe Biden has a plan to get rid of all traces of Donald Trump by thoroughly disinfecting the white house before he moves in . Bill Gates says we won’t see things get back to normal until 2022 and then the Cleveland Indians have decided to drop the team name over concerns that it is racist . Eric July host of for Cannon’s Sake and Rob Eno also one of my favorites the place Tv media critic all right. We’ve got some interesting kind of shocking stories and then some that are really good. Hilary Kennedy filling in for Sarah Gonzalez happy Monday you know I was looking around this morning thinking. There are so many things to be thankful for amidst all of the chaos of 2020. What point do you think biden is trying to try to keep Donald Trump out of the limelight away from him? We’re going to hear from him again. We’re all that much more coming up and it starts right now. Welcome to the news and why it matters I’m Hilary…. Click here to read more and watch the full video