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Professional And Were In A Beach House.

Oh well. I guess if you have to be stranded. Maybe that’s not such a bad place to be stranded. I think it would be my number one choice.

Oh Good Well.

It’s a new wind that blows no one any good well said well said thank you so much for doing this well thank you for thank you for being patient. I know we’ve put you off for a long time that couldn’t be helped, but I’m very I’m actually very happy to be doing this and I was weirdly enough. I didn’t expect it. But I was looking forward to it really I wasn’t sure what how you would feel about it is there an element of trepidation or well definitely.

Theres An Element Of Representation Because I

would say the most stressful experiences. I’ve had in the last five years. Apart from being in the epicenter of various demonstrations were definitely interviews with people who were well. They ranged from mildly hostile to very hostile and those are tight ropes you know because if you make a mistake well, it can be devastating and devastating to your career devastating to your family devastating to your rep your general reputation. So I I think most people watching you thought that was thought that you are completely fearless kind of cool as a cucumber unfazed by any amount of attacks.

Yeah Thats Wrong Thats Wrong Okay

Oh, Yeah that’s that’s definitely wrong um no. I I definitely found the interviews of all the things I did as I said. Apart from the demonstrations. You know how being having your name being cursed out and being chanted at by several hundred angry people is not anyone’s idea of fun, especially if the attack. continues afterwards, which happened on multiple occasions and but but I don’t think that was worse than the the more hostile interviews.

I I Really Dont Like Upsetting

people UK well. I am a clinical psychologist. It’s not really it’s my nature to help people. I would say um you know I I I have a hierarchy of of belief in some sense. I’m not going to say things.

I Dont Believe To Be True

to spare anyone’s feelings, Although I would pick a truth that spared feelings the maximal allowable amount if I if I could do that so, but I’m not interested in generating controversy. Mostly I’m see it’s a funny thing because I’ve learned over the years and this is again in large part because I’m a clinical psychologist is that a little conflict in the present can save an awful lot of catastrophe later and people. Are very much likely to sidestep a problem in the hopes that it will go away and I know the problems Don’t go away. They never go away What they do is they multiply. They fester and multiply and so I will have the fight now knowing that it’s inevitable later and I mean I always conducted myself that way within our family as Michaela can attest to both Tammy and I never allowed anything to sit unspoken under the rug and so we’d have our uncomfortable conversations, but you know I’d sweat my way through them.

I Dont Enjoy Them By Any Stretch

of the imagination. But I can see the inevitable coming and and I’m I’m not going to allow that to happen without trying to make a difference so that the most people have the wrong impression of who you are okay well. First we have a bad audio situation so you’re echoing you’re echoing a lot so we should fix that because we won’t converse well if I’ll go ahead and answer the last question while we’re waiting um. I feel I believe that I’m misunderstood by the people who want to misunderstand me um. I think that by and large that people have a good idea of who I am um and by and large that that images positive.

In Fact Its Positive To The Point Where

I find it very difficult to believe I mean. For example, I just finished a podcast with Matthew Mcconaughey on Sunday and you the Youtube comments there’s about a million people have watched it already and so that’s something in and of itself, but the comments are unbelievably positive. Like they’re they’re heartbreakingly positive and that and the like to dislike ratios running about 99 to 1. and that’s that’s a little better than typical, but usually it’s between 50 and 100 and 100 or 50 and 99 to 1. and usually the Youtube comments are overwhelmingly positive and that’s certainly been the case well.

Ive Been Ill And Well.

My wife was ill and so um you know you might quibble and say that people have an impression of me that’s too positive, but if I had to have a problem that would be a good problem. I think that my reputation suffers among those for whom it’s. convenient to assume things about me that aren’t the least bit true like that I’m Alt-right, for example, in my proclivities either overtly or curve or covertly, or that my followers are can be easily categorized in that manner first that I have followers second that they can be categorized in that manner and none of that’s true that those aren’t my political leanings. I’m not temperamentally inclined to to any extreme viewpoint and in fact find them abhorrent.

I Spent My Whole Life Studying

extreme political views since I was 18 essentially and my listeners and viewers and readers are on Youtube. They’re primarily male but my book 12 rules for life sold about between 4. 5 and 5 million copies now and it’s not young angry men who are buying that and and it all you have to do is scroll through the Youtube comments on a popular. And you can see that and almost none of the discussion is political and when I did my tour for the book. It wasn’t a political tour.

It Was Im, A Psychologist And Im Happy

about that I’m comfortable with that and when I had to make a choice in my life between being political overtly and staying working as a psychologist. I’ve always chosen the latter so that’s helped me that’s why yes Yeah yeah Yeah If I speak out a bit now AbCD is it all working it’s better yeah Yeah thank God for that thank you sorry about that oh that’s okay you know there’s bound to be the odd tech glitch. I guess that’s true. I guess so um I’m curious as you’re describing that huge public response to you. It’s a very shocking and strange thing to become a famous person particularly yes the famous.

Person Well Actually Im Not Im Not Certain

that it’s the controversy that’s been the most um emotionally demanding. I think it’s yeah well. I I think I I’ve had this incredible view into the suffering of thousands and thousands and thousands of people. You know when I I can’t go out without people coming up to me. Michaela can attest to this but every time I go out wherever I go.

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People Stop Me And You Know

they have an instant deep conversation with me and they tell me that you know they’re they tell me about well first of all. They’re usually somewhat shocked and then they’re very polite and then they tell me that they’ve been watching my Youtube videos or listening to the podcast or reading my book and that it’s really helped them in some manner and then they tell me a little bit about. That and they’re usually quite emotional and um it’s you don’t have conversations like that that often outside of the clinical sphere and you certainly don’t have them repeatedly with strangers on the street Anybody to sub there’s something about it that’s that’s really remarkably positive. You know when I walk around on any city in some sense. It’s like I’m at home because where people know me because people say on the street they say well really nice to see you out.

Im Glad That Your Health Is Recovering

it’s like being surrounded by well by well-wishers and by friends and I’m happy about it because you know it’s it’s a great thing if you’re a clinical psychologist to be able to extend your reach like that but part of what’s overwhelming to me is how it’s direct evidence for how little encouragement so many people get they’re. Sorry, I haven’t done an interview for a long time. Of course he’s okay, but he hasn’t done an interview in a long time trying to determine to towel so that should do me through the interview Do you um this enormous sense of pressure of their expectations on you to be able to encourage them or guide them does that feel like a big pressure well. It feels like a big responsibility and but I I can’t. It’s an overwhelming responsibility and it’s very surprising like it’s hard to it’s hard to believe it’s surreal.

Its Always Surreal And Its So Universal.

I mean I was in Serbia from for months not so long ago and it’s the same There it’s the same everywhere. I’ve gone. If it’s an airport or a cafe or it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter everywhere in the world. I mean I think I’ve.

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Looked At My View Youtube Views And

I think my Youtube videos including the interviews have been viewed at least 600 million times and so it’s a scale of exposure that’s well. I mean it’s not unparalleled because there are no shortage of famous people, but it’s unparalleled. It’s certainly unparalleled for me um but it’s there’s also this international element to it that’s also new you know Youtube is a universal media platform and it’s so powerful that it’s unbelievable and if you put yourself in its clutches then well most of the time nothing will happen, but sometimes there’s a tremendous explosion. I mean it’s not surprising to me in some ways. You know I knew when I was working on my first book maps of meaning that I was dealing with things that were fundamental a lot or I knew I mean I knew insofar as my.

Sense Of Knowing Is Reliable, But Generally

it’s been reliable. I I can tell when I’m on to something and I knew I was dealing with things that were fundamental and I watched the effect of my lectures. When I was a university professor on my students and most of the students who I taught said the most common response to my classes was that it changed their life. It changed the way they looked at everything and that was my experience having learned and thought through the what I learned and thought through. When I wrote maps of meaning it changed the way I looked at everything so I mean I and I could see this coming because as my reach expanded electronically.

That Sort Of Response Continued To Occur,

but Youtube magnified that in a way that’s well it it’s a lot to adapt to you know. I mean, when all this hit me? I was already 55 or there or something you know and I’d labored under relative obscurity that that’s been made more of than is really the case because my classes were always popular and so I had a certain renown at the university as a teacher and I’d done some Tv work for about 10 years. Really before. I made the first couple of videos that went viral, but I’d also set up the Youtube channel a couple of years before that and it was accruing views not at an exponentially growing rate.


I was looking forward to it really I wasn’t sure what how you would feel about it is there an element of trepidation or well definitely.& Apart from being in the epicenter of various demonstrations were definitely interviews with people who were well. well. professional and we’re in a beach house.& Maybe that’s not such a bad place to be stranded.& I guess if you have to be . stranded, I think it would be my number one choice.& Oh well.& It’s a new wind that blows no one any good well said thank you so much for doing this well thank you for . being patient.& But I’m very happy to be doing this and I was weirdly enough. I didn’t expect it.& The interview was very hostile to very hostile and those are tight ropes you know because if you . make a mistake well, it can be devastating and devastating to your . career devastating to . your reputation.& They ranged from mildly ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video