UK Election Turns RIGHT as Hungary CRACKS DOWN on Cultural Marxism in Universities


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An Election In The Uk Turns To The

political right all as the nation of Hungary cracks down on cultural marxism in their universities. In this video we’re going to take a look at the political earthquake that happened in the Uk special election Yesterday, how the nationals populist government in Hungary is effectively ridding their university system of left-wing activists disguised as professors and how in light of Spain‘s Recent turn to the right we continue to see a patriotic populist Europe rising like never before you’re not going to want to miss this greetings everyone Dr Steve here with you wonderful to be with you as always we are your antidote to fake news as we each and every day analyze current events in light of super awesome conservative trends in these crazy and turbulent times, so make sure to smack that bell and subscribe Button also a. Heads up here! We got a big announcement coming your way next week, and this involves some changes going on in my life and it’s going to involve changes in this channel. So make sure to stay tuned for more to come on that before we dive in. Here make sure to click on that link below and head on over to my special website for our good friends over at my patriot food supply you know them well right.

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get yours click on that link below to go to prepare with save 50 off your very own four week emergency food supply today all right gang let’s dive right in here we’ve got some very exciting news coming out of the Uk yesterday. May 6 Britain held what’s called a bumper election or a by-election which takes place outside the normal parliamentary cycle and the turnout was extraordinary. The Bbc is reporting that the turnout represented the biggest set of votes since the December 2019 general election, which swept the Conservatives into power and as of yesterday. We’re seeing that trend continue and continued some pretty stunning ways voters in the labor stronghold.

Hartley Pool In The Northeast Of England

in Durham County. Voters shocked pundits there by defecting in mass and voting for the political right Conservative candidate Jill Mortimer beat Labor’s candidate by nearly two to one in the vote count. It was a stunning defeat for the Labor candidate in what has historically been one of the most reliable labor counties in the country. In fact, the election was triggered precisely because of the resignation of the previous MP or member of Parliament, who of course was a member of the Labor Party. The left-wing party there now the seat is now flipped and had has added already to the immense conservative majority in parliament led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

So What Accounts For This Extraordinary Political Defection

you may ask well. Unfortunately for the leftist Labor party, the same political paradigm shift that so brutally slaughtered them back. The polls in December of 2019 are still operative today just as we predicted they would be back in 2019. The Uk held a nationwide snap election when the Labor Party suffered its worst defeat since the 1930s Okay the far left Marxist Jeremy Corbyn remember him he was the leader of the Labor Party and under his dithering leadership Labor lost in regions that have been labor safe seats for decades. We saw very much the same dynamics operative here in the states in 2016 election where the Democrats lost over 200 counties that had voted Democrat in every presidential election last 30 years in Britain.

Just Like In The States You Had The

collapse of what they call their red wall Okay so just in case you’re not aware in Europe red is the color the Marxist Liberals. Okay blue is the color for the good guys. The Conservatives It’s of course the other way around here in the states. So Hillary Clinton had a supposed blue wall of states that voted Democrat in every election since the 1980s that’s Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan and Pennsylvania, well in Britain They would they have what they would call a red wall. It’s the same thing and of course just as Hillary’s Blue wall collapsed so did Jeremy’s corbin‘s red wall so otherwise reliably labor seats in Darlington and Rother Valley and bulls over and Blind Valley They all turn to the right.

They Turn To The Tories And It

appears for the exact same reasons as the Democrats lost Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan and Pennsylvania In 2016. Labor lost the white working class and taking the sharp term to the left and embracing cultural Marxist identity politics and open borders and. Globalist norms labor alienated their traditional voting base of blue-collar white workers and in doing so the pro-brexit Conservatives got a whole new voting constituency. Just like the Republicans did with Trump in 2016 and in 2020 and so what we saw Yesterday was simply the continuation. The extension of these conversion dynamics where the white working class continued to abandon the left and embrace the right now I know Boris Johnson has been a bit of a disappointment frankly that would be an understatement.

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He Did Deliver On Brexit, But It

seems that’s about it at this point, but regardless, it does appear that we’re seeing a major realignment in British politics where once safe labor regions have defected and embraced the political party that wants nothing to do with identity politics and cultural Marxist radicalism now. As of the making of this video, the first results of the Scottish elections yesterday are starting to make their way in coveted restrictions to severely delayed election returns, but as things stand it looks like the pro-independent Scottish Nationalist party has picked up seats if you don’t know the ruling Scottish National Party wants to hold another referendum on independence by 2023. If there is a pro-independence majority in Scotland‘s devolved Parliament. Prime Minister Johnson said no to that he has zero tolerance on Scottish independence. He has As I understand completely ruled out allowing any possibility of such a referendum to take place regardless it does look like as of the making this video that the Scottish Nationalist Party picked up five or six seats, which is an impressive showing for sure Scotland is going through a bit of a liminal period.

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Right Now Scotland Is Very Left-Wing In

general in its sentiments they’re very pro-globalist they’re very pro-eu they did not like Bread Brexit. They were hardcore remainers during the whole Brexit vote. So Scottish Nationalist Party has been doing politically well during this rather ambiguous period for Scotland as they seem to be still trying to get their footing their after Brexit and you know and so on so of course, we’ll see how things develop there, but we have another very exciting development going on in the nation of Hungary and this is. Hungary’s nationalist conservative dominated parliament passed legislation this week that requires the setting up of foundations to take over running the nation’s, universities and cultural institutions. Now Most universities in Hungary are state universities and this move is seen by all parties as a clear move to bring the university system under the direct control and influence of the nationals.

Populist Forces That Are Dominating Hungarian Politics

left-wing critics of course are up in arms over the bill, which is reorganizing how the state and universities interrelate here. The foundations running the universities would be all appointed by the conservative super majority that dominates Hungary’s government through the Fidesz party. What’s known as the Fidesz party. So the left is just whining and complaining. This is nothing more than Hungary’s right wing taking over the universities it’s horrible.

Its Horrible Now Whats So Interesting Here

if you if you just. back and think it through isn’t it interesting that the left never has a problem with the state intervening. If the issue is all about social justice, race and equity right Have you ever noticed that they never have a problem with the state intervening in the midst of anything. If the issue at hand is racial inequality, they will advocate quite literally anything they will advocate basically destroying the Senate by getting rid of the filibuster. They will advocate packing the courts they will advocate adding new states to the union in order to have a super majority in the Senate.

Theyll Advocate Getting Rid Of The

electoral college. They’ll advocate virtually anything in order to intervene to rid the world of social justices. But the moment that the political right says you know what these colleges and universities in our nation, um they’re under our jurisdiction the state’s. jurisdiction and these so-called centers of higher learning are all going fully woke. They’re indoctrinating rather than educating maybe we need to step in and fix it the moment that the right talks like that all we hear from the left is that the government has no right to intervene academic Yeah right like you when you’re enslaved to Marxism that’s free right academic freedom but just put the shoe on the other foot? What if these universities were teaching the most hardcore anti-woke nationalist populist traditionalists you know curriculum imaginable what do you think the political left if they were in power in Hungary? What do you think they would be proposing doing today well just look at what Pelosi and Ocasio,-cortez and Biden are pro proposing right now there’s your answer now.

This Is Not The First Time Hungrys Could

serve the super majority has intervened in the. Higher education the leader of Hungary Prime minister Victor Orban the fellow right here Of course, he made headlines just a couple of years ago when he effectively ousted George Soros’s Central European University from Budapest again leftist Liberals were utterly outraged, which seems so strange today given their penchant for cancel culture, but Alas Orban was relentless in his campaign against Soros and Soros and his left-wing university had been affected and have been effectively banned from the nation of Hungary. Now the Fidesz party, which is orban’s Nationals populist party. They enjoy a supermajority in Hungary. ‘s parliament now that they’ve kicked out Soros.

Soross University From Hungary.

Now they’re trying to kick out any soros influenced cultural Marxism in Hungary’s university system Now this is but the latest in the nationals populist transformation of Hungary. We Did a video last year? You’re going to really love it on how orban’s government was revitalizing the arts and theater in Hungary, which again had left us going mad at the time. Interestingly Hungary’s government spends more on cultural culture in the arts than any other nation in Europe. In terms of its gross domestic product Hungary spends around 3.

5 Percent Of Its Gdp On The Arts.

Most European nations have around the one percent now the government. The orban government is taking the role of actually recovering Hungary’s culture very seriously and they’ve announced that they are they set up a national Cultural Council headed by a government minister with the task of setting priorities and directions to be followed in Hungarian culture and the important point here.


An election in the Uk turns to the political right all as the nation of Hungary cracks down on cultural marxism in their universities . The populist government in Hungary is effectively ridding their university system of left-wing activists disguised as professors . In light of Spain’s Recent turn to the right we continue to see a patriotic populist Europe rising like never before . If you act right now you can save 50 off a full.& four week emergency food supply when you click on that link below and go to my special website for our good friends over at my patriot food supply you know them well right. Make sure you get yours click on the link below to go to their special website so do not wait for an emergency to happen before we respond to one and you know that right. Click here to get your own emergency food supplies. Click on that . You’re not going to want to miss it. You’ll not go to the special website. You’re going to be able to buy your very own…. Click here to read more and watch the full video