Trump THREATENS to SHUT DOWN Twitter over Leftist Liberal FACT CHECK


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President Trump Threatens To Shut Down Twitter After The

left-wing activists disguised as fat checkers flag his tweets. It’s right in the midst of this escalating war with Big Tech President Trump is exposing how the social media censors are actively weaponizing so cold facts to push a leftist political agenda. We’re gonna take a look at the latest from President Trump and we’re gonna see what’s really behind the weaponization of facts and how it exposes these sensors to be the frauds that they really are think you’re going to absolutely love it greetings everyone dr. Steve here with you awesome to be with you as always if this is your first time here. At this channel we post two videos a day analyzing current events and a lot of some super awesome conservative trends you can live in the present in light of even better things to come.

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to smack that Bell and subscribe Button to be an absolute privilege to have you as a regular part of this channel where each and every day we have the privilege of celebrating together the inevitable collapse of left-wing globalism and the unstoppable rise of a new conservative age, So let’s begin with our video chat question of the day Shall we do you think he’s gonna do it Do you think Trump will shut down Twitter let us know in the comments section below. Do you think he’s going to do it or do you think he should should Trump shut down Twitter for its blatant censorship against conservatives. Now the Trump himself is the victim of the censorship that so many of us are concerned about he may very well be on the path to taking down the canceled culture. These left-wing activists but first before you do anything else make sure to click on that link below and head on over to my special web site from my patriot food supply now with all the quarantine that are well they’re finally lifting, which is beautiful, but with all those pictures of those empty shelves that we’ve been seeing as a result of the corona virus. It really is such a relief to know that we have such good friends over at my patriot food supply again they’re simply the best they’ve been with us for so long They’re our supporter of this channel and there’s frankly never been a better time to stock up on an emergency food supply and no one makes that more ridiculously easy and affordable.

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smackers off so don’t wait click on that link below save $100 off your very own four-week emergency food supply today all right gang let’s dive right in here a president drunk minced no words in his response to Twitter’s latest antic of putting a warning label on Trump’s tweet on Mail-in ballots now as I’m sure you all know the Democrats are obsessed with mail-in ballots, which are demonstrably prone to cheating and forgery in the life. But whatever the Democrats are for it’s the job. A big tack in the mainstream Marxist media to shill for it that’s their job. Big tack and the mainstream Marxist media are the communication wings for the Democratic Party and there’s simply no left-wing cause for which they will not shamelessly shill for and we’ll see why in a minute but so mail-in ballots are the new gimmick being pushed by the left and Trump responded by tweeting out and there is no way 0 that mail-in ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent mail boxes will be raw Ballots will be forged and even illegally printed out and fraudulently signed. The Governor of CAlifornia is sending ballots to millions of people anyone which is by the way demonstrably true.

A 2005 Bipartisan Report Authored By The

Commission on a federal election reform. It was actually chaired by Jimmy Carter. They concluded that absentee ballots remain the single largest source of potential voter fraud in the nation. This isn’t even controversial, but because. They can’t win without cheating there of course all for it and given that the Democrats are all for this.

Twitter Has To Fulfill Its Role As Left-Wing

Shill and so Twitter censors so-called fact-checked President Trump tweets for the first time. Twitter prompted readers to quote check the facts of present Trump’s tweets which transgressed Trump’s primary tool for getting his message out unfiltered to his political base. This has been one of the primary reasons for Trump’s Twitter account he’s the first president to take his message directly to the American people without the filter the left-wing mainstream Marxist media and Twitter has been instrumental in that but now the execs over at Twitter are messing with that and Trump did not mince words. In response, he tweeted out almost immediately Republicans feel that social media platforms totally silenced conservative voices we will strongly regulate or close them. can ever allow this to happen? We saw that they attempted to do and failed.

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In 2016 We Cant Let A More

sophisticated version of that happen again Just like we can’t let large-scale mail-in ballots take root in our country. It would be a free-for-all on cheating forgery and the theft of ballots whoever cheated the most would win likewise social media clean up your act now I love how he doubles down on things so Trump is now threatening to shut Twitter down before he allows them to engage in this kind of blatant censorship that risks the integrity of our democracy and it’s the kind of censorship that the rest of the mainstream media cheers for look at this absurd headline from Business Insider. Trump threatens to shut down social media platforms after Twitter put a fact-checking warning on his false tweets, so I guess the bipartisan. Didn’t know what they were talking about when it came to mail-in voter fraud because we now have Twitter experts to tell us what’s factual and what’s not and the left-wing shills that business insiders serve simply to amplify that totally uncritically now just to give you an idea of who we’re dealing with when it comes to these so-called fact checkers or I take a look at this Twitter’s head of site integrity what ridiculous title all right but Twitter’s head of site integrity UK Roth who’s in charge of the so-called fact-checking well what do you know as it turns out this UK Ross suffers from UK trumped arrangement syndrome. This so-called fact Checker is referred to the Trump administration as literal Nazis and in typical arrogant liberal fashion.

He Derided So-Called Flyover States.

It’s our South and Midwestern states as states that voted for a racist tangerine. Tangerine? I mean that’s just so bad at least if you’re gonna diss Somebody I mean make it a good diss and you know how you can learn how to do that just by listening to President Trump, he’ll show you the art of the dis. But I think that this attempt to try to weaponize facts the weaponization so-called fact-checking in order to push a clear leftist political agenda. I think we have to understand it it actually has a bit of a history to it.

Its A Rather Ironic History, But One That

I think sheds some clarity to why we’re seeing this propensity towards the weaponization of facts as well as further exposing the left for being the totalitarian elite that we all know they’ve become scholars recognize that we can actually pinpoint what we call facts or indicators when they came into existence. One of The things are so interesting in the history of and theory of knowledge is that there was actually a time when you didn’t talk this way right you can re great works of literature like Agustin’s, Confessions, Dante’s, Divine Economy. The works of Shakespeare different political theories and the like and you’ll simply never come across anyone saying things like well statistics show that men are far more likely to you know whatever or studies show that or you know. There are a number of indicators that suggest that kind of talk statistics studies indicators science Blah Blah Blah That kind of rhetoric has a history to it and we can actually pinpoint when we first began talking that way making references to supposedly objective fact Isset Ii as a basis for differential what’s real and what isn’t and scholars point to statistics first being cited in Europe during the 1820s and 1830s, and it correspond it with the founding of the French Republic because the French saw statistics and what they were calling facts as indispensable to the very transparency necessary for a functioning democracy. Remember before the founding of the Republic, it was widely believed that kings and bishops had a special form of knowledge divinely given to them in order to rule effectively and faithfully over the people well now that the people were ruling or supposedly.

Ruling They Needed A Form Of Knowledge That

their leaders would be accountable to and that’s where you get this notion that facts and indicators apply to everyone equally So we have this highly democratic notion emerging in the 19th century that there was a knowledge that was available to everyone. All you had to do was apply the scientific method to any question any concern and outcomes. Common knowledge common to both rulers and ruled, and it was believed that this kind effective conception knowledge guarded the new democratic norms No one has any more special access to knowledge than anyone else that’s the idea, but as as scholars have noted this is a pipe dream. It’s become an absurd parody of itself, as it turns out our modern globalist world has given birth to a secular priesthood that sees itself as the indispensable mediator of facts for us. commoners, while we may like to tell ourselves that facts are the same for everyone as it turns out what actually constitutes Facts is largely determined by a small class of ruling elites who supposedly are the only ones who have the expertise to reliably convey to us.

Whats Factual And What Isnt In Our

modern globalist world determining what’s a fact and what isn’t has increasingly become the sole proprietorship of a small group of media and scientific elite who dictate to us. What is fact and what isn’t and given that this political class rules according to its own political interests, which are, of course, not necessarily the interests of the people given that they govern according to their own political interests, we should not be in the lease of prac we should expect to see in our own day and age, nothing less than the political weaponization. of facts where so-called facts are used to push blatant political agendas and that’s precisely what we’re seeing happening on Twitter. Now Michael Moore of course is finding this out on UK right you probably know about that we’re a simple copyright complaint got UK documentary entirely removed from the platform and it’s not it’s it’s so bizarre if you think it through because where were these fact-checkers When the media was pushing a Russian collusion hoax for the last three four three years. All we heard from


President Trump threatens to shut down Twitter after the left-wing activists disguised as fat checkers flag his tweets . Trump may very well be on the path to taking down the canceled culture . Do you think he’s going to do it? Let us know in the comments section below . Make sure to click on that link below and head on over to my special web site from my patriot food supply now with all the quarantine that are well they’re finally lifting, which is beautiful, but with all those pictures of those empty shelves that we’ve been seeing as a re-shap of empty shelves, which are beautiful, is beautiful . Check out the latest from President Trump and we’re gonna see what’s really behind the weaponization of facts and how it exposes these sensors to be the frauds that they really are think you’re going to absolutely love it. So make sure to smack that Bell and subscribe to the subscribe Button to the right-to-the-submission button below. Click here ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video