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Thousands Gathered In Dc For The Million

mega march over the weekend and while the rally-goers were peaceful. Antifa was there to spur on the violence and former president Obama compared Trump to a dictator on 60 minutes, but does he have room to talk and Moderna has developed a vaccine that’s 94. 5 effective, but despite that news Fauchi says you better keep those masks on Oh man we got that much more coming up that it starts right now happy Monday welcome to the news and why it matters I’m Hilary Kennedy still filling in for new mom Sarah Gonzalez Boy We’ve got a lot to get to today. It’s been an on fire Monday with me today Mr. Glenn Beck of the Glenn Beck program Thanks for being here and then Mr.

Eric July Host Of For Cannons

Sake and Blaze Tv contributor thanks for being here absolutely. you so it’s kind of a wild and crazy weekend lots to talk about we’re going to start off with the Mega march that took place in D. c so for days beforehand. There were anarchist and anti-fascist groups that were planning these counter protests to overwhelm the trump supporters At the march, a group of counter protesters. They were carrying signs that said punch Mega in the face.

Some Of Them Became Violent, But You Know

up until that point the mood. There was actually mostly really peaceful and festive people were having a great time. They were chanting Usa stop the steal trump 2020. everything was going well but then all of a sudden. There were these outbreaks of violence and in fact, one one female was punched in the back of the head when she wasn’t looking and we have footage of that so let’s take a look.

Im A Reporter, Can You Tell Me

what happened No come on let’s go. There was another moment that was caught on camera too that I want you to see um it’s of a trump supporter being pushed off of his bike and this is really hard to watch yeah throwing things at him. I mean it’s just and if that wasn’t bad enough. The Metropolitan Police department. They arrested a man who was suspected of tossing a commercial-grade firework at a group of people that were dining at a restaurant.

Following The March, A Lot Of Them

were rumored to be trump supporters. Let’s take a look nice that’s terrifying. It was a 26-year-old local resident that did that that firework went off two blocks from the White House incredibly close. They did apprehend him thank goodness so I just want to know what were your thoughts. The violence that that followed the march because again up until then things peaceful going well.

People Were Really Having A Great Need A

moon that affects these things because everybody’s so peaceful until it gets dark outside look there these as you said antifa and resist were there they were planning on trouble. They said they were planning on overwhelming but they were like you know I mean a hundred to one trump um and so they couldn’t really overwhelm them, but they did their best the the media doesn’t care. I mean. This was a group of people that were peaceful They stopped they held hands They prayed they sang together. I mean it was a really cool march and these people decided to you know try to make hay but that’s the kind of world we live in now so you kind of covered it on radio.

Today, But Will You Share Your Opinion

on people going to these rallies and whether they should physically fight back when this sort of thing occurs So this is a. This is a problem that we’re having in America now and these aren’t my rallies. I’m not running them so what am I to say, but um you know I’ve I’ve studied Martin Luther King for years now and he was absolutely right and if you think you are more upset than people who are following Dr Martin Luther King you should go back and read history um he was he the marches are for one reason and that is to soften people’s hearts and maybe reach out and somebody will see it and go. I wonder what that’s really all about and Martin Luther King knew if you put good versus evil next to each other Americans would always. Pick good so when you fight back at a march.

You Confuse The Message And So When Youre

going to these marches. I believe you have to you’re no longer an individual. You’re now a march okay. You are trying to affect an image and you have everything stacked against you. If you strike out that’ll be the only thing that the press reports is that because they’re already saying it but see the good news is we have evidence now that even though the media says that blm is good and non–violent.

The Majority Of People Now Know Thats Not

true. We just have to keep stacking it up over and over again that these are peaceful and these are good people. If somebody comes to my house. If a mob goes and surrounds my family and I’m not part of a march Oh, I’m going to defend myself. absolutely defend myself and you have every right to defend yourself in a march.

I Just Think Its A Mistake Kind Of

muddies the message, so Eric did you expect the violence to be worse well now. I also want to say worse but I anticipated that look. This is sort of the the country that we’re in and I’ll piggyback off of what Glenn said, but I want to add my own kind of kind of theory here because I was looking online and I saw a lot of people talking about and some of those instances where you saw some of the violence that wasn’t them. They were isolated because whether they were trying to get to their cars or whether they’re trying to get to their vehicles and there were instances and I want this to be undermined. I think people to pay attention to this is.

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Why Some People Like They Should Sue

the police department because they couldn’t go in a certain area that they needed to go and they were essentially the by the police forced to have to meet this mob. Essentially Head-on knowing that was going to be an instance, and of course the police not being around to protect them where they were at and I think you have every right that’s not part of the march right. When you’re marching down the street. Somebody throws a bottle at your head. Somebody throws a bottle at your head take it you’re in the march you’re on a side street and you’re trying to get to your car and and they’ve got you trapped.

You Have Every Right You Have A

responsibility to protect yourself and you saw those people like they were being attacked someone had their kids. Some of that. was very difficult um to watch you know, but while I do understand that if you pile this sort of evidence rather up it looks better for the people that are going to protest or whatever like look at us. We’re not trying to incite violence that’s what the other parties are doing the issue. Though here is that whether it be with the media what you consider more mainstream, how do you get eyes on that because every single instance it seems as if they will only highlight the negatives and they act as if it doesn’t exist because for me looking at it objectively it seems fairly obvious like well one party you look at their marches, which seem to always turn violent or sometimes they turn into rioting and you look to other instances when they go do what they want to do or rather protest it.

Doesnt Normally End Up In Foot Locker

getting you know broke into or something like that? It seems painfully obvious but that’s where culturally it’s not good enough, and I think that’s what conservatives have an uphill battle Libertarians. I’ve talked about this for years have had an uphill battle on trying to convey that message because you have so much propaganda to fight against because what they do is speak a world into existence which isn’t a reality so you’re trying to say hey. This is what what’s actually happening This is why like our Elijah schaefer and those types are so valuable these days because they can at least film it and you see it though they’re putting their necks on the line because if that what didn’t exist, you never know and unfortunately they because they control the conversation, they get to tell everybody hey look at. Those violent guys look at them as they go burn people’s businesses down, but you have to remember there’s a couple of things. Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

I Think He Won In The End

because he was peaceful all the way and Christianity came back and took root again. However, you know you could look at that as he lost he did. He felt he lost and he felt he lost because he acted too late when he started to act he was already too late because the people’s hearts had lost that judeo-christian value that that empathy for right and righteousness and decency. I don’t think we’ve lost that yet we’re close but I don’t think we’ve lost that yet so the appeal is you have nothing but violence to go on later but the appeal here is just do everything you can to enforce and that guy on the bike. getting hammered that appeals to that that woman who is afraid who’s in the suburbs and is listening to the media, and she sees that and she’s like that’s not right that’s not right that’s still alive and as long as that’s alive.

Then You Have A Chance To End

things peacefully. Once that dies then you’re in the bonhoeffer thing then it’s too late right well. It was interesting that there were a lot of people praying and singing doing very positive patriotic things you just didn’t see it on any of the mainstream news sources Yeah you saw it all on Twitter and instagram because and it’s really something bizarre to look at like seriously. If you I would advise you do that but if you go watch the CnNs or the MsNBc. They literally are telling a different story it doesn’t you can physically be there like.

Well Wait A Minute Thats Not Thats

not how this is going to they’re right They’re trying to speak it into existence If you look back in Germany about 1931-33 um you had two newspapers. You had the right and the left and the people who lived in those times have read their diaries. They said it’s it’s as if it was an entirely a different event. You could be at the event and then you’d see it written about in one paper or the other and it had nothing to do with the truth What happened it’s the same we are repeating everything let’s talk really quickly about Elon Omar so she gave an interview on MsNBc with Joy Reid and she said Joe Biden won the presidential election because the Republican party allowed for chaos to reign for four years. So let’s listen to what she had to.

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There Was A Movement That Happened This Summer

That movement delivered this victory. The rise of the the amount of people that registered to vote. We owe it to the movement to make sure that.


Former president Obama compared Trump to a dictator on 60 minutes, but does he have room to talk? Moderna has developed a vaccine that’s 94.&5 effective, but despite that news Fauchi says you better keep those masks on . Thousands gathered in DC for the million mega march over the weekend and while the rally-goers were peaceful . Antifa was there to spur on the violence and former president Obama called Trump a dictator and Moderna‘s new vaccine is 94.5 effective . We’ve got a lot to get to today with me today and then Mr.& Eric July host of Cannon’s Sake and Blaze Tv contributor thanks for being here absolutely . Eric July of the Glenn Beck program and Hilary Kennedy of the CNN News Network. We’re looking forward to some of the best things to say about the Mega march that took place in the U.S. and why it matters in the news. We have a lot of our own stories to share with us….. Click here to read more and watch the full video